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We purposely chose lower quality cameras to
feel like anyone could have made this video. I wasn’t aware that they were using second-class
equipment. That would’ve maybe affected my attitude. At the time in 2007 YouTube was reshaping how people were sharing stories and representing themselves. We were looking at viral videos and trying
to figure out: Could there be a recipe for this? Is there a way to get in there and do something
that would become viral? And then we saw Gravel He has been called a loose cannon, and a maverick. Some of these people frighten me. My intent was not so much to become President
because I thought that that was more than a long shot Now I’ve never heard of this guy before and a lot of the other candidates didn’t seem to either. My major interest was to try to bring attention
to developing direct democracy, which is where the people could make laws by initiative. It seemed like we could team up and do something
amazing. And they did. They did. They had it all figured out and, and I had
confidence in them. I was impressed with them as young people
committed. And so, I didn’t understand it. As I was looking at the camera all I could
think of, “my God, I must look dumb as all get out.” You always think that when the cameras are
on, you’re gonna be saying something, but I just stuck with it. Then they said, “Senator, turn around and
walk down the path a little bit, pick the rock up and throw it in the water.” Now, interesting enough, they brought these
rocks up from Los Angeles, if I recall correctly. Yeah, we had all of our props lined up. We wanted to make a video that looked like
maybe Gravel just put a camera on a tripod and was just improvising, the way someone
might take a selfie. Wow. One of the more unusual presidential ad campaigns
begins. The media had a mystery on their hands. Why would any presidential candidate produce
a video that is this strange? So, normal reaction was, “well, we’ll
contact the Senator and find out what the heck he thinks he was doing with this.” And, of course, that’s when it came into
the situation where I hadn’t given any thought to what I was doing. I’m embarrassed if I have to call them and
ask ‘em, and so I just doped it out, that this was a metaphor of life. I didn’t view it as a political spot at
all. Throwing a rock in the in the water was a
metaphor for causing ripples and changes in society and then walking down and disappearing. Isn’t that what life’s about? Now, that’s a metaphor for somebody who’s
trying to do something significant. Now, that many of the pundits don’t understand
that, is that a surprise to you? That’s right, we don’t understand it. At the core of the videos isn’t a code to
be deciphered, but was designed to elicit a certain response. We wanted people to sit up from their couch
and ask, “what was that? Who is that person?” And specifically, to go to the website. Now we have a theater of politics. It’s just one more way for people to entertain
themselves. One more channel to tune into, one more show. While politics has theater as a component
of it, our politics shouldn’t be theater.

Maurice Vega

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  1. lol of fucking course NBC never actually talks about his actual policy positions, and thus goes directly against the final lines "our politics shouldn't *be* theatre".

  2. "our politics shouldn't be theater" πŸ‘πŸΎπŸ‘πŸΎπŸ‘πŸΎ say it louder for the ones in the back

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