The QlikView Governance Dashboard

QlikView governance dashboard helps you learn about your QlikView environment the QlikView governance dashboard is an analysis application that uses your QlikView servers log and telemetry data allowing click view administrators to gain insights which will help them manage their click view environments efficiently and effectively obtain a detailed understanding of the operation performance of your QlikView deployments streamline your QlikView server health checks check in health status of your application reloads and monitoring their last data refresh date with the click view governance dashboard click view administrators can also monitor the number of apps they have in their click view environment and their usage over time zooming in to granular details such as how long an app has been used for when it was last accessed and by whom the click view governance dashboard can also help improve the development of click view applications by investigating their complexity and showing greater details such as object and data lineage issues for when you're considering a dual use environment or both click view and click sense or even if you're looking to switch over to click sense entirely the click view governance dashboard can assist you with such questions as which apps you should be looking at and what would be the potential impact involved when migrating click view apps over to a new clixsense environment the QlikView governor's dashboard is just one of many ways that click continues to support click view administrators all over the world to improve their productivity reduce migration costs and optimize your investment in click view

Maurice Vega

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