The US Government’s Airline for Prisoners

This video was made possible by Audible. For Amazon Prime Members, get three months
for the cost of one by signing up at The United States, as one of the world leaders
in social welfare innovation, has made great strides in eliminating homelessness by offering
free, unlimited food and housing to millions of people. All you have to do is say this extra-special
cheat-code and then you’re in. Now, the accommodation in these prisons might
be less than stellar, but its not polite to complain when indulging in the hospitality
of others. The other thing the US is good at is being
thicc. This place is far from that place and that
place is far from this place—that’s how distance works. What that means is that, if someone does the
murder there and then hops over to here but then gets arrested they have to get back to
there to get tried. Other large countries, such as Russia and
China, eliminate this inefficiency by just getting rid of that burdensome, “trial,”
phase altogether, but the US has another solution. Now, as much as a cross-country criminal road-trip
sounds like a great movie premise, what makes for an even better movie premise is an airline
specifically and solely dedicated to transporting prisoners. Wait, I think I might have something here. We could have it where the prisoners start
a riot and take over the plane and force it to land and… yeah, this is good, this is
good. Let me call my agent…oh, wait… damn it Nicholas Cage! Yeah, so, unfortunately, for many reasons,
this movie exists and so does the premise behind it. It’s called the Justice Prisoner and Alien
Transportation System or JPATS. The core of this transportation system, which
moves over 700 prisoners per day, is a few 737-400’s. These aircraft supposedly fly on a regular
schedule. I mean, their website literally says so, although,
the investigative reporting division of Half as Interesting spent literally minutes pouring
through flight logs and could only sort of find a regular schedule. Like, for example, they have this rotation
where they fly from Oklahoma City to St Louis to Terre Haut to Detroit and back to Oklahoma
City leaving at roughly 8:00 to 9:30 am which they often fly on the first and third Monday
of the month but then sometimes they just…don’t. Or sometimes they’ll fly this an extra random
time per month or sometimes they’ll just skip a city or rearrange the order or whatever. It’s like they have a schedule and then
put a very minimal government employee level of effort into following it. But anyways, a passenger’s journey on America’s
second worst airline goes a little like this. Let’s say our prisoner, jailed for revealing
the government’s printer codes, is housed in the Federal Correctional Institution in
Oakdale, Louisiana and needs to testify at a trial in Chicago. Usually, inmates are told nothing in advance
about their transfer in order to deter chances of escape. Step one is likely getting woken up at an
ungodly hour of the morning to get searched and then plopped on a bus. At this point, an inmate would know they’re
getting transferred but they would have no idea where they’ll end up at the end of
the day—it’s sort of like connecting through Newark airport. Said bus would then drive 70 miles or 110
kilometers south-west to Lake Charles Regional Airport where the inmates would be thoroughly
searched and then loaded up onto one of the JPATS planes. Now, these planes are pretty much normal passenger
planes aside from being an absolutely ancient 26 years old. Onboard, the inmates are handcuffed, fitted
with chains around their ankles, and are accompanied by some of the grumpiest flight attendants
in the industry—US Marshalls. These Marshalls apparently carry guns loaded
with hollow-point bullets. These reduce the chance of a bullet piercing
the aircraft hull if fired. JPATS carefully schedules the inmates to reduce
the chance of an airborne prison riot—if two members of rivals gangs need transport,
for example, they’ll almost certainly be assigned different flights. Now, back to our itinerary, from Lake Charles,
the aircraft typically flies to Midland, Texas to drop off and pick up more inmates before
flying back to its base in Oklahoma City. Upon landing, the aircraft does not taxi to
the passenger terminal but rather it bypasses that and arrives here. This special little solitary jet bridge connects
to the aircraft and then our prisoner would walk down this long hallway into the Federal
Transfer Center which bears an uncanny resemblance to the undoubtably even less pleasant Charles
de Gaulle Airport Terminal 1. The Federal Transfer Center is essentially
the prisoner’s layover hotel at Oklahoma City Airport. They wait here for an undetermined number
of days until the next flight to their final destination. In the recent schedule, the wait between the
flight from Lake Charles for the next flight to Chicago has been about 11 days. Once the day of their next flight arrives,
the prisoner would walk back down that long hallway, board the plane, and fly to their
next accommodation to await their appointment at trial. This is what happens every weekday as these
white, nondescript 737’s shuffle prisoners across America’s skies. Now, if you’re trying to decide whether
to fly this airline, you should hear the review from one of its former passengers—Piper
Kerman. She’s the author of Orange Is the New Black,
the book that the show is based on, which itself is based on her own experience in prison
and it includes a section on when she was transferred using JPATS. I know most people can’t find time to sit
down and read books, so rather, you can listen to this book when you’re driving, doing
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  2. So what's the worst airline in america? American? I mean, at least the flight doesn't cost them anything… That's gotta put them ahead of American. Flew American with a connecting flight in charlotte a year after the merger, and since hte merger you couldn't access your online ticket in the charlotte airport.. don't know why, but it had been over a year and they had not fixed it.

  3. ‘America has made great strides towards eliminating homelessness’

    Sorry, but as a European that has visited the US, you have far far far more homeless people than I’ve ever seen anywhere.

  4. What world you live in…? Not tryna sound racist but do even live here? The government does not help homeless people like you say they dont house millions and the homeless population keeps getting bigger and worst.

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  6. youre so fucking boring. Nobody fucking cares about your stupid shit. Go do some fucking real stuff like fucking phycics.

  7. Interesting and informative, however there's one glaring mistake

    Hollow-point bullets are widely carried because of their increased wounding capability, not their inability to penetrate a barrier.

    In fact, virtually every centerfire cartridge is easily capable of puncturing an aircraft's fuselage, regardless of bullet design.

  8. So basically we’re spending a couple hundred thousand dollars if a single prisoner were to fly on one of these planes. Makes sense.

  9. JPATS serve the area 51 too so they can in secret transport aliens
    "We just gonna put it in the name and hope no one ask for it" 1:25

  10. 0:18: Talking about "Free, unlimited food and housing" while showing pictures of the Auschwitz Concentration Camp is a bit off the mark, don't you think?

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  12. It's amazing how people take for granted the amount of human rights and dignity that even prisoners get in the US
    Other countries like Russia, China, the middle east, Africa, certain asian countries – they usually involve simple disappearing magic tricks

  13. Hollow point bullets will penetrate an airframe. They carry what's called frangible. It's made of powder in a metal jacket and breaks up when hitting anything hard.

  14. can we talk about how the headquarters is in Kansas City, MO, my hometown….. interesting fact i can now share with visitors i guess

  15. They wouldn’t go to lake Charles regional airport they go to Chennault airport. How do I know because I live close to Lake Charles

  16. Hollow point bullets don't reduce the chance of the bullet going through the hull of the plane. They increase the chance of incapacitation of the subject and reduce the chance of over penetration through the body. Thus how they indirectly reduce the chance of piercing the hull

  17. Piper Kerman allegedly has a net worth of 5 million dollars. So how come she wasn't stripped of it under existing laws that forbid inmates from profiting from their crimes?

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