Top 15 Mysterious Photographs That NEED Explaining

15. Anti-Gravity Machine
The creator of Coral Castle in Florida, Ed Leedskalnin, also built himself the odd anti-gravity
machine, pictured here. Leedskalnin was an eccentric man, so when it came to piecing
together the 28-ton monument to an unrequited love, he did so at night in order that his
methods would go unknown. The five-foot 100-pound man is said to have
used everything from supernatural abilities to reverse magnetism to piece the thing together.
“I think I have figured out how they built the pyramids,” he said.
The device in question is even more mysterious. Some think it was used to levitate the stones.
Ed was known to be a member of the Masons, and the machine was covered with Masonic symbols,
which may indicate the occult was somehow involved.
Although the strange machine looks interesting, no one knows if it ever worked or what it
was used for…except for eccentric Ed. 14. The Mad Trapper of Rat River
This sinister photograph of the remains of the fugitive known as the Mad Trapper of Rat
River needs some explaining. The photograph was sent out by the Royal Canadian Mounted
Police to uncover the fugitive’s identity. The Mad Trapper was a pseudonym for the man
who after arriving in Fort McPherson, allegedly proceeded to tamper with native trappers’
traps, hanging them up in trees. When approached by two constables about the issue, the Trapper
refused to speak with them. They returned with a search warrant, but a confrontation
broke out. The next time they returned, it was with a posse of nine men and 42 dogs.
They also came with 20 pounds of dynamite, which they tossed in to collapse the building.
However, the Mad Trapper came out on the offense again, and the posse fled…again.
They returned to find that the Trapper had made his escape. When they eventually found
him and had him surrounded, he again came out on the offense and, this time, got Constable
Edgar Millen in the heart. The posse retreated again, but they returned stronger. Realizing
the Trapper was heading toward the Yukon, the Mounted Police blocked off the two passes
over the Richardson Mountains. But, guess what? The Trapper scaled the 7,000-foot
peak and vanished. He managed to elude his pursuers for a time by disguising his footprints
with caribou tracks. In the end, the RCMP never discovered the
Mad Trapper’s identity…and they never discovered if he was actually the man responsible
for tampering with the traps. 13. The Great Norwegian Mountain Troll
You’ve heard of the Yeti. You’ve heard of the Lockness Monster. But have you heard
of the Great Norwegian Mountain Troll? A flight crew aboard the RAF recon flight
300 has. But when the crew set off in December of 1942, little did they know, their flight
would capture photographic evidence of the giant mythical troll, which would prove to
many believers that the monster was no myth at all.
Evidence of giants has appeared in various publications, including a giant finger, stretching
38 centimeters or 15 inches, which was discovered in 1988, and a gigantic footprint found in
1912 by an explorer in Africa. But those fossils seem to indicate that giants
lived centuries ago, not now. This photographic evidence, however, seems to suggest that they’re
still prowling the earth today. Some call the photograph proof that mountain
trolls exist; others believe it’s simply a hoax. 12. Falcon Lake Incident
An image from 1967 has boggled the minds of theorists since May 20th, 1967. This is when
Stefan Michalak, from Winnipeg, Canada, took a vacation to Whiteshell Provincial Park,
where he was in search of quartz near Falcon Lake. He left his hotel at 5:30 AM on May
19th and came across some of the precious rocks around 9 AM.
It wasn’t until after 12 PM that Michalak heard it: a sound somewhat like the noise
geese make. But according to Michalak, the source of the noise wasn’t geese. Right
before him, he saw a pair of flying objects, landing at about 45 degrees and appearing
more oval as they neared the ground. According to Michalak, one of the flying objects
landed on a rock nearby, while the other hovered in the air. The hovering object stopped above
him, turning grey, before it headed west and vanished. The flying object that had landed
simultaneously turned grey and shot off violet rays of light.
While inspecting the object, he got near enough to the circular grid of the aircraft’s exhaust
vent to acquire the burns pictured in the photo. He put out the fire made by the exhaust,
and immediately fell ill. He was able to drive himself to the hospital, where his family
doctor recorded that Michalak was “confused and dazed, but rational.” He had circular
marks on his stomach and chest, in line with the burns, and also lost weight and developed
fainting spells. The Royal Police couldn’t verify Michalak’s
claims, and the mystery remains unsolved to this day. 11. The Masked Suspect
24-year-old Kajavia Globe vanished on December 11th 2016. Detroit police later released this
photo of the masked suspect, who was said to be driving her car and using her ATM card.
Not long after, a body suspected to be Globe’s was found in a neighbor’s trashcan.
Globe’s ex-boyfriend was later convicted of the incident. According to Fox2 News, as
Brack was given a minimum of 70 years, the judge noted his lack of remorse and “called
him despicable, insensitive and selfish as he was seen smiling during that verdict.”
“ ‘And the last 10 years of that sentence,’ he said, ‘that’s for that smile.’” 10. ‘Specimens’ at the Asylum
The photograph of the “Specimens” stone at The State of Ohio Asylum for the Insane
yard puts into question what exactly happened at this asylum.
