The Secret Of Bill Clinton’s Charisma

Bill Clinton may have the best eye contact
of anyone in the world. There are tons of stories from people of both sides of the political
spectrum being totally charmed by him and commenting that when he looked at them, they
felt like the only person in the room. That charm may have won him the presidency
in one specific moment of a town hall debate in 1992 and that is what we are looking at
today. By the way, this video is part of our Throwback
Thursday series. So, if you’re a longtime fan of the channel, you may have seen a similar
video, and we do this to update the old videos, and just to make sure that they play with
even sound and out of both headphones. So, let’s take a look, first paying attention
to the distance of George Bush versus Bill Clinton. That’s why I’m trying to do something about
it by stimulating the export, investing more in better education system. Thank you, I’m
glad to clarify. The first thing is to get a sense of how far
away each person is when they’re speaking. George Bush gave his answer about 25 feet
away from the question asker, who is actually off screen to the right. Watch, now, as Clinton
closes that distance as much as possible. How has that affected you again? You know
people who lost their jobs and lost their homes? Well, I’ve been governor of a small
state for 12 years. See how Clinton gets as close as possible
without actually entering the crowd? This lets the person know that you are focused
on them. He’s actually directing all of his body language towards the woman who asked
this question, and at this distance, she gets a sense of the nuances of his eye contact,
which makes everything that we’re about to talk about and that Clinton does so much more
powerful. Every year, Congress and the President sign
laws that make us do more things, and gives us less money to do it with. Notice, here, and how for the rest of this video, Clinton spends 90 to 95% of his answer looking directly
at the woman who asked the question. Contrast this with George Bush who’s looking all over
the place. To be fair, a few of these examples are times
when George Bush was addressing the entire audience, which was more of a tactical mistake
than a charismatic one, but, other times, his glances away serve no purpose at all.
He wasn’t addressing the audience, just letting his gaze wander, and those glances away indicate
that he, sometimes, has trouble maintaining eye contact with a single person while he’s
speaking. And, guess what? Most people do. Most people have no problem holding eye contact
when they listen, but when it comes time to speak, they get uncomfortable holding eye
contact, so they move their eyes around. They look up, they look away, sometimes they look
at the floor, simply training yourself to calmly focus on the other person while you’re
speaking, immediately makes you more engaging. Now, next stop, let’s look at the shape of
Bill Clinton’s eyes. Notice how narrow his eye contact tends to be. I see people in my state, middle class people,
their taxes had gone up and Washington and their services had gone down, while the wealthy
have gotten tax cuts. See how narrow his eye contact is? It almost
looks like he’s squinting. The more narrow your eye contact, the more serious and intense
your tone is going to be interpreted, and this is especially powerful for men, because
the heavy brow is typically associated with increased testosterone. Now, you can’t go and change the shape of
your skull to give yourself a heavier brow, but you can narrow your eye contact, which
will trigger those feelings that you’re being genuine, serious, and powerful. Clinton is
doing exactly that. The genius is that he remains expressive with his eyes by moving
his eyebrows, tilting his head, nodding as he speaks. So, watch that, and, then, see
how you can feel the intensity, exactly when his eye contact gets really narrow. That narrow eye contact is making him come
across as genuine and genuinely affected by the recession, which is what this woman is
looking for. She’s looking for a candidate who feels what she feels, and, clearly, Clinton is
able to communicate that to her. So, watch now as she starts nodding along in agreement.
She sees Clinton as on the same team as her. Next, note how he shifts his weight before
he leads. Humans have tons and tons of rituals to signify to one another that the interaction
is over, and if we skip these rituals, we feel weird. Other times, we don’t know how
to start these rituals, so we stay speaking to someone far, far longer than we’d like
to. Pay attention to the body language in this next clip. The shift in weight indicates
that he is about to leave. That way, when he breaks eye contact, it’s not abrupt, and you
can use this when leaving a conversation, and, probably, already do without realizing
it. Here you see him shifting and about to walk
away. Now, it’s over. The biggest thing to take from everything
that I discussed is to pay attention to how your eye contact makes other people feel because
it’s one of the strongest ways that you have to communicate, and one of the best ways to
diagnose and accomplish this is to record yourself. So, set a camera up at eye level
and just tell any story. Get into it. Then, watch the video back and see how you make
yourself feel. This exercise actually helped me a ton because I realized that I, sometimes,
go bug eyed when I get very excited, and you probably noticed I still have a tendency
to do this in some of my other videos, but, hopefully, I refrained from going full on
crazy eyes because that just creeps people out. Make sure to do that exercise if you’re trying
to get your eye contact under control, effectively communicating, and if you’re curious as to
more exercises like that, we’ve actually set up a clip from one of our modules called “First
Impressions,” and this clip covers the four emotions that guarantee a great first impression
every time. You just have to hit those things in the right order, because if you don’t,
you can actually make a very crappy impression. If you’re curious what those are, go ahead,
click the box that will pop up now. It’s going to take you to a page where you can drop your
email, and, then, you’ll be taken to the video on four impressions. So, thank you, guys, so much for watching.
I’m actually planning on doing a Game of Thrones video for the next one because there was a
very positive feedback. So let me know if you’re still interested. It sounds like that’s
going to be the one. If you got any comments, things that you’d like me to cover, people
that you’d like me to cover, go ahead, write them in the comments. If you’ve not yet subscribed
to the channel, go ahead and do so to be the first to see these new videos. We got new
ones on Mondays and these Throwback series every Thursday. I hope that you, guys, have
enjoyed this and I will see you in the next video.

