The Straight White Man’s Guide to Feminism and Social Justice

Yep, you read the title, you saw the thumbnail,
you know what this video is about. If you’re asking yourself why you should
listen to a straight white guy mansplain feminism to you, odds are, you’re already sold on
the idea. You don’t need to be convinced that social
justice is a valid cause, so this video probably isn’t for you. It’s for my fellow straight white guys who
are on the fence, maybe they say things like “I’m not a feminist, I’m an egalitarian.” Disgusting! Or they go to commentary channels on youtube
to laugh at ridiculous SJWs. I’m gonna do worse than give you a one star. You’re gonna be on Gawker, heh. Don’t get me wrong, those people probably
deserve some ridicule, but just as you don’t like being related to every tiki torch guy,
these people don’t represent all feminists. So the hope is to arm you with a few more
facts about feminism and to understand the logic of social justice warriors. And I know that just talking about these things,
even if I don’t necessarily agree, is going to get me called all of the leftist sjw libtard
names, so I might as well look the part. This video was brought to you by Skillshare. This video is going to be a little different
from my previous moderate’s guides. While I will be referencing some laws and
studies, there are no scientific papers I can hold up that flat out say “Toxic Masculinity
exists” or conclude by saying that this definitively proves that White Privilege is
a thing. No study just says that in black and white,
which is what I assume you’ve come to expect. But no study ever comes to a definitive conclusion
– I wouldn’t trust them if they did – instead, they study some tangential aspect of a problem
and leave it to us to infer the rest. And the best way for me to help you make those
connections it to tell you how I did it. Let’s start with White Privilege, like many
of you, I immediately get defensive whenever someone says I’m privileged. I certainly don’t feel privileged. I don’t get a break on my taxes, a check
from the government, or a discount at Walmart simply because I’m white. Economics is the first thing people think
of whenever they hear the word “privilege.” And in that respect, I’ve certainly never
been privileged, in fact I’ve had a pretty hard life – I know what it’s like to hope
that my paycheck enters my account before my landlord cashes the rent check I already
gave them. Assuming Youtube doesn’t demonetize me,
this will be the first year I ever get to say I’m middle class. Anyone who knows me knows that I’ve had
some really dark times in my life, some darker than others – some I brought on myself,
while others were just bad luck. Like many of you, I was unemployed during
the recession. So I’ve certainly never felt like I’ve
ever had any tangible privilege or advantage in life. But that’s because I was thinking about
privilege in the wrong way. I’ve always thought that what I have is
the standard – those people are privileged, what I get is just the same basic package
that everyone gets. But everyone doesn’t get it. Were I anything but a straight white man,
those dark times I experienced would have been significantly darker. Were they easy? No, not even close. But they were comparatively easier than a
woman or a black person in the exact same situation, though I didn’t feel that at
the time. Privilege isn’t an extra that you’ve earned,
it’s more about what doesn’t happen to you. Like I said, I was unemployed during the recession,
I applied for what must have been hundreds of jobs before I finally got one. And then less than a year later I was laid
off, because the charter school I was working at shut down. So I had to go through that entire process
all over again, only this time I kept track of it in an excel spreadsheet – yes, I am
that kind of nerd – I applied for 67 jobs over the course of two months, all while struggling
to make ends meet. Thankfully, I’m white and I have a white
sounding name. I don’t know why there’s a debate about
this every time I say that, but I’m definitely white. All four of my grandparents are European. And just to get ahead of the inevitable jokes,
sometimes when I look in the mirror, for a fraction of a second, I see my dad and I’m
terrified. Not because he’s not a good-looking guy,
he is, but ah! But because of my straight male whiteness
and my white sounding name, I only had to apply to 67 jobs rather than hundreds. Yes, there are studies that show that job
applicant discrimination still exists against queer people, women, and black people – sometimes
all it takes to have your resume tossed in the trash is having an ethnic sounding name. So while I thought I was getting the same
basic package as everybody else, and it just sucks for everyone, there are a lot of people
who aren’t even getting that. And that is a privilege that I didn’t even
know I had. If I were in an emergency situation like a
burning building, I’ve never been there before, I don’t know the layout, and a woman
stands up and says we should all go out that door. But then a man stands up and says no, we should
go out that door. Knowing nothing else about the situation or
who these people are… I’m probably going to listen to the man. And studies show that statistically, so would
you. Does that make me a sexist? Maybe. But the fact that I recognize this Male Privilege
and recognize the fact that it’s a problem is a step in the right direction. And it makes me wonder… how many times have
I been that guy? How many times have people just accepted my
authority or even my opinions simply because I’m a man and not because I was correct? People rarely ask me for my credentials, it
does happen, but it’s rare. I never get told that I must be lying about
my degrees or my profession because I’m black. Yes, these are real comments from a friend
of mine’s channel. It’s the same for women, along with the
usual sexist garbage, their credentials are always in question. Most people just take my word for it that
I have the degrees I say I do. The only thing I do get questioned on is my
military service – yes, I still get these comments almost a year later. Whenever I show this picture I always get
accused of being a POG. I’m used to it, the military is a constant
dick measuring contest. Yes, my uniform is clean, it’s almost like
I knew that and that’s why I asked to have my picture taken. Yes, I’m wearing a face mask, it was actually
freezing that day. I still have that mask, here I am wearing
it in my second video ever. But here, a video of me in Iraq, no face mask,
no clean uniform while wearing my armor with all the bells and whistles. See, this is easy, because I know I was there
and I have pictures and videos to prove it. Most of you probably accepted that I was there
without having to be shown any of that or asking for my DD-214 or my degrees or transcript
– not because I’m trustworthy, but because I’m a man. Imagine if I wasn’t a man, and I didn’t
have pictures or video, and I was trying to prove something significantly more serious. My goal with this video is not to completely
sell you on feminism and social justice. In all truth, that’s probably not possible. But I do want you to understand what these
terms actually mean, rather than going with your initial defensive gut reaction. The same reactions I used to have. Maybe you’re down here in your level of
understanding, while someone who has studied it for years and has made a career out of
it is up here – you don’t want to be up here, nor could I get you there. I am not an expert, this channel isn’t called
Knowing It All. But I can help you bring your level of understanding
up a bit, this isn’t meant to be the one and only video you ever watch on feminism. But I do hope that it’s among the first. As a result, I am going to simplify a few
things in order to help you understand that social justice warriors don’t want to destroy
the world as you know it – or even video games. They just want to make it more equal and inclusive. I’ve been playing Division 2 a lot lately
and it took me a while to realize that the female characters are wearing just as much
gear and armor as the male ones. You might be thinking “yeah, obviously,
why wouldn’t they?” And I’d remind you that that wasn’t always
the case, it took us a long time to get here. The fact that you thought that or didn’t
even notice that Division 2 characters were dressed the same is because of people like
Anita Sarkeesian and the feminist movement. Feminism, and the left in general, has somewhat
of a branding problem. Phrases like White Privilege, Male Privilege,
and even Black Lives Matter lend themselves to misinterpretation and defensiveness. Even the word feminism has the same problem. When you hear the term, you probably think
it means that women want power over men – and while there are probably some people who want
that, they are not representative of all feminists. What most feminists want is equality, what
many of you would call egalitarianism – and what many of you think we already have. While they do have the vote, and they do technically
have legal equality, for now, you’re just going to have to take my word for it that
when it comes to societal power, women have less than men – we’re just not there yet. So, feminism is the balancing force, the upward
motion, pushing towards equality. The reason you think women want power over
men is because you think we’re already here, so the upward force is pushing imbalance. The same could be said for Black Lives Matter,
you think we’re here – where all lives matter, which would be great, but we’re
not. So, the balancing force is Black Lives Matter. If you believe in egalitarianism and that
is what you truly want for society, you already share a lot of common ground with feminism. You’re probably just hung up on the label
because to you, it comes off as bad branding. If you want to convince people of your ideas
or bring them over to your side or even sell them something, you need good branding. And I would argue that Social Justice does
that once you look below the surface – so let’s do that. The first thing to understand is that feminism
is not a single monolith, there are several groups within feminism who don’t always
agree with each other and want different things. There is no way I could sell you on the one
and only true Feminism. If you agree with the liberal feminists that
gender is a social construct, you’ll be going against the radical feminists who say
it isn’t. Just like any political movement, there are
internal disagreements. So if I were to ask you to define feminism,
I’m going to get a wide range of answers, much like I would with… socialism. So the definition we’re going to use for
