Tinubu: 'I'll accept the result of the election if we lose'

you Oh media says the election process success the bus Richard we see the residency like the president you have to see the best way difficult way to select possess to manage is not easiest system to maintain but resilience and strong determination we are getting say we found is for the unit and some other ones that are fine and so far how would you describe the compost meant of the electorate already if the great expectation was last week such they were very excited ready to go there to be you know frustrations and in disappointment I won't point out the other hope you see it was not delivered very good breathing throughout the week giving us progress report that is taken responsibility that is big open that is a movement in our mind sorry what about the outcome of this election for example in the people of Nigeria vote out your party what would you say actually I'm certain that is a product that is their decision any Democrat that cannot accept that cannot ascend the result of a free and fair element is not worthy of the neighbor being a Democrat you must be able to accept the result in free and fair and what are your hopes even even my hope my determination and for my party and we are winning is it because we have the support of the masses no come on look back look up back at our Andes alone that's an indication of who population era people we are not ready we are not talking about the the elites the rich we are talking about ordinary farmers traders and they develop weapon problem or the I in something that is mechanical energy and spirits laughs we bad weather I fly along I've come to this situation where I go to an airport in this country and after two hours we will not land you cannot watch accept the allegations that your parties are planning to read this election for example there are pictures online and a software is the boolean Vance coming out of your flaw premises where am i fortunately where are my boots the allegations are that those video ones carry money Apollo expose me to reduce my money I brought my money I don't work for government I'm not the agency of government and let anybody come out to say I've taken week any contract from the government of President Muhammadu Buhari you see in the last five years the shoe prove it and I'm committed to my patch so even if I ever money to spread in my premises it was even happily give a like I give it to the people for free of charge as long as not to buy votes so dangerous not suddenly and one day right without the advent of Science and Technology you wish or delivery before you give identify the sex of your child but in technology as consistent profit is the actual rattles Nigeria's jaws from 1990 coiling and developing and working really hard like you would do in your homes to raise your children to evoke an answer chip at your PG and your living room it takes time perseverance tolerance endurance consistency a strong determination that we have got adopted new democracies and everyone's of needs to grow from wonderful so we live with the aches and pain heals and value of it

Maurice Vega

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  1. Now I understand what the the First Lady Aisha Buhari said about the “2 or 3 Cabals” and also what the Bible said in the bookEphesians 6:12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. Nigerians needs serious prayers Cabals are the one ruling us.

  2. I hate this man with passion.Tinubu be assured that u will soon get too old and u will die and stand before God for judgement. By then u will see .

  3. I urge Nigerians to upgrade the voting standard in the next coming election.
    Nigeria is a rich nation to use Biometric Voter registration will not cost you a lot.
    But for this analog system, watch out.
    Or send some ELECTION BODY MEMBERS here in Kenya to learn more

  4. where did u get the money u are spending.Efcc must one day probe u in this country.Just wait for the time to reach

  5. Fucking Loser una don jam master rigger Atiku has won already facts from INEC Buhari is still proving stubborn they dont want to accept defeat…INEC offices will soon be burnt down

  6. Tinubu said I don’t work for the government really? and Ameachi said his not corrupt which means the politicians are innocent while the citizens are corrupt 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  7. This man is so stupid and shameless for the stupid words coming out of his stinking month, agbaya,this is one of the people spoiling the country, they all have to die,idiot

  8. Why all APC members are liars. See how criminally this man responds to questions. God will deliver Nigeria from APC Islamic government.

  9. Shame on you Nigeria!!!
    Your unprotected ballot box is a disgrace. Unbelievable, that after 58years of Independence, this is all you can do as a country. This is the worst election ever done in Nigeria.
    I weep for you Nigeria!!!

  10. A man who is close to his grave, who is supposed to be honest is here lying and playing with people's future

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