The Rise of Skywalker: Was Leia a JEDI? (SPOILERS)

Hey everybody and welcome to Leia’s Lair. In today’s episode we will be going over
how Leia Organa became a Jedi. A flashback scene in Star Wars: The Rise of
Skywalker confirms that Leia Organa trained in the Force and became a Jedi. George Lucas gave us some hints about her
force sensitivity back in the original trilogy when he decided that she was the daughter
of Vader and the sister of Luke. “You have a power, I don’t understand,
and could never have.” “You’re wrong, Leia.” We also get an indication when Yoda refers
to another hope who could save the galaxy. “That boy is our last hope.” “No, there is another.” In the original trilogy, Leia’s force sensitivity
is shown when she is able to sense Luke’s whereabouts, even before she learns of the
bond they have. “Leia.” “Luke.” The sequel trilogy continued to explore Leia’s
connection to the Force. While she was more focused on politics instead
of becoming a Jedi, but her Force abilities were still on display. She felt the death of Han Solo in Star Wars:
The Force Awakens and the passing of Luke in Star Wars: The Last Jedi. But, her grandest display of ability came
after she was close to death and floating in space, as Leia used the Force to fly back
to the ship that she was blasted from. In The Rise of Skywalker, it is revealed that
Luke trained Leia in the Force. This flashback sequence isn’t their first
training session, but rather the last night of her training according to Luke. The scene shows two individuals wearing blinding
helmets that conceal their faces and fighting through the forest with lightsabers. Luke battles with his green lightsaber and
Leia wields her own blue lightsaber. The fight doesn’t show Leia using any new
Force powers, but it does demonstrate her ability in combat as she bests Luke in their
fight. Clearly, Luke has taught Leia well and she
was well on her way to being a true Jedi.The confirmation of Leia’s Force training wasn’t
just Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker using this idea, but it also allowed Leia to be
a teacher as well. Following the death of Luke, it is Leia who
trains Rey in The Rise of Skywalker. They’ve set up a training course on the base
planet of the Resistance and Rey even refers to Leia as Master. Even though she is called a Master, it is
important to note that Leia does not appear to complete her Jedi training. Leia decided to stop her training before taking
on the duties of a Jedi because she sensed that it would not end well. She felt that Ben Solo would die if she continued
her Jedi training. To try and prevent this from happening, Leia
laid down her lightsaber and gave up her training. Once Leia decided to stop her Jedi training,
that meant laying down her own lightsaber for good. While we don’t see her construct the saber,
we do know that it typically happens early on in the training of a Jedi Padawan. Leia’s lightsaber remained in Luke’s possession
after she quit because she believed that one day it would be picked up again. The saber ends up playing an important part
in the events that follow, being critical in the defeat of Palpatine and the Final Order. And there you have it! Thanks for watching everyone! What do you think about Leia becoming a Jedi
? Let me know down below in the comment section. And remember to like, share, and subscribe
to the channel for more great videos to come. I hope to see you all again in Leia’s Lair.

Maurice Vega

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  1. I believe what we saw in “The Rise Of Skywalker” was just a small sampling of what was originally intended for Leia in this movie. It’s no secret that she was supposed to be at the front and centre of the overall story.

    Kathleen Kennedy stated in an interview with Vanity Fair that a script had already been finalised around the time Carrie Fisher had passed away. She went on to say that they had to regroup at Lucasfilm in January of 2017 and “start from scratch”. This was back when Colin Trevorrow was set to direct TROS.

    Multiple cast members have spoken on how TROS was supposed to be Leia’s movie. Todd Fisher even touched upon the original plan by stating that Leia was going to be “the last jedi”, complete with her own lightsaber. Had Carrie Fisher of not passed away, TROS would be a totally different movie.

    For example, the scene between Ben Solo and his memory of Han Solo was clearly meant for Leia for when she would evidently confront him.

  2. That would have ONLY made Leia a PADAWAN NOT capable of teaching or were padawans teaching in any of the other Star Wars material BEFORE the Palpatine Saga. Yeah the Disney trilogy is the Palpatine Saga because Luke NEVER changed his name to Kenobi when he found out he was the son of Vader. Same on you Minnie for NOT spending time with Mickey and forcing the Palpatine Saga to be made #blameMinnie for the drek of the Disney trilogy.

  3. did we all ignore how leia literally talked to ben using the force during the rey/kylo fight, with people saying that it would "take up all her energy", just like how luke died when he made a force doppelganger in the last movie.

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