This week’s news without the bullshit (Week 36 2019)

Welcome to the third week of nothing but fucking news. Let’s get started. A couple from Pennsylvania is facing three felony charges after spending $100,000 that wasn’t theirs to spend. The couple, who had just over a thousand dollars between them, awoke one day earlier in the year, and had found $120,000 had been mistakenly put into their account. Naturally, the couple went on to buy a camper, a chevy, a racecar, and had enough left over to give money to various friends. The couple appeared in court last week, and have posted bail of $25,000 each. The Pennsylvania State Police are yet to comment on the situation. Meanwhile, Italy kicks out a far-right leader, but doesn’t drag him through the streets this time, more Brexit related things happen that no one understands, Amazon workers go on strike over global warming concerns, and a different kind of Amazon worker is killed, also over environmental issues. At the same time, Hong Kong protesters ask the United States to help them with freedom related issues, but don’t have enough oil for the country to give a shit, and Vinyl is out selling CDs for the first time in 33 years. In technology: It’s not a good time to be Facebook, Russia accuses Facebook and Google of interfering in the Russian election, YouTube shuts down thousands of channels for hate speech, and usage of the messaging app Bridgefy increases 3685% in the last 60 days, after Hong Kong protesters use it to get around censorship. In entertainment: Comedy veteran Dave Chappelle has come under fire by critics after his most recent Netflix special: ‘Sticks and Stones’ Was seen as insensitive to would women, sexual assault victims, Asian minorities, and members of the LGBT community. Mr. Chappelle’s special only received a 23% critic rating on Rotten Tomatoes, while his viewer rating still remains at an exceptional 99%. A number of experts and analysts have weighed in on the disparity of critic and viewer rating, and have determined, that the increase in viewership for Netflix, will far outweigh the people who are likely to cancel their subscription. Meanwhile, The ‘Watchmen’ television show will premiere on October 20th, ‘The Mandalorian’ will explore the origins of The First Order, and the ‘Joker’ is already receiving awards. We also get trailers for Season 14 of ‘It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’, ‘Jojo Rabbit’, ‘Bad Boys for Life’, and ‘Between Two Ferns: The Movie’. In gaming: Death Stranding will be receiving a journalist difficulty setting, Cyberpunk 2077 will eventually have a multiplayer mode, the original Pro Skater is now 20 years old, and the newest Plants vs Zombies title receives a reveal trailer. Meanwhile, Rainbow Six: Siege reaches 50 million players, and Overwatch, Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag, and Assassin’s Creed Rogue, have been confirmed for Switch. Outro. Song: Garçon de Plage ~ Alone Again (Gilbert O’Sullivan)

Maurice Vega

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  2. If you have to make a difficulty level specifically for people who are reviewing your games.

    You have the wrong people reviewing your games

  3. Your thumbnail says "critics get offended" but nowhere in your video is there any mention of people being "offended." Criticism of a thing doesn't equal being offended at a thing.

    "News without the bullshit?" Nahh

  4. People really don't have any sympathy towards the LGBTQ community do they? Yes, you may not hate them, but I'm pretty sure people with homophobic feelings will start to feel approved by that message. It makes them think "Oh, this isn't a bad thing". When it comes to humor, when I laugh at a black joke, I always say "Oh, was that okay?" To my friends, if not, I apologize. How is it anymore complicated?

  5. I know its a small community but AC black flag multiplayer is a GEM that need love on the switch please tell me there is a multiplayer

  6. Lol. Rich people stealing money? Naw fam you can go free. Middle class is accidentally given money by rich people: LOCK THEM UP REEEEEEE

  7. Wtf????
    Unless the money deposited into your bank account is STOLLEN without question…
    … That money is YOURS!!!!

    … no matter who deposited it into your account…

  8. I mean come on the show is literally called “sticks and stones” it was made to trap them from the start and they took that bait without a second thought

  9. “Hate speech” is just an excuse made by google to censor pro conservative content creators. It’s been proven before, and they took it one massive step foreward

  10. Funny how the only community that Dave made fun of but didnt complain was the white community.

    That's only because he made fun of the poor ones…

  11. Ngl I could see a 10 minute video of these same news but with some more in depth explanations just so I don't forget about them in 4 hours

  12. Hello, your local Hong Konger here, death haven’t came yet and we still protesting. America pass the bill or British invade us again so we can have some fucking human rights for once. Please I will gladly contribute 5 packs of tea bags and 3 buckets of cooking oil because I’m way too poor for fossil fuel

  13. I love these videos because I can know what's going on in the world and then funny videos and stuff after lol, I prefer these instead of actually reading a super long report of one thing that happened lol

  14. Let's liberate those poor Hong Kong bastards, if the government is overthrown, we are a step closer to the crisis with north Korea dissolving

  15. I am a Hollywood critic and I am extremely offended I will demonetize and cancel this channel

    Because what I say is what the people want.

  16. you should have brought up the channels brought down for “hate speech” were 80% just conservatives. youtube is the one who is promoting hate speech by censoring people they don’t agree with.

  17. we should ban politics from media and entertainment. we do not need oversensitive people getting triggered over petty things that are either not meant to be taken seriously, or things that do not mean anything bad, yet looks that way to said people.

  18. This is like old Philip DeFranco before he covered any real news that might sound boring unless it was in some way associated with the world of entertainment.

  19. Perhaps if you're so bad at videogames that you need a special difficulty designed just for you, you shouldn't be reviewing video games.


  21. That couple shouldn’t go to jail the bank fucked up. If I just dropped a ton of money into someone’s house I can’t just then have them arrested for using it

  22. People who don’t like Don’t enjoy Watching/hearing Dave’s shows are those kinds of people who uses utencils on a pizza, milk before cereal, doesn’t cover themself when sneezing/caughing and pronounces tomAHtos instead of tomAYtos

  23. That moment when a YouTube channel with not even 1 million subscribers can tell more in 3 and a half minutes than mainstream media in 10 hours

  24. I was really worried when by the channel name and video thumbnail, but this was actually really good and unbiased! I am going to continue watching.

  25. I wonder how long, until people from Hong Kong try to flee to Taiwan or Singapore. Seriously, PRC, how can you say, that you are for the people, if you handle them worse, than East Germany?

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