Maurice Vega

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  1. ברח אתה יי, מה יצר תהליך של הִתפָּרְקוּת נקי ו לא ב לראות, ל תחייה אנרגיה של סמים מיקסור

    בגלל של זה, ילדות הוא לאולם ו כחם הוא עם כל!
    תחייה ב חדש

    Baruch Atah Idunnoi who makes the process of decomposition clean and out of sight, to restore the energy of heaven; recycling

    Because of this childhood is forever and everyone is sage.
    Restored as new

  2. I'm convinced he is a psychopath. He is good at making eye contact because he simulates connection and he has no fear or boundaries so he knows how to get the ideal result to get what he want (people feeling connected even though he is catgod and you are mice).

  3. Damn I feel like making a politically incorrect rape joke (Since the vid is about Bill Clinton), but your video is too good to think up anything clever.

  4. If you do presentation and you wear glasses, just take it of. I find it I can maintain eye contact with whoever I want because they face is blurry so it just easy? it sounds silly but trust me it works!

  5. Listen to his voice as well.. He’s talking to her like they are on a date and they are sitting on a couch together in an empty coffee house. Super relaxed and comfortable and he conveys that energy to her. It’s a form of hypnosis, whether he knows he’s doing it or not..

  6. AHH!!!! That's why Hilary stepped into Donald Trump's territory on the debate stage… That was a tactic Bill taught her(who ever taught it to both of them)… LOL, someone messed that up with the whole stage/audience locations because that got a response out of trump when Hilary invaded his territory.

  7. .. Gratitude for the ability to see & treat everyone as an innocent child ..

    – love is the greatest intelligence –

    Gratitude for the fact that it seems to want me to narrate my own virtues like in all the books to appear more saintly.

    Gratitude for the ability to ignore or alter history in fantasy without actually changing the real history of the world (but maybe influencing the future for good, and maybe to inspire us to speak with the full love of our heart and words crafted as hugs not as weapons… avoid the Trojan horse, but preserve the joke!)

    meditating cross-legged for 5 minutes… consciousness … slowly aware of the best way that my surroundings reveal

    Maybe you just need to learn, or be allowed because you know naturally, to dream and let your spirit's message fill everything.

    History will make you approach a certain way, but someone's spirit can see it differently and more lovingly than the past, even more loving than the most innocent times, and if it expresses that, and the world holds onto it, then it grows.

    Don't see it as the past, see it as the wisdom of your being that's not related to time, none of the problems will occur again, and life isn't about time but about Freedom and realization that there really is no wrong path or way to make a 'wrong' decision, the mythology isn't Zeus and hera, it's the idea that people hate and kill one another in real life, it just isn't so.

    Sure we can dream about all this kind of stuff because we are free but no one actually does it, somehow it's just not who we are. You can't really say it happens in the past but you can say the universe was always protected from it, every generation actually had it as good as you and they looked over an imaginary prior generation that they thought they were better off than, when really, it happened for each of them fully, and they were all protected fully but they all had to learn the lessons.