this video is “the push for gender equality.” That seems to cover most everyone’s definitions. Some people add a but… but it has been obsolete
since or has morphed into. Some people add a by… by changing laws or
changing cultural views. That’s fine, but everyone has the same root
definition: the push for gender equality. So how are they going about that? The first wave of Feminism started in the
mid-1800s and was focused around voting rights and the suffragette movement. It was also linked to the abolitionist and
temperance movements, but again, not everyone agreed. Over time, several individual states gave
women the right to vote, but the movement faded with the passage of the 19th Amendment,
giving women the right to vote federally. And I suppose that’s where a lot of people
think feminism should have ended. But the second wave, which started in the
1960s, accomplished a lot of things that we would consider necessary today. This was the Women’s Liberation movement,
which pushed for legal equality. It was in conjunction with the Civil Rights
and anti-war protests at the time. Though, like the first wave, they didn’t
always overlap. Women had been trying break out of the traditional
housewife role since World War II, with all of the men off fighting, women took jobs in
the workforce and actually kind of liked it. And for some reason, wanted to keep doing
it. But they soon realized that they weren’t
being paid the same as men for the same work and passed the Equal Pay Act of 1963. Which was supposed to end the gender pay gap…
but didn’t. The act made it illegal to pay people differently
for equal work, requiring equal skill and responsibility, based on sex. But it did allow for different pay based on
seniority, merit, quantity or quality of production, or any differential based any other factor
other than sex. Much like how you’re not allowed to discriminate
based on race, you can discriminate based on… well I just didn’t like the way they
carried themselves. Having loopholes perpetuates the problem. You’ve probably heard that women make 77
cents for every dollar a man makes and you’ve probably heard the many counter arguments
to that – some more valid than others. That statistic is based on the average earnings
of all men versus all women. There are obviously problems with doing it
like that, some women have different career choices, some women take time off, some women
work fewer hours. You think researchers have never considered
confounding variables before? Even PragerU, in their videos about the gender
pay gap, says that when you control for those variables, comparing a female to a male who
both work the same profession for the same amount of time – there is still a gap. Now, there are exceptions, but most workplace
pay gaps narrow to the point of vanishing when one accounts for all of these relevant
factors. Even a study by the American Association of
University Women, a feminist organization, shows that the actual wage gap shrinks to
only 6.6 cents when you factor in different choices men and women make. And the key word here is choice. I mean 6.6 cents isn’t really narrowed to
the point of vanishing, if I were to reduce your pay by 6.6% you’d notice. The small wage gap that does exist has nothing
to do with paying women less, let alone with sexism. It has to do with differences in individual
career choices that men and women make. Okay no, she literally said on the previous
slide, that when you factor in individual choice, it exists. But that’s not the only study she mentions
that controls for choice. The Department of Labor paper concluded that
once these differences are accounted for across all professions, the unexplained wage gap
is somewhere between 4.8 and 7% – almost identical to the 6.6 percentage gap found by the AAUW. PragerU attributes this “unexplained wage
gap” to other choices that weren’t taken into account. But no, these were apples to apples comparisons. A female bank teller with one year of experience
versus a male bank teller with one year of experience, living in the same area with the
same education, no kids, no extra hours. I used to be a pay gap denier. If women didn’t make as much as men, it
was because of career choices or hours worked or they didn’t negotiate their salaries
as hard or… pregnancies… eventually you run out of confounding variables. And at some point you just have to accept
the results. It is illegal to pay someone less based on
sex, but that’s where merit and any differential based on any other factor other than sex comes
into play. The gender pay gap exists – it’s not 23
cents – but it does exist. The second wave helped make it possible for
women to live independent of men. Women were now allowed to have their own bank
accounts and credit cards. Something you would have thought has always
been the case, but no, 45 years ago, a woman couldn’t get a loan without having a male
co-signer. Even if she was a single millionaire, a man
had to sign off on it. Women weren’t allowed in many educational
institutions or to participate in school sports until Title IX was passed in 1972. And then there was Roe v Wade, which… I’ve talked about in another video so we’re
just going to set that aside for now. They also campaigned against sexual harassment,
domestic violence, and even marital rape, which- in many states, it was legal to rape
your wife until 1993. It’s easy to think that all of this was
in the past, but I was alive in 1993. So a lot of these things that we just accept
as obvious weren’t always… until very recently. But not everything that the second wave wanted
to accomplish came to pass. The Equal Rights Amendment, or ERA, would
have guaranteed equal legal rights for everyone regardless of sex, effectively getting rid
of the legal distinction altogether. It passed both houses of Congress, was signed
by the president, and was ratified in 35 of the required 38 states. But then conservative women, rallied against
it, specifically citing that women would be eligible for the draft and lose the upper
hand in custody and alimony disputes. They actually called themselves anti-feminists. So every time a mens’ rights activist or
modern antifeminist complains about how unfair divorce is to men in this country… Yeah, and feminists wanted to get rid of that. Every time you bring up Titanic or combat
death numbers in order to show some hypocrisy about reverse sexism… Yeah, feminists wanted- well, I assume they
would prefer that nobody die, but yeah, they wanted to make that equal too. Feminists wanted equality, even at the cost
of the relatively few advantages they had. It’s strange to think that MRAs have a lot
more in common with second wave feminists than they’d ever be willing to admit. But the ERA didn’t get ratified and likely
never will. It only would have brought about legal equality
though, nobody is denying that men and women are biologically different. I don’t know any serious feminist who denies
that. On average, men have more upper body strength,
larger hearts, larger lungs, and denser muscles and bones. There are even perceptual differences. Male vision is typically better for tracking
motion and distance while female vision is better at differentiating color, these differences
exist. But society has far outpaced biology. We are beyond the natural order and primal
instincts, nobody is worried about the neighboring tribe coming over to rape and pillage- Well,
almost nobody is worried about that. If you’re watching this video, you’re
not worried about that. Just because that’s the way it is or always
has been, doesn’t mean that’s how it should always be. You’re probably upsetting the natural order
right now. Physical strength isn’t nearly as important
as it used to be, if you have asthma or you wear glasses, under the natural order of things…
you’d be dead. Certainly not procreating. So if you think that hierarchies are natural
because they are in other species – we’re well beyond that and have been for a long
time. It was the antifeminists who fought against
equality, who wanted to keep the current structure, and even invented the man-hating feminist
myth. By saying things like “happy women aren’t
feminists.” In 1968 there was a protest against the Miss
America pageant where women threw away things that objectified them. This turned into the bra-burning myth that
actually never happened. Feminists became viewed by the general public
as lesbian man-haters, a stereotype which would last until… well still, really. The third wave sought to break that myth. They openly embraced femininity and girliness
in order to break the pantsuit wearing stereotype. This is when punk and pop girl power bands
started. This is when girls embraced pink – the color
had always existed and was usually associated with girls, but now it was theirs and it was
even marketed that way. Second wave feminists didn’t really like
this trend. They had worked hard to be taken seriously
as women and as equals to men, so they saw the push towards girliness as regressive. But later waves have their problems with second
wave feminists too. As I said before, women’s movements often
took place alongside other movements like anti-Vietnam, abolition, or Civil Rights. But never really included them, which later
waves saw as a mistake. There is some debate as to whether we are
still in the third wave or we’ve transitioned into the fourth wave, but the hallmark characteristic
of today’s feminism is inclusivity and intersectionality. Which is why the term Social Justice is more
commonly used, it includes everyone. Social Justice Warrior or SJW has become somewhat
of a slur online for anyone who complains about stuff that doesn’t really exist. I used to laugh at Social Justice Warriors. I’ve kept a running list of future topics
for my channel and Political Correctness and Social Justice were on it before I even made
my first video. Though my intention at the time was to laugh
at it. Like many of you, I thought that SJWs were
just people looking for things to be outraged about and even making up reasons to restrict
free speech. But you only need to look at the fact that
this movement exists to prove that wrong. Imagine if you were a peasant and you went
to your lord and said hey, you have more than we do – you have more rights, more land,
more food, more everything. And the lord turns to you and says please,
we all have an equal chance, trust me. Obviously the hereditary lord is wrong, obviously
slavery is wrong, obviously they should be able to vote, obviously they should be able
to have their own credit cards and get paid the same. What are the odds that this is the first time
the people saying they aren’t equal are just making it up? People like to point to the past to say “that
was real racism” or “that was real sexism”, it should have gone away and it did, what
