The Trudeau Liberals won a minority. Now what?

Maurice Vega

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  1. 31:00 as she says the Politicians/Leaders full of hubris DO NOT COMPREHEND what Canadians seem to want or need PATHETIC but exactly what we deserve – Do we? from the comments i read YES. Look how Kbeck voted and the BQ/CAQ machinations all parties are not what they seem Some sell their Parties souls for a taste. Scheer is an empty vessel and Trudeau has to grow up stop pandering ID politics.

  2. Maybe not such a bad thing for the Conservatives that the world’s most famous blackface hobbyist will stay on as Prime Minister. The first full year Trudeau was in power, Canada dropped a place in the world economic rankings from 16th to 17th, falling behind Spain, and has stayed there. (I am going by the IMF rankings based on GDP on a purchasing power parity basis.) Next year, it will likely fall behind Iran into 18th place, and that will be on his record, not Scheer’s. It seems unlikely that Trudeau could stay in office long enough and govern so incompetently as to drop us in the world rankings any further, behind Thailand to 19th place, and then behind Australia into 20th. Who knows though? We’re always told that it’s a mistake to underestimate him.

  3. Alberta put up the block don't let anything pass through your province without tariffs. Rail, trucking nothing. and we will see who needs who. Quebec can heat there homes and drive there cars on whale oil.
    and the same for B.C. $4.00 a liter for gas.

  4. Peter Armstrong has no clue. Real GDP growth at the national level has not been good recently. In per capita terms real GDP per capita for July 2019, the most recent month available, is lower than it was in May 2018. Someone who is billed as CBC's top economic correspondent should know that Harper's first minority government gave Canada its Parliamentary Budget Officer and the office of public prosecutions that Gerry Butts took such offense at during the SNC Lavalin scandal. Wake up and smell the coffee, Peter!

  5. Trudeau was the worst prime minister of all time. But I voted for him anyways, just to be a troll and watch the world burn.

  6. All the greatest hits from 2015, Separate. Canada is going Bankrupt. Housing Market will crash. Canadians are fleeing. And here we are 4years later. Trudeau gets a 2nd term.

  7. Now what? Keep destroying the country and divide. A way to destroy a country is within. Not everybody is pleased with this result.

  8. You can't for a government in Canada without getting support from Ontario and Quebec. Canada is the Ontario/Quebec Club. Canada is all about catering to the needs of Ontario and Quebec. Ontario and Quebec run the "national" government, as they always have since 1867. Ontario and Quebec will never allow Canada to have a proper Senate, because to do so would not be to the political benefit of Ontario and Quebec. Canada as a federation is thus a sham for 8 of the 10 provinces.

  9. I am not a conservative by any means and find Scheer repugnant, but I do believe the CBC should have their budget cut significantly. The CBC does more onesided partisan Opt Eds in favor of the Conservatives instead of providing Canadians with unbiased factual reporting.

  10. For a man who is so anti-white privilege, nothing screams white privilege like winning after the SNC scandal, bullying Jody Wilson Raybould, groping and black face!

  11. Canada needs to have another election. Either Alberta leaves and probably Saskatchewan too, or Canada evicts Quackbec

  12. Canada is doomed! The only reason he won is due to the massive migrant population in Ontario. His ideology is to replace Canadians w/ 3rd world country immigrants. There are thousands of students arriving in Canada through existing toxic immigrant policies and most of them clear their way to Canadian permanent residency. In addition, thousands of immigrants are arriving through existing vulnerable immigration polices. It is much easier for a recently arrived immigrant to land a job in Canada compared to Canadians. The entire immigration system is broken and someone needs to stop the massive influx of immigrant otherwise 1/3 Ontario population will be born outside. Most migrants support liberals since their toxic policies led them to migrate to Canada in the first place. Trudeau will lead Canada into a civil war in few decades. Writing comments on youtube will not save Canada. Time to raise your voice with local politicians and fight back before Trudeau take down the entire nation.

