The REAL Reason Kamala Harris Dropped Out

>>Kamala Harris has dropped out of the presidential
race. She was not doing well in the polls. She was expecting to drop out at some point
but it was shocking that she did so as soon as she did. Now we’re gonna go through her campaign, what
she pretended to support in the beginning, what she actually ended up supporting in the
end. And then we’ll share our theories as to why
she’s decided to drop out, but I do wanna read from her official statement on this,
which she posted on Medium. 11 months ago at the launch of our campaign
in Oakland I told you all I am not perfect. But I will always speak with decency and moral
clarity and treat all people with dignity and respect. I will lead with integrity. I will speak the truth. And that’s what I have tried to do every day
of this campaign. So here’s the truth today. I have taken stock and looked at this from
every angle and over the last few days have come to one of the hardest decisions of my
life. My campaign for president simply does not
have the financial resources we need to continue. She continues to write, I’m not a billionaire. I can’t fund my own campaign. And as the campaign has gone on, it’s become
harder and harder to raise money we need to compete. So that’s her official statement, before we
rewind and take a look at how she conducted her campaign, do you wanna jump in Cenk?>>Yeah, so I think that she’s being honest
and acknowledging that she’s financially strapped and that’s one of the issues, but that’s only
half the equation. The other half of the equation also has to
do with donors. And this is the part that’s not spoken about. So when a real contender drops out relatively
early, and that is what’s happening here, Kamala Harris has always been a real contender. And she was top five when she dropped out. Now you might say, hey, five doesn’t sound
that close to one. But remember, at different times there’s been
27 candidates in this race and with her exit, there still remains 15. So she was always in the top tier and she
was in the top tier now. She’s dropping out a couple of months before
the voting begins, so that is definitely surprising. So, what happened? Well, as happened on the Republican side was
Scott Walker back in 2016 and other potential top tier contender that dropped out very early. Usually what happens is that the donors call
you and go, it’s not gonna be you. It’s gonna be someone else that we support. So you need to get out now because you’re
taking away points from the other person we’re supporting. So, I believe that is part of what happened
here. And so do I have inside information about
that from the Harris’ campaign? I wanna be very clear, no, I do not. This is my knowledge of politics and my experience
and expertise gained over a quarter of a century. Telling you guys that usually there are conversations
like this also within Democratic Party. Now remember, Bernie’s a second place in Iowa,
New Hampshire, Nevada and nationally. So, we have to coales the moderates centrist
corporate Democrats behind one candidate. And Kamala turns out it’s not gonna be you. Now a lot of people thought it was gonna be
her, including me. I though she was going to be the establishment
candidate, but as it turned out she wasn’t. And so now there is an attempt by the Democratic
Party machine slash the donor class to take out the other moderates, so they could focus
their energy on likely Buttigieg.>>So do you think there’s a possibility that
one of the front runners obviously not Bernie Sanders, but one of the other front runners,
maybe struck a deal with her as a potential VP pick?>>Yeah, look, anything is possible, but I’d
be surprised by that cuz there’s too many front runners for her to actively and accurately
guess as to who’s going to win. So
>>Or Attorney General, which is apparently trending right now as we speak on social media.>>Yeah, but who would she have made the deal
with Biden or Buttigieg not gonna be Klobuchar, not gonna be Bloomberg. It’s not gonna be Warren or Sanders, so I
just don’t see it. Maybe I’m wrong about that. It’s not that I would say, that is unethical
and they would make that kind of deal. No, no, no, let’s not be naive. It’s just that I don’t know who would offer
that deal. And who she would think would be credible
enough to accept it from. No, I think she really legitimately ran outta
money. And when the numbers came out at the end of
December for the next quarter, she was going to be very low on that list. And she wanna drop out before that embarrassing
moment and probably got a couple of calls from power brokers in the Democratic Party
saying, look it would be helpful if you would exit so we can all get behind one person.>>So Politico reported that apparently there
was a super PAC who that had cleared a million dollars in TV ads in Iowa to boost her struggling
campaign. So they were about to start that campaign,
I’m sorry that ad campaign and then right before they were about to do so this was announced
and they decided to pull it.>>So it was like there was some money and
some support by by donors>>No, she’s always had the most support by
the Democratic establishment when this whole race began. Buttigieg rose late and even the Democratic
donors were surprised at how long Biden has stayed at the top. So they always thought that Kamala would be
the person that would rise up and take on the progressive wing of the party. But that did not materialize in the way that
she had hoped for and that they had hoped for. So when I talk about the forces within the
