The Self-Inflicted Ignorance of Americans

We have a voicemail number. That number is two one nine two David P. speaking
of ignorance, that is exactly what this voicemail question is about. Take a listen. Hey David, I was just going to make us question
click on what’s your opinion on Americans excepting there’s self inflicted ignorance. Thank you. Have a good day. Yeah, I, I would actually put it a different way. It’s not about Americans accepting self-inflicted
ignorance. There are Americans who wear that ignorance
like a badge of honor because they have been bamboozled by the Republican party into believing
education is liberal indoctrination. Um, you don’t need to be, you know, history. Who cares what other countries think and do,
who cares? We’re America, we do what we want. We know what is best. We know what is right. It doesn’t matter what anybody else does. So it’s actually worse than merely accepting
that self-inflicted ignorance. It is a movement that wears it as a badge
of honor and that is the scariest part of it. And, um, I, I don’t know what is going to
turn it around. We’ve got a great bonus show for you today. A Republican candidate has been charged with
distributing fake sample ballots on election day. Krispy Kreme donuts has struck a very interesting
deal with a college kid who drives hundreds of miles to resell their donuts, and we will
talk about a very interesting study out of Japan about the four day work week, not Tim
Ferriss’s four hour work week. We’re not there yet, but the four day work
week, all of those stories and more on today’s bonus show, I hope you’ll join us there. You can get instant access by becoming a member
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Maurice Vega

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  1. right wing Americans including trump are the definition of the Dunning Kruger effect, they think they are smart and sophisticated, but in reality they are dumb and very ignorant. It is the main reason Americans are laughed at all over the world.

  2. What an arrogant dish of words that means absolutely nothing to intelligent people, yet everything to the other side of Ignorant.

  3. Good point but….the alt left go too fucking far with everything. They play a part in making the situation what it is.

  4. No kidding. Democrats have been brainwashed to think that jobs are bad, open borders that cost American lives, jobs, and stability are good, mentally ill men who think they are women are normal, censorship is good, communism is awesome, and that America sucks yet everyone wants to come here.

  5. Well said! It almost feels like a "religion" (delusive, of course) which, as you correctly say, is worn almost like a badge of honor – – and to question or disagree with it is tantamount to heresy or – – horror of horrors – – to these proudly (and sadly) benighted folks as un-American and even treasonous. I congratulate you on some of your posts for advocating civics and critical thinking, so vitally needed by our children and youth AND our standard American history books should be replaced by texts that tell the truth about some of our not-so-glorious past. Keep up your thoughtful analysis of current events and culture

  6. Self-infliction may be a mischaracterization; Americans don't want to be weak and stupid. I don't think it's simply limited to the right, like you're implying, either. But since we're talking about the right, I would argue that media networks like Fox News and religious leaders are misdirecting their followers. They're construing the practice of education as a corrupt system that lies to and indoctrinates kids and doesn't give them any practical skills. They're exaggerating isolated cases where that is actually true and painting the entire education system as being infested by the same brand of charlatans.

  7. We have an undereducated underclass without critical thinking skills and culture, which is vulnerable to the false flag waving Republicans and corporate Dems' propaganda, trying to spin patriotism as they reduce the power up to a corrupt polluting oligarchy

  8. Talking about the self-inflicted ignorance,
    Bernie Sanders, calling it “arrogant” for Michael Bloomberg to run, is pretty indicative of a Democratic Party that believes creating 0 jobs is a better qualifier for the presidency than creating thousands of them.

  9. America is an overworked nation. Even if you want to, it’s hard to learn new things and live a rich cultural life when you’re too tired from working all the time.

  10. I've had gruff conversations with people who have things almost exactly opposite from the truth stuck in their mind. When they don't believe what I'm saying, I remind them that they are literally typing on a research tool that can give you the answer. They're using a device that can connect to google to prove they're too lazy or too stupid to do so.

  11. I couldn't agree more. A LOT of people (around 40% of the population, give or take) own their ignorance – they are proud morons. Ignorance has become their identity.

  12. David I can’t believe I agree with you. No reason why. I just sometimes judge from the title. Love your clarity. And the thought provoking way you bring forth information.

  13. This fucking loser DP doesn’t understand Repubs at all. Funny how we all know your shitty arguments but you can’t even appreciate the simple argument that people are stupid because of school.

  14. Its very base level stuff. Americans think they are the center of the universe so NOTHING else matters. And plus, they got the guns and bombs so everyone can go f*** themselves. The reality is they saved the world 70 odd years ago and this time they will bankrupt the world and destroy it taking everyone with them.

  15. I think its more deliberate than that. Trump has been lieing his whole life, and he's getting very good at qualifying his target audience like a used car salesman. He uses lies and deceit to narrow down the target audience who will accept his lies and deceit. At this point he knows he can say practically anything and the 35% remaining supporters will eat his bullshit.

