The Roger Scruton Smear

A man whose primary focuses are grounded in
beauty, art, and architecture, Roger Scruton, is yet another unfortunate martyr to Britain’s
societal war on its traditions. It’s a story we’ve all heard before: a
fresh out of college journalist lying about objectively non-controversial comments. Roger Scruton sat down for an interview with
New Statesman deputy editor George Eaton. He describes Scruton as “unrepentant,”
claiming he made a variety of anti-Semitic, anti-Chinese, and whatever other bigoted comments
one can conjure up in his interview with him. The result has been Mr. Scruton’s firing
from his advisory role to the government, a role that merely pertained to architecture. Naturally, any honest observer would expect
the transcript to be published alongside serious accusations like these. What the journalist instead published was
a picture of himself swigging a bottle of champagne, celebrating the firing of the subject
of his interview as a “homophobe and racist.” National Review Contributor Douglas Murray
received the recording of the interview after the New Statesman refused to release it. Only after it was revealed that Murray had
acquired it through other means, did they release a transcript in a half-baked effort
to save face. The transcript reveals Mr. Scruton being asked
about his description of homosexuality as being abnormal in his 1986 book. To honest observers, it should go without
saying that being gay is pretty obviously a deviation from the norm at 4.5 percent of
the population–something that even Mr. Eaton “ummed” in agreement with. Mr. Scruton’s full response was, “In that book I say a lot of things about
homosexuality, none of which could be conceived as what is now called “homophobic”. I actually argue that it’s not a perversion
and so on. But that it’s different and say why it’s
different. But then people take little sentences out
of context. The sort of Buzzfeed — the learned editors
of Buzzfeed — who have their view on all these things put together a kind of patchwork
of offenses without bothering to examine arguments or anything like that. So you get caricatured as a particular kind
of thing as though you were somebody who wanted to stone homosexuals to death or something,
just because you said that it’s different.” Predictably, the description of learned Buzzfeed
cosmopolitans taking little sentences out of context is even more applicable to the
very interview he was giving. Eaton, after all, was making patchwork of
this entire interview. In another instance, Mr. Scruton is asked
about his concerns for our future–and he describes the looming spectre of China:
‘I think there are difficulties around the corner that we are ignoring, like the rise
of China. There is something quite frightening about
the Chinese sort of mass politics and the regimentation of the ordinary being. I think that the… We invent robots, and they are in a sense
creating robots out of their own people, by so constraining what can be done that each
Chinese person is a kind of replica of the next one [GE: umm. Yes], and that’s a very frightening thing. [GE: Yes] Maybe I don’t know enough about
it to be confident in making that judgement but the politics is like that, and the foreign
policy is like that. And the concentration camps have come back,
largely there to “re-educate” the Muslims and so on” All of these are perfectly fair and prescient
concerns about the Chinese nation, but patently misrepresented as calling the Chinese people
robotic rather than the systems of China. As the full context was exposed, George Eaton
finally put up a follow-up statement, apologizing for his social media champagne celebration
but standing by his outright lies about Roger Scruton’s beliefs. What’s permitted the devolution of Britain
to a nation that judges by mob rule is the spinelessness of allegedly Conservative politicians,
and their cowardice when encountering the faintest scent of controversy. Not one of them– ranging from prominent conservative
MPs such as former Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne, Danny Finkelstein, MP Tom
Tugendhat, MP Johnny Mercer, James Brokenshire, dared to challenge the outright lies published
by the New Statesman. Despite the truth now being known, the damage
has been done, and it is unlikely at best that Mr. Scruton’s position will be restored,
while a virtual nobody has been empowered to drag down one of that country’s most
profound defenders. When you realize that the unwitting public
will continue to swallow without question defamation and slander as long as it’s published
in an old magazine, you begin to wonder how long this can go on before journalists are
held to account and punished in a real way.

Maurice Vega

100 Responses

  1. Has the media always lied for what ever reasons?
    If because of the internet we can now learn the truth, it becomes very hard to lie today. Should perhaps old Journalists come out against this abuse, for it is their reputations on the line as well?

  2. Never give interviews to leftists. Never apologize to leftists. If given the opportunity, it is your duty to make their lives as miserable as possible as they try to get an interview with you.

  3. It’s a disgrace. Sir Scruton is a deep thinker beyond reproach and the government should be ashamed. Oh, my mistake, this is May’s government. Thank god they don’t run a brewery . . .

  4. Little conniving weasels like this don't learn from taking their own medicine. They need healthy doses of reality, like having their faces caved in. Then they wont so much as mention a cross word about someone.

  5. Not sure if this " journalist" or others like him will ever be punished, they are fulfilling their quota for an agenda. So long as they can destroy a man's career through character defamation they'll continue to run full steam ahead, in many ways this is exactly what the main stream media has done to Trump's character, albeit backfiring in the apposite direction when it came to the election, but they've successfully painted Trump out as the second coming of Adolf Hitler himself to many a voter who will not listen to reason.