    This is chicken soup for the soul, to realize ..
    And even that chicken, realizes that it didn't have to die for the soup, it actually just likes tasting it's own sweat while it steams in the sauna. Instead of some insane story about caged mindless chickens. What about chickens the world respected, who owned property and were citizens just like us, chickens who enjoyed saunas sometimes, and some of whom who liked to taste their own sweat, not their own raw flesh, it would be too much, and besides there's tofu for that.
    Yes, we have those stories because they are true in their own way and a part of the real history of the world, yes. We has them.

    Not just the bare skeleton, the ability to create stories, and pessimism, we have leaves of optimism everywhere. Optimism that you supposedly are not allowed to have, that comes from love.

    Please preserve this, that you are saying, student, because it is wonderful and it almost certainly eclipses me already as your teacher! Promise me that you will preserve it and share it, and I, your teacher will also share it, because it has reflected back to me some truth that I have been missing and has made me sad, but now I am happier and wholer.

    Let the wisdom grow, I your teacher, support it. Let your path be somehow different from all us before who tried and failed, because if so then none of us have failed, so we cannot try to stifle you.


    Wow, it was like a japanese teacher moment, a presentation of how the teacher should regard the student within the real context of life. And a realistic depiction of where the average student would be, in comparison to the supposed status quo established by endless generations before. Every generation is cool, is yang… nao is with them. Never do generations before overshadow them.
    I feel as if I am a perfect hero so my soul is happy, and yet my wisdom tells me, every generation can live through me here, not lives that were less than full.

    It's spiritually clean that way student, because then how can we be jealous, and how can history be truly cruel, a shirt worn for months at a time wears down, and history is the same, but the soul is forever new, diety, it lives and is forever restored.
    The mirror illusion of separation is not there. Hippy times.


    Yes, this is not big for me, meh yo, it's just common sense. What I perceive normally is not time based.
    Is this difficult for you?

    Student, no, it is not, and I cannot call your attainment common, nor rare nor very rare.


    Teacher, this is so great. The realization is there and the ability to appreciate it goes beyond only my physical body to my aura body and even universal body. Advantageous, most advantageous, it is.

    Rather than not having the realization and being encouraged by delusion instead for separation which would make me fearful of jealous

    Or just having the realization but then having it be rejected by discouragement

    There was the realization and the encouragement of timelessness

  8. Hey Charlie, awesome videos really helping me understand social interaction !!
    If you guys could do a video on "controlling nerves" when speaking or presenting to crowds it would be so appreciated. Thanks for your time

  9. celestial 7 And don't worry, Goddess, POWER OF NOW
    I won't make the same mistake with you, as you made (innocently) to your own mom.

    I truly care about you.

    It is unclear how I might be of assistance to you (less so now, in the future)

    But probably through my enchanted writing & expression which is oddly useful, preserving both of our voices.

    Not the writing of these other women, they are too snakelike for you.

    Yomo's blessing;
    I am your mom. You are so into the hippy mirror metaphor now.

    Indeed, maybe I should pick that up myself, HOUSTON'S RESTAURANT!!

    nothing to do with the moon, Eckhart tolle

    But if you shine a mirror to a mirror, you get infinity! CREATION OF ENERGY — feminine tradition

    You never made that mistake. Because I never did.

    This is the most sincere discussion we've had in a while, I love you. I believe you wrote this poem. POWER OF NOW solar

  10. And this is how i know who will presidential election every single freakin time for 20 years. Body language of candidates. And i have never been wrong.

  11. So did George Bush win the room and Clinton won the woman's vote? By making eye contact with the individual, the latter fails to address the room, yes? Or do 'bystanders' vicariously participate on his one-on-one charisma? Are you suggesting behaviors for individuals or politicians? Groups or one-on-one encounters? As a non-politician, am I an apple that just sat through a seminar for oranges?

  12. Clinton says he knows the people who have factories close or businesses go bankrupt, and he was the governor of the state, yet he did nothing and let it happen, as if he were helpless.

  13. Charisma is something but it's not everything. Clinton won because Perrot took away votes from Bush. Usually incumbents win the second term unless something drastic happens. George W didn't have charisma and yet he was elected twice. Hillary used the same debate tactics as Bill and yet she lost. More is at stake in winning elections beyond charisma.

