This was the 2018 Global Forum on Modern Direct Democracy

Good afternoon to all. Welcome here in the Campidoglio. For the next four days, Rome is transformed into the global capital of direct democracy. From today, until the 29th September we will exchange views, listen to the representatives of those countries where direct democracy is already a reality. We will look at a number of important examples that could be replicated and examined to help understand how this new political and social model can allow society to progress. And what probably connects us to each other, or this is at least how I perceive it, What connects us to each other is the idea of democracy, directly. And with this I mean, democracy pure, nothing but the democracy itself. Not of the self, but democracy itself. Democracy directly, is democracy as it is. And democracy directly means, the human is at the center. The feeling of not being able to participate in shaping the destiny of our communities causes frustration. When citizens do not feel involved in co-creating the future of the community and they do not feel as if they are protagonists of their own futures, they will no longer recognize the community itself and they loose trust in the community and its members. And when a group of people has lost confidence in the system and the community itself, it is headed for a crisis.

Maurice Vega

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