you’re going through isn’t real oppression. That’s not even mentioning that there are
people who are actively trying to roll back the advances made during the 60s and 70s. What do you think is going to happen in fifty
years, when the future version of you has a youtube channel? What are they going to be saying about current
day feminism and social justice? What will they be saying about you? Not all feminists are social justice warriors,
but pretty much every social justice warrior is a feminist. Because of the cornerstone fourth wave idea
of intersectionality. The idea that different forms oppression intersect,
whether it’s sexism, racism, ableism, ageism, or classism. These movements have always existed along
side each other in the past, so they should work with each other in the future. As a result, modern feminism is far more inclusive,
men can be feminists, queer people and even trans people can be feminist. It’s also more sex-positive. Porn stars and other sex workers are no longer
seen as working against feminism, they are part of feminism. Though there are the occasional exclusionary
radical feminists. This intersectional oppression exists with
a hierarchy, white over black, rich over poor, cis over trans, and yes, men over women. Though that specific hierarchy is often called
the Patriarchy. Whenever we hear the term Patriarchy, we think
of some secret shadow council of men controlling everything behind the scenes, which is obviously
ridiculous. But men do have more power in our society. Biologically, socially, and legally – even
though on paper women have the same legal rights, look what happens when a woman tries
to take legal power. Say what you want about her policies. But a lot of the arguments I heard about her
during that election were specific to her being a female. Predictable things, like what’s going to
happen during that time of the month? But even subtle things, like what happened
during the third debate, when Donald Trump packed the audience with women who had accused
Bill Clinton of sexual misconduct. Which I happened to be livestreaming – you
can see the exact moment it dawned on me… This is one of those things that I hate that
I have to say… this campaign is really turning me into one of those social justice warriors. I never in a million years thought I would
say this word – or this sentence. If she was a man, we wouldn’t even be bringing
this up. This is what happens to women who try to break
traditional gender roles. Some gender roles are rooted in biology, men
are obviously better suited for hunting and combat while women are better biologically
equipped for child rearing. But what about stuff like cooking and cleaning? Or yardwork? What even is yardwork aside from cleaning
but … outside? Why is one male and the other female? One involves pushing a machine that has a
spinning thing that sucks stuff up from the ground and puts it in a bag. And the other is vacuuming. What is raking aside from sweeping, but outside? Why is a man better suited for one but not
the other? I personally hate yardwork, a traditionally
male role, and enjoy cooking, a traditionally female role. Does that make me less of a man? When I see this video of someone not understanding
how to use a hammer, I immediately think that his man card needs to be revoked. But I don’t know how to weld – does that
mean I’m not a man? I’ll tell you what, nothing makes me feel
more like a man than fixing things that most people would pay a professional to do, whether
it’s plumbing or even my car. When I turn the key and it works? Feeling masculine is fine, whether you’re
strong, smart, respectful, chivalrous, whatever it means for you. But when you have to prove your masculinity
through intimidation or putting others down – that’s toxic. Slurs reinforce the idea that whatever is
lower on the hierarchy is bad, black people, gay people, women, whatever else. It doesn’t really work in the reverse direction. You can hurl insults at me all you want – jerk,
dick, cracker… none of that really affects me. But limp dick loser? And I’m ready to throw down. Attacks on my masculinity, sexuality, or sexual
ability are likely to set me off, and that violent, aggressive reaction is Toxic Masculinity. Feminism denigrates masculinity in men, by
relentlessly calling us toxic for our flaws, rather than appreciating our natural qualities
of energy, risk-taking, and leadership. Okay, aside from the fact that none of those
three are exclusively male qualities, and we just talked about what happens to women
who try to be leaders – This is a fundamental misunderstanding of Toxic Masculinity. Again, this is a branding problem, most men
get defensive when they hear the term, but not all men or masculine qualities are toxic. It’s specifically the need to prove your
masculinity through aggression or intimidation. It isn’t calling you toxic for your flaws,
it’s calling the flaws toxic. It’s a subtle difference, but an important
one. So when Gillette released that ad, they weren’t
denigrating all men, they weren’t trying to make you less masculine, they were trying
to make you better men. Or at least think about how you can be a better
man. Before you say something dumb like what does
a razor company have to do with manliness, companies have tried to insert themselves
into social and political issues forever. Here’s a gun right’s video, advocating
for concealed carry – from a coffee company. What does coffee have to do with the second
amendment? Gillette is the perfect company to be talking
about the transition from being boyhood to manhood. I remember cutting my face while pretending
to shave as kid, because I wanted to be like my dad. But there are three parts to that ad that
numerous people made response videos about. Specifically this one, like oh no, we’re
not allowed to play fight anymore? These kids aren’t play fighting… Well I mean, kinda since they’re actors,
but you do know that real fights happen, right? It’s a segment about bullying, bullies exist
and sometimes it gets physical. Or this segment… What I actually think what she’s trying
to say… oh so we’re not allowed to explain things anymore? That’s not innocent explaining, that’s
mansplaining. How do I know? Because it’s in a video about how we talk
down to and belittle women, use your context clues. And then of course, this segment… oh so
we can’t talk to women on the street now? Of course you can, but that’s not the body
language of someone about to tell someone else to have a nice day. This is a video about how we harass women,
again, use your context clues, we all know men like this. Even if they’re a small minority, they still
exist. While I know I’ve never had the confidence
to do something like that on the street, I do know that I’ve said things, thinking
I was flirting or being nice, that were probably not cool. And looking back, it makes me feel sick. I can and have apologized to women for things
I’ve said in the past, but I was probably just a drop in the bucket compared to everything
she’s ever heard. The damage to her self esteem and trust in
men is done. All I can do is try to remember that and be
a better man going forward. Which is exactly what that ad was trying to
do. Instead, it made everyone retreat to their
safe spaces and make videos and reddit posts reassuring each other that it’s okay to
be a man. Safe spaces have a legitimate purpose. It started as a way to protect domestic violence
victims, having a female-only space to begin recovery and allow them to feel safe. It later expanded to LGBT people. Having a safe place to discuss issues important
to them, their identity and community, without having jerks telling them that they shouldn’t
exist. Sure, some college students take the idea
of a safe space to the extreme. But I can think of several reasons as a straight
white man, that I might want a safe space to discuss issues important to me without
fear of ridicule. Issues related to my being a veteran, for
example. The very first time I heard of a trigger warning,
I was working at a residential treatment facility for at-risk youth. Kids with drug problems, gang violence, and
abuse issues. Working there is why I… People ask me all the time why I do my threes
like this, and it’s because of ASL, it took me a year to program myself to do it like
this, so going back to this would be weird. Because this is actually six. But anyway, it makes sense that you’d want
to watch what you say or even wear, because you wouldn’t want to trigger any cravings
or bad memories. You should want to avoid accidentally hurting
someone. A while back I tweeted about how I loved the
show Bodyguard on Netflix, it’s about a veteran who becomes a cop. Don’t worry, I won’t spoil any of the
plot. But there are two scenes in the show that
affected me to the point of crying… and those are PTSD triggers. Should they have put a trigger warning at
the beginning of the show? I probably wouldn’t have paid attention
to it if they did, they might have, but I knew what the show was going to be about and
I wouldn’t fault anyone for wanting a warning. Do some people take trigger warnings too seriously? Maybe, but it’s not like it’s censoring
anything, it’s just warning people that the content might affect your recovery. Like many of you, I used to make fun of trigger
warnings. And maybe it’s emasculating to admit to
you that I was triggered by a tv show and I could use a safe space full of only other
veterans to discuss that. Asking for help goes against masculinity,
especially in the military. Breaking military tradition is probably the
hardest thing you could ever do, I don’t know any organization that clings to historical
tradition more strongly. But in truth, the military is probably the
most forward-thinking part of our society. They enforce vaccinations, they believe climate
change is real and are preparing for it, and they’ve integrated every minority group
I’ve talked about in this video. Well before the rest of society did. Women, black people, gay people, and yes,
even trans people. They’ve been in the military for years without
any of you noticing or caring. How we treat LGBT people and specifically
trans people is very likely the civil rights issue of our time. All you have to do is look to the past to
see how this will play out. Whether it’s women’s right to vote, black
people’s right to vote, interracial marriage, or gay marriage, society eventually comes
around. I used to be against gay marriage. My opposition came from the presumption that
there would be bad actors – that people would fake being gay in order to get married
and get the tax benefits. It sounds ridiculous now, doesn’t it? But how is that any different from saying
