To Protest Racism, Students Block White People From Getting to Class

Students at the University of California-Berkeley held a day of protest on Friday to demand the creation of additional safe spaces for transgender and non-white students and during the protest they created a human chain to prevent white students from getting to class some Asian students were also blocked from getting to class but Hispanic Latino black students were allowed through and were allowed to go to class and I’m gonna play a little bit of video where you can actually hear protestors shouting “go around” to white students who try to get through this blockade and Students of color are greeted with “let him through, let her through, let them through” we have video. Let’s take a look at that Yeah, I was just wondering like what so what’s it do you know One protester actually complained that there were too many white students in classrooms saying quote “When you walk into a class, what’s the majority in there?” This is problematic to me. Not only because it doesn’t account for racial differences in the population at large Not only does it not consider that blaming individual white students who are already at the school solves. Absolutely nothing But it’s problematic to me because according to UC Berkeley’s own website only one in four students in the incoming 2015 freshman class was actually white which makes this entire charade Particularly misguided many white and Asian students forced to actually go through like the woods essentially, it was a dirt path Through brush in order to make it to class while the protesters were shouting “go around” and it’s not just against white people It’s against white and Asian students according to that article and that sort of changes the dynamic I got one email from from someone saying David the issue is not necessarily just race and Minorities versus non minorities because Asians are minorities but Asians Maybe are seen as more successful in American society So maybe there’s a different feeling there But we’re also gonna block the Asians from getting through It really makes no sense and we could talk a lot about the so called ideal immigrant that many Asian communities represent in the US But can you imagine that, if the students blocked from getting to class actually filed a lawsuit on the basis of having their title six rights violated because if you look at the 1964 Civil Rights Act title six prohibits discrimination on the basis of race color and other characteristics at any program that receives any federal financial assistance. Like for example, UC Berkeley does that could actually happen here. Yeah, and there are some people who are of the opinion that reverse racism just doesn’t exist. And of course, it’s a much less prevalent issue, but it’s out there. I just call it racism I’m either you’re discriminating on the basis of race or you’re not and this idea of Reverse racism is so bogus to me And when you look at gender equality to of course some issues negatively affect men But the bulk of it negatively affects women. Martin Luther King and so many others who fought for equality Would see this would be my guess and they would say well hold on a second What exactly are you doing by blocking white students? Are you are you showing them what it was like at some prior point because now non-white students aren’t blocked from going to class. So what what is it exactly that you’re trying to do? Are you trying to wake people up to what was the experience of black students? Before the 1964 Civil Rights Act because I just don’t know I always try to be as pragmatic as possible with these issues and I don’t know what blocking white students is going to Teach them Today in terms of what the issues are that are trying to be brought to light and let me remind you also That there is a demand being made here for the creation of safe spaces Segregated by race where white people are not allowed which we’ve covered What would be the punishment if white students formed a chain to block non-white students from getting to class? What would be the reaction if white students created a no brown people allowed safe space on campus? It would rightly be very negative and some will hear me say this and I’ll say well the difference David is that the white students aren’t oppressed but the other students are I’ll remind you that only one out of four students in the incoming UC Berkley 2015 freshman class was white I don’t get this Pat. I don’t know what they’re hoping to achieve by inconveniencing Realistically individuals that are already overworked stressed out and debt ridden. I don’t see the wind

Maurice Vega

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  1. These people did the right thing…. feel w ha t we feel everyday in this white world… you white trash are in.south africa.till being hatefilled and.racist to us brown skinned . I really hope a huge asteroid hits and sends us back to the dark ages…. were GUNS dont mean shit

  2. People wonder why trump got elected. Whites are sick of this racism from colored people. Push them more and it will be war.

  3. Imagine going to a school in Africa and complaining about the overwhelming amounts of black students, these people are literal retards and it's sad that they don't realize the hypocrisy of what they're doing. Absolute morons.

  4. Continue like this and then don't be surprised when extreme right skinhead gangs start kicking your heads with their black shiny boots!!

  5. This is disgusting and racist and everything, but this guy is a good reporter/commentator. Anyways as I was saying I agree with most of these comments. These people are stupid if they think that being racist will make equality.

  6. Why are us white people born with this curse? Just because we're white doesn't mean we're racist. Matter a fact that right there is racist, saying that someone is racist because of their race

  7. Lol I would’ve charged into the line since I’m a Asian and I’m a mix of jock and nerd who cares if they want to block me imma gonna break their arm chain lock

  8. 90% of students in my college are latino, middle eastern, and people of color. In my quantum reasoning class, I'm the only white person in the class and one of only 5 men out of the 25 students. This is the same with the past 2 campuses I've attended as well

  9. If 1/4 of the new class coming into that college are white people, wouldn’t that make the white people the minority there?!

  10. Bro I would pepper spray every one of em. Or just get all the ones not allowed through to just create a wall of death, and bulldoze through with punches and kicks.

  11. Asians aren’t a minority the make up almost half of the world population

    I still think the students blocking the white and Asian kids are racist

  12. 2019. Everything is racism.

    This demonstration will certainly help to fight racism.
    Certainly there will not only be more people who get a hatred for others…

    Mankind is really screwed.

  13. And people wonder why so many White people are starting to become Racist!!! Can't say I don't blame them. It will be very interesting when white people decide enough is enough and start fighting back. It's unfortunately just a matter of time before all hell breaks loose.

  14. As a black, i am so sorry for this bullshit white people, but eh I wouldn't want to go with these people to school anyway.

  15. GG well done, fighting racism by using racism. This absolutely hilarious and one of the most stupid things I‘ve ever seen wtf ???

  16. If I was one of the kids trying to get down I would shove my way thru or find a diff route not saying a word like I’m not arguing with dumb ppl, wasting my breath

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