  14. In fact, I feel that these two guys just have different strategies and were trained according to different ideas about public speaking. Bush is trying to connect with the audience..the voters. I actually think that is better in this particular kind of situation…this is public speaking, not pickup.

  15. Slight narrowing your eyes.
    Slightly tilting your head and nodding while you speak.
    Keep eye-contact when you speka to the person.
    Be physically close to the person, you speak to.
    When you're about to end the conversation, tilt your weight so you're moving away from the conversation. Basically gradually turn away physically.

  16. It's too bad then people believed Bill Clinton because Bill Clinton is a number one good liar. He looks like a man stuff when he don't.

  17. You have to pay attention to what they do not what they say they're going to do or what they say it's what they do but really reveals who they are.

  18. Clinton was better at being a narcissistic charmer than Bush Sr. If someone is trying to be overwhelming charming, run, don’t walk the other way. They have an agenda and there is something they want from you.

  19. The woman looks like Mike Tyson Twin . Clinton won
    Because Of Ross Perot ran and took away his votes .
    What did happen we do Know , what could have happened we will Never Know. I am glad that Bill won

  20. I appreciate how you give us content FIRST ❤️ and then at the END of the video, you ask us to subscribe…. too many other YouTubers ask us to subscribe first before they are willing to give us any value….you are very charismatic and charming and I love your channel!

  21. Well, he did the same later. That journalist escaped but Monica couldn't. Now you know that it's the same thing that took Clinton to the White House & later made him a womaniser.
    When your talent turns into curse !!
    Feels sorry for you, good old Clinty.

  22. A good book to read on how manipulators operate is a paperback called Dark Psychology 202. It is a dark subject but it will help you spot their tactics..

  23. Bill could have easily gotten a better woman than Hillary.

    But it's like how Frank Underwood likes Claire.

    He needs someone just like him. Just as ruthless.

  24. I find it so hard to make eye contact. It makes me uncomfortable when I get it and I have to struggle to maintain it myself when talking to others. I only try because I know it’s what you’re “supposed to do”, but it gives me the creeps. I don’t know how to fix or change that while maintaining my own comfort (unless it’s something I just need to get over). If I’m acting, I can do it more easily because it’s for a short time.

  25. 还是会去日本,目的不一样了,签我自己家具的约,迪拜演唱会和服装战还做不做?不做我就做我的自己的卡通家具了。

  26. This is so hard for me to achieve. I have ADHD and 1- I have the hardest time not glancing at least briefly at external distractions during a conversation 2- the person's face itself is distracting to me and I have a hard time keeping track of what they're saying, or even of what I'm saying myself, whilst looking directly at them. I end up looking in the distance most of the time because that way, all distractions are out of focus, but it makes me seem very absent-minded or disinterested (and also that I can't read the person as well). I've also had a bunch of misunderstandings with guys who thought I was into them, which led me to avoid anything that could be perceived as "signals", including too much eye contact – but I think I've learned since then and could now avoid or get out of these situations in a different way. I have also noticed that with people with a warm personality and natural/relaxed body language, I struggle a bit less with eye contact, so I think it also comes down to how much I worry about the reaction on the other person's face. Ah, the art of not caring so much about what you're actually seeking… I think the same goes with success in general, I find myself more succesful when I stop worrying about whether I will actually succeed. But I digress! Anyhow, any advice on how to better sustain eye contact while still paying attention to the conversation and important things is welcome. 🙂

  27. I thought giving 3 seconds of eye contact to everyone was a good idea so why when George glances at different people it’s wrong?

  28. Yup, wasn't particularly a Clinton fan, but I met him for about 30 seconds and THAT EYE CONTACT reduced me to a gibbering wreck. It was almost scary.

  29. Just want to mention: her question made sense. She was confusing the national debt with personal debt. Bush answered it logically: ummm what are you asking? Clinton said I know you’re in some hardship tell me about it: I want to help with that.

    Clinton knew what she was really asking. She’s poor and wants to hear how will help. Bush tries to get her to clarify a question that wasn’t logical

  30. I prefer eye contact breaks. Helps me think. And like to be aware of my environment too:m. Annoys me when I’m expected to not break contact for basically hours. Prefer relaxed

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