Top 10 Most Powerful World Leaders

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Maurice Vega

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  1. all good; putin should have to be in no1. becoz even xi respect putin as big brother(friend). and all good.

  2. Mohammad bin Salman
    الله يحفظك ويحفظ السعودية والله انك عز العربي الوحيد الموجود بينهم انت يا فكرنا

  3. Nr1. Vladimir Putin

    Nr2. Xi Jinping

    Nr3. Hassan Rouhani

    Nr4. Donald Trump

    Nr5. Angela Merkel

    Nr6. Shinso Abe

    Nr7. Narendra Modi

    Nr8. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan

    Nr9. Bashar al-Assad

    Nr10. Hassan Nasrallah

    Nr50. Rodrigo Duterte

    Nr51. Leni Robredo

    Nr 80. Alessandra Mussolini

    Nr126. Benjamin Netanyahu

  4. عز يابو سلمان عز
    هو العربي الوحيد والمسلم
    نفتخر فيك والله يا عزنا وسندنا


  5. Today our honourable PM is on top the list of one of the most powerful personalities… ? proud to be an Indian ?
    JAI HIND… ??
    Please updates the list… ?

  6. Do not you get embarrassed? While the savior of the world is alive and ready, you give the Shallow people a powerful nickname.


    弥勒 (मैत्रेय ،Maitreya) ،第五佛 ( पाँचवाँ बुद्ध ،Fifth Buddha)

    विष्णु (Vishnu) ، मंसूर

    שרת מיקאלי

    Christ, the Son of Man

    حجة بن الحسن العسكري

    مهدي ، القائم ، ابن رسول الله

    Mehdi, Al-Qaim, the son of the Prophet( 先知的儿子،putra Nabi)

  7. modi is worst president in the world. he spent more money for him . but he is not india he decrease agriculture and business and his cheater in election don't trust modi pls.from tamil nadu in india

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