You know, for decades now, almost a half century, in fact, conservatives have been complaining about bias in the media. How much bias? Well, a 2013 survey showed that the number of journalists identifying as Republican was a whopping 7%. And about a year ago they specifically polled White House correspondents. Now this is the super elite pool — the 49 seats go to those with years of experience, extensive contacts, and of course, top pay. In April of 2016, the number of White House Correspondents who identified as Republican was 0%. So you’re trying to tell me that there’s no fake news trying to destroy Trump’s legitimacy and undermining our democracy? I say bulls**t. Hey! Pardon the vulgarity! It’s not my term — it’s CNN’s. Because that’s what CNN Producer John Bonifield called the Trump/Russia narrative that CNN has been promoting, ever since they cried on camera the night that Donald Trump reminded them that the “racists” and “savages ” in “flyover country” had had enough of their, you know, bulls**t. Now, actual journalist James O’Keefe, and his Project Veritas caught Bonifield on hidden camera saying that the story about Trump’s Russia connection is mostly bulls**t and that there is in fact an institutional witch hunt — that’s the CNN producer’s term, not mine — a witch hunt to destroy the president. “CNN stands by our medical producer John Bonifield…” a CNN spokesman said the next day in an e-mail statement. Now for CNN, standing by a producer means to insist that, as a medical producer, he can’t be expected to know what goes on in the political division, the poor dear. Bless his little heart. The CNN statement went on to say that, “Diversity of personal opinion is what makes CNN strong, we welcome it and we embrace it.” *laughter* CNN… James O’Keefe got started with his 2009 exposé of ACORN, and while O’Keefe and partner Hannah Giles did the hidden camera work, the rollout of those videos was executed by my late friend Andrew Breitbart. Andrew understood the Media Information Complex better than anyone I ever knew, so, here is what a Breitbart reveal looks like: 1. Make the accusation. 2. Wait for the denial. 3. Provide the video evidence destroying their denial. Then wait for the special pleading. Now, in the CNN story, the special pleading is that, “Well, he is a medical producer; he is not a political producer, so his personal bias has no impact and therefore we are not biased as an organization.” 5. Release a second video to destroy the special pleading argument. Now, today as I write this, O’Keefe has released a second video of CNN’s on-air political commentator and resident self-avowed Maoist communism fan, Van Jones, who describes the CNN effort to connect Trump with the Russians as a “nothing burger.” Van Jones: “This Russia thing is just a big nothing burger.” Bill: This is not coming from a medical producer. He is a top CNN analyst, and he says, they all know it’s a nothing burger. Now, if I was trying to prove a case of libel against CNN, on behalf of the American people, I would have to accomplish three things. First, I’d have to show intent. I’d have to prove that, not only was their coverage of President Trump false, I’d have to prove that they knew it was false when they ran it. Second, I’d have to prove malice, that they committed the falsehood in order to harm the president and his tens of millions of supporters. And finally, I’d have to prove harm. The libelous statements, known to be untrue when CNN made them, had to be driven by malice, but also had to actually harm the victim in a measurable way. Back in 2004, Evan Thomas, the Assistant Managing Editor of Newsweek Magazine, openly stated that in the 2004 election, press bias would be worth about 15 points at the polls. And that 15 points of bias was for John Kerry, not for the Messiah Obama or Madame President, which has, of course, been far more pronounced in terms of bias. Now, here is a final 2016 election map. If we take away 15 points of media bias — take it away from Hillary Clinton — then the 2016 election map goes from this to this. In other words, this is what the country would look like if the press bias were to disappear and the American people got, not conservative news, but simply unspun, actual information, rather than the tongue baths given to Democrats and the out-and-out lies told about Republicans. Here is the 2012 results, and then minus 15 points of media bias. And here we are again in 2008. Here is 2008 without those 15 points of bias. Do you feel harmed by this? I feel harmed by it. In order for people to govern themselves, those same people must have information upon which to base their votes. If that information is poisoned, then so is the voting, and therefore, so is the country. So really, when you get right down to it, mainstream media’s toxic politicizing of news is, in fact, the ultimate form of voter fraud. *music* Bill’s voice: We need your help to keep these messages coming. If you want to help us make a difference, please go to and become a member.