that people will fake being trans in order to go into a bathroom to rape people? Trans bathroom paranoia is just recycled gay
paranoia. What Jimmy didn’t know was that Ralph was
sick. A sickness that was not visible like small
pox, but no less dangerous and contagious. A sickness of the mind. You see, Ralph was a homosexual. Which itself was just recycled anti-black
propaganda. We’ve seen this movie before, we know how
it ends. Watch out, they’re are coming for your precious
women and children. Truth is, LGBT people are far more likely
to be the victims of sexual violence than the perpetrators. Who are usually straight men, which kinda
makes me doubt their straightness. You’ve heard me refer to the community several
times as LGBT, it’s short, and it’s the acronym most people know. Though the full acronym is LGBTQQIP2SAA. Like me, the first time you saw this, you
probably think it’s ridiculous and way too long. But if you can keep track of all of the houses
in Game of Thrones, you can learn what this stands for. LGB stands for lesbian, gay, and bisexual,
most people understand what these mean: a man attracted to another man, a woman who
is attracted to both men and women, easy. The T stands for trans. Trans people is how you should refer to them,
if you insist on making it longer, transgender is fine. Transsexual on the other hand, is not. Mostly because the pornography industry has
taken that term and twisted it into a weird fetish. If you’re rolling your eyes right now about
how they keep changing the acceptable terms, stop. You’ve changed your language to be more
acceptable many times without issue. It’s the reason we don’t say midget or
retard anymore. It’s the reason I keep saying black people
– not African-Americans, because what do you call a black person from France? We used to call them negroes and coloreds…
and a number of other unacceptable terms. You’ve changed your language for these other
groups, so it shouldn’t be that hard for you to do it for trans people. But the name has also changed because sex
and gender are separate. Sex is your biology, the parts you have, the
hormones in your blood, and your genetics. Gender is more cultural. How you dress, how you present yourself, how
you talk, and perhaps more importantly, what you feel like. This is why some people say gender is a social
construct. A trans person is someone whose biological
sex doesn’t match their gender identity. So sometimes, they change what they can. You can change how you dress and carry yourself,
you can change how you talk, you can change the parts you have and even the hormones in
your blood. You can’t change your chromosomes, which
seems to be what a lot of people get hung up on for some reason. These same people like to claim that transgender
people are mentally ill – and there is a mental illness known as gender dysphoria. But not every trans person experiences dysphoria,
because a main component is that you feel significant distress or impairment. They used to think homosexuality was a mental
illness too. Trans people exist, they’ve always existed,
and they will continue to exist, you don’t get to write them off as a mental illness. They are valid people. A trans woman is a woman who was born as or
assigned biologically male, you’ll sometimes see the abbreviation MtF, male to female. And FtM is a trans man. Think of trans like the word “to” – a
trans woman is someone who went to a woman. While cis means still. A cis male is still a male. These aren’t terms made up by SJWs to add
more complicated identifiers to make them feel special, they’ve existed in science
forever. Here I am using the terms cis and trans in
a video about GMOs, these are scientific words. The two Qs often get flip flopped. One of them means questioning, meaning you’re
not sure what you are yet, you’re still figuring yourself out. And the other means queer. Queer is somewhat of a catchall phrase for
the entire group, you’ll sometimes hear the phrase “the queer community.” It used to be a slur and to some people still
is. Can you say it? Well I just said it a bunch of times so I
hope so, I assume as long as you’re not using it in a derogatory way you’ll be alright. The I stands for intersex. This is the new, politically correct term
for hermaphrodites, a concept you’ve known about forever. Sex is not binary. If we go by the parts you have, some people
have male parts, some people have female parts, and some people have both. Though they usually only make sperm, eggs,
or neither – there is no in between. So right off the bat, there are at least three
options, which isn’t binary – it gets even more complicated when we look at chromosomes. The thing that every argument eventually devolves
to. Males have XY, females have XX, and then there
are all sorts of combinations that exist on a spectrum in between, they are rare, but
they’re not as rare as you think. It’s a narrow spectrum, but it is a spectrum. Depending on which combinations you count,
between 0.36% and 1.7% of the world’s population are intersex, which is close to how many redheads
are in the world. You might even be intersex and not know it. Either because it never manifested physically
or because people have always treated you as the gender you were assigned or identify
as. The P stands for Pansexual. This is the answer to that common joke about
“well if there’s more than two genders, why are they called bisexual? Doesn’t bi mean there’s only two?” Being pansexual means that you are attracted
to everyone along the spectrum, regardless of sex or gender identity. 2S stands for Two-Spirit. It’s a Native American term for people who
identify as both genders, but it’s place in the acronym stands for anybody who doesn’t
conform to the gender binary. Because gender is also a spectrum. The thing is, you’ve always known it was
a spectrum, think back to when you were a kid – what would you call a girl who only
hung out with the guys and liked guy things? A tom boy. Sure, her biological sex is female, but she’s
kinda boyish, you probably also used the term butch. Or called someone a girly man. By using those terms, you were passively accepting
that the lines between the genders are blurred. Almost like it’s on a spectrum. So when someone says they are non-binary or
genderqueer, they are saying that they aren’t strictly boy or girl, they’re somewhere
in between. Genderfluid is someone who moves along the
spectrum. People like to make fun of the 71 different
gender options on Facebook or Tumblr, but once you actually look at the list – they
aren’t hard to figure out and you’re probably familiar with most of them already. The two As at the end stand for multiple things
depending on your source. Some say it stands for androgynous, the gender
equivalent to intersex, not conforming to a single gender. Others say it stands for asexual or aromantic. Someone who doesn’t really have any interest
in sex or romance. And others say it stands for allies, which
I guess could include me. But because this acronym is a bit unwieldy,
you’ll often see it shortened to LGBTQIA, LGBTQ, or just LGBT, sometimes with a plus
to signify everyone else. Again, it’s a branding issue. An issue you can learn about by going to Skillshare is an online learning community
with over 25,000 courses taught by experts their field. Take this course in developing your brand. If you want people to listen to what you have
to say and be convinced by your arguments, you need a solid brand position. Or this course in transforming your brand
into a product – who knows, you might even start selling tshirts… or notebooks. You can learn this, and much more for less
than $10 a month. But if you go to, you
can get 2 months of unlimited access to all of Skillshare’s courses for free, you’ll
also be supporting the channel when you do. LGBT rights and specifically trans rights,
are the civil rights issue of our time. Allowing trans people in the military is just
“don’t ask don’t tell” – but twenty years later. We had the same arguments about female firefighters. As long as you can pass the same physical
tests, and you want to do that dangerous job, who cares what you have under the hood? We’ve also heard all of the trans athletes
arguments before. Trans women are not men in dresses – nobody
is faking being trans in order to win medals. Hormone replacement therapy has come a long
way. All of the biological differences between
men and women, aside from your chromosomes, can be changed with HRT: muscle mass, bone
density, hemoglobin count, and of course, testosterone. Trans women often have lower testosterone
than cis women. So whenever I hear that some poor white girl
lost a medal to a trans woman, what I really hear is – They took our jobs! Do I feel bad for her? Sure, kinda, in the same way that I feel bad
for a white person who doesn’t get a job because of affirmative action. I’ve been that white person. And while I was bitter at the time and even
wrote a paper about how affirmative action is reverse racism and should be abolished. I was thinking about it the wrong way. Making sure she gets her medal isn’t worth
excluding an entire group of people. Making sure I get a job or into college, isn’t
worth holding back entire groups of people. You have to look outside of the individual
cases. Worrying about people faking being gay in
order to get tax benefits or faking being trans in order to rape people in a bathroom
is just a way to withhold rights. Dreaming up ways that people might abuse the
system isn’t justification for not changing the system and excluding people. If you want to live in an egalitarian society,
feminism and social justice is how we get there. If you think we’re already living in an
egalitarian society, you’re wrong. You’re the one in power telling others that
they’re equal. If you want equality and you consider yourself
to be an egalitarian, you’re probably already on board with a lot of the ideas in feminism. You’re just hung up on the label – feminist. Which is the same reason this guy denies that
he’s an atheist every chance he gets, even though he agrees with the ideology, he doesn’t
like the negative connotation. But if he’s being honest, deep down, he’s
an atheist… and you are probably a feminist. This shouldn’t be the last video you ever
watch on feminism and social justice. Take what you’ve learned here and go watch
others. Hopefully now, you’ll understand the terms
and concepts, because now, you know better. I recently set up a website,,
make sure to check it out and pick up the knowing better merch I showed off in this
video. I’d like to give a shout out to my newest
legendary patron, Andrew. If you’d like to add your name to this list
of libtards, head on over to And don’t forget to manspread that subscribe
button, follow me on twitter and facebook, and join us on the subreddit.

