Tom Watson: decision to resign was personal, not political

It’s a very personal decision,
not a political one. I’ve been in frontline Labour politics
for 35 years, I’m 52 years old, I’ve been on a health journey
in recent years and I want to take a leap
and do something new. But I’m still deputy leader
until December 12. I want to get the Labour team
elected so I’m going to be out on the road campaigning
and then after that it’s a brave new world
to join. I want every Labour member
and every Labour supporter campaigning for the Labour team
to make sure we can get a Labour government elected
on 12 December. This is a very personal
decision for me. I’ve got lots of other things
I want to do in life. I’m training to be a level two
gym instructor. I’ve got a book on weight loss
coming out in January. I hope to set up an organisation
to mobilise the people power of people with type two diabetes
like myself to try and get improved support for them. So this really is a personal decision
and there’s never a right time to go in politics but you can leave it
longer than you should and I think it’s better that I got out
like this with everyone happy and everyone campaigning
for the Labour team.

Maurice Vega

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  1. Most British people are to the right of Tom Watson.
    If the Corbyn fans vilify him like they are on here, just imagine how they are going to treat the rest of of the UK if they become the government…

  2. His constituency voted heavily for Leave back in 2016 so maybe he's just not up for the grind doorstepping people likely steaming mad at Labour's stance on the whole thing this time round.
    Add to the recent party shenanigans that tried to remove his position as deputy out from under him. He's probably feeling a tad sour to the whole circus and is looking to go do something a bit less stressful.

  3. If you want to know a politician, then check out who he accepts a job or work from after retirement. I call it the Blair test.

  4. Riddance Watson, who got out before he was thrown out. Hated by the membership. Next stop? 'Strictly' with new celebrity teeth. The epitome of a wretched middle of the road Blairite and careerist.

  5. Obviously I don’t wish bad health on the guy but this couldn’t have come soon enough. Wouldn’t surprise me if he also timed this to try and do damage to labours campaign because I guess they’ll have to fill his role now.

  6. When he said he's training to be a Level 2 Gym Instructor, I found that to be incredibly modest & endearing.
    Bless Tom, I hope he does well with his course, fitness book & other future endeavors.

  7. In fairness It won't make any difference. The days of 'landslide victories' and 'majority governments' are over, the UK has become to polarised and divided and that situation will only get worse as wealth continues to be funnelled ever upwards. We are moving into an era of minority governments, compromises and coalitions. Now comes a time of chaos.

  8. Tom Watson quits as Labour deputy leader and steps down as MP ►

  9. It was really silly to resign now rather than in six months. I never understood Watson's political stances. He is honest and an anticorruption hero but politically he has always been ambivalent about major issue.
    I can not believe that his resign was void of malice which runs contrary to his usual demeanour.

  10. I never liked this man when he was in the labour party anyway. He's got a strange attitude and eyes I do not trust… And never have. Just look at his eyes and tell me what you see because I have always seen a deceitful person.

  11. What hes really saying is…I've let my constituents down over brexit and they're gona kick me out at the election…simple

  12. He forgot he was supposed to be making societal change not change to his waistline. Pathetic, a truly pathetic sell-out careerist.

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