Maurice Vega

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  1. Ive been saying for years that the perception of reality by most americans has been distorted by the media to the point that they are not dealing with reality. I think the distortion is on the order of 30-40% from true. all the mass media and the leader ship of the dimocrat party, are following the same agenda, and are coordinated. It is so bad that one has to discuss or argue about positions or ideas that are so crazy that your head spins. trump russia, abortion, global warming, men in woman's bathroom, open boarders, all white people are racist, cant stop anyone from entering our country, the list of madness goes on and on.

  2. LIE [LAYH] noun
    1-"diversity of personal opinion"

    Synonyms: prevarication, falsification.
    Antonyms: truth.

  3. God bless Bill Whittle. The sole survivor of Pajama's Media (PJM). Destroyed by elitist Never-Trumpers of the NRO ilk.

  4. Bill… two other factors to consider.
    1. estimated illegal voter fraud
    2. estimated Democrat voter fraud period.
    Without media bias and these two factors Democrats would never win an election.

  5. I fear we are becoming "desensitized" to the bullshit put out by MSM and in this case CNN. This is dangerous, we don't respond as strongly as we should to a group attempting to destroy our Republic and our Freedoms. The evidence is very clear and leads us to conclude that they wish to literally "Overthrow" our duly elected government. Let that sink in folks. They are acting in a manner to manipulate and deny you of your elected Representative govt. and replace it with a socialist dictator. This is very serious and yet we are not in the streets demanding their jobs, much less their heads. What will it take? They deny our elected representatives, they conspire to flood our country with Illegals and Fake Refugees, they work to break our financial backbone by overloading the welfare system. They want the USA to look like Venezuela, they won't be happy until there is chaos in the streets and bloodshed everywhere. We know many of their leaders, foreigners such as Soros and yet we don't even demand they be defanged and deported. It is critical that we actively and loudly support our President and demand that actions be taken against the Soros family and all those who seek our demise. I want America for Americans. We need not participate in our destruction as Germany, Sweden and France are doing. We in fact must act to stop them now before they grow in numbers.

  6. Hey I would've like to have that source. On the Bias, that media causes a change of 15 points. I want it on the description for I can use this video in a debate.

  7. All we really need are adults–in the media. All I see and hear from them reminds me of my children at age, oh, I'd say, roughly…10. Liberals have adult bodies with childlike minds. We Conservatives are the adults in the room–thank God. CNN needs to stop sucking their collective thumb and grow up.

  8. I find it hilarious how many lemmings for President Dump seem to have no morals or intelligence at all. You talk of media bias and how it hurts, yet you single out CNN. Where is your video about the BLATANT bias of the 24 hour Trump commercial called FAUX PROPAGANDA CHANNEL? Where is your video highlighting the MULTIPLE times they have lied, and continue to lie without any regard for their listeners as they relentlessly push an agenda of ignorance, hate, and violence? Where is your video on that?

    You have the GALL to point out Media Bias while ignorantly participating in the worst kind of it. Honestly, I don't know how Dump supporters brains generate enough electricity to keep their legs moving. SAD!

  9. Bill,  Please start making more of your Firewall videos.  It is obvious from the views that folks like these videos better than the other you put on this channel.  I know you are trying to build your webpage but these are so good that they make a little money on YouTube.  You don't have to do all the green screen stuff just do it similar to "Firewall"

  10. and the number of journalists who identified as critical thinkers = zero/goose egg/nada……history proves that it is all bs; so SNAFU is the alma mater of all the pundits


  12. Excellent information, but I was very surprised and disappointed to hear you refer to us as a "democracy." It's very important that people know and understand the difference between a democracy and a republic. The words are not interchangeable, as the revisionists would have us believe. Our Founders loathed democracies, for very good reasons.

  13. Which news anchor said, "I can't think of anything else we could have done to get Hillary elected"? It sounded like he was afraid he would lose his job of daily kowtowing to George Soros. Oh yeah, -and an admission of organized bias and slander…

  14. And then CNN tries to blackmail the creator on Reddit about the CNN/Trump gif by threatening to release his information, and the Internet is having it's revenge on CNN, #CNNblackmail

  15. Waaaa waaaa waaaa! CNN is liberally biased. What is new…. The idea of 15points of media bias is crap and is FAKE NEWS!

  16. The fact that the masses don't think has been observed by great leaders for countless generations and the USA is not immune.

