The Responsible Girlfriend and Trying to Get Sober

(jazzy music) Good morning. Good morning. You have a red light ticket and you have five parking tickets. I am aware, there were, the parking tickets and, four of the parking tickets and the red light ticket was not myself. I share the car with my boyfriend, unfortunately. And he got those tickets. Where is he? This morning. Not here. Well, I mean, my question is, “Why didn’t he come in and fess up to this?” ‘Cause I’m the responsible one, and he’s not. Now, I want you to relax, all right? I mean, these are not crimes of moral turpitude. These are traffic offenses, you know, we all get parking tickets, things happen, right? But it bothers me, like in situations where somebody else is responsible and they take the position where the car’s under your name, and you go in. Of course. And that’s what he said to you, right? Is he working? He’s not working. So he’s home; he’s still sleepin’. Yep. And you’re here. (laughter in courtroom) Is he still driving your car? No. Oh, you bumped him? I’m just not driving it altogether because of these tickets. All right, so… And now I have a boot on the car. And that’s why you came in, because there’s a boot on the car. Other than that you wouldn’t even be here, right? No, honestly, I really would, I’m honest to God, I’m just paying off school last week. I made my last payment in school, so I’ve been trying to get back into school. Now, which made me behind in paying off those tickets, but… Listen, my heart goes out to you, you know, I mean, I understand that, I congratulate you for pursuing an education, right? I congratulate you for working hard to get through school. All of those things are wonderful. I’m not sure about your choice of companionship, right? What does this guy do? Does he work? He don’t work. You work; you go to school; he don’t work. (deep sigh) What do you want to tell me about the parking tickets? Who got the parking tickets, you or he? I did get one of them. There’s a mandatory fee of $100 for a boot fee. The city hires a private contractor, and the contractor gets paid $100, so the city has already paid somebody $100, right? Because your… Here. Whatever you call him, boyfriend, companion, friend got these tickets. And sent you… I can’t tell you how much it bothers me that he’s not here. It really, really, I wish he were here. I have a couple of things I would like to say to him. Maybe Inspector Quint could talk to him a little bit privately, too. What do you think Inspector Quint? I think I could probably locate him since he’s not busy at work. (laughter in the courtroom) The total fine and fees was $490 plus a $100 fee, which was $590. Right, I’m going to reduce the tickets to $100, and it’s gonna cost you a $100 boot fee, so it’s gonna be a total of $200. Okay. I wish that somehow, some way, you hold him responsible. I really do. Definitely. I mean, I know this is a… I don’t mean to be embarrassing you, or in any way, but I know that these are affairs of the heart, and we can’t, they’re tough to explain and all of that, but, maybe you should try to get some sense into this guy. Thank you. There’s another way to do it. That’s pulling the keys and saying, “You’re walking, buddy. “You’re not driving anymore.” Thank you. Good luck. (transition music) I walk a fine line when I tell somebody that I think they may have made a poor choice in companionship. It really goes beyond my role of a judge, but when I see a promising individual, like this young lady, who in my opinion is being taken advantage of, Judge Caprio gets out-voted by Papa Caprio, and I can’t help but give relationship advice. I hope she took it. (transition music) So you’ve been charged with having an open can of alcohol. You were at a bus stop on Broad Street, according to the report. I guess the police would’ve just told you to leave, but, you became a little irate, and according to the report, you threw the can at the police car. So, how do you plead to the charge? Your Honor, I plead guilty but it was a plastic empty bottle. It wasn’t a can that I threw at the cop, and, I was drunk, and it was a mistake. All right, the police did indicate that the can did not cause any damage to the police car. Are you all right this morning? You got some… No, I have an appointment at the Providence Center. I’ve been waiting two months, for to be there by 10:00. And I’m really down-and-out on my luck, trying to get into a program, so I’m just upset about that. Okay. Your Honor, there are two other cases open with Miss La Hood, you have in front of you there. It was set for a review. She was to come back with some documentation that she was entering into a program, and she failed to appear with that documentation. All right. Your Honor, if I may, I came at like about 9:00 or 9:15 and you were already out of session, so I brought the paperwork up to the window, and they copied it and said they would put it in my folder. Jennifer, you have two other charges before this court, where you appeared previously. All of them are related to you having an issue with alcohol. First one, that goes back some time, you, the case was continued for you to get some help. There was no evidence in our files that you did seek any help, or get into a program. Then the second case involved public drinking again. And today this case involves public drinking. So, you have three cases. Quite frankly, I really don’t know what to do. One thing I do know is that I wish we could help you. I wish I could wave a magic wand and help you. You’re not really a candidate to be incarcerated, so I’m not going to incarcerate you. Forget that. Okay? I’m gonna try to do something today to help you, all right? But first of all I want to tell you that you have the right to be represented by an attorney, right now. All right. And you also, you have the presumption of innocence on this case. The other cases you’ve already been disposed of. And you have the right to present witnesses on your own behalf. And cross-examine witnesses. You have the right to have the city prove each and every allegation, beyond a reasonable doubt. And you have the right to remain silent. You understand all those? Yes, Your Honor. Okay. You’ve been through this; you know that. (deep sigh) What do you think will help you? Tell me. Well, I guess all year long, I’ve been trying to get into a program. I’ve been to Butler, and AdCare, and that my insurance is, I don’t think they’re willing to pay for anything anymore. But, so I was gonna, I’ve been waiting for when I went to Butler they made this appointment at the Providence Center at 10:00 today. But again, I mean, everything I own is what I’m wearing. I have no money, no bus pass. I’m gonna have to walk there, but I’m hoping I can get a case manager and they can help me, and guide me in the right direction, once I get to the appointment. You don’t belong in the criminal justice system. You’ve been arrested numerous times; they’re all alcohol related. You need some treatment. You need some help. Yes, I understand. Here’s what I’d like to do. I’d like to continue these cases until I’m here again, okay? Maybe a couple of months from now, just to review, and see where you are. Okay? And, hopefully you’ll be in a program, at that point, hopefully you’ll be able to come back here, and show some kind of certification that you’re engaged in a program, or even have someone from one of the programs call us and say that you’re there and you’re under treatment. And if that happens, then I’ll dismiss these, ’cause I want you to help yourself. That’s what I want. I appreciate that, Your Honor. Okay? Good luck to you. 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Maurice Vega

