THEORY CONFIRMED: The True Rulers Of The World Government REVEALED – One Piece Chapter 908 Review

The greatness continues in this chapter as
well, this arc is just getting better and better. We did learn a lot of things in this chapter
but let’s start with the most important thing. We finally did learn who actuality rules the
world government! Was this reveal a shock to you? Well, it was not to me. A few years ago I made a theory about who
actually rules the world government and in this chapter, it is confirmed. In that theory, I said that the Gorosei and
the tenryuubitos are not the ones at the top of the pyramid and I was right. I go into more details in that theory on why
I thought that they don’t seem like the true rules. And that there are people above them. And this new revelation is great because now
things make sense more on how the world government did manage to rule the majority of the world
for so long. I even got right in that theory the empty
throne and the way they dress. So, they tell the world that no one is in
power, they did this in order to protect themselves, because if people don’t know that you are
in power than they will not blame you for anything nor attacking nor try to overthrow
you. By choosing five old men to be their face
that the world will see, it’s very clever, usually old age means wisdom and patience
and tolerance. They wanted people under them to feel safe
or to have the illusion of safety and since there are still in power this means that their
plan is working brilliantly. Now in this chapter, it is confirmed that
only one person is above them but I think they are more of them just like I said in
that theory. In One Piece Story, there is always more than
one. There are five Gorosei, four Yonkos, three
Admirals, seven Shichibukais, eleven Supernovas. And that’s why I think there are more of
them. The link to that theory will be in the description
or in the comments if you want to watch that video. I would really appreciate it if you guys would
interact with that video by liking/sharing and commenting, even if you don’t have something
to say a random comment will be enough. And that this the only way how other people
will get to watch that video because right now is buried by the algorithm. Thank you for your support, I really appreciate
it. There are a couple of things I want to talk
about those scenes with the Gorosei and that person. When he went to see the big straw hat in that
building he was holding two wanted posters. One of them was Luffy’s bounty poster and
the other we could not see, but in this chapter, Oda did reveal the other bounty, it was the
bounty of Blackbeard. I was curious to see what is Blackbeard’s
bounty but Oda did not show that because he was busy doing something more important like
stabbing the wanted posters with knives and daggers and swords. I lost count how many times he did that just
in the recent arcs. Apparently, that is his new hobby. Imagine this conversation between Oda and
his staff: Hey Oda-sensei. I told you not to call me sensei. Oh yes
Is the chapter ready to be published? Yes, it is… Oh no wait, there is something missing. What is missing? The knives and dangers stabbing the wanted
posters. Ah yes, perfection, all done. Anyway, the reason why that person has Blackbeard’s
poster could be because Blackbeard did something in the new world or it could because he is
a D as well. And if this is the case then this is one more
reason to believe that the Straw Hat, the Ds and the Ancient Kingdom are connecting. Seeing the picture of Shirahoshi was surprising! Do they know what she is? And then he is holding the picture of Vivi,
is Oda is trying to confuse us? By showing him in the next panel holding the
picture of Vivi, who is also a princess, so we would think there is nothing out of ordinary
here. One way or the other, this arc will not have
a happy ending. There are too many people involved and too
much is at risk and everyone is trying to accomplish their goals. That scene when the Gorosei ask him: “The
light that needs to be extinguished from history have you decided who it should be yet”? This is very interesting Oda is being vague
about it on purpose in order for this line to have different interpretations. But what I think they mean is that who is
our primary threat? In the past, it was the Ohara Island and that’s
why the destroyed the whole island and did wipe out of the map. And now it seems that the Albasta Kingdom
is facing that threat. But it would be quite surprising if they can
pull this off. The Albasta Kingdom is a very big and old
kingdom and they were one of the families that did create the world government that
we know today. The other thing that was interesting in that
line is that he said light. So, they don’t consider them or those kingdoms
bad or evil so there is no hatred it’s just business. If you are in my way you will be eliminated. And this is very bad because whoever thinks
like that he will never think that he is wrong nor he will repent for what he has done. In short, they consider themselves gods. The tenryuubitos think that they are gods
but they act like spoiled little kids who know nothing but these guys are acting like
gods. Anyway, in this chapter, we saw a character
that we have not seen for a long time, Bonney. Bonney is a very mysterious character we don’t
know much about her, but still Oda though she is not mysterious enough. So, let’s add more. She was crying for someone in MarineFord and
she did blame Blackbeard for it. And now she is crying for Kuma. I wonder for whom she will cry next?! So, Kuma was a king, this was a surprise because
we thought of him as a pirate but it does make sense now since he is a revolutionary. The things that one of the commanders said
about Kuma’s case do not make sense unless they did figure out that Kuma was a revolutionary. Because he said they are punishing him for
defying the gods. But Kuma did not defy the gods he did join
them and serve them as shichibukai. All that would make sense if they have figured
out that he was an undercover agent. I really did like what Sabo said, there is
no middle ground for us, success or death. I really hope they will be able to take Kuma
with them. When I saw him in that position it was really
sad. He has dedicated his life fighting the tenryuubitos
but he did end up working as a slave for them, as their toy. The irony. It is very sad from Kuma’s perspective but
from the writer’s perspective, this is just brilliant. Oda is not holding anything back, he is not
playing around, he is not playing safe here, he is going all out. And this is great for the story. It is not easy to shock people but Oda is
shocking us in this arc every time. The more extreme way you treat your characters
the better the story will be. Bonney said that:” I cannot believe I ran
into him so soon, my infiltration mission is a success.” So, this means that she did come here for
Kuma, I wonder if she will end up working together with the Revolutionaries to free
Kuma? That would be interesting… but someone might
be jealous. I am not mentioning any name! But have you seen how cute are the koalas?! Anyway, where is Dragon? I think he is here. When the kings were going up the red line,
someone said that there is too much wind. And where is wind, there is Dragon as well. And finally the Reverie started, roll credits. Anyway, while watching and staring that page
when you see everyone sitting in this roundtable I was wondering how many nights Oda has not
slept in order to come up with this page. It’s amazing, 50 Kings and Queens from very
different countries who have importance to put them all in just one page. I cannot wait to see what Cobra has to say
and also Luffy’s fan club. The translator said that Oda has written Levely
instead or Reverie, I think he has done that because for Japanse people is hard to pronounce
words that have R or L in them. Anyway, what did you guys think about this
chapter? Do you agree with what I said or disagree
or you have something else to add? Let me know in the comments
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Maurice Vega

