This Is How You Bribe A Politician

two things I learned in the last month this is an apple and it's pretty much legal to bribe a politician in the United States out in Newark New Jersey less than 15 miles from this sad excuse for a new studio the menendez trial has just wrapped up just a normal kid you're a normal kid who killed your parents no no no not those guys I'm talking about Senator Bob Menendez a Democrat from New Jersey he didn't kill anyone like those brothers did but if you're someone who thinks the swamp needs to be drained who thinks politicians can't be trusted that corruption in government is too widespread but in this case is super important here's the back story senator Menendez was accused of corruption prosecutors claimed he accepted bribes from a wealthy I doctor this dude named Solomon Megan in exchange for political favors these alleged bribes included flights on private jets use of a Caribbean villa a stay at a luxury hotel in Paris Menendez requested a room with a limestone bath by the way and golf outings these things always involve golf in return for all those gifts from Megan who was a con artist and I could say that because he was convicted of Medicaid fraud back in April senator Menendez did a bunch of favors for him according to the indictment Megan owed the government a lot of money because of a scam he was running approximately nine million dollars but his buddy senator Menendez intervened and try to make that pesky nine million dollar bill go away Menendez also helped Megan get visas for his foreign girlfriends not credit cards but travel documents and the New Jersey senator did other fishy stuff for Megan too these are all accusations made by the government but Menendez main defense in court wasn't that he didn't receive all this or he didn't do Megan those favors I just talked about the defense was basically Lou Salman Megan he and I are just buddies buddies pay for private jets and help foreign mistresses get difficult to obtain travel permissions it's normal friendship stuff and the jury sort of bought it after days of deliberation they couldn't reach a verdict and a mistrial was declared that means Menendez is off the hook for now at least now you could blame the jurors for this but many legal experts blame the Supreme Court specifically a 2016 Supreme Court decision McDonald versus USA this is the case I was alluding to earlier when I said it's practically legal to bribe a politician this case involves Bob McDonnell the former Republican governor of Virginia he was accused of accepting bribes from a businessman promoting a dietary supplement you cannot make this sleazy up more than accused MacDonald was actually convicted and it's easy to understand why the governor and his wife received Rolexes iPhones Louis Vuitton shoes the use of a Ferrari golf outings and golf accessories again with the Gulf always with the golf loans worth tens of thousands of dollars and a bunch of other gifts in exchange for all this prosecutors demonstrated Governor McDonnell peddle the dietary supplements to state agencies exerted influence to try and get a study funded and even hosted a product launch at the governor's mansion MacDonald appealed the guilty verdict and when the Supreme Court looked it over they were like yeah none of that bothers us but Donald could go free if you're confused or outraged that a politician could receive a hundred and seventy five thousand dollars in gifts like McDonnell did from a wealthy constituent and then use the influence of his office to advance the constituents business interests join the club yet somehow all nine Supreme Court justices voted to vacate MacDonald's conviction the Chief Justice John Roberts wrote the decision and in it he made two really interesting points both these points pertain to 18 us code 201 that's the law about bribing a public official both these points are related to the definition of legal phrases the first is quid pro quo a latin term that means this for that why they put it in Latin I'm not sure but it's probably to make you feel stupid large what the hell are you saying that's Latin dad the language of Plutarch but anyway quid pro quo basically that means what you give and what you expect in return if there is a clear and direct relationship between what a politician gets and what he gives in return that could be illegal let me use an example one of the gifts MacDonald got was a full-length white leather jacket presumably for his wife that's the quit one of the things he did was set up a meeting between the dietary supplements dude and the Virginia Secretary of Health and Human Resources that's the quote now if it was a clear exchange I am giving you this leather jacket so that you set up that meeting that would be a quid pro quo and a very bizarre one but if there's no direct link between the quid and the quo then at least according to the Supreme Court it's just a gift no payoff it's a gift and that's basically what the Menendez defense was that he got all that stuff just because not in exchange for something specific no quid pro quo now even if there is a clear relationship and prosecutors can prove it say there's an email record or a taped telephone call that clearly shows the leather jacket was given to set up that meeting it still might not be a crime I'm not mistaken oh you just tried to bribe a federal officer technically I didn't know that brings us to the second point and the second legal phrase this time mercifully in plain English it's official Act what's an official Act an official act is something a politician does that is an essential part of their job so for a congressman it would be voting on a bill for a governor it includes making a political appointment or awarding a business contract to someone but what else is an official Act and what is just normal routine everyday stuff that doesn't rise to official stats well in McDonald versus USA the Supreme Court appeared to narrow what official act meant so when McDonald's set up that meeting between the Secretary of Health and Human Resources and the dietary supplement dude that didn't rise to the definition of official act because setting up meetings isn't really an official part of the governor's job description the Supreme Court pretty much said setting up a meeting is just a routine courtesy although if you're not wealthy powerful and well-connected you might not find it to be so routine but this is a big part of the reason McDonald and now Menendez are free however when prosecutors are able to there was a clear quid pro quo that resulted in an official act then the politician will go to jail you're offering to pay us money did not do our job I'll be bribed that's what happened to Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich he was caught trying to exchange a political appointment the Senate seat vacated by soon-to-be President Barack Obama for cash it was caught on tape so cash for a political appointment clear quid pro quo the political appointment part clear official act clear corruption he was convicted but not before appearing on the Celebrity Apprentice thank you if someone to give you gifts over a long period of time wouldn't you feel pressure to do them a solid perhaps give them an unfair advantage even if they didn't explicitly ask for it and are you comfortable with your politicians folks whose salaries paid with your tax dollars doing favors for people who give them things like first class plane tickets and gold Oscar de la Renta dresses dresses plural as in two there was two of them one former prosecutor wrote about the Macdonald decision it's a win for MacDonald but a loss for anyone concerned about public corruption and the influence of money in politics indeed legal experts think that this is a win for bribery and corruption and for politicians who put a for sale sign on their integrity like Republican Governor Bob McDonnell or Democratic Senator Robert Menendez and perhaps that's why trust in government is so low and the most bipartisan issue in America right now is these guys suck so these are just some of the things that McDonald and his family got from the dietary supplements guy I guess I can't call them bribes since the Supreme Court said that they weren't but we sent our interns out to look for props that resembled these gifts I guess they did an okay job I figured I'd also just read to you all the stuff the McDonald's go black Rebecca Minkoff shoes black blue Vuitton shoes white blue Vuitton shoes cream Louboutin her screamed Louboutin wallet silver Rolex watch and grade with 71st governor of Virginia nice little touch there yellow Peter Som dress blue Armani jacket and two matching dresses two gold Oscar de la Renta dresses black Louie Vuitton raincoat gold Oscar de la Renta sweater one pair of Amelia Rose earrings one deer sweatshirt two pair of FootJoy bow shoes one button-down Ralph Lauren shirt one white Peter Millar golf shirt one baby blue striped peter moeller golf shirt one royal blue Peeta Mellark golf shirt one aqua fairway green tech golf shirt lot ago one striped Ralph Lauren golf shirt one pin University of Virginia golf bag one pink in La Cava one Sun Mountain Notre Dame golf Nick how many golf bags one person two sets of golf clubs one Heather Mackenzie watercolor and framed two iPhones 30 boxes of that dietary supplement $15,000 towards a catering bill for the McDonald's daughter's wedding yardwork plane tickets golf trips fancy dinners vacations and cash Uncle Sam thanks you for watching Jack coin 20/20