  17. I'm glad to be seeing a new Firewall! After watching this I have to agree with Mr. Whittle, I definitely feel the media has directly harmed us. They'll never face the justice they so deserve though.

  18. Thumbs up, but disagree with "ultimate form of voter fraud." There have been many forms of voter and election fraud used by the globalists who control both the Left and the Right.
    CNN and the so-called "liberal" press are only one weapon in their arsenal. Another is vetting the candidates so that a Ron Paul or other outsider can't make it to the inner circle. They used fraud, kidnapping, lies, deceit and outright bullying to sink Ron Paul supporters. Kidnapping a busload of Ron Paul delegates for over an hour to keep them from a major policy vote. Geez! The Right is just as corrupt as the left. Each side has good talking points that speak to their base, but these are "control points" to keep the base distracted and intermittently happy. Another is electronic voting and the big Oops of negative votes; happened in 2000 election. All those hangy down chads were distractions from the real controversy — voting machine manufacturer complicity in hackable voting modules.
    So, voting? A worthless effort. We need to nuke the swamp, vaporize the swamp juice, and let it lay fallow for a century or two while we create a new America 2.0, carefully avoiding the psychopaths and their "good" ideas.

  19. Even if it is true, Donald Trump should not be president. Should have opted a 3the candidate. But some how Americans don't vote for some one who does not have millions in his campain.

  20. Great to see a new Firewall, but does Bill look a little gaunt to you? Kind of pale? I hope he's alright! Anyhow, hang in there Whittle, and keep the Firewall's coming. It's the best stuff you do and some of the most pointed and concise commentary out there.

  21. When you need the truth with all the bullsh!t removed…Firewall and Bill Whittle is the best. As I've said before Bill Whittle for President!

  22. You nailed it again Bill. Well stated.

    Also, I would love to support you but being retired on a limited income I can only support very few sites with a small stipend.

  23. Oh but – this morning. The media have found PROOF of the Trump Russia collusion. And this time it's real! No really it is!

  24. Great video, Bill! Although, I would imagine most of us could handle the colorful language lol.
    Also….Andrew was about to release some really damning evidence for something shortly before his death. Did that information ever see the light of day? Surely, as brilliant as he was, he had deadman switches.

  25. I think today, a critical mass of the American people place about as much stock in the mainstream hard left media as Soviet citizens placed in their media. Maybe lesd, because Soviet citizens didn't have internet or easy access to overseas news outlets. Today, the hard left media is all but irrelevant.

  26. It's too bad that the average guy (girl) believes everything they read or hear. Always been that way and probably won't change soon.

  27. I'm sorry bill but I don't believe those maps for a second. There is no honest commentator that would say only a single state would be blue with no media bias in the 2008 Obama election.

  28. I wish this video had 106 million views. Problem is, a large percentage of Americans……….uh…….people living in America, aren't interested in the truth.


  30. I like how John Bonifield, a CNN Supervising Producer, eats at Chic Fil A. Hes so oblivious that hes giving his money to conservatives.

  31. The "Breitbart Reveal":

    1. Make an absurd and false accusation.
    2. Receive a reasonable denial of said absurd and false accusation.
    3. Produce video that contains a lot of cuts and missing context. Refuse to release the videos in full.
    4. Get conservatives outraged over the LEGAL practice of abortion, LIE about what viewers are seeing on screen, and LIE about fetal tissue donation practices.

  32. Van Jones was edited and taken out of context by someone who NOTORIOUSLY EDITS AND TAKES PEOPLE OUT OF CONTEXT:

  33. A good video, although I HIGHLY doubt that an impartial media would've delivered Reaganite Republican landslides in every election of the past 10 years, or 15 point national swings to the GOP. I agree that they do distort the outcomes of elections towards the Democrats, and likely considering recent US elections have been pretty 50-50 split between both parties anyway, they might've delivered Republican victories, but I think you're exaggerating a tad. However, it's important to lay into the dismal "journalism" that repugnant network consistently provides.

  34. Did you seriously just try to act like you're educated then turn around a 5th grade word like nothing burger.  Bill Whittle you are a moron!

  35. Keep up the good work bill. Did you get your Trumpy Bear, doll yet? Mines on it's way. I feel sick, when I picture how hard men worked to make America great, then they pull this shit. They can't even hide it now, what a mess.

