Tone-deaf CNN Segment on the “Badasses”

>>Remember when Rashida Tlaib said that she
was going to impeach the MF. And everyone had a heart attack and made a
big deal about it and talked about the profanity and how ridiculous it was to bring up the
idea of impeachment. Well, fast forward till today and you have
excitement on CNN that gives moderate democratic freshmen women credit for being supportive
of impeachment. Take a look.>>Even before they were elected.>>You have adopted the Badass label.>>These freshmen Congress women created their
own group, the Badasses.>>We were out running for Congress across
the country. Then we kept running into each other, Badasses
kind of came organically from the group since we all had either served in the military or
in the CIA.>>A band of sisters bonded while storming
the unfamiliar terrain of politics. Translating their service is exactly what
they did with their 180 on starting in a pitchman inquiry. Going from no to yes after hearing President
Trump admit he spoke to Ukraine’s leader about Joe Biden, others followed suit, including
the House Speaker.>>I think we all sort of came to that conclusion
together, we text each other and I think we’re going okay, I think this is all changed, this
is a break line.>>Backing an impeachment inquiry is risky
political business for these Congress women.>>Now, this is one of the most amazing segments
I’ve ever seen. So they’re giving these women who signed on
to impeachment late in the game all this credit. And apparently now there are Johnny Come Lately
>>These five freshmen Congresswomen changed history by becoming unlikely leaders on impeachment. How are you a leader on impeachment if you
didn’t lead on impeachment? So what does it mean to be a leader? Let’s talk about that real quick. Let’s just look at something very simple,
the definition of lead, what does it mean to lead? To guide on a way especially by going in advance.>>Yeah.>>In advance
>>This seem to me the opposite. They were the last ones on board, you see
that profiles and courage, Badasses. So look, I have nothing against these women
and thank God they won. And I like the way some of them campaign,
Abigail Spanberger, we talked about on the show. She was great in the debate against her Republican
opponents, she took no quarter, I like her fighting attitude. I don’t agree with all of her policies, I’m
more progressive than she is. So it’s not about them and it’s not about
putting them down and I’m thrilled that they came to the right inclusion. And yes, Nancy Pelosi listens to conservative
Democrats 1,000 times more than she listens to progressives. So that part is true, and so if you framed
it that way, like hey, they finally got there. And it actually tipped the balance, cuz Pelosi
pretty much hates progressives and dismisses them. And but if it’s a conservative Democrats,
she go wait a minute, wait a minute, if conservatives are in favor okay, maybe I’m more interested. And then you can give them nuance of look,
they’re in a tough district, and it’s more purple in their district, etc. So they deserve credit for having that kind
of courage.>>Sure.>>Then there would be nothing wrong with
that report.>>Yeah, look, okay, so I’m glad you made
that distinction, because I feel like I’m coming off too harsh. And it seems misdirected toward these Congresswomen,
it’s not about the Congresswoman, it’s about how all of this is framed. And how they are being celebrated as Badasses
and leaders on the impeachment front when that’s just not the case. And then when you consider that and juxtapose
it to the way the freshmen Democrats in The Squad have been treated, it’s infuriating
and ridiculous.>>Yeah, on that front, and I know there’s
a lot of critique we’re gonna get to in a second. But it feels a little white savory, right,
here comes the white saver and all the hard work that these young minority women did. Not only are we not going to give them credit
but we criticize them in the beginning.>>Yes.>>And so we gave them bad press for being
leaders. Now here comes a white saviors coming in to
and we’re gonna give them amazing press to say they saved the day as if it was their
idea in the first place. And again, I would be fine with it if it was
more fair, just, equal, and they gave the context of these amazing women led the fight,
The Squad, AOC, Justice Democrats, etc. Rashida Tlaib to lead very importantly, right? And then, this was the Calvary. Okay, well, then we’re having an interesting
conversation or a tipping point, etc. But framing it like they’re the, and then
they criticized Rashida Tlaib a billion times. I know we’re gonna show you more on that for
her language and then to celebrate with glowing lights, Badasses, because it’s so cool when
conservatives do it.>>To be fair, they refer to themselves as
Badasses, they named themselves that->>I know, but instead of criticizing them
for it like they did with to Tlaib, they celebrate it.>>Yeah, they do.>>And you notice even the script, the way
that they are writing their names in the CNN pieces like rebelish>>Yeah, so Brad made a great point it’s very
Beverly Hills cops.>>That’s interesting I was thinking more
Sin City.>>Okay.>>Okay, but like no.>>Okay, we got so many more videos so yeah. With that said, let’s go to the next clip
of CNN celebrating the Badasses.>>They represent swing districts, very different
from another more famous female freshman group, The Squad.>>Okay, so I’m just gonna put it out there. The group of freshmen females that people
know about is The Squad. Are you guys the anti-Squad?>>What I tell people in my district, the
left wing of our party has created such momentum behind things like moving forward on our environment.>>None of us is ever gonna get in a Twitter
war with anyone else. If we have a concern with someone, we’re gonna
go right up and talk to them about it. And we’re not going to add unhelpful rhetoric