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  1. I wish to God we had more Judges like you sir! In the years of making court appearances to prosecute felony defendants, some folks need a good talking to. If I were in your place, if allowed, I would have ordered Inspector Quinn (presuming he is an armed police officer) to serve a Body Attachment and bring this boyfriend before me. On many occasions, defendants panic when they go before a Judge such as yourself and that is all they need to move on and behave in society. I know since I have personally followed-up on many defendants who changed their lives around because of a Judge who took the time and cared.

  2. Judge Caprio God has blessed you. Thank you for being a good human. I hope God give you a long and healthy life so you can help many needed ones. Thank you again.

  3. Make sure you pick your partner wisely. We sit there and say I love you and put our partners through bad situations like this. Make sure your partner is a true follower. Sad story girls in providence end up having babies by these guys and then are stuck.

  4. A sensação que tenho quando assisto os vídeos do Juízo Caprio, é que ele tem uma conversa com Deus todos os dias antes de ir para o trabalho. Vida longa pra ele.

  5. Judge di Caprio is humanity personified. I'd love follow up on the alcoholic lady, whether she eventually got into a programme, and how it's panning out.

  6. 'If you get treatment, I will dismiss the cases'. That's such a humane way to hold her responsible but also give her a chance to dig herself out of the hole she's gotten into. Beautiful resolution your Honor.

  7. I got a speeding ticket (90 in a 65) and went to court to explain why i was speeding and I told the judge that I work from 6pm to 2:30am and when I got off work I wanted to get home and sleep, so the judge understood and said, "I can see that you're good driver and didn't intentionally speed and I understand that working past midnight is tiring, so I'm going to reduce your fine by half so instead of paying $489, you'll need to pay $244".

  8. Thinking about going to providence for a weekend, rack up a few parking violations, and neglect to pay them just to meet this man.

  9. First girl is so beautiful, why is a such an amazing and attractive lady like that is in court and her dbag bfriend does not do nothing? Shame, shame, do not send inspector Quinn, send some of her unreliable cousins talk to him. I wished I knew this girl. Would marry her !

  10. She needs to dump him and get her self a real man. What man let's his women go alone. She should tell Tyrone to get a job.

  11. I’m wondering if that young lady is in an abusive relationship…She just seems really timid and nervous when talking about him & you can tell that she continues to cover for him in multiple ways. I hope that, if that’s the case, she gets out of there ASAP. I wish her the best.

