Théun Mares – Money, Economics & Politics: A General Discussion (Part 1 of 7)

Russell: Théun, can I ask you some questions
about money, economics and politics? Just to know in a broad sense
to start with before getting to specifics. Money has long been synonymous
with power in a way, and Volume II of your work
it is equated with crystallized power. Théun: Yes Russell: Can you elaborate on this?
Why is money associated with power? Théun: Yes. Do you want a technical answer
or non-technical answer? Russell: Well, both if you like. I was just fascinated about why
money is associated with power. Théun: Russell, the way we look upon life
is that… When I say we… those of us that have really sort of looked at money
and money really is something else. Why we equate it with power, or why for me it makes sense
to equate it with power, is because ultimately money is power. For example, if you’ve got money,
as the old expression goes, “money talks”. So, it is power. But for me it also goes a whole lot deeper
than just the fact the money talks. For me in order to make money or to really not necessarily
be exceedingly wealthy in one’s life, but simply to have money, you first of all have got to get
your own act together. I mean, everybody knows it
from the side of being an employee or from running a business, unless you have your act together you’re not going to keep your job or
you’re not going to keep your career
for very long. But that really implies having a certain level of what
one might call “personal power”. So, in other words, knowing for sure what it is
that you want out of life and then setting to with everything
which is available to you to materialize your dreams and your vision
for what it is that you want out of life. Now that all collectively, your vision as well as how you set
about materializing that vision, is what I like to look upon
as being personal power. And when you start to materialize
your vision, when you start to materialize your wishes
and your dreams that you have for yourself, you are in effect
even though you may not be conscious of it, but you’re starting to crystallize, you’re starting to manifest
through the medium of money, you’re starting to materialize that vision. Because obviously any vision needs money. It doesn’t just need personal power. You can have all the personal power
in the world that you like. But unless you can materialize the money,
or crystallize, if you like, the money which you need in order to materialize
that vision, you are still not going
to fulfill that vision. So you’re still not going
to materialize your dreams. It doesn’t matter what those dreams are. The dreams might be to have
a very fancy home, might be to have a very fancy car. It might be all matter of things. But, without money
you’re not going to get very far. And that is essentially in a nutshell why we like to look upon, first of all,
do you have the personal power
which is required, and secondly, if you do have
the personal power, can you crystallize that personal power
in terms of making money. And hence the expression that the power is money
or rather money is power. But vice versa it is equally true. Rusell: Does it follows on it that
if you don’t have that money, let’s say to materialize the dream, that you lack that personal power? Théun: Not necessarily. To a great extent that is true.
To a great extent it is true. But you must realize that we also cannot
really have gaps in our knowledge within life. So, there are many people today, when I say many – enough. Not necessarily about the hundreds of thousands,
but there are enough people who may have an enormous amount
of personal power, and there are well known historic persons –
just within history,
where you can see examples of this. You might have a lot of vision,
a lot of personal power, but one way or another
it is not your fate in this lifetime
to materialize vast sums of money. So, invariably those are
the people that ultimately have to,
let’s say, look towards a patron, or someone who is actually going
to believe enough in them
to sponsor their work for them. Because even though
they have great vision, and what they can offer humanity
by materializing that vision
is of enormous benefit, but still within themselves
they do not have the wherewithal within this lifetime
to make or essentially to materialize money. But generally speaking,
as a rule of thumb, I would like to say,
and this might sound harsh…
but I do not intend it harsh, but if you’re poor at one level,
chances are that you are poor at every level. And really having worked with a big cross section
of humanity for most part of my lifetime,
I see this materializing many times. So, in other words, when people are
really really struggling
to put food on the table, invariably that is where
their greatest lessons of life lie. So, they are not fated in this lifetime
to be great entrepreneurs
or great business people – they are really learning the fundamentals of life.
What it is to be a provider. So they are not get to,
and not matter how hard that person tries, they are not going to materialize
vast amounts of money in this lifetime. If it’s money we are talking about. Russell: Yes. Ok. So, what you are saying about people in the past… Let’s say if you needed a patron,
you did something, but you needed a patron. Could one see that as a form of personal power,
where you may not have the money yourself, but you have that power, or that ability,
to call forth the people who do have the money,
in order to materialize that dream. Indeed. Indeed.
That is true. That is true. But then once again one has only to look at history,
there have been truly GREAT souls, and we don’t need to mention all their names now,
but there’ve been really great souls with tremendous amount
which they could offer humanity, yet still for whatever reason
they were not allowed to call forth, or, if you like, they didn’t have the ability
to call forth a patron. Even if they did call forth a patron
it was always a pitiful little
of what it was that they really needed. I suppose what I’m trying the explain to you
is there no hard and fast rules within life
when it comes to money. Money is a actually a very peculiar
and a very ancient concept. And it is so misunderstood today. So, people so tend to measure their value
according to how much money they have. And I think in a very sort of… in a maybe surreptitious way,
I’m trying to guide you into realizing that we can’t measure our value
according to the amount of money that we have. Because if we were to do that, probably three quarters of humanity today
would feel absolutely useless and would feel that they have
nothing to offer life. And this is just not true.
It is just not true.

Maurice Vega

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