The US Government’s Secret Airline

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If you’re a normal person this is a super-interesting episode about a secret airline that brings
secret people to secret places within the US. If you’re a US government official or
anyone else that could be peeved by me spreading semi-secret facts, this episode is about bricks.
A brick is a building material used to construct walls, floors, or other building elements
in a fast and cost-effective way. Interestingly, bricks come in different sizes depending on
where you are. In the United States they’re 7⅝ × 3⅝ × 2¼ inches while in Australia
they’re 9 × 4⅓ × 3 inches, and that is why bricks are so interesting. This video
was made possible by… ok that’s normally enough to get them to leave.
Now, if you’re still watching, buckle your bootstraps because we’re going for a ride,
just not on these planes because they’re part of JANET which is based here at the Gold
Coast Terminal in Las Vegas, weirdly about 3,000 feet from where the Hacienda hotel from
episode 3 was. JANET probably stands for “Joint Air Network for Employee Transportation”
but we’re not really sure because its secret. Some people also call it “Just Another Non-Existent
Terminal.” But here’s what we do know. Every morning
this parking lot fills up with hundreds of cars, the planes take off, and then in the
evening the planes come back and the cars leave. We know they have six Boeing 737’s
and five prop planes. We also know who owns the planes. You can go right onto the FAA
website, pop in the registration number of one of the planes, and it’ll tell you its
owned by the US Air Force. But the US Air Force doesn’t operate these flights, and
we’re not 100% sure who does, at least nowadays. There used to be a defense contractor called
EG&G which played a central role in the development of nuclear weapons They were the original
operators of the gold coast terminal and JANET Airlines and how do we know that? Because
they posted a job listing. EG&G was acquired by the Carlyle Group in 1999 which was acquired
by the URS corporation in 2002 which was acquired by AECOM in 2014, so as far as we know, AECOM
currently operates the flights, but the real question is where do they go.
Most of the time, the planes take off from Las Vegas airport and head north until they
turn off their transponder and disappear from trackers after about 15 minutes in the air.
But what’s telling is where they drop off, because right here is Area 51—the place
that, according to the US government doesn’t exist. Every sign would point to these JANET
flights being the Area 51 employee shuttles for personnel living in Las Vegas. The airspace
around Area 51, known as Restricted Area 4808 North, is some of the most protected airspace
in the world. Any unauthorized plane that enters will be quickly met by fighter jets
and likely shot down, but these planes regularly go in and out with no problem.
While we can only speculate that the planes go to Area 51 based off where they drop of
tracking, we know for certain that they also go to the Tonopah Test Range. This site is
where the US military develops and tests many of its weapons and, while its still highly
classified, the JANET planes that go here don’t turn off their transponder meaning
that we know for certain that planes land here.
JANET planes have also been seen regularly going to China Lake, a Navy research and development
site, Plant 42, the site where the US Air Force builds its planes, and Edwards Air Force
Base, another site home to classified research and development projects. What’s really
impressive about JANET is how little we know about it despite it flying hundreds or even
thousands of people per day. You can see these airplanes in full sight when you land at Las
Vegas Airport and yet we still can’t say with 100% certainty who or where these planes
fly. But what we can say with certainty is how
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Maurice Vega

100 Responses

  1. I searched up the fleet of JANET. They operate six Boeing 737-66Ns, one Beechcraft 1900, one Beechcraft 1900C, and three Beechcraft B200Cs.

  2. If you wanted to find out where all these bricks are going just go to a place where you suspect these bricks are going and use telescope to track any planes flying in that area that seem to be in a landing pattern and then seem to be seen leaving the area about 8-12 hours later.

  3. There’s video from the top of Tikaboo Peak showing these planes taking off and landing at Area 51. You can also see one on the tarmac in the Google Earth images.

  4. I used to live outside of Tonopah on a ranch and watched the planes, busses, and unmarked cars go into the test site every day. They land at the North gate of the Tonopah Test Range.

  5. We can buy a Boeing 737, paint in Janet livery, give it an Identification number, load 1.2 million people in(all squished insided) and take the area 51 guards by surprise. Storming of area 51 is success! ?

  6. If the "bricks" thing stops working you can instead feature some recent comfort and durability improvements of feminine products.

  7. No, boringly enough, no aircraft would be shot down. They'd be intercepted and turned back, but if they for whatever reason didn't respond, or willfully disobeyed the orders, then yeah, the situation would escalate to a shoot down

  8. i used to fly janet all the time to area 51, Ive even seen actual ufo's but then fsx crashed to desktop

  9. Do a video on brick sizes around the world and the ramifications of them having different sizes, such as importation and exportation and why they're different sizes.

  10. Yeah boi, now we know which plane we can hijack to yeet into Area 51 (to the fbi, this is a joke based on meme about area 51, not actually gonna hijack anything, I love peace and harmony)

  11. I will bet that this is the airline and terminal that Bob Lazar referenced in his interview on the joe rogan experience

  12. Okay I'm only 2 minutes and so I hope he doesn't mention this in the last 2 minutes so I sound like a f**** idiot… But I can't believe he didn't do enough research to realize that this is the terminal that flies people to Area 51! I mean I don't even have to do any research I've seen enough videos about it and enough people sitting outside the terminal to know that Vegas is where the private airport is that flies all the employees in and out of Area 51 every single day! And I want another video or two to make sure this is the same one but I almost guarantee it is

  13. Now we know what plane to ride on our way to infiltrate area 51… JANET or Just Another Non Existent Terminal.

  14. how to go to area 51
    1. sneak onto a JANET plane
    2. if you're over area 51, drop down using a parachute
    3. have a good day

  15. Why did you blow such an awesome topic by ending it with an add that has absolutely nothing to do with Janet's/Air force/area51.

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