  12. I really hope that woman gets sober. I know how bad addiction is and how hard it is to get sober. My heart breaks for her. So many people don’t understand addiction and don’t understand that NO ONE wants to live life like that, TRUST ME. We need more people who understand addiction and CARE about the addicted.

  13. My heart was breaking for the alcoholic lady. I pray she is in a program now and getting the treatment to turn her life around.

  14. Regarding that first case: I hope Inspector Quinn rousts that deadbeat boyfriend out of bed, and gives him a piece of his mind. He, not his girl friend, should be answering those charges in court.

  15. Respect for giving her a chance. So many dint want help though they miss the drink. Hopefully this lady makes the judge proud he gave her a option

  16. I always feel better when Judge Caprio says, "take all the time you need to pay". Or, "you can work out a payment plan with Gertrude. Take as long as you need."
    But, I can't help wonder if the people with the tickets think he is being sarcastic when he says to take their time paying.

  17. Some people have it so hard. Wishing that lady (last case) all the best. – Sir Caprio is one good judge and I salute him.

  18. I don't feel sorry for that lady with the alcohol addiction at all. She's not ready to get clean or she would have. I'm 2 years sober the 28th today from opiates snd alcohol , because I was ready. Caprio I know you have good intentions, but you can't force someone to get clean If they aren't ready. You're wasting resources. Now I know this subject is touchy, and everyone's got s right to their own opinion, but she's crying because her life sucks as an alcoholic and she's in trouble. Not because she's ready to get clean. Or she'd have some type of treatment attempt under her belt.

  19. Millions have problem with alcohol, very few has problem with weed…
    People in the countries are smarter than the countries

  20. The alcohol has beat the ish out of this woman…hoping she accepts help before the alcohol finishes the job…

  21. Learn a lot from judge frank to be humanity, what's right or wrong and some funny moments. Thanks a lot for uploading.

  22. The relationship advice you gave to that girl was excellent judge Caprio !! I'm sure she will think more about herself and her future
    After this advice.

  23. You get sober when you decide not to drink. I quit drinking at 23, sober for 38 years. I just picked a day and told myself I'd never drink again. It's a better life without it, Alcohol is called rotgut for a reason, it rots your guts.

  24. You exhibit all traits we need in public servants. How can that standard be enforced. Of By and For the People …thank you

  25. I wish if I could tell this to the girl and every other person who can relate, just dump him! You're an honest person, you're strong. Stay single until the right one comes by.

  26. I feel this young girl is in an abusive relationship. I am going to pray she gets away from him. I know the looks. I have lived it.

  27. I would like to just say what a intelligent carrying judge that Frank Caprio does for people this day in age. I have been in the courtroom many times on different occasions that the judges just does not give a s*** about the average person they think that they have more power then everybody else. It's funny how the world goes round anymore. I would say this that most of our judges attorneys deputies Troopers Exedra in Michigan have attitude problems as well as they cannot sleep at night. I'll tell you this that I've owned my own business for 36 years as well as a correction officer in the prison system it just seems like you cannot trust anyone for a handshake agreement or find a person with a good positive attitude towards the law as judge Frank Caprio. Thank you

  28. That poor lady with the alcohol addiction, it’s hard. My best friend used to be an addict and he really suffered. He’s been sober for two years now and I’m proud of him. My heart goes out to this lady!

  29. This episode has been really touching. Fingers crossed for both ladies. I wish we had such law persons in my country.

  30. Judge Caprio you will always be blessed for a man not with deep pockets for your city yet for such a big heart. You deserve a 4 clover of true gold. Thankyou

  31. 2:04 Here is the sigh of a grandfather who wants his dear grandchild to know she is worthy of a better man than the one she is with. God bless her, I hope she dumps the douche.

  32. That's exactly what I said in a column on another video…
    He is more of a parent / a councillor to people who come in of all ages…
    Papa Caprio is the correct term for this kind compassionate man …

  33. That's exactly what I said in a column on another video…
    He is more of a parent / a councillor to people who come in of all ages…
    Papa Caprio is the correct term for this kind compassionate man …

  34. I could never do that to my girl. My wife offered me money to get a Bluetooth for my trucks that I drive, I told her no I can handle it. My wife offered me money for a down payment on a car and I said no, I make more money. Women are so precious and if they love you, a man can get whatever he wants, but if you love them, you would never do something like this to them. My wife is awesome.

  35. That's not relationship. It bothers me too. If she does not let him go, she is going to be part of the problem judge. I learn the hard way this proverb. Better to be alone than in bad company.

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