The US Government’s $350 Million Doomsday Plane

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up at America: land of the free, home of the, “holy
forking shirt we’re about to die in at least seven different ways.” The good news for Americans, though, is that
while your face is being melted off in a doomsday scenario, your leaders will be safe to govern
all the literally dozens of you. That’s because the US has a few of these
bad boys—the Boeing E-4 Advanced Airborne Command Post. The four E-4B’s in existence are modified
Boeing 747’s meant to essentially be a bunker for the the US President, secretary of Defense,
military chiefs of staff, and their successors but in the sky. It’s basically everyone needed to manifest
all the destinies in the post-apocalyptic world. Each of these planes cost the US government
a cool $350 million—nearly double the cost of a stock 747-200—as these planes were
very highly customized to survive even the worst disasters. And I’m not talking about truck stop Taco
Bell bathroom kind of disaster, I’m talking about an even worse flavor of explosion—the
nuclear kind. All of the E-4B’s electronics are shielded
to survive the electromagnetic pulse of a nuclear explosion. For the same reason, unlike most airplanes
flying today, the cockpit is fully analog—there are almost no electronics that could be affected
by an EMP. Unlike the Boeing VC-25’s that typically
serve as Air Force One, the Boeing E-4B’s have slightly fewer luxuries since if this
plane is ever to be used for its primary purpose, the luxury is one having a face that is not,
in fact, melted off. Upstairs, behind the cockpit, are a number
of bunks that serve as a rest area for the crew of the aircraft. Now, the E-4B can sip some jet juice midair
and it’s designed to be able to stay safely airborne for up to a week so it is important
that those working on this plane have real beds to sleep in. For the same reason, the plane also carries
at least 700 shelf-stable military meals ready-to-eat as well as some cake, I guess. Downstairs, in the nose of the plane is a
small suite where the highest ranking person on the aircraft, typically the Secretary of
Defense or the President, would sleep and work. Just behind that is the galley where flight
attendants, yes the apocalypse includes flight attendants, can prepare meals. Just behind that is the conference room for
in-flight meetings. Moving on, there’s a press area where a
select 17 journalists would attend press briefings and use the communications to pass on the
crucial information about how yes, dead citizens, your president is alive and well. The largest area, though, is the 5,000 square
foot battle-staff cabin. This is where the crucial individuals needed
to coordinate the post-apocalyptic war would work. It’s like the Pentagon minus one gon and
smaller and on a plane. Moving on, there’s a communications center
through which all the means of communications would be operated. In order to communicate with basically anything,
this plane’s got just all the different communications. It’s got the low frequency radio, it’s
got the very low frequency radio, the high frequency radio, the very high frequency,
the super high frequency, the satellites, the smoke signals, the messenger pigeons,
just all the communications. In fact, in order to send the lowest of low
frequency radio waves, the plane has a five mile, eight kilometer long trailing antenna
that it lets out behind the aircraft in flight. The very whelming finale to the onboard tour,
though, is a super-exciting secondary crew rest area at the back. Outside, the main distinguishing feature is
this large radome that holds all the antennas and the like for all the different communications. Also a noticeable unique feature is that the
plane carries its own stairs since, if the world is ending, it might be hard to convince
someone to stick around to move portable stairs away. Now, since doomsday could happen at literally
any moment, E-4B’s are ready to go at any moment. During the Cold War era these aircraft camped
out at Andrews Air Force Base near DC in order to be closer to the President, but nowadays,
it’s believed that doomsday is just a little less imminent so the aircraft are stationed
at Offutt Air Force Base near Omaha, Nebraska because really, who would nuke Nebraska? Still, though, there is always at least one
E-4B with crew onboard ready to take-off at a moments notice. When a US president travels outside the continental
US, an E-4B often follows and lands nearby in case of catastrophe. They usually don’t land at the same airport
as Air Force One presumably in case something happens to that airport. For example, when Presidents Bush and Obama
have visited Honolulu, Hawaii, an E-4B was seen each time nearby at Hilo International
Airport on the Big Island. More regularly, though, E-4B’s serve as
the primary means of transport for the American secretary of defense when going outside the
US. Overall, though, as far as we know, doomsday
has not yet occurred so these E-4B have never been used for their true apocalyptic mission. Of course, in the post-war apocalyptic nuclear
wasteland there are a lot of things you’ll have to remember like, “are deer supposed
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Maurice Vega

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  1. Isn’t it sad that if a nuclear apocalypse were to occur, the people who were responsible for it would get away with it, while the countless innocents would perish, and the survivors would continue to be ruled by the same people?

  2. If I remember correctly, these Boeing E4B planes are commonly referred to as Nightwatch. Another interesting plane is Looking Glass which is the US's mobile nuclear command post that mirrors the two ground-based nuclear command centers

  3. because of course, the Florida raider gang doesn't need a bad ass name, they are well known enough already. You crack me up this channel needs more viewers.

  4. This is the only time I've ever heard the world "whelm" used outside of the Vsauce video on uncommon words.

  5. There’s enough fuel for one week and there’s only room for the crew and president to sleep? Those seem like design flaws….

  6. as someone who lives in nebraska, your statement was so true we barely even get bad weather

  7. Florida…. the most powerful and brutal post-apoctalyptic faction…. so much blood on their hands… riding in red lifted trucks drinking monster-caffiene heavy support and their bath-salt spicked infantry….

  8. Look at that America, out of your almost trillion dollar military budget, your taxes also pay about $2 billion to save a handful of privileged assholes instead of you. For a fraction of that price, Switzerland has enough fallout shelters to house 114% of their current population.

  9. I thought this was fake when the graphic for a 5 mile antenna sticking out behind a plane was shown but… apparently it's just that crazy stupid lol

  10. But after a nuclear war there is nothing left so your just going to govern a select few in a lawless wasteland filled with mutant species and doomsday preppers

  11. If we keep discussing all our doomsday survival or hypothetical war plans then soon enough attacking countries are gonna know everything about our secretive tech

  12. Interesting. I think "Doomsday Plane" is over exaggerated. Knowing that multiple sides have a similar plane = peace. Unless, were like me sometimes and say "F It" to some daily issues, LOL, just kidding 😉 or NOT. If its time its time ey.

  13. All well and good until you run out of fuel

    How are you meant too refuel

    and what is the purpose are they supposed to just fly about or fly to a different country ?

  14. great so when the apoc happens the 2 type of people i hate most of all survive
    gov and press lol ^_- here is hoping i do not survive

  15. The one country with the least political political leader always needs to make sure that someone continues to make bad decisions.

  16. Correction: The crew is not sitting on the plane waiting for things to happen. They are in a secure location at the end of the runway at Offutt. They are on duty for 24 hours at a time just waiting.

  17. Why do security experts want you to use gibberish passwords and a password manager instead of memorizing passwords?

  18. Your script made me laugh and I'm trying to dissolve whole poppables in my mouth. You're messing me up.

  19. Just what happens when all of the suitable airports in the West are too damaged to land?

    Where would they land?

  20. I really don't get this sh*t, spending great amount of money to save some state administration in case of nuclear disaster, while the rest of the world dies of. What those 15-20 old guys would do, continue the human species with some hard core anal sex in unlivable environment. Money well spent.

  21. Funny, if the apocalypse was to happen tomorrow, the current administration would still denied to its constituents that it never did and then blame it on Obama, illegal Mexicans and let's not forget the muslims. And those who survived would still have to build that wall. Lol

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