As one of the oldest spots at a mental health hospital where patients were buried, names
appear on 75 head stones, patient numbers on others, and lastly, two graves with only
the word “SPECIMENS” engraved across them. What does that mean? Are these just body parts?
Test subjects? 9. Backseat Passenger
Para normal boards love this mysterious photograph, taken in England in 1959. The story goes that
Mabel Chinnery was on the way to visit her mother’s gravesite, when she decided to
photograph her husband in the driver’s seat of the car. He was the only person in the
vehicle at the time, but when Mabel had the photo developed, who was sat in the backseat
of the car but Ellen Hammell, herself – Mabel’s mother.
Nothing short of freaky. Skeptics tend to believe the photo was simply
a double-exposure. But one blogger, Blake Smith of, points out an excerpt
that counters this assumption. The Chronicles of the Strange and Mysterious notes, “…in
fact, it was the last frame of a film on which Mabel had photographed the old lady’s grave.”
Perhaps the Chinnerys actually did get a final shot of mother Hammell. 8. A Thighbone on Mars
Space photographs can be some of the most mystifying and cryptic, because we know so
little about what is out there. That makes everything in outer space is more mysterious
than the known things on Earth. But what happens when we come across something
that looks Earth-like on a foreign planet? That’s just what happened on Mars, when
the one-ton NASA Curiosity rover seemed to come across a thighbone. The rover has been
researching Mars since August 2012, and when it put out two photos of what appears to be
a hip bone and thigh bones poking from the dusty surface, the photos went viral.
This led many to suggest that life once existed on Mars and that we now have evidence of this!
NASA claims the object in question was just “weathered rock,” but theorists insist
otherwise. 7. Three Men & A Baby Ghost
Don’t know about you, but when I was young, I watched this fun little 80’s flick called
Three Men & A Baby. But it wasn’t all fun and games. Little did I know, it would soon
give me chills. An hour into the movie, Jack, played by Ted
Danson, crosses the apartment alongside his mom and the baby in question. But if you watch
carefully, behind him, standing between the curtains, eerily still, is a child, dressed
in black and white. After much rewinding and replaying, it only
gets spookier and more spine-tingling. Who is this boy? What is he doing there? have said that it was actually something mundane: a cardboard Ted Danson.
Others claimed that a member of the production staff had a child who took his life on set.
Another suggested that this was an actual apartment, and one of the previous residents’
children had passed in it. 6. Unexplained Astronaut
In 1964, a photograph was taken by Jim Templeton, a photographer, historian, and fireman; a
photo which became known as the Solway Firth Spaceman.
Templeton photographed his five-year-old daughter on a trip to the Burgh Marsh, near Solway
Firth in Cumbria, England. Although the photographer says that no one was around when he took the
photo, an astronaut appears to be peaking out in the background over his daughter’s
right shoulder. Kodak verified that the photo was genuine,
and Templeton claims he didn’t see the astronaut until the photos were developed. 5. The JFK Babushka
Conspiracies surrounding the JFK incident range of government plots. One of them seems
to support the K G B theory, because it involves the Babushka Lady, pictured in film accounts
of the incident in 1963 at Dallas’ Dealey Plaza.
Eyewitnesses claim the Babushka lady – titled that for the headscarf worn by the woman,
which is commonly worn by old Russian women – was taking pictures while the event occurred.
She also left the scene pretty quickly, crossing Elm Street and merging into the crowd at the
grassy knoll. Although she was spotted in the film, her face was obscured by the camera
she was holding. The Babushka lady was never positively identified,
so the mystery – and the conspiracy theories that surround the event – remain.
4. Time-Traveling Man The Community Memories Investment Program
put out a digitized photo that soon blew the Internet’s mind.
The exhibit in question illustrated the history of the community through photos and written
accounts. One of the photos in this digital history exhibit stood out like a sore thumb.
It was titled, “Their Past Lives Here.” The photo, from 1941, was taken at the reopening
of the South Forks Bridge. Gold Bridge, British Columbia, the neighboring mining community,
had been flooded the year before. In the photo, spectators are viewing the reopening, everyone
dressed in 40’s garb – hats, ties, suit jackets – everyone, apart from one hip young
man, dressed in a jersey and sunglasses. Not only does the man’s wardrobe look out of
place, but he’s also cradling a modern camera, its strap slung around his neck.
Was the man simply ahead of his time, or is he – as the online community suggests – a
time-traveler? The historical photograph circled the globe
and, yet, we’ll probably never know whether this man was hip or time-traveling or whether
the photo is real or fabricated. 3. Cooper Family Photo
Most of us have seen photos with ghostly specters, but there’s none so frightening as the dangling
man in the Cooper family photo. In Texas in the 1950s, the Cooper family moved
into an old house they believed was devoid of all things haunted. But they were wrong.
On their very first night in the house, Mr. Cooper photographed Mrs. Cooper and her mom
with the two Cooper kids in their laps at the dining room table. The smiling group didn’t
notice the ghostly figure that hung upside down beside them…that is, until the photo
was developed. The body of the figure appeared to be hanging
or falling upside down behind them. Obviously, as the story goes, it was a ghost. But whose?