to an already bad tone coming out of Washington.>>I don’t think any of us wanna be the loudest
voice in the room, I just wanna be one of the most effective.>>So none of us are going to engage in a
Twitter war. We’re gonna go right up to someone’s face
and tell them exactly what our issues are. We’re gonna work it out, woman to woman, man
to man, whatever, woman to man. Except you just bad mouth freshman Democrats
that you disagree with during the CNN segment.>>It’s a devastating point, I hadn’t even
considered that and it’s right there you’re right, it’s brazen. Okay, but also actually that’s bad political
strategy. If you say, hey, if I disagree with let’s
say a Republican, and so I went up and told him to his face but I didn’t say it in front
of cameras. Well, then it did no good at all, maybe made
you feel better. But you have to make your case publicly, otherwise
you cannot persuade voters. It’s actually one of the things that Democratic
leadership gets wrong on a very consistent basis. Hey, let’s not challenge Republicans publicly,
because well, then people might find out what we think. That’s a terrible political strategy.>>Yeah, look, as a politician, especially
in a incredibly divisive time, you need to use any and all tools at your disposal. Social media is a tool, press conferences,
it’s a tool, going on cable news and making your point, making your case on a particular
political issue, that’s a tool. So like this idea of I’m very high class and
I don’t engage in social media wars. No, but sometimes you can use your social
media following and that platform as a way to apply pressure to get things done.>>100%, and so the understand the real problem
there for them, which is that it’s not that they don’t do it. For example, if you’re talking about within
the Democratic Party, if that’s the only thing they’re talking about. Well, Nancy Pelosi called the Green New Deal,
Green Dream or whatever. She called those just Democratic women four
people, that’s all they are. On Medicare for All, she goes and attacks
it behind the scenes and then again, publicly she attacked it. So they’re not saying don’t fight amongst
each other within Democratic Party, they’re saying only use the media that we control. So you can do it on CNN, you could do it on
60 Minutes, but don’t go to the people. If you go use Twitter or social media, you’re
going to people and that’s not fair. We control the gatekeepers and go through
the gatekeepers is fair, cuz they’re gonna shut you up and they’re gonna criticize you
and you’re gonna make heroes out of u, right?>>Yeah.>>So that’s what they’re actually crying
about. And so, look, it’s so ironic, cuz I like their
position. They didn’t have to go and criticize the Justice
Democrats and progressives. I don’t think CNN did them any favors here,
they think that they got made look like heroes. But there’s a reason why we didn’t hear about
them before, cuz they’re not shouting their policies from the rooftops. So-
>>And they are not leading on these types of issues. And one other thing, look that last statement
about we don’t wanna be the loudest voices in the room, right? So she’s specifically referring to members
of The Squad, all women of color, being the loudest voices in the room and how that’s
not an effective way of communicating. I just-
>>Yeah, look->>Doesn’t play well, in my opinion.>>Yeah, no, it doesn’t, and a lot of people
are upset about it. I’m gonna come back to that in one second,
but he always said. I’m sorry, one of the other, so Spanberger
said that, but I think Schwarzenegger once said, it’s unhelpful rhetoric and it sets
a bad tone in Washington. Wait, but that unhelpful rhetoric is what
pushed everyone towards impeachment which now you’re taking credit for. So I would argue, it was pretty helpful, and
while taking credit for the impeachment, you’re criticizing the people who started that fight
by saying it was a bad tone. Shame on Rashida Tlaib for her bad tone. Now, give me all the credit for the movement
she started, right?>>Yep.>>And so look, going back to the race issue. I think it’s a legitimate point people bring
it up. I mentioned what I said earlier, you talked
about and people have written articles about it now saying what do you mean the loudest
voice and a lot of this has racial undertones. So you can go in that direction, but if you
don’t wanna go in that direction, cuz that’s a touchy topic for you or whatever reason. To me, at least as important is these moderate
to conservative Democrats coming in saying, it was our idea. No, it wasn’t, no, and CNN don’t do that. You have to at least give the proper context,
cuz if you don’t want, it’s making it seem like you’re doing this giant PR effort. On the people who were the latest, who were
the most reluctant, the most scared to go into this fight. And because they came in at the end, you can
celebrate them for coming to the right conclusion at the the end. But you cannot pretend it was them while bad
mouthing the people who actually started it.>>One more clip from the CNN segment on the
Badasses.>>Their previous service taught them to be
fearless, which comes in handy now.>>There’s not a vertical chain of command
structure. So I-
>>Well, there is.>>But obviously it sounds like you guys aren’t
following it.>>But no one can fire us.>>But they are following it, I just I don’t. Again, I don’t, I’m glad they came to the
conclusion that they came to, I’m glad they support impeachment. I have nothing against them in particular,
other than the framing of this segment and their willingness to take credit for something
that they know they don’t deserve credit for. They are not leaders on this issue, we know
who the leaders on this issue are. We know how they’ve been treated by the media
over and over again, for their support for impeachment, for wanting to hold Donald Trump