  6. Enjoy your time away from the cretin Mr. Scruton. You've served the west well and you are a great man indeed, relax and read some books, enjoy this part of your life.

  7. Douglas Murray deserves huge credit for putting pressure on Eaton and eventually getting, and publishing, the tapes – the tapes did not come from Eaton though.
    For me the institution to come out of this worst is not The Newstatesman, but the conservative party. Mercer, Brokenshire & Tuhgenhat all jumped on the condemnation bandwagon without even giving a Sir Roger a chance to defend himself. The aforementioned MPs have revealed themselves to be nothing more than 'Westminster wankers' ready to throw any principle under the bus if they think it will get them enough points with the woke crowd.
    As for Eaton & The Newstatesman, they seem to be sitting it out, waiting for the storm to blow over and for business to return to normal. Unfortunately, I suspect that they are right.

  8. Scruton is the last conservative intellectual that Muslims can relate to. I happen to be Muslim and love Roger Scruton… and hate the invention of the word Islamophobia.

  9. Thanks for covering this so effectively – I'm a fan of Scruton's work but when I heard about the smears I didn't have the heart to look into it properly. Seems like a standard journalist/activist hatchet job.

  10. China is rising to power because the rich have sold out the poor and sent our jobs to China. Sure there's lots of cheep stuff, but young people can't afford to move out of their parents basement.

  11. Why are these not being sued??? Because these situations are literally somebodys public images blatantly lied and distorted to harm them.. in Finland that is punishable by law

  12. here is their playbook in full view. Why is nobody stopping the communist takeover of america?

  13. So the UK government allowed this to happen and doesn't correct it why exactly? If they don't hold him accountable, maybe Roger should. Time to become the evil they describe him as.

  14. You're really far behind on this. Douglas Murray completely dissected this, and the public at large is aware of the sloppy hit job. Far from a smear, this has become an exposé in how leftist media baits conservative thinkers to get scoops. I even think George Eaton has been unfairly treated, as he's not the arbiter of this, but instead a symptom. It's not his fault that this is how you have to journalism these days. And the New Statesman has hung him out to dry, as though they are above this kind of thing.

  15. If you are well known and have a pragmatic opinion on modern politics the MSM will use any means necessary to discredit you.
    Always have a backup recording and witness every time when dealing with these disingenuous "journalist" hacks.

  16. In the first sentence, we're talking about the "war on traditions," and I'm already done. It's called change. It has always taken place, and it will always take place.

    Now I remember why I don't watch this channel.

  17. These SJW lefty neo nazi virtue signaling twats know they are liars, they don't care, they want to destroy us.

  18. Never, EVER talk to dirty, dirty smear merchants. They will approach you with claims that they wish to interview you in good faith. Refuse by default. Accept only when you have possession of and control over the release of a full recording and transcript. They will approach you claiming they wish to write a story about you and ask for comments. Prepare your lawyers. Punishment and ridicule is the only way to fix this sophomoric smear bazaar we have the misfortune to call our Fourth Estate.

  19. Behold, this is the hole of the tarantula. Do you want to see the tarantula itself? Here hangs its web; touch it, that it tremble!

    There it comes willingly: welcome, tarantula! Your triangle and symbol sits black on your back; and I also know what sits in your soul. Revenge sits in your soul: wherever you bite, black scabs grow; your poison makes the soul whirl with revenge.

  20. Your intellectually dishonest reply or respond to my comment on peterson-zizek. You’ve already lied so many times I have no ability to believe anything you say. You tried to emulate msm in appearance but now you emulate them in ethics…. tragic.

  21. I've already written off the UK as unsalvagable. They voted themselves into this Orwellian nightmare.

  22. You've really touched upon something very important here. These dishonest journalists have been around for centuries. Their type will never change… especially the young ones.
    But what's extraordinary is the conservative and moderate politicians who are just standing in the sidelines allowing these crimes to happen. These corrupt journalists are hijacking social media in droves. They've finally found a media source that they can dominate… because honest conservatives are allowing them to do so.
    This needs to stop.

  23. I had the privilege of listening to a presentation of his on Wagner’s Parsifal. Brilliant and eloquent man. It is absolutely disgusting to see what these people who pretend to be journalists did to him.

  24. Record all interaction with journalists, either in secret, or out in the open. It is the only defense you have from these dirty, dirty smear merchants.

    I take joy in the death of old media, even though in its knells, it is out to take society out with it.

  25. I love Roger Scruton. Roger Scruton taught me that just because something appears to be beautiful, doesn’t mean it’s actually beautiful. I came upon him one night on YouTube, and I had never heard someone discuss the essence of beauty in the manner in which he does. Now, I often search for one of his talks, and I curl up listening to his beautiful words. An ugly person took him down.