Maurice Vega

100 Responses

  1. Woke Brands like Gillette doing wokeness for money is a less evil within a greater evil…a faceless corporation selling you wokeness is trying to get you to bu their products by manipulating your morality…

  2. On Pay gap: Buddy, it is a big misrepresentation when you intentionally exaggerate from 6% to 21% nonetheless and somehow forget to mention that the true root cause might be just a matter of choice. Aside, the pay gap starts at age 35, so I feel that it is natural for a lot of young professionals, who do not experience it in their close circles, end up thinking that it is a ton of bs. Maybe, the problem here is not the confused moderate white male but how feminism is presenting itself.

  3. The big issue with SJWs isn't that the ideal of social justice is malicious. Its the aspect of collectivism and tribalism that's often contained within it.

    if you want to reduce prejudice towards a group you need stop treating them as a group but as a collection of individuals.
    "Group x did y to group z (us)" is a frame of mind that is found in many of the 'controversial' groups of today. be it the alt right or the social justice community.

  4. I understand what the terms mean. My issue is with how the terms are used. A definition isn't as important as the application.

  5. All but the radicals on both sides want equality/equity.
    What they can't agree on is how much of that we currently have.

  6. if we were "well beyond hierarchies", all attempts at communism would've been successful and there would be no war, period.

