The World’s Best Caviar, Now Made in China: MUNCHIES Presents

Maurice Vega

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  1. Yeh, BEST POLLUTED WATER AND AIR. What kind of Caviar do you think will be produced from that kind of environment?

  2. Im just curious is there any caviar companies that practice non kill methods of harvesting the roe? Does it have any affect on the quality of the caviar? Sturgeon are such beautiful fish bit of a shame to see them having to harvest the fish before they can collect the roe. Nevertheless hopefully these farms can do a good thing and help out with the wild populations.

  3. caviar aficionados agree: Chinese caviar is the best tasting for the money. Cmon, its all about grabbing a few fishes from Russia and the Caspian sea, and creating a sustainable environment to harvest the eggs. Its not illogical that Made in China Caviar could be the best in the world. They create it according to exacting standards of the West

  4. I have tried it once-I don't like it! I know it's a crazy expensive delicacy, I was expecting this sophisticated taste of I don't even know what ? I guess I'm too simple of a person ? I really like salmon caviar-now for that I can justify spending the money. And it's affordable if we are comparing with sturgeon caviar.

  5. lol ……."there are very strict controls for every Chinese product to be exported" …..omg, that's rich!

  6. The chef told him all about the rarity of the fish and the guy asked why they are farmed instead of catching the wild ones. What a stupid question.

  7. he is sad sending his fish to slaughter… and yet feels accomplishment when stealing their eggs and selling them off to the west. Cognitive dissonance at its finest.
    One day animal farming will be abolished and renamed as animal slavery.

  8. It's amazing to see the blatant racism from the white side… but from the asian side as well. I understand that some stupid people happen to be saying racist things, but you're just a stupid version of your own race too if you think it's okay to say racist things back… America produces good quality products. China produces good quality products. Let's just stop hating entire demographics of people for no reason, yeah?

  9. It's funny, they raise them in farms because it's sustainable, but they haven't figured out you can surgically remove the caviar via basically cesarean section and stitch the fish back up so it can produce more eggs later. American producers of caviar figured this out around the year this video was released.

  10. I cant believe that they just kill the fish for its caviar!!! And they call it "saving the sturgeon". The chinese factories are used to pretending a cleaning and standard manufacture line in front of the camera or recording!!!

  11. You brought a fat dude who knows nothing about caviar to do a world's best caviar documentary. Good job, Munchies

  12. One question what happen to male sturgeons ……..I mean it is obvious they won't produce egg……there no control over sex ( gender) of fish ……so may be anyone can answer

  13. And if you ask anyone outside of China what their estimation is of Chinese caviar, they will say that the quality is atrocious because they make it just like they make everything… everything to turn it around quick, with no expectation of any quality whatsoever.
    Having tasted both, Chinese caviar is horrendous by comparison to true Russian caviar.

  14. It may be the most expensive food in the world but i still won't try it… my mind keeps saying it's shark's deformed embryo.. i don't know why…!!

  15. They can keep the sturgeon alive and harvest roe, saw it in a Gordon Ramsey video. They're wasting a valuable resource…

  16. Naw bro after watching how the Chinese eat dogs and cats and cross contaminat food carelessly instay away from any Chinese based food period

  17. The host cracks me up! I wish he hosted all the Munchies videos instead of all those annoying comedian wanna be's and hipsters.

  18. As of 2017, when this video was filmed, 40% of the world's caviar was produced in China. As of today (2019), this number has increased to 70%.

  19. Every time I scan code it loads up and then says error I can't get my camera to connect for nothing I tried all three ways connecting the cable through Wi-Fi and every time it's loads up it says error

  20. "World's Best" and "Made in China" do not compute. The process seems professional, but I'd be worried about heavy metals and other toxins in the water and consequently in the caviar.

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