Democratic Party, yeah, the Super PACs are definitely integral to that. So when somebody’s thinking of putting in
a million dollars or more either for you or for another candidate, will they have a voice
at the table? Yes, yes, they will. So to say that they won’t is incredibly naive
and purposely ignores the elephant in the room, the major force in today’s American
politics, which is the donor money, which rules almost everything.>>So let’s talk a little bit about why her
campaign started out pretty strong and then ended up struggling, okay? Because her messaging in my opinion and I’m
gonna provide evidence that really bears this out was unclear, was wishy washy. She did start out attempting to appear as
though her positions on policies were incredibly progressive. In fact, here’s a mash up that kind of gives
you a sense of that.>>Hey, guys, you know what, America does
not wanna witness a food fight. They wanna know how we’re going to put food
on their table.>>This president walks around talking about
and flaunting his great economy, right? My great economy, my great economy. You ask him, how you’re measuring this greatness
of this economy of yours? And he talks about stock market, well, that’s
fine if you own stocks. So many families in America do not. You ask them how are you measuring the greatness
in this economy of yours? And they point to the job numbers and the
unemployment numbers. Well, you have people in America are working,
they’re working two and three jobs. So when we talk about jobs, let’s be really
clear in our America, no one should have to work more than one job to have a roof over
their head and food on the table.>>So, she really focusing on economic issues
there. Issues that progressives have really brought
front and center when it comes to this election. And then things started to change when it
came to her support for medicare for all. And we’ll get to that in just a second, but
do you wanna jump in?>>Yeah, so she had the right lane, which
now Buttigieg occupies if you’re an establishment candidate. What was that lane? To be brazenly pro-corporate conservative
Democrat? No, that’s the lane of for example, John Delaney,
Michael Bennett, Amy Klobuchar, and that’s a lane that’s headed nowhere. That’s a cul de sac. So that is not the correct lane, the correct
lane politically, if you’re an establishment candidate was pretend that you’re a progressive,
but tell donors and reporters behind the scenes, I’m not really don’t worry
>>And she did that,>>Yeah, she absolutely did do that. But then she lost her nerve and she panicked
and then publicly said, no,no, no, I’m not a progressive. I’m turning against Medicare for all, I’m
turning against all these proposals. She had him, she had Biden, she landed a couple
of really strong punches against Biden on the political debate, I said that she won
that debate. Everybody says she won that debate, but I’m
just telling you as a progressive, I thought she wanted even though I don’t totally agree
with their policies. So she had the right lane, but my best guess
again is donors pulled her aside and was like, no Kamala, we’re not doing Medicare for all. I don’t even like you talking about it, so
go in the other direction. So now Buttigieg has taken that lane and it
has given him success, pretend to be a progressive, but in fact turn around and give the donors
everything they want.>>So I wanna help reinforce the point that
you just made cuz you’re absolutely right. She did have some strong moments in debates
when it came to hitting back at Biden and Buttigieg. I’m sorry, Biden on busing, I mean, so let’s
go to that video. Again, this is during one of the Democratic
debates, Kamala Harris is confronting Joe Biden on busing.>>It was hurtful to hear you talk about the
reputations of two United States senators who built their reputation and career on the
segregation of race in this country. And it was not only that, but you also work
with them to oppose busing. And there was a little girl in California,
who was part of the second class to integrate her public schools, and she was bused to school
every day. And that little girl was me.>>Yeah, I think that was her strongest performance
in the debates. And honestly after that she did become even
more wishy washy on Medicare for All.>>Yeah
>>She did waffle on a lot of these policy issues that progressives care about and look,
the mistake that candidates are making. This isn’t just about Kamala Harris, this
is about a number of candidates who keep pretending as though they have progressive policy stances. They think progressives are stupid, they think
progressives aren’t paying attention. We’re paying close attention to everything
these candidates say, both on the campaign trail and on the debate stage. And so they can raise their hand and claim
that they’re in favor of doing away with private insurers. They can pretend like they support Medicare
for all. But the devil’s in the details and I think
over and over again we have seen candidate suffer when they waffle on Medicare for all. When they say one thing on the debate stages,
say something completely different behind the scene.>>With notable exception of Pete Buttigieg
because the media refuses to criticize him under any and all circumstances.>>But here is the thing, like Pete Buttigieg
I don’t think he has ever really pretended to support Medicare for all>>No he did, in 2018, he boldly said he was
for Medicare for all, when it was polling well and he thought he was gonna to pretend
to be a progressive. The media will not criticize him under penalty