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  1. Your slight accent when you acted like oda and his staff made it even more fun to listen too, you have a nice accent to listen to.

    I expect Kuma to be saved but someone is going to pay the death price. I just don't hope for Sabo to die cause I'm not ready for that moment. I can't say anything cause next friday Oda probably blows my mind with the appearance of someone else.

  2. Nice bro fully agreed I think that ima Sama use advance observation haki to predict the future of world government if the Luffy and black beard come to power as yonkou and also he predicted about shirahoshi as an ancient weapon since Uma Sama lived for more than 800yrs just imagine how much he's observation haki is developed as compare to shanks and Rayleigh who lived only for 50yrs I m saying that becoz ithink uma sama is strongest villian in one piece even girosei bend in front of Uma sama

  3. I think Oda is trying to get us distracted still. I expect more questions to pop up until the reverie is over but no answers given

  4. congratulations for the theory with the pyramid and the possible final villain. Another vindication for this channel. But i think in the end the final villain will be blackbeard. Nice review as always!!

  5. I don't think there more than one king, even tho there are more people of same post but I think in there is either one pirate king or one world king.

  6. i'd love to have bonny being really really old and she turns herself young with her df like tsunade does. that'd be a nice twist. bonny being an old woman which knows a lot of stuff of the WG would be quite suprising

  7. And about Kuma defy gods, I think it is said because he joined dragon to overthrow the world government even tho he was allied with them earlier

  8. Amazing Video Shadow Flame, and I was thinking about something. If CD like Homing, Rosinate, and Mjosgard could exist in the OP world the OP world then isn't it possible for more CD like Doffy & maybe even Imu (if he and his "family" are decedents of the WG very 1st CD) to appear in the story?! In other words, World Nobles who can use Haki and/or Devil Fruit powers (even if it is not advanced), which as I said to you before could help make both the RA declaration of War against the Celestial Dragons & the D family's role to eliminate the "Gods" they were fated to defeat way more exciting then what anyone of us could possibly imagine! What do you think?! For more information, here is a link to a poll post I had made at the OP Amino (Under the name of Fantasy's L) about this very Topic! And if you have an amino page then I do not mind if you ever participate in it. Thank you, DFile, OP Amino Name – Fantasy's L!

  9. bonney will use her ability to kuma and turn into young kuma that he could remember his past and easy to carry kuma for escape plan…

  10. Great video! Do you think the goesrsi send crocodile to get the pulton from the sand kingdom? Do you think one of the goesrsi will go to implies down to kill doffy?

