Top 15 Internet Videos No One Can Explain

15. Dash Cam Ghost
We’ve seen a lot of crazy things caught on dash cam, but it’s a rare event where
a dash cam appears to capture the paranormal. Dash Cam Owners Indonesia published this cryptic
video in April of 2019. The footage was caught at Tol Cipali.
The clip shows the crazy traffic of Indonesia, red brake lights all aglow at night as cars,
trucks, and semis speed down the highway. As the truck ahead moves into the opposite
lane to pass the semi in front of it, the vehicle quickly veers back into the right
lane, as a figure appears at the center line. What was that ghostly figure? Why was it standing
in the middle of the road? At night? This video provides more questions than answers.
With no other updates, it appears that will be the case for the foreseeable future. 14. No Reflection
What happens when the truth can’t be found and footage cannot be simply explained.
Published by Luke Jones in November of 2013, this video may just reveal a real-life Savannah
vampire. Jones writes: “Was reviewing the CCTV and
couldn’t believe my eyes, had to put it on YouTube!”
The video clip shows a few customers in a flip flop shop in Savannah, Georgia. On one
wall, a mirror is mounted for customers to check out their stylin’ flops. You can see
a female customer reflected in the mirror as she sits on a nearby bench texting, and
you can see a male customer perusing flip-flops beside her. One man passes by the mirror and
is accurately reflected. A short while later, another man, dressed all in black, passes
by the mirror as well. Only, this time, no reflection.
The male and female customers are still reflected properly in the mirror, but the man dressed
in black…nada. What is this wizardry?
It could be unexplainable, and we may never know. 13. Turkey Sighting
We’re gonna analyze some strange things on this list. But this one is perhaps the
clearest visually. This YouTuber published three videos of this
sighting in April of 2014, writing: “Original RAW footage found of the Turkey [U F O] seen
by dozens of residents between 2007 and 2009.” The clip is perhaps one of the clearest I’ve
seen in recent memory. Its shape is unlike that of any manmade air vehicle, as are its
lights, which slant along the wings of the aircraft.
The clip captures a close-up as well as footage of the object at a distance. It’s certainly
a strange sight in the sky over Turkey, with some in the YouTube comments calling it “the
real thing” and “one of the most important captures ever.”
Most in the comments rave at the quality of the image, being that most “U F O” captures
are blurry, low quality footage. With nearly six minutes in this video clip and two other
clips to follow, we’re hard put to explain what this could be but the “real thing.” 12. The Squatter
Have you ever felt like something was watching you?
Rocky Mills published this video in May of 2018, writing: “I thought there might be
a squatter in the house I was working on, but I caught something far different on camera.”
He was remodeling a home built in the early 1900s, when he set up his camera to catch
the so-called squatter. But what he found while wandering through the house was not
at all what he expected. Rocky wanders through the house, making the
rounds, shouting “hello” to alert whoever is in the house. But as he keeps turning corners,
nothing and no one makes an appearance. That is, until up ahead, a door slowly opens.
Rocky hurries over and slams the door open wider, hoping to catch the squatter, but there’s
no one in the room. As he turns back toward the door to the basement, which hangs ajar,
it slams shut with great force. He races over and swings it open but, again, there’s no
one. The lights from the basement, however, start flickering on and off, causing Rocky
to drop his camera and race out of there. The footage caught when the camera was left
on the floor is even creepier than what Rocky captured himself. The camera is shoved by
something, taking a quick turn. Then it starts spinning like mad. About thirty seconds later,
Rocky returns to retrieve his camera and gets the heck out of there again.
What is this? Whatever it might be, I highly doubt it’s
anything good. 11. Insane Asylum
When these Canadian urban explorers entered an abandoned insane asylum, they were probably
just looking for a bit of fun. But what they found was insane.
Abott Ung published this video in August of 2016.
Heading up the stairs of the asylum, they’d just started exploring the upper floor when,
creeping across the linoleum of a distant room appeared what could only be an inhabitant
of the asylum – or the ghost of one who once was.
On all fours, the figure comes into view in a doorway, its long dark hair hanging in front
of its face like it’s straight out of a horror movie.
Of course, the crew doesn’t stick around to investigate the matter; instead, they hightail
it out of that place, as any sane person would. Wouldn’t you have done the same if you’d
come across this in an abandoned building? But maybe the better question is what was
that thing doing there in the first place? 10. Bedtime Story
Everyone likes a good bedtime story. But what if the entity who tucks you in is a ghost?
A viral Reddit post appears to show this intriguing episode caught on webcam.