  16. I would say "gaslighted" instead of "bamboozled", I think the word needs to be more widely recognised. This "self-inflicted ignorance" is textbook co-dependence. The problem for America IMHO is that this gaslighting starts at birth with religion, and the Republican party is merely an extension of the evangelical establishment that has been clinging on to power since Nancy Reagan started firing them up in the '80s. It's the result of decades of faith schools, science denial and woefully obsolete curriculums that don't teach critical thinking.

  17. I’m wondering about free speech. Trump supporters are also being told lies, about demonstrable facts, on a daily basis, by their president.
    So, if this is free speech, I’m no longer a believer.

  18. Stupidity is just as big a problem; perhaps more? The spark of learning can be ignited in the uneducated ignorant, but there are multitudes who simply are incapable of learning.

  19. Most people do not have the time or desire to carefully research the complexity of history, law, or political situations. Something as simple as a phrase like "quid pro quo" confuses them. Instead, if they want to be involved at all, they want to be on a side which makes them feel the best, like choosing a side for a football game.

  20. There is a difference in being willfully ignorant and being ignorant. The former implies one knows better the latter means one doesn't.

  21. Many Americans think they are the Center of the Universe so NOTHING else matters.
    Most of them are actually brainwashed and indoctrinated to think that "Criticizing America" is
    like "Trashing America" or Un-American Behavior !

  22. Many Americans think they are the Center of the Universe so NOTHING else matters.
    Most of them are actually brainwashed and indoctrinated to think that "Criticizing America" is
    like "Trashing America" or Un-American Behavior !

  23. there are definitely republicans who intentionally stay ignorant.
    there is this girl i argue with all the time. i practically begged her to watch brett Kavanaugh testify for 5 mins. because i knew it would be completely obvious to her that he is a lying scumbag. but she refused to watch.
    the same thing is happening now with the impeachment hearings. she will not hear anything about it. it is all fake news. and if i ask her to look into it herself she refuses.

  24. I live in good old Kentucky. And when I thought critically, even our national anthem is based on ignorance being bliss. It encourages everyone to live a "simple life" free of complications such as voting for a president with a promise with 'big words in them'. The more I think about this, the more I…. don't trust Kentucky anymore in the least.

  25. The blind spot of humanity (humans) socially- /self-inflicted ignorance. aka; self-hypnoses of bliss and supremacy.
    Perpetuated by lack of self-reflection and self-understanding and probably self-love.
    Caused by failures/cracks in social- and educational systems, traditions and cultures.
    Or in religious tongue, for those whom claim to understand/use this language better; Matthew 7:5  Thou hypocrite, first cast out the beam out of thine own eye, and then you can see clearly to remove the speck out of you brother's eye.
    We are all ignorant up to a level, because no one of us have all the answers, nor under standing to comprehend everything and everyone.

  26. Interesting you seem to think "republicans" have a monopoly on it. The largest political party in the US are
    the non voters, the second largest are the independents. Then we have the self labeled progressives, who have
    no clue what that means, or what they' re about. Meanwhile, the incumbents are returned to office at rates higher
    than 90% percent. You might need to expand the boundaries of your set to include a lot more people.

  27. Horrifyingly, I have never seen people so proud to be ignorant and or uneducated!!!! The third world countries have high levels of ignorance, due to the lack of money for education, here channels once decicated to education and learning, such as the learning channel, the history channel and others, now only catter to trash tv, because it's a lot easier to be dumb, than to educate yourself with knowledge.

  28. The American right wing is ignorant Ofcourse but The leftist supporting the center left moderates (ie neoliberal corporatists) are also ignorant. There’s little difference between Clinton, Obama, Biden, butigege, klobuchar, Harris and the Republicans.


  29. Broooo I was talking to my one friend years ago about politics and just various topics in general and he scoffed at me when I said there's research out there you can look up. Like "pftt what research" I was so bamboozled by it until he proceeded to tout the Jews control the media, world etc.

  30. What is worst, all the ignorant people who's proud of being ignorant, or the "pseudo-intellectual" types who thinks that because they've read books by Jordan Peterson, they're suddenly "high IQ intellectuals"….?

  31. David engaged in snakelike commentary. Here's how. When the right complains about liberal indoctrination within academia, David paints them as anti-education and willfully ignorant. In realty, the right wants actual education instead of biased commie professors forcing their personal political ideologies down the throats of students (a captive audience) instead of teaching.

  32. I communicated just the other day, here on YouTube, with a guy who was adamant that America has never sold weapons to militia groups or guerilla groups in south america. We live in the information age yet ignorance is still bliss for so many I just don't get it.

  33. Over the past couple of years, Huffingtonpost has descended to low-intellect entertainment. They are catering to people with superficial interests, presumably to increase viewership. Their front page once had three columns. The left column was for serious commentary, the middle was for lighter writing, and the right column was for fluff. ("Bikini" played a strong role in the right column. I miss it.)

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