Top 10 – The Richest Politicians in India

Maurice Vega

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  1. What nonsense is this? Gandhis are out in bail for 5000 cr case. Some among other cases are vadra land case and Augusta case which are all more than 1000 cr at the least. Where are Gandhi's? Kindly research again and bring out the truth.

  2. Jagan declared more than 800 crores in the affidavit.
    Please re check.
    He has money in mutual funds, fixed deposits, lands worth hundreds of crores, gold etc… I think he is the richest politician in INDIA.

  3. Only 3 digits cr ?? ?? Im wondering, it should be atlist 4 r 5 digits cr, totally its a fake information, n karnataka ministers are missing in this list ( BSY, DKS, GOWDAS's family, reddy brother's) etc etc….

  4. You forget (TS Singh Dev he was MLA from Ambikapur C.G. and he was king of Ambikapur he have Net worth of rupees 560 caror.

  5. Desh ka aadhe se bhi zyada paisa behenkelode ye politicians dabake baithe Hain Marne ke baad ye sab kutte banenge Pata nHi itne paison ka ye log karte kya Hai

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