Redditor Shyann Rachael wrote: “My dad has been feeling his sheets being messed with
and someone sitting on his bed in the night so he set up a camera…Look at the sheets
lifting up and what comes out of the side of it. It like dissolves into thin air??”
The creepy footage does appear to reveal what Shyann describes: the ghost that’s been
haunting them. As Shyann’s father sleeps, the sheets creep up at one corner. Then, what
appears to be the head of an apparition shows itself before vanishing, as the sheet drops
back to the bed. Those who believe are all-in with the paranormal
hook, line, and sinker, with one Redditor saying: “He might as well just go ahead
and throw the whole house away.” What do you think? Can you explain this? A
few have tried on Reddit, but with nothing concrete, it remains unexplained. 9. Unwanted Visitor
If you were gonna break and enter a house, you’d probably avoid the cameras.
Not this dude. When a masked man in white entered into Nikki
Pope’s home in Chorlton, UK, she was miles away, swimming a 10-mile marathon on Lake
Windermere. At around 3AM, he took out a whole double
glazing window and then, carrying a flashlight in his mouth, tiptoed around the house without
disturbing Pope’s dogs or the three house sitters who were sleeping. In all of 3 minutes,
after going through some of her papers, the man left with Pope’s handbag, her laptop,
and some recording equipment. In one moment, he stares directly into the
camera, leaving behind this chilling footage. “The first time I saw the video footage
I had my heart in my mouth,” Pope said. “He’s so brazen, he knows exactly what he
wants.” Pope noted that she had just swam 10 miles
for charity and should have been celebrating; instead she was in a horrible situation.
She hopes no one else has to suffer something similar and this type of invasion of privacy. 8. Meteor Flash
Sometimes, it’s the natural phenomena that’s beyond explanation.
FortMcMommy 72 published this video of what appears to be a meteor in January of 2018,
the descent of which was caught on a doorbell security camera. The footage was captured
in the Northeastern Alberta town of Fort McMurray, Canada.
In her description of the video, FortMcMommy writes: “Meteor experts say this amazing
video will help point them to the possible location of meteorite fragments.”
FortMcMommy goes on to say that the meteor fragments are worth quite a bit: $10 per gram
sold privately, to be exact. But if geologists, astronomers, researchers, or other scientists
get ahold of them, the fragments are priceless, as the meteorite will allow these experts
to peer back into our solar system billions of years.
Let’s hope this unparalleled piece of history fell into the right hands. 7. Moving Statue
We’ve all heard about miracles, but sometimes you’ve gotta see to believe.
So, let’s see… Adimensional Paranormal published this video
in August of 2016, writing in Spanish: “Recorded by a person in the Chapel of the Saltillo
Cathedral in Mexico” The clip opens on the inside of a dark chapel
with only a few candles lit and some low lights surrounding the statue above an altar. Low
church chanting can be heard in the background. At first glance, a close up of the statue
appears to reveal nothing out of the ordinary. But upon closer inspection, the closed eyes
of the statue glare open eerily. Watch it again. Did it give you chills?
Is this a miracle? Or something else? You decide. Personally, I think it’d be hard
to fake with the camera moving so much, which makes me think it’s real. 6. More Ghosts
This leaked video was reportedly taken by two friends somewhere in Canada. Their dog
Jake starts to bark with excitement and really doesn’t seem to want to go any further.
Watch how the animal crosses directly in front of their snowmobile multiple times, almost
like he’s warning them to stop and turn around.
The two friends don’t really think much of it and keep going straight . . . and that’s
when they come face-to-face with it . . . A nearby tall gray creature sends them racing
away. The alien-like creature doesn’t make much of a sound at all, or at least not one
that the camera can pick up, but I do think I can see its head turn towards them at the
2 minute and 20 second mark. The way the dog is acting before this happens
also makes me believe this leaked video could be real. 5. Chinese U F O
Most mysterious things come in threes. The Daily Mail published a trio of mysterious
lights in the sky over China in July of 2018. According to publication, the strange flashing
lights were spotted by Chinese residents. The bright lights appeared in a row, with
lights disappearing behind and reemerging ahead.