  13. I am entertaining a 5 year plan of residing in another country besides Canada that will most likely be in economic crisis

  14. You are drinking that same climate koolaid, as with all the different sexes. Science will tell you the truth, if you look for it.

  15. Now what? Take the 600 millions he gave the cbc to bribe you and don't think for second people will forget this.

  16. gee watching Trudeau on tv today in the bus station taking selfies again made me sick to my stomach. shouldn't he be at work doing something

  17. People are hoping for dirt cheap housing by re-electing Trudeau but they totally forget about their jobs depending on the bosses who voted Conservatives.

  18. Trudeau works for the Rockefellers …. He is against Canada. Americans are booming with oil money, while Canada and its oil companies are bombarded with restriction. US and A is doing a lot of wrong to this great nation.They are the cause for stopping the pipelines and drilling. We have to fight for our Canada and its great people. Its time to stop these puppets running the show. We are governed by bunch of sheep. (POWER TO THE PEOPLE)

  19. Canadians had a chance to elect the PPC that would stand against the United Nations, but they voted for globalism instead. I hope you enjoy what the globalists have planned for you, like depopulation according to the Georgia Guidestones.

  20. Now What? How about an investigation into Election Fraud and Voter Fraud? Voter's told they can only fill out ballots with a lead pencil at polling stations.

  21. In my opinion I think the people of Canada sent Trudeau a warning ! The message 'You won nothing your power has shrink yes you are still Prime Minister but you are weaken we did this to you either you show us results or we will Vote Conservative in the next election'

  22. If you were awake during the last 4 years you would know that Justin doesn't work well with others, take the 3 women he tossed out for example. I don't think he has the depth if character for minority rule. His pre gov't employment is a nothing, so there is really no record of collaboration to speak of. Odds are stacked against him.

  23. Electoral Boundaries Readjustment Act (R.S.C., 1985, c. E-3). Act current to 2019-07-01 and last amended on 2019-01-19

  24. Just tells me you can steal cheat and act like a dancing fool and it just does not matter to voters friggen unbelievable when he is done you will have no one to blame but yourselves, he will have given away whats left of our childrens, grandchildrens futurer to countries that give nothing back. Why if this man thought we have so much extra money why doesn't he give it back to every Canadian and help this country and the people of Canada to relieve there problems instead of giving our hard earned money away to nations to releive there stresses, good F-ING lord people what make you think at lese the West does not look though rose colored glasses its sick how two provinces dictate what the rest of the people in Canada do You that voted for this crook deserve exactly what you get but drag the rest of us people with sence with you

  25. Liberals should Not ignore Block Quebec, otherwise people will ignore liberals in four years.NDP is a big looser. They have landed from 44 to 24.second possibility is to make big collition,liberals and conservatives.

  26. So is Trudeau going to fulfill his promise to bring in proportional representation? If I was a betting person I would say no. Just like all his other promises….spend, spend, spend with no results.

  27. I am a Canadian and don't ever use that title CANADIANS GIVE TRUDEAU SECOND CHANCE to justify him winning based on all Canadians, Not all Canadians voted for this tool and I am one of them 110% conservative I am and forever will be. Its' not about politics anymore it's all about trudeau's agenda and it doesn't include Canadians.

  28. Liberals are like the Dems in the US/2 faced/nothing like Britian & Australia!!/harbouring a lot of criminals TERRIORISTS murderers & REFUGEES- using up HARDWORKING people's money/open your borders MORE- the socialist REFUGEES are now coming!!!!!!

  29. the liberals won only because the votes in western Canada dont count. the election was called before Manitoba had even counted their vote. #wexitwestern canada

  30. Well, I guess thats it for canada…There's only a bit he hasn't sold us out on so it shouldn't take long…I hope he's a true captain and goes down with the ship but if past truly paints future , Ladies – hold onto your seats in the life rafts

  31. My God, I can't believe after 4 years of embarrassment, we have to endure more of this. WHY WOULD YOU EVER VOTE LIBERAL? Is everyone illiterate? All a person needs to do is run on a FREE SPEECH platform, and to throw out the charter of crap (it's not "rights" if it is mandated by the government, we need a constitution) and they have my vote. This country is in a free fall, our voters are clearly not informed in anything that matters beyond emotional reactivity, it's just sad. I love Canada, I hate how it is governed. We don't even have basic human rights, it's a disgrace.