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  1. Abe Lincoln kept nodding at everything you said with a straight face. Abe approves of your message.

  2. I think of it like this you can bribe someone if you want if the trade is fair because a rich guy can you can too. Just get a loan!lol

  3. An astounding missed opportunity. To talk about such a small case, and only that small case when you could have shown a wider audience how omnipresent and wide reaching money's influence on american politics is, was a misstep to say the least. Trump received $270,000 after staying in a Saudi hotel and later signed a BILLION DOLLAR (with a B) weapons deal with the Saudi government. Cory Booker, a NJ Senator, received $380,000 in campaign contributions from the pharmaceutical industry, then voted no on an amendment which would allow the US to import drugs from Canada which in some cases reduce the price by over 90%. He said his reason for doing so was that he wanted to ensure american safety standards were in place, which is ridiculous considering Canadian standards are even stricter than those of the US. Pay to play isn't the exception in the US, it's the rule.

  4. "These guys suck." So poignant, Lou. CNN take note. Lou and his videos are great. I'm sure I disagree vehemently with his politics, but his presentations are always spot on. Why is he only on youtube? This is why I choose to avoid cable television.

  5. beme the only thing associateted with cnn who arent radicly bias and so far to the left beme new seems common sense the facts and non bias

  6. So in theory if an oil company asked a company that makes shoes to bribe an official to use his influence to benefit oil companies and in return the oil companies would bribe politicians that would use their influence to benefit the shoes company, it would be legal because, directly speaking, the bribed officials didn't take actions that would benefit their direct "benefactors"?


  7. Like the format. Focus on attaching the viewers to the host on a personal level. The audio needs work

  8. You shouldve photoshopped golfclubs into the picture with the businessmen shaking hand s:D great vid, really dig this channel, subbed!

  9. You didn't mention that Menendez is a democrat but you introduced McDonnell as a republican before listing his offenses. I should have prefaced my comment with a disclaimer that I'm very liberal so I would have called BS if the party affiliation had been stated in the opposite way. I feel this video would have played better if you would have not stated any party ties. Corruption is a bi-partisan issue and should be reported that way.

  10. If people think the US is any less corrupt then the rest of the world they have there head in the sand. Trump needs to drain the swamp but that is not an easy job.

  11. The asshat judges who came to this decision need a deep investigation into their financial backgrounds. The USA is rotten.

  12. Normally the production is great, but the sound is horrific in this video… what did you record this with? A 2006 MacBook in the room next door?

  13. Fun fact: if you did something like this in the corporate business world, it's bribery and you can lose your job. Why aren't politicians held to the same standard? Because they make the laws.

  14. Could someone please tell me where that tune at the end came from? It's driving me nuts that I cannot remember it.

  15. The U.S. will be toppled in the next century by a progressive and non-corrupt nation that understands exactly what freedom for "the people" really means. That nation may not yet exist, but mark my words, it's coming! Think U.N. backed Scandinavian socialism.

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