The US Government’s Secret End of the World Airplane

The year is 2025 and Anouk is heading
for the USA obviously many people will be wiped out and it will pretty much be
the end of the world but what happens to the President of the USA well the
president will likely be totally fine as they’ll still need to govern what and
who is left behind and the reason why the US president will survive is because
the USA have something called the Boeing eve for B I’m Charlie and today we’re
going to look at the US government’s secret end of the world airplane before
the nuke it’s why not subscribe and press the notification bell tuned so
first off what is this secret plane you likely have not heard anything about
before well the US government owns a few airplanes which are Boeing eful B’s
these are known as advanced airborne command posts their strategic command
and control military aircrafts operated by the USAF US Air Force the e for B is
basically a mobile command post for the US government mostly the President of
the United States right now the USA has four of these and they’re 350 million
dollars each that means 1.4 billion dollars has been spent on these doomsday
planes these planes are very low-tech in fact there’s no electronics on the
planes whatsoever the reason why the planes are all analog is in case of an
EMP attack an EMP going off would cause all electronics to not work so that’s
why this aircraft is old school the aircraft also has a built-in stair lift
ass I don’t think any stair lift operators will be around at the end of
the world it also has state-of-the-art direct fire
countermeasures this plane can pretty much survive any weather conditions even
a nuclear blast it’s also capable of housing a crew of a hundred and twelve
people and you’d better hope that you’re one of those people if the end of the
world comes the airplane can also carry airplane fuel and refuel while in the
air the plane can also be fully airborne for about 40 hours which is enough to
fly somewhere safe if a nuclear blast hits the aircraft were actually built
all the way back in 1973 but they still fly today and they’ve been upgraded
heavily over the years the aircraft is very
and has many decks the flight deck has a station for the pilots copilot and
flight engineer the middle deck which is the most secure area has a conference
room inside it as a conference table which can sit nine people there’s also a
battle station where top military brass and the secretary of defense would be in
the event of a nuclear attack this is basically where they would plan their
next military moves this also a large area for the crew to sleep in as it can
house over a hundred crew members on board
there’s also 12,000 MREs these are military ready-to-eat meals because
escaping an apocalypse can make you kind of hungry the president will not sleep
with the rest of the crew instead they will be in the executive suite this is
likely where the Secretary of Defense and president will slay and believe it
or not there’s also a press area on the plane after all who wouldn’t want to
read about the end of the world in the New York Times but it’s true in the
apocalypse 17 journalists will be on board this airplane they will be very
carefully selected and from news gathering organizations like Reuters and
Associated Press you may think this is kind of silly but really it’s pretty
useful after all it’s the only way citizens will get information from the
president if the end of the world was to occur there’s also a very large
communication center on board the aircraft this plane is equipped with
electronic communications but also old-fashioned communications – they have
super high high low and super low frequency radios and when the plane is
in flight there’s a five mile antenna sticking out behind this aircraft this
allows the plane to communicate using the most low frequency radios possible
but you’re probably looking at this plane and asking what’s with the bump
will this bump is actually a radome ray domes are often seen outside military
bases and they’re a lot bigger basically it’s job is to conceal and
protect antennae and satellites which transmits communications but where
exactly are these planes located right now well during times of great tension
for example the Cold War they’re stored at Andrews Air Force Base but right now
they’re stored at Offutt Air Force Base in Nebraska but 24/7 around the clock
there’s always at least one of these planes with a full crew ready to take
off at any time after all you never know when the end of the world may come also
when the president travels outside the country and E for B will follow behind
however for security reasons they don’t land in the same Airport as Air Force
One Aoife bees are also used to transport
the Secretary of Defense of the USA now luckily an asteroid hasn’t hit and we
haven’t had a new Kela war so these planes have never been used for
their true purpose but should that ever happen you can take rest in knowing that
a hundred and twelve people will be fine I suggest you guys get some high up
government jobs or become good journalists and then you can survive the
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personally I hope not but with all the crazy stuff that happens you never know
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Maurice Vega

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  2. Oh 2025? That’s cool, the current POTUS won’t be the POTUS by then. Plus, if we are not that lucky – By 2024 is a new election anyways.

  3. Sure, 112 people will be fine, but what about the other idk 2 billion people in USA, this is so stupidly dumb how they make planes for 112 people only. America is sooo big brain

  4. A bike could never get close to mainland USA our defence system is off the chain even trumping Israel's iron dome

  5. One hundred and twelve people will survive, one hundred elven will be JEWS, the other the prez of JEWmerica.
    Joe Magnets

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