accountable. I mean, they’ve been completely destroyed
in the media over and over again. And so it’s just frustrating, because, and
for me in particular, this whole American celebration of failing upward, it drives me
nuts. Because the people who deserve credit where
credit is due are usually brushed off to the side. And then the people who the Johnny Come Lately
is in this case these Congresswoman, they get all the support, they get this lovely
segment put together for them by CNN and it’s just unacceptable. We know who the real leaders are and we’re
about to celebrate them in just a second, but before we do Cenk, do you wanna say something?>>Yes, last thing on this is #RashidaWasRight. And at a bare minimum, just for God’s sake,
do an equally fawning one of Rashida. All you guys ever did was criticize her and
so now you’re painting these women as quote, is in the last segment you saw there, fearless. No, they were filled with fear, because of
their district and crossing Republicans. And at the last second, they got passive fear. By the way, it’s also counterproductive when
you say, and they said it throughout this piece, this is the thing that made it clear. It makes it seem like what Trump did in breaking
the other laws, whether it’s the constitutional violations of the emoluments clause or the
campaign finance and the hush money and the obstruction of justice. All that, it makes it seem like that wasn’t
crimes and that wasn’t important but now that he did Ukraine, that’s an actual crime. And so it’s actually unhelpful rhetoric and
it’s definitely not fearless, and if you notice, and this is the real thing that the mainstream
media does most. They are military, so bow down everybody. That is acceptable, these young women remember
when they first came up, the AOC and the Justice Democrats who do they think they are?>>Yeah.>>Doing a sit in a Pelosi’s office, demanding
committee seats, they haven’t earned their dues. Whereas same situation here, these are freshmen
Congresswoman that CNN is celebrating and they’re saying fearless and part of the military
and the CIA. Yeah, that’s why they did it. So look, at a bare minimum, very tone deaf.>>So let’s go ahead and celebrate the fearless
women in Congress who have been fighting and leading on this issue. This is a video put together by our very own
Jerry Jackson, credit where credit is due. Take a look.>>Democratic Congresswoman Maxine Waters
at it again, for renewing her call to impeach President Trump.>>There’s a difference and how some of our
leadership talk about how we should handle all of this. They say Maxine, please don’t say impeachment
anymore. And when they say that, I say, impeachment,
impeachment, impeachment, Impeachment.>>And when your son looks at you, and says,
mama, look, you won, bullies don’t win. And I say baby they don’t, because we’re gonna
go in there, and we’re gonna impeach them.>>Does this change the calculus on impeachment?>>Every day that passes, the pressure to
impeach grows. And I think that is justifiable, this is now
about the rule of law in the United States of America.>>Since the day that I’d gotten elected,
I’ve said to people, it is not hoe, if he will be impeached, but when. It’s time for us to impeach this President.>>If you thought the President had committed
impeachable offenses, this is October of last year, and your answer was yes. Where are you the day after Mueller?>>I have felt for a long time that this administration
has lost our moral authority and there are many impeachable offenses for people that
wonder, yeah, should we be spending this much sweat equity on something that might not be
plausible? Yes, we should, but-
>>Impeachment you mean>>Absolutely.>>So these are women who supported impeachment,
even before Joe Biden was involved in any of these issues. And look, really, what was the thing that
fired up establishment Democrats the most when it came to the Russia investigation? Why is it that they didn’t really care too
much to look into Donald Trump’s financial crimes, and they were hyper focused on Russian
meddling instead? Because they’re concerned about how Trump’s
actions are gonna hurt establishment Democrats. And in the case of Joe Biden, it’s the same
thing. I mean, Trump is reaching out to the Ukrainian
President in an effort to dig up dirt on an establishment Democrat, Joe Biden. That is what fires them up, right?>>Yea.>>Whereas these incredible Congresswomen
who have been leaders in the impeachment movement, they’re not persuaded simply by is establishment
Democrat gonna get hurt? They’re persuaded by wanting to preserve the
rule of law.>>Yeah, and credit by the way to Al Green
too, who’s been a huge leader in impeachment, bless Al for that. And Maxine Waters not only deserves a gigantic
credit, but even to this day literally in the news today, they’re yelling at her again,
cuz she said, Trump should go to prison in solitary confinement. They’re saying, it’s not civil, it’s not helpful,
the beloved CIA and military started this. The former military people that are in Congress
bow down Maxine, why are you being a leader again, right? And of course, the four Justice Democrats,
#RashidaWasRight, and Ilhan Omar, Ayanna Pressley, AOC, you saw them all there. And one last thing about that, as you realize
the Justice Democrats did the right thing here and lead. When you see new Justice Democrats coming,
you will hear the Democratic Party yell at them again, and go, challenging incumbents. How dare they, they should know their role,
no, it’s not their turn.>>Mm-hm.>>Understand that that is lies meant to keep
the establishment in power and not have strong people representing the voters. And you see when we put real representatives
in Congress, what happened? We got results, do it again.

Maurice Vega

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