of law and I say that in relationship to Kamala Harris cuz they did criticize her from time
to time on her waffling, on her raising of her hands but then putting it down after the
debates. So when they noticed that she was doing those
things they would criticize her. When she attacked Biden a lot of the press
criticized her for being too hard on Biden. And that got her waffling and then eventually
she went back to being supportive of Biden, and so that, got into her head a little bit. So I give that as a comparison to Buttigieg
because Buttigieg never gets criticized for anything, anything at all. So he gets a free ride. And so I don’t know that it’s racial or it’s,
gender related. I really, really don’t know that. But I think it’s fair for people to ask why
is there even among two candidates that are incredibly similar. They’re the same exact campus not a progressive
versus establishment. So that doesn’t explain it between Buttigieg
and Kamala Harris, they’re nearly identical. But the press was middling on Kamala Harris
to tough and total free ride for Buttigieg, back then and today on the same exact flip
flops. But I do wanna go back to Senator Harris’
issues here. She said, that girl was me, talking about
the busing, in the clip that we showed you. Biden is unbelievable, and you might have
seen the very end there, when she says that girl was me. Biden goes you didn’t see that coming? It’s unbelievable.>>He’s.>>I know what you’re talking about, but that
was kinda cut.>>That was kinda quick, but she had shirts
made out after the debate that they handed out, said that girl was me. What are you doing? That’s why Maya Rudolph started making fun
of her and saying it live because she’s pre-planning, the tweets, the social media reaction, the
merchandising, based on a line she rehearsed before the debate and they have pre-produced. No, then you look totally inauthentic. You had a great line, leave it be, leave it
be. And then in fact don’t even be, keep on going,
why did you back peddle on Biden? You had him, and you weren’t competing against
Warren or Sanders, you’re competing as Biden to be the established candidate. You should have never let the press and the
donors get into your head about don’t criticize Biden, he might eventually be out guy. Who cares, you’re running against him, you
were right about all of those, you should have gone after him on the bankruptcy bill. On giving away the taxes, even Michael Bennet
went after him for making Bush’s tax curse permanent. So there were so many things to go after there,
but her number one problem wasn’t that she made those initial attacks that’s when she
rose. There’s no question about that. When she was saying she was progressive and
she was attacking Biden, that’s when she rose up to the top three. When she was wishy washy, back pedaled, admitted
she wasn’t a progressive and stopped attacking Biden, she slid all the way back down. Then there is no question about their chronology. So now the mainstream media might try to deceive
you with a false talking points about why she might have got in the wrong direction. But the timeline is crystal clear.>>I wanna actually look at the timeline because
we have a chart from Real Clear Politics, that compares all the different candidates. And where they stood, depending on the month,
and if you can see Harris is orange. So the orange line represents Kamala Harris
and you see her spike in July, and then after that she starts to dip considerably, right? And then in April when she started experiencing
her first dip and Warren started experiencing a little bit of a surge. And remember, that was when Warren started
to really push this notion that she’s a strong progressive. She’s gonna hold Wall Street accountable at
that time, she claimed that she was a strong supporter of Medicare for all. And so I think that the media, the mainstream
media has an incentive to stay away from the true narrative, what’s really going on. What voters really want because they wanna,
they wanna keep their tax cuts. Let’s keep it real.>>Yeah, guys, put that chart back up because
I wanna show you two things about that. So, Kamala Harris goes up right after that
debate performance that we showed you guys. So you see the orange spiking up and then
you see it go down, when you start to see it go down is when she changed her stance
on Medicare for all. No ands, ifs, or buts. You see Warren in the brown, so she catches
Biden who’s in green, and then she starts to head down. That is where she changed her stance on Medicare
for all and started talking about a public option as a transition, etc. I defy anyone to show me otherwise. So those are absolutely clear, you wanna know
why? It’s not that complicated, Democratic primary
voters New York Times just did a poll on this. 81% of them want Medicare for all, where’s
the hard part? So, but the mainstream media will tell you
no, the voters don’t want Medicare for all. It’s unpopular, hey Kamala and Warren make
sure you are against Medicare for all. How’s that working out for you? And to be fair to Elizabeth Warren, she’s
not against Medicare for all, but that two tiered idea of going with a public option
first disaster, and that’s what’s tanking her numbers. So at the end of the day, when I look at all
that, I think, all right, you try to win all the field big donors, and get behind Biden
or Buttigieg, but I’ll take my chances. If it turns out Sanders is the one true progressive
that’s left, I like those odds a lot.

Maurice Vega

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