  26. Judge me if you must… but every unmentionable thing ought to be brought down on this so-called reporter (whatever that means)… and in his owns words, no one should take their time doing it.

  27. I remember when Christopher Hitchens wrote for "The New Statesman". If you listen closely, you can hear him spinning in the distance.

  28. Hm, maybe after some friendly-fire the Left will turn around and begin to 'deplatform' specific slanderous journalists.
    That'd be sick

  29. I look forward to Eaton's interview with Anjem Choudary, exposing his quaint views on homosexuals.

  30. Dude are you in a rush or something? I swear it can be extremely hard at times to follow what you are saying cuz you talk so fast.

  31. Scruton is an old school gem. Douglas Murray is my spirit animal.

    Die, MSM, Die! You disingenuous power-mongering ass-hats.

  32. It's crazy to realize who the world is trying to follow. If you woke up from a 50 year coma with no knowledge of politics or what's going on literally no one would look at someone with purple hair and follow them over an actual person wearing a suit who's studied his entire life. It's sad just by looking at the people on the left you can tell they are leading us towards something really bad.

  33. Roger scruton is clearly a man of great intellect, integrity, and a gentleman. He is an easy target for the new brand of anti intellect, anti truth, anti critical-thought Red Guard thugs that have infested our establishments. They fear his type more than anything and will go to any lengths to try to bring those people down. Not so different from those in Mao’s machinery. They targeted the intellectuals first.

  34. 3:26 I don’t think that the public actually believes this crap. But the powers that be believe that the public believes it.

  35. Dirty, dirty smear merchants, indeed, and the gutless "journalists" who refuse to call them out on their dishonesty. When the mainstream media implodes, they will have nobody but themselves to blame.

  36. The media needs to be held more accountable for the things they say. I feel like they’re not accidentally making mistakes, but are intentionally trying to feed the public misinformation.

  37. Oh god that’s so sickening to me. The “journalist” is celebrating with a drink for smearing someone! The media is the opposition party!

  38. Dude, I love your work and your videos are amazing; everything about them: the editing, the little details (like how you change the paintings in the background so that they match the topic of discussion when you’re speaking directly at the camera); the writing, it’s all great. However, I have to be honest, your voice pisses me off so fucking much. It’s legitimately irritating. Idk if it’s the cadence of your speech, or the tone of your voice, but you literally have the most annoying voice.

  39. Everyday mainstream media & journalists bleed a little credibility & will do so until nobody believes a damn'd thing they say.

  40. Recommend buying Roger Scrutons' books to support a great thinker and showing that these smear merchants that they can't police thinking

  41. BuzzFeed is s den of Marxist scumbags that enjoy smearing good citizens that don’t march lockstep to the awful progressive bullshit brave new world.

  42. I hope that smear merchant gets the absolute shit sued out of him. He needs to be held accountable.

  43. I love this man, I can’t believe this has happened to him, I thought defamation and slander were illegal in Britain, the Liberals are destroying everything virtuous and true, they need to be beat down in the streets, I’ll say it again there’s only one way out of this, you can’t talk your way out and you can’t vote your way out .

  44. Roger is one of my favorite conservative philosophers – one of the most decent people on this planet, and the treatment of him is absolutely disgraceful!!

  45. This is why you shouldn't talk to journos. Period. Especially the English ones.
    Also, just because you think you work for "conservatives" doesn't mean you're safe. In the English-speaking world, conservatives don't really conserve much of anything anymore.

  46. not only did i just discover this channel, but reading over various comments, i detect in myself, an optimism that is rare

  47. Watched a interview with Douglas Murray talking about this. Now I'm here. Is he suing ? Dirty smear merchant's might be the best description

  48. Typical leftist tactics. Most of the time nasty.

    Long live, Sir Scruton and Conservatism!

    People over idea.

  49. unfortunately, I heard Scruton making up completely unfounded stories about my own country and my Alma Matter in front of large audience consisting mostly of young students, seemingly just for cheap laughs, which he sadly received. (and I even suspect that someone rewarded him for saying something unflattering on the subject). I wrote to Scruton to ask about his sources for those revelations, but I've never heard back. Do not like the man, he deserves all that is coming to him.

  50. As an architecture student I find this appalling! Beauty is something that can be appreciated by anyone, journalists try to make ugliness the new norm.

  51. I am sure i liked this video when I watched it before, yet my like is gone, and it is far from the first time. I look forward to when youtube is exposed by an insider for manipulating the likes/dislikes/views.

  52. That last sentence made me think of the woman who shot up the YouTube lobby. Maybe you should specify that last statement better so nobody gets any ideas >=

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