  11. The lady in Fishmen Island had a vision that the island will get destroyed by straw hat …now we have one more straw hat and people who destroy islands for clearance

  12. my theory is that the reason why the void century was erase from history because Im sama doesnt want anyone to know that the D family are the descendant of the rebels who took down Im sama power away during the void century or Im sama could be the rebel and that the D family were the world true leader but anyway Alabasta is the only kingdom that know the truth of what happened during the void century but Cobra wanted to protect her daughter Vivi so he kept it a secret I believe the Nefertari family might be a double agent who help Im sama leader of the rebellion to take down the D family then Nefertari betray the world by living in the surface in order to carve out poneglyph of the void century because they promise the D family that when they take them down they will preserve their legacy in order to not make it so obvious they scattered the poneglyph around the world after Im sama learn about this poneglyph he order the Gorosei to destroy them in order to keep the balance of the world Ohara might be a separate branch of the Nefertari family who pass down the ancient language through the library only a few survivor of the D family are alive and still reproducing thanks to the Nefertari family effort in save guarding them that is why they remain in the surface and that is why they are traitor and finally VIVI Is a ancient weapon ( please dont judge this absurd theory just sharing my thoughts}

  13. 12 supernovas, 7warlords, cipher pol, marines,1kong,5 Gorosei,20 world nobles, 1 world government king, 1 pirate king

  14. It has been sometime I commented in one of your videos. Though I have watched everyone of yours videos. I'm glad to see the channel growing and you are getting more views. You deserve it.

    And yes you were Damn right. All credit to you my friend, I will post your theory on one piece forums.

  15. About the pictures he was holding My guess is that Imu sama is trying to sort out all connections to luffy and then erase them all. we saw Luffy , Law , BB. Vivi, and Shirahoshi. Some are friends and some are enemies but i think imu sama will order the Gorosei to Erase luffys history including all his accoplishments allies and everything. Just a guess.

  16. about vivi i think they will going to wipeout alabasta because they think hes traitor or threat to wg and cd just like wg did to hometown of robin. because they are threat to wg at cd..

  17. I don't think Revolutionaries know about Ym. I guess Stelly will try to sit on the Empty Throne where he will see/overhear Ym and five elders… Then, Sabo and the rest of Revol. will wreak havoc and Sabo and Stelly will meet and he will tell Sabo what he saw about there being a king of the world….

  18. tnh i loved the idea that the gorosei ruled the world but imu or im is an interesting character thats for sure

  19. Nice vid!U gained one more sub the only thing about cleansing the light and vivi's wanted poster made me think what about if vivi has some kind of connection to the pluton? Like if Shiraoshi isn t the weapon Poseidon but "controls" the, Sea Kings that can be called as the, real weapon Poseidon

  20. Arc with the Straw hats : Good chapters/ 7/8/9 out of 10

    Arc without the Straw Hats: GREATEST ARC EVER. 11/10


    Gorosei are the leaders of the Tenryubito.

  22. It is possible that the destruction of Alabasta will lead to an actual war between some kingdoms + the revolutionaries + some pirate versus the World government?

  23. Illuminati message? The frozen strawhat is basicly the one piece version of the spear of destiny.

  24. Five elders are above Tenryuubito. Meaning they are Tenryuubito themselves and the chosen leaders of Tenryuubito.
    You have a wrong info. Unsubscribed!

  25. Could that im-sama be the king of the empty throne?? I saw panel where that new vilain was walking toward the sit, and no one was around. Which let me think that , what if theres is an image of the sit (like the one the kings gather around its perhaps a fake sit) , and it is used by that sama guy, where he claim himself as the leader of all kings… so if that king sterly happen to disobey the rule and run to sit on it, he could actually hear what that sama guy is discussing with the 5 elders….

  26. Man it's like our world and the bankers who rule over the nations but never show their faces using people like trump and kim as puppets

  27. the 2 princess one is a ancient weapon the other is from the land where they say the location of another one

  28. im thinking shanks is a royal. or something as high level as or 1 level down to the highness.
    or maybe a prince
    since the elders know him

  29. Gorosei are Celestial Dragons themselves but they have executive power over the marines as well. It has not been clarified if their title is higher or just equal to the rest of the CDs but definitely not inferior. It is stated in 906 or 907 i cannot remember. Don't ask me why they don't wear the alien spacesuit, maybe Oda wanted to make them look less comical since they seem to be quite powerful physically. Or maybe they are the only ones of the celestial dragons that actually originated from earth and not one of the moons from which the majority of the Tenryubito colonized the earth.

  30. I thouggt bonney got captured by blackbeard and was traded with the marines ..she should have been in impel down unless something miracle happend …haha

  31. ShadowFlame everyone's telling you that you are wrong about the Tenryubito and Gorosei, why don't you just admit it and try to correct your vids?

  32. celectail dragons are not the rulers, there just nobals from the 25 houses. which mean nothing.

    the elit group is the goverment. of the world. the rulers. but we have no idea who they are.

    the heads of the world goverment are just the heads, nothing more, there like over seers to see if the navy is doing there jobs.
    so who the fuck is running the show

  33. Who is the guy in shadows when the gorosei asked him order us who to kill , can someone please answer me ?

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