This what the CNN is hiding they don’t show this anymore CNN 2013 06 30 19h01m27s 19h08m01s

This what the CNN is hiding they don’t show
this anymor

Maurice Vega

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  1. What is taking place in Egypt now is not and never been a coup.. This is raw democracy which you seem to have forgotten it since you have means and ways of sounding your opinions which we don't and want to have. The terrorist gang that was ruling or should I say running Egypt for the past year is nothing more than that..a gang of terrorists and their ideas forms the core beliefs of Al Qaeda whom you have suffered at their hands back in 9/11. 33

  2. If that same crowd took to the streets in America demanding the President to step down, what would you have called it? What would you do he ignored it?We have used all means to deliver our message including collecting 22 million petition asking for an EARLY ELECTION.People of Egypt took to the streets to practice RAW democracy.If you can't or couldn't hear that deafening roar of the People, if you can't believe what your eyes are seeing, then there is something wrong with you, not us.

  3. This is our will as EGYPTINS not Military coup… if you insist on using the term coup them its the revolutionists coup NOT military coup.. we were 33 millions in the streets and mllions still yesterday OUTNUMBERING morsi's supporters. This is obvious as you see if you want to see. If not , we are FREE Egyptians and this is our country and is completely none of anyone else's business..

    we made Jan 25 succeed and our will made this Morsi DOWN !!..

    Egyptian and PROUD ..

  4. i think it's they said it's an anti government demonstration, not mentioning the word coup, after that they said it's a coup, so in this video they said the truth, that's what i understood

  5. Message to the peoples of the world – the United States of America supports terrorism in Egypt and fights democracy
    Kono next to the Egyptian people – the terrorist organization Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood – the killing of the Egyptian people and children with the support of U.S. President – and kill officers of the armed forces and the Egyptian police

  6. Ben Wedemen, what made you change your perception although all changes since then are in favor Jun30 not otherwise? is this is free journalism? I wonder

  7. its was fake elections
    and Morsi and Muslims brotherhood
    are free mason Group not Muslim
    and there is nothing mean Muslims group in Islam
    its agenst Islam

  8. USA and the west never used word coup to describe our revolution. Their calculation definitely was wrong. They thought there will be river of blood in the streets it is in Syria. We are not Syria or lypia . I feel it that the tone slow down and the west realized that was a revolution from the people by the people to the people and that is democracy truly a leap in democracy.

  9. what a lovely voice of this crowd claiming the right for Egypt claiming to correct the path

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