  7. Also, regarding males showing interest in women and how it's "harrassing" them. Riddle me why SJWs are generally known to be not very successful with the said women when they try to be so nice and considerable that they don't even interact out of fear of "harrassing" them? Isn't it kind of the point of complaint of women who say that their career growth is arrested as well as their bosses refusing to have business lunches with them? Strange how that works.

  8. Not all sex differences can be changed by HRT. Bone size and shape, height and the retina cells cannot. Many others also can't. You're mostly right and all examples you mentioned were right, but this was a blatant enough mistake to make me question what else you may have gotten wrong or at least exaggerated.

  9. Unfortunately, equality is entropy in any closed system. People should absolutely have equal pay for equal work and equal say in their personal interests but should not be valued equally; how can all men be created equal when a man is not equal to himself one day to the next? If everyone is equal – on the same level, with the same opportunities – then there is no real charity, diversity, or merit.

  10. He sounds reasonable in his videos but if you really concentrate on his statements you will understand that he is just like any other stupid lefty

  11. Black and I entirely disagree with the notion that feminism, as depicted in modern western societies, are for true equality and equity. A definition can say whatever it wants, however, if actions don’t support it, then it is meaningless. That’s why humanitarian and egalitarian efforts are much more impactful to society than feminism will ever be.

  12. Known I know why you were so biased know with your gandhi and your over videos I can’t trust what you say your very biased in all your videos and I have seen this all the time

  13. How can Hilary Clinton how a time of month she is in her 60s wtf. Lol people hate Hilary because she is crooked and horrible and rigged the election against Bernie. Nahhh you hate her because she’s a wamen. Seriously your neo liberal sjw who’s been tricked into caring about identity politics to stop you from seeing the real problems

  14. can we just appreciate how smooth those sponsors were thrown in there
    in all seriousness great video explaining these things though

  15. one of my issues with a lot of these issues is that, at least as far as I can tell, i've been raised in a way that makes bias less prominant for me. the biggest one for me would be race, but I find the worst that happens tends to be me thinking "huh. that person is black. neat." either that or start freaking out internally about whether im racist or not for litterally no reason. being a man who has a great mother who can be both caring and authorative, as well as a series of good teachers both male and female (slightly more favoured in the male direction, mostly because I require more authoritave figures in my life), I tend to view little difference in men and women in terms of trust, respect, so on so forth.

    I'm not trying to brag, this genuinely makes it hard for me to understand racism and sexism on a fundamental level, and i guess it causes some sort of dissonance when told that racism and sexism is a major issue, when I can't understand why people would be racist or sexist on an empathetic level. also, yes, i want to empathise with racist and sexists. so I can understand their underlying beliefs and know what makes them the way they are. hopefully to pull them out of their ideological beliefs

  16. I needed a long time to understand that I don't hate modern feminism. I only hate BuzzFeed and people that argue like BuzzFeed. When it comes down to talking to an actual feminist you get the difference.

  17. As an intersex person I felt validated and I can see you are very well informed. Thanks for bringing light to all these complex issues

  18. You lost me with this Marxist white privilege narrative!
    Is there white privilege in China or Africa? How about Indonesia? No I don't think so. this nonsense comes striaght out of Cultural Marxist and intersectional feminist dogma with the sole purpose to divide the races!

  19. Poor thing. Didn't like what I wrote and deleted? That's the truth. If you ever visit Kazakhstan, I can guarantee you that real men including me will pummel your ass. That's guaranteed.

    You are the definition of cuck. Gillette and you are wrong. White straight men are right. BTW I am not white. I am from Kazakhstan. Fuck you liberals, sjw and fucking faggots.

  20. A) you are not specific as to what issues make them less equal.
    B)When talking about wage gap, there's no way you can factor in things like males being stronger, being more driven or being more easily sociable with fellow males, and because most managers and leaders are males, having some preferencial treatment just just like a female would have preferencial treatment with a fellow female leader, not because the female is sexist, but becaue they can identify with females better.
    C)Seriously? Man I agree with most things you said and i thought you were reasonable before this but do you actually think Hillary lost because she was a female? Forget the fact that she's almost a radical liberal, something most Americans are against and that she was pushing for radical changes about society which even if they are good changes, has to come gradually not radically. Or the fact that she lost all the presidential debates or the email debacle or the middle east crisis, etc. Saying that Hillary lost because she was a women is very ignorant. I would argue that the reason she beat Bernie and even had a chance was BECAUSE she was female.
    4) Ridiculous, just because there's a few people who with 3 ears doesn't mean there's 2 types of humans, ones with 2 and ones with 3 ears. To any static there's always an exception but if 99.99999% of the cases are one type and then there's a special type with 0.00001% doesn't mean there's 2 types, it means there's one type with a few exceptions. We shouldn't go building transgender bathrooms for that one in 100,000 people who is a transgender. Now yes humans deserve more dignity than being called exceptions but you can't tell everyone to change because you, a very, very small minority is different especially not so radically. You can't just make a big change like that and expect everyone to treat you the same. If I suddenly started piercing my whole body and changing my behaviors, I should expect people to treat me differently, if I suddenly turned into a female and acting all strange and different, I should expect everyone I've know to be weirded out by this and I would definitely not be the same person as others.
    D) I'm black African(from Rwanda, now in US) and I'm from a relatively poor family(lower middle class now) but I never felt discriminated against, the worst I've had is name calling from predominantly black males(don't know if that's significant) but that was middle school. Racism and Sexism aren't issues anymore what people are fighting are the remnants of those things, things like poor black communities, more leaders being males and white because it favored them in the past, etc. These issues aren't here because WE are racists and sexists, they are here because past generations were. We just need to let the issues die out, not push for the extremes like modern day feminists and sjws.
    E) white people and white males feel attacked and there's some truth to it. I think that they should be attacked but just because something is right doesn't mean everyone should feel happy about. British were rightfully unhappy to lose the American colonies and white people should feel unhappy about the fact that in a few decades they will a minority or that minority groups now get preferencial treatment or even the fact that they are losing their status in the world and that's all okay. But the sjws act like anyone who feels this way is racist, sexist, and a morally bad human beings when they are in fact just human beings.

  21. 5:00 God created man first and that men are physically stronger and more intimidating, we have stronger voices and are meant to be leaders. I'm saying this through the lens of 2019, back when people died from the cold and medicine wasn't a thing life was different, gender roles had to maintained or else humanity would be fucked. Nowadays we don't have to worry about that, we live longer, safer and better lives by a whole lot, we can't change how men and women biologically work to make us perfectly equal, blaming men for being 'sexist' because they are more likely to listen to men because of their biology is ridiculous

  22. I guess I have a few things I can disagree with points you tell.

    1. Yep. Called it a privileges was a bad idea. And I agree that where is some discrimination based on race or sex. Yet I guess there is oversimplification in the feministic rhetoric, trying to claim the racism by itself as the only factor of this discrimination. But never referred to the reasons as reputation (doesn't matter if it deserved or not) or something like difference in primaries schools qualities, for example (not sure if it really exist).