  36. Since the left prizes diversity so much, the White House should say that from now on they're going to make sure the WH press pool is going to be 50/50. See how quick the importance of diversity flies out the window then.

  37. With the showing of the CNN movie, The Rescue of Elian, this channel should be removed from the air. My wish is that all television viewers stop watching this channel which, with this bit of agit prop, must now call itself the Communist News Network.
    If Stalin himself wanted to foist a story on U.S. viewers, he could not have done a better job.
    Disgusting movie. Disgusting network.

  38. Bring that real mothafuckin shit Bill . . . call them OUT fuckin lying sons of bitches . . and im black and i LOVE THE LORD

  39. My contention is if they knew it was BS we know they did then, they should be brought up on charges of sedition. Undermining a sitting president with BS reporting shouldn’t be protected under the 2nd amendment.

  40. So if Russians sending messages to vote for one candidate over another is meddling, what on earth do we call what the MSM does?

  41. Very interesting but one question: how did you all determine the distribution of that 15%? Just an additional 15% in every state?

  42. The ultimate hypocrisy is that the left will always accuse the right of exactly what it itself is doing. How many millions of Americans have bought into "Trump colluded with the Russians". I just saw a poll that said that a high percentage of democrats think that Russian operatives actually tampered with vote counting…but that's the mindless masses and not the actual accusations. The actual accusations is that Russian operatives released videos and face book propaganda to try to influence the election and that Trump was a willing participant. The only problem is that Russia did release those things…for BOTH candidates…because Russia didn't care who won, their goal is to divide the American people…and they are succeeding with the help of the liberal media.

    In other words, the liberals are accusing Trump of conspiring with the Russians to put out a series of media pieces to try to influence people to vote conservative…all the while they themselves are flooding the air waves with liberal propaganda. So the question is…is it or is it not ethical and/or illegal to try to put forth material whose purpose is to try to influence a potential voter? Um…if it's illegal that doesn't that really make any political TV ad illegal? No, in fact the only reason they mention the Russians is to stir emotion. The fact is that their goal is to discredit and/or disallow any conservative advertising at all and they do it by accusing the other side of propaganda…which in and of itself is propaganda.

    Every once in a while they will go too far. I think a lot of people woke up when they realized how far the media went in fawning over Obama compared to how they demonize Trump…but many also simply bought into it. For everyone who thinks that Trump is dividing the country – please go back with an open mind and consider how divided things were under Obama, but you didn't notice because your side was in power. Obama specifically said and did things to divide…"If I had a son, he would look like Treyvon Martin" is a specific example of rhetoric that divides because it intentionally pits one group of people against another. Trump says a lot of stupid things and he certainly doesn't unite the country, but he doesn't divide either like Obama did. He may widen rifts, but I can almost guarantee that if you were to point out specific dialog that you say divides, the vast majority of conservatives would agree with you that he shouldn't have said it. That's inappropriate for the President, but not divisive… The Kavanaugh thing was another area where they went too far…but we really need more people to take a step back and really consider facts instead of just buying into the media.

    Consider this – right now, the media is telling us that the most important thing a president can do or be is a moral example. We need to oust Trump because he is bad for the country – not because his policies will destroy the country (because those are actually quite good for the country), but because his moral framework makes him unfit for office. Yeah, and I remember when the media said exactly those same words about Bill Clinton…um…not! If the economy were doing bad, the media would attack Trump on the economy, but they cannot do that, so they attack him on moral character. If a democrat does the same thing, they will ignore it and focus on his strengths. I'm not asking anyone to like those aspects of Trump because I certainly don't. I'm just asking you to wake up and realize that the media focus shifts based on how they treat liberals and conservatives. Whether they focus on the positives or the negatives. Wake up and realize that both liberals and conservatives have both good and bad and start making decisions on what is best for the country and not strictly based on what the media is telling you to believe.

  43. Without something upon which to reflect, LIGHT is nought but "dazzling darkness." We need the leftists in order to behold the brilliance of Trump

  44. Ok read and understand what he said to take these liers off the air. In other words, Take these fake news people off the air. He's given the steps. God Bless

  45. Your comparison of electoral maps is interesting and disturbing but, I wonder about Mr. Thomas's claim that media bias can swing an election by 15%. What facts led to his conclusion?

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