  32. Educate yourselves on Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030 then the Liberals intentions will be realized and how they are prepping Canada.

  33. …alberta separation petition… @t

    I was here for his dad and the infamous finger how long are we going to be silent in the west????

    At some point things have to change and I say now is as good a time as any.


    I love Canada but this is not MY CANADA…..

    Sign the petition ….lets make some real noise….

  34. If the narrative being pushed is that Western Canada has so many closeted Liberals then where are they exactly? If the number is as high as it is being suggested by this panel then how come they did not make a significant difference? Are these panelists seriously suggesting that these individuals are afraid to vote Liberal? Voting is anonymous! That is flat out delusion, maybe the real problem is that Western Canada feels ignored and disrespected by the East and the Liberals!

    Is this panel going to suggest that Ontario may have a large number of closeted Conservatives that are afraid to vote for them and just go ahead and vote Liberal even though they do not want to? No they will not because it does not fit the narrative!

    The results are clear! Canada is divided and Mr. Trudeau needs to do something about it, he needs to have tangible solutions as opposed to rambling off buzzwords and catchphrases! No more vague promises! Build the bridges you say you are going to build and unite the country!

  35. Justin better stay off the west side, you're not welcome until you kept ONE of your promises or have shown some kind of benefit for these provinces

  36. I'm so happy for Canada. That one guy I think his name is Scheer seems so genuinely happy. I've been to Canada once 23 or 20 years ago and everybody was so kind to me it was unreal and daunting. But people are people and people have problems sometimes. But either way. Good for Canada to stand up.

  37. What is the real truth that they are not telling you. What is going on behind the scenes that no one is talking about. Did Trudeau REALLY win or is there some one or ones who have placed him there because they need a liberal party to continue. Interesting isn’t it. Truth is Trudeau did nothing right or good for Canada nothing and now he is reinstated never has this ever happen before. So what is going on that is hidden. It would be interesting to know or very scary.

  38. Canada has a De Facto government. De Facto Doctrine: "Justifies the recognition of the authority of governments established and maintained by persons who have usurped the sovereign authority of the people". That is why we are in this mess. Ottawa and Quebec do what they want to do. For them we are an illusion. We need to have a mutual constitution with sovereign states by right; according to the law that is a De Jure government. WE THE PEOPLE FOR THE PEOPLE.

  39. What I heard from post election speeches was that everyone is going to hold this abstract enemy ("the other party") continually challenge each other instead of coming together to run the best dam country and proving we can work through our differences. They can continue to play egotistical polarizing battle games, but it's probably going to result in more nationalism which is backwards.

    Now, am I alone in thinking that the majority of Quebecers do not want bill c-21 but do want their autonomy, and that c-21 was used to kind of strong arm support and votes away from the other parties. It seemed like everyone of the federal leaders were highly baited to state a position which was likely to not support c-21 but it would upset Quebecers by seeing other federal parties do not respect their autonomy. Maybe it's just me and my over active imagination. I just got that hidden agenda vibe even though admittedly the bloc leader was my favorite, but being from Ontario, NDP is best we have.

  40. Just leave Canada, after Justin burns the place to the ground you go back and rebuild it. Canada is the values the people hold, not the land mass it resides in.

  41. why didnt the RCMP ARREST him for his crimes. and now we have the little dictator in to dig us deeper into debt and fleece us sheep even more. what will he do when the taxpayers cant give him any more? will he care that we are broke and starving? i doubt it. he hates us. hates hates hates us. i cant even say what i think of him cause it would just be swear words.

  42. Well thats easy….we now talk seperation!……he is a separistist political leader and in my opinion a traitor……..Good bye Canada

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