    2. Social equality is quiet more complex I guess. In different areas it could be different. For example killing a woman usually seemed as more violent act, then killing a man. So if you make the rights equal in some aspect, there women has less of them, won't it make women more "privileged" ? (I don't care if they will, but you say that egalitarism is the same to the feminism, wouldn't it be the case).
    Father more talking about social privilege in feministic rhetoric is usually referring to society in general, wile situation could be different in different parts of it. And simplifications like that seemed to be just some kind of left populism.

    3. Why does wage gap isn't closed by free market? People's greed overcame obstacles much harder, than wage gap.

    I also have a few more questions, yet about themes you haven't talked in this video.

  23. I was completely on the same page with you until you made the claim that the U.S. military has been on the forefront of acceptance/inclusion. I think DADT and the recent exclusion of trans people from the military shows that they're not pro-LGBTQ. The fact that women who enlist are incredibly more likely to be assaulted within the military than out, is also telling. Moreso, the coverups that occur when an enlisted woman reports such assault.

  24. I don't do "ism's",

    You wouldn't put white people over another race, so why try to push such an agenda with gender?

    I'm not buying the propaganda.
    Remember, the next Adolf Hitler could very well be female. Its not a far reach.
    Anybody pushing an "ism" are just making themselves a target.

  25. You’re point about female armour in video games was pretty retarded dude, obviously a gritty modern setting shooter is gonna have realistic armour, even on females

  26. I hope your channel helps others to think a bit like you. I’m super liberal but I don’t think everyone needs to be. I think the world would be a better place if people thought like this just reasonable and fair, less confined by the mental prison of resentment and prejudice.

  27. If gender is a social construct an sex is given, wouldn't it be easier for "trans people" to get psychological help and try to accept themselves as they are (based on their genitalia) instead of cutting ans reshaping body parts and undertaking hormone therapy? Just thinking out loud here

  28. 4:30
    The reason you rather listen to the men then the woman when youre in a burning house is quite simple tbh
    Men are statistically better at judging a situation logically, while woman judge a situation statistically more emotional
    so if you are in a burning building chances are that the stress level of everyone is at its peak
    ..Not a good start for emotional people while you can solve a stressful situation better with logic.
    Thats not the only factor to take into this equation though
    men build statistically more muscle mass then woman so if anything would collapse or be stuck a men would be more likely to solve that issue,
    especially in a burning building.
    Its build into all of us to go along with a men more in a dangerous environment then a woman because evolution split us apart for exactly that reason.
    Now who would you rather follow a person that is more likely to have a healthy solution or a person that dosnt get you portrayed as a lower social class to a tiny group of people for choosing reason over emotion.
    Privilege is a joke to put people in a situation they dont belong in, for the sole reason to be fair.

    lil autistic rant

  29. And these studies are nowhere near as accurate as they appear to be; Nuance Bro addressed some of these ideas, and the studies are nowhere near as conclusive as they sound.

    Not to mention, Anglicized names getting “more approvals” doesn’t even address any other factor (literally only the name is your metric?)

    And another question…if this “invisible privilege” hovers over white people…

    What do you say about affirmative action?

  30. To be clear, the issue with the bathroom is you take away the rule that protects females from any preditory males. It takes away their right to call out men that shouldn't be there because you make it against the law to remove them from the bathroom, making it impossible to take legal action when it does happen. It's not the trans, it's the abuse of the system. Provide a way that those rights and security will still be allowed and it'll be fine. Until then, no.

    Trans people should have their own section of sports for fairness, or go off or biological sex until then.

  31. There are 2 sexes: Male and female. A small fraction of humanity being born with "intersex" abnormalities doesn't change this fact, you don't define the rule on the minor exception. We don't teach that there are two types of hands in society because a minor few people are born with 6 fingers instead of 5. Also why is gender dysphoria such an off-hand mental state to discuss when we have no problem talking about other body-focused "illnesses" like anorexia where a person can be utterly convinced that their body is morbidly obese even as they starve? And why can't you be transaged or transrace when you can wake up in the morning as one gender and then go to bed as another?

    I'm most boggled however by the points made towards the end regarding transathletes. I don't know if you have a background in athleticism but since you're ex-military you atleast are in the know when it comes to physical prowess. Being born male gives you a TREMENDOUS edge in this field, living your life up until your teens and then starting to take testosterone-reducing treatment doesn't change the fact that you have developed a body & brain built to give you an upperhand. Having equal or even less testosterone does NOT suddenly put you on equal footing with natural women with equal levels of training. The "tHeY ToOk oUr jObS!" comment you made about how girls who are upset about men pushing them out of a space of competition & opportunities for women is honestly just complete acinine.

    And before anyone even makes the case that the differences are negligible if you transition as a little kid, this opinion is both creepy, dystopian and honestly sends out all kinds of red flags when it comes to children so just don't, okay?

  32. I got there early. Looking around the world and scientific advancement and how smart, fun and great my female classmates were, I took the opinion that had we treated women with respect and equality since the dawn of mankind, then I would be living in another solar system by now. Oh, treating women well also tempers the population. We killed each other all over the place when there was 1 billion people, but at least animals could hang out with their friends in the forest. Had we always had gender equality we'd probably still be under 2 billion. Even India has stopped growing by just having a bit of gender equality. So, how about you care about that as well? Doesn't matter how you get there, just get there.

  33. He believes privilege only extends to white or men. White men are the most attacked hated and least privileged in the world. I am calling bullshit on his nonsense. I promise a woman going through a hard time has it so much easier than a man in the same situation. there are a tremendous amount of resources for women as well as captain save a hoes.

  34. Dude your vids are great but you so should have turned off comments on this video. The toxicitiy of the anti "SJW" crowd is ridiculous.

  35. Trans people getting into women's sports is straight upz defiance ilof biology. Testostrone has already done a lot for those trans athletes' muscle mass.

  36. Interesting video. I appreciate the way he gives respect to the viewers. Pretty much what he says is be a respectful person. Good message.

  37. The part about trans athletes didn't age well, considering EssenceofThought was debunked several times (most notably by Noel Plum) and recently bullied somebody on line into self harm.

  38. I appreciate that you're attempting to educate your audience about topics you find important and I think you do so effectively at times. Where you don't is when you make oversimplified statements like, "…when it comes to societal power, women have less than men." And on screen at this moment is a graph with 2 columns showing Women with a bar about 1/3rd as high as the one that says Men. Sweeping statements with incomplete data are a big reason that people have problems with Feminism and Social Justice, IMO.

  39. @KnowingBetter. You believe a 22 year old male who starts transitioning has a physical strength advantage in track and field than a biological 22 year old female?

  40. Its funny, I needed a straight white dude to tell me this shit (though it was actually the way he presented it that sold me, not the fact that he was a straight white dude)

  41. Just put the feminists into front line combat. You will see what little children they really are. Men should have little to nothing to do with any woman unless he is married to the woman. PERIOD!!! Let's see women cry when they can no longer use or manipulate men or government. Men used to protect women. Government still does because they need the woman's vote; the only reason due to their monthly bloody drain hole. Seperate men and women and the men will build/create a better more productive society than women ever could/can.

  42. I'm in the middle. I think he made alot of good points. But I still believe that there issues that SJWs are fighting for that are non issues. Most people born after the millenials already are incredibly open to people who are different. Really the problem lies with he old system and the beliefs of older people.