Of course, the unfathomable light display was captured on camera, and videos of the
incident quickly started to trend on social media platforms in China. Many believed a
U F O had been spotted. However, an expert suggested the object might
be “a rocket zooming into the atmosphere.” Should we go with this so-called “expert’s”
opinion? Or might he be part of the mystery? 4. Stella Lansing
This video requires a bit of backstory. In 1961, Massachusetts housewife, Stella Lansing,
started to experience things of an extra terrestrial nature, including men in black, humanoids,
U F Os, and otherworldly visions. She captured much of her experiences on various types of
film. It wasn’t until 1967 that Stella bought
a silent 8mm film camera. Although she’d taken photographs of the odd sightings, the
film camera captured more: strange images and structures that Stella never saw in person
but that turned up on film. And, yet again, Stella came across the strange
lights while driving on Route 32. She exited her car to see them better, as did another
driver. The lights were yellowish and, as Stella described, “silently walking from
east to west. To the old cemetery.” The other driver had also seen the lights.
This was Stella’s chance to catch the orbs on her 8mm camera, so she headed back home
to retrieve it and then returned to the intersection. More lights appeared, with one of the red
ones bouncing “like a rubber ball,” as she described. A friend showed up, and the
pair watched the lights together, until they burst into a white light.
As she continued her recording of these strange events into the ‘70s, she discovered an
odd clock-like pattern on her photos and film, as well as geometric patterns overlapping
the frames on the film, itself. The mystery only grew in 1991, when a TV show
called Sightings did a segment on Stella’s video logs. When they exported her silent
8mm film to VHS, unknown voices were heard. Stella has since passed away in 2012, and
no one can explain the mystery of her sightings. 3. Austria Sting
This one’s a little different. An international mystery, involving scandal, a secret video,
and a sting operation so big that it ousted two leading politicians and overturned a government.
The scandalous recording – known as the “honey trap” video – was taken in a
luxury villa in Ibiza in the summer of 2017. The guests? Austrian politicians, Heinz-Christian
Strache, and parliamentary group leader, Johann Gudenus.
The honey? Alyona Makarova, the so-called niece a of wealthy Russian oligarch.
Not only was she a beautiful trap, but she proposed support for the far-right Freedom
party in exchange for under-the-table deals. The problem? The wealthy Russian oligarch
does not have a niece. With hidden microphones and cameras installed
in the villa’s mobile phone-charging station and light switches, the dealings were caught
on film and published in 2 German newspapers. Over the course of seven hours, the leaders
became more and more entrenched in the trap. And the mystery remains: who was behind the
entire operation? Neither of the newspapers that published the
footage have revealed their source. Whoever the operative, their trap seems to
have served its purpose. Strache was forced to resign as vice-chancellor.
Even today, the motive and identities of those who orchestrated the sting are unknown. 2. Ivory Coast Apparition
A vision seen by many is sometimes diagnosed as mass hysteria. But when it’s been caught
on video, you cannot deny its existence. This video was published in February of 2012.
The clip shows a group of people staring at the sun over the trees. At first, the camera
appears to just be capturing the blazing sunlight. But as it focuses in, you can clearly see
the shape of a woman within that blinding light.
The clip, which has gone viral, was filmed in the Ivory Coast. The day prior to this
apparition, locals had seen something which appeared to be a blue halo in the sky – a
case that many thought was extra terrestrial. But when the apparition appeared using infrared
technology, locals instead believed they were witnessing a miracle.
Government officials tried to minimize the sighting, saying it was nothing. But some
locals believe the apparition may simply be Mary casting her mercy and benevolence over
the impoverished region. Whether you call this vision a miracle or
not, coupled with the halo that is said to have appeared during preceding days, these
startling forms in the clouds are unexplainable. Before we get to number 1, my name is Chills
and I hope you’re enjoying my narration. Are you curious about what I look like in
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My music video for WHO AM I NOW? has been uploaded, but do not watch it, please please
please don’t. Also, don’t forget I upload a new video here on YouTube every Thursday
and Saturday. 1, Miner Ghost
When exploring the darkest depths of a mine shaft, the last thing you want to run into
is the paranormal. Proving Demons claims their crew did just
that. Publishing this video recently in May of 2019,
the YouTube team writes: “during a routine exploration of an abandoned mine shaft and
railway tunnel, we saw something unbelievable as we turned a corner into a tunnel”
The mine, itself, is creepy enough. You can hear water running and dripping, it’s muddy,
dark…to put it simply, it’s not a place you’d want to meet another being, passed
away or alive. And about 17 minutes into the exploration
video, it appears they do. A light can be seen in the dark distance.
Why is there a light at the end of this mine shaft?
Only the ghost holding its candle could answer that. The team doesn’t stick around to find
out. And who can blame them? The fact that a light was visible so deep in the mine, gives
me no other choice but to believe this is paranormal.

Maurice Vega

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