Some believe the photo is real and the story is true. Like most mysterious photographs,
however, others try to debunk the image by suggesting Photoshop or other image manipulation
had a hand in its creation. Whether or not the photo is real, it certainly is chilling.
And the story, the details – where those came from, no one knows. 2. Orbital Mystery
This orbital mystery has been floating around the Internet for a while. According to the
online community, a 13,000-year-old object, called the “Black Knight,” has been orbiting
the Earth for years and years. Some claim that NASA has sent astronauts to inspect the
object, which is allegedly a satellite that has been sending signals to Earth. The existence
of this satellite is known to few Earthlings…at least, it was, prior to the Internet and the
release of this photograph. No one knows what this orbital mystery actually
is, but some of the more practically inclined online investigators believe it’s simply
space debris. Whatever the case, it sure looks ominous,
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your channel will be added in the description. 1. Michael Rockefeller’s Fate
The Rockefeller name is synonymous with money and power and for good reason. The family
made one of largest fortunes in the 19th and 20th centuries after investing in the oil
business. They are known as one of the top (if not the top) banking, industrial, and
political families in America. That’s why what may have happened to a missing
member of the family may come as a surprise. In 1961, Michael Rockefeller, a fourth-generation
member of the powerful dynasty, disappeared in Papua New Guinea. At 23 years old, he was
there as an art collector. He wanted to find rare primitive art in the remote areas of
the country. But instead, his life may have ended there in a dark way.
This photograph shows a Caucasian man amongst a tribe of native Papua New Guineans. The
photo was taken in 1969, eight years after Michael had gone missing. The footage was
captured on a cine-camera. It spans across some 17 canoes and, amongst the faces of the
tribe, one bearded, Caucasian face is mixed in. This leads many to believe that Michael
Rockefeller never passed on, as he was purported to have done after his boat capsized years
earlier – an event that resulted in the largest manhunt in the South Pacific. Instead,
he may have lived amongst the tribesmen for nearly a decade.
A new documentary retraces Rockefeller’s steps from his life as a Harvard-educated
member of the Manhattan dynasty to the remote provinces of Papua New Guinea. His journey
to the jungle swampland in search of intricate wooden sculptures of the Asmat tribe (which
were often covered in the red liquid of their victims) led to the mysterious circumstances
of his fate. Now, imagine a recent Harvard grad, pampered
since birth, entering into this place, Rockefeller was certainly out of his element. Still, he
was fascinated, and he often wrote home to his father to express his amazement at the
culture he’d discovered, and the artworks he’d acquired.
That is, until one day in November, 1961, when he was floating the coast in an area
of thick rainforest, near mangrove swamp and mudflats filled with crocodiles. This is where
his catamaran capsized. They were nine miles from the shore when it
happened. The boat’s two local guides started swimming toward the coast for help, while
Rockefeller and a Dutch man clung to the bit of catamaran that remained at the surface.
Rockefeller didn’t stay the night, however; he grew impatient and decided to swim towards
land with two jerry cans keeping him buoyant. His last words: “I think I can make it.”
Sadly, if he had stayed with the Dutchman, he may have made it out just fine. His companion
was found the following day, while Michael’s father was forced to send in an army to search
for his boy. Well, not really an army, but near enough. He put a media spotlight on the
search, chartered a Boeing 707, planes, helicopters, ships, and thousands of locals out searching
for Michael. Ten days after he’d gone missing, he was presumed to have passed.
Still, the rumor was that he’d survived. In 1968, Milt Machlin, a New York magazine
editor, decided to look into this rumor. He went to Papua and met with a Dutch missionary
who had been on the island when Rockefeller had vanished. The missionary told Machlin
that tribes had said they’d caught and took the American’s life. Dutch officials claimed
another rumor had been going around that Rockefeller was still alive.
Caucasian men were seen by some tribes as magical and powerful, so the likelihood of
him being taken is possible. Machlin sent Malcolm Kirk into the Asmet region
to take photographs. He is the photographer who took the aforementioned footage, but it
sat in a warehouse for upwards of forty years before the documentarian, Frazer Heston, dug
it up – 15 reels of uncut film – which serves as the basis for his documentary, The
Search for Michael Rockefeller. “This shot of a bearded, light-skinned Caucasian
paddling in a canoe full of … Asmat warriors begs more questions than it answers,” Heston
says, mentioning that Asmat tribesmen didn’t wear beards. “The resemblance to Michael
Rockefeller, an accomplished canoeist who wore a beard, is obvious.”
So did Michael Rockefeller pass on or did he assimilate into the Asmat culture? This
mysterious photograph seems to suggest he lived…but who knows how long? Thanks for checking out this video. Be sure
to subscribe because we upload new countdowns every Tuesday and Saturday. Or if you’re still
not convinced, here are some of our other videos that I think you’d like. Enjoy!

Maurice Vega

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