  43. 30:07 you know it’s really outdated info when the video mentions a virus that’s been extinct since 1978 and talks about it like you have encountered it before and would recognize the symptoms

  44. People think trans people are crazy? have they not seen silence of the lambs buffalo bob was disqualified from gender reassignment surgery because he failed a psych evaluation thus fueling his demented quest to skin girls to make a girl suit

  45. I would agree with much of it however arguably in this day and age women have more "privlage" then men.

    Women are saved first, women get more grants, funds, women get more lenient sentencing for crimes, women get more power over parental control, women will never be drafted, women are the only individuals that if they want can easily survive on looks alone. There's a billion other perks/privileges we can go over if anyone inquires.

  46. my only issue is running into people who are left-leaning and right-leaning shoving their political beliefs into peoples faces. It get's rather repetitive hearing some of the same arguments over and over again. At least you've gone the extra mile to try an explain your position, and for that you have my respect. But the kinds of people who don't have my respect are the multitudes of people regardless of race, gender, orientation, or beliefs are the ones who go around and play "let's throw shit at each other until something sticks." The back and forth arguments of liberals and conservatives are why I don't identify as either. Rather as an Individualist.

  47. Thanks so much for putting your neck out there as a moderate, someone willing to take shots from both sides in the pursuit of understanding what the fuck is really going on around here, which means considering more than one side. Please keep up the good fight. I sometimes don’t agree with you, but still enjoy our imaginary dialects as I watch your vids.

  48. Bullshit, men and women have (almost) always been equal in power. Different powers, I will grant you that point, but equal powers. Nikolas Lloyd from Lindybeige has made amazing videos about that.
    BLM other than the IB or the AFD is an actual existing dangerous organisation, that should of almost be classified as terrorists.

  49. Literally just watched your MRA video before seeing this one. Let me start out by saying that I think we should all be treated equal by the government and society as a whole as we’re all people and anybody that thinks one group should get preferential treatment at the expense of another is just wrong – again, imo.

    MRA’s are pretty pathetic, though I didn’t need your video to see that. But what I noticed is many of the statistics in that video that are off by a few percentages are considered ‘basically equal’ while in this video a couple percentages is all that’s needed to justify some of these arguments.
    I’m not saying that some women or people in the LGBTQ community aren’t discriminated against, but I think a negligible statistic of 2-8 percent shouldn’t justify the response it’s getting by society.
    I understand that there’s likely to be a whiplash effect that happens but I don’t like the fact that there are people calling for mass de-platforming or that there are people losing their jobs and being doxxed just for talking about trans and racial issues, or for saying something controversial.
    We should all be using social media to openly discuss these things reasonably and not to digitally crucify somebody for the rest of their life – we have this incredible tool that nobody has ever had on this planet before and we should be working towards using it intelligently and not for creating a modern-day lynch mob.

  50. SJWs are not new. They've actually be a thing since feminism itself existed.
    Even your Titanic example included feminists of the era actually complaining that men who followed the women and children first drill weren't doing it for chivalry. I'd wager a lot of the bad branding for feminism occurs when feminists want equal rights but are still trapped in the traditional male bread winning world. Hence, a situation feminists demand more salary while also still getting alimony is possible, even though I'm sure a lot of feminists don't like that either.
    Also I'm glad the term "feminazi" died out a bit. There is literally no distinction.
    I know not all feminists are the same, but I never much cared for the narrative that radicals were not real feminists.

  51. Love the channel, but I just can’t make it through this one. After the burning building scenario where you listen to the man as an example of privilege while not factoring in the fact that the woman would be FAR more likely to be prioritized for help into your privilege calculation told me you have too many blind spots to be making a video like this.

  52. Most of your videos are great, including this one, but hey, a question. Why do you assume that a woman has fewer opportunities in the job market and has it harder? In many of the job sectors, women have more opportunities than men. In Russia, for example, even in some traditionally ''manly jobs'' it is sometimes easier for women to get a job, including some branches of prosecuting and work in the judiciary branch. In the USA a similar argument can be made for women in politics, who get more attention in the media if they're female and, therefore, a bigger chance of getting votes.
    Not to mention statistically women live longer and happier lives. In most of the Western countries, women have actually more legal rights than men. In fact, even in some Eastern countries like India or even Tunisia, the issue of sexism isn't as obvious with the men having ''all the privileges''. The fact about the overprivileged males is just simply not true. I always support women's rights, for example, a right for justly compensated maternal leave, but it is just a fact that the overly privileged male is just a myth. Yes, men have some privileges is some spheres of life but so do women! I always advocate for gender equality, but it usually gets on my nerves when someone tries to explain how ''overly privileged'' men are.

  53. Whoah, man. Hillary DID have terrible policies. That is why she lost. And she was also a well-known corporatist who can't do much but sweet talk.
    Bernie Sanders, who did way more for equality that Clinton, would've won against Trump. And no, he would've won not because he was an Old White Man, but because his policies were objectively better. Most of the people voted for Trump is desperation because they wanted a political outsider.

  54. By the way, I did agree with some of the points made in the GILETTE ad, but the moment about a guy wanting to approach a girl was objectively awful.
    What was wrong with his body language? Why would a cheeky smile mean he's bad? He just wanted to approach a girl and say hello! If he was catcalling and whistling – well that would've been bad.
    Hey, hey, maybe I have a damaged sight or something, but there, he didn't do anything bad, and the second guy just stopped him for doing nothing! He just wanted to approach a beautiful girl, not to call her names! This moment was ridiculous in a disgusting way.

  55. LOL! There really is NO such thing as "EQUALITY" the reason these people are constantly disappointed in the outcome of life is because There is NO Such thing as "Equality". It is entirely subjective and largely garbage. Biological reality is what determines who has privilege. If you even want to call it that. White (Germanic)men and by default white (Germanic) women were biologically honed by various natural disasters (Ice Age) and lack of food availability to develop technology to make up the difference. Africans cannot make up hundreds of thousands of years of evolution simply because an idiot on YouTube declares "Everyone is Equal". The same is true for women. There is no real reason for feminist to have any sort of equal outcome to men. And promising them that is a waste of resources and a miss application of human capital. Yes we know SJW have a narrative to up hold and a cult based in "Amerikan Values". But honestly I think it is time to flush "Democracy" down the toilet of history where it belongs.

  56. LOL! There really is NO such thing as "EQUALITY" the reason these people are constantly disappointed in the outcome of life is because There is NO Such thing as "Equality". It is entirely subjective and largely garbage. Biological reality is what determines who has privilege. If you even want to call it that. White (Germanic)men and by default white (Germanic) women were biologically honed by various natural disasters (Ice Age) and lack of food availability to develop technology to make up the difference. Africans cannot make up hundreds of thousands of years of evolution simply because an idiot on YouTube declares "Everyone is Equal". The same is true for women. There is no real reason for feminist to have any sort of equal outcome to men. And promising them that is a waste of resources and a miss application of human capital. Yes we know SJW have a narrative to up hold and a cult based in "Amerikan Values". But honestly I think it is time to flush "Democracy" down the toilet of history where it belongs.

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