The Power of Money and the Tragedy of American Politics – Bernie Sanders and Joe Rogan

So, what’s the hurdle? Okay, I’ll tell you exactly what heartless the hurdle is Exactly the same thing isn’t every other aspect of our lives. It’s the power of money. All right, listen to this Over the last 20 years the drug companies alone Have spent four and a half billion dollars in 20 years on lobbying and campaign contributions that’s what we’re up against the knowledge and I Mark, my words within a short period of time you will see TV ads in California all over this country demonizing Bernie Sanders He wants to do this terrible thing to you. He wants to do that They have unbelievable amounts of money And politicians are frightened of that power How is it legal to do that? Why is it legal? Joe it is legal because they make the laws right? All right, you know it That is what here you’re touching now on the heart and soul of the tragedy of American politics How does it happen that on issue after issue? The American people the working class of this country wants something nobody pays any attention to it But billion has want something and it gets done and that has to do with a corrupt Political system. So right now if you are the Koch brothers or some multi billionaire You say to the leadership of the Republican Party and in some cases to the democratic money. Hey, guess what? We’re prepared to put hundreds of millions of dollars into UK made hundreds of millions of dollars Coming from one or two people and here is my agenda. I want tax breaks I want a trade system Which will enable me to shut down in this country and go to China or Mexico and pay people there two bucks an hour I want to be able to do more pollution because I don’t like all of this, you know money I have to spend preventing pollution of the air or the water. That’s what I want you to do And by the way, I’m worried about the deficit. So you may as well cut Social Security Medicare and Medicaid How many Americans actually believe that we should give tax breaks to billionaires and cut Social Security Medicare and Medicaid? Very few. That is talk to Mitch McConnell get Mitch on the show. That is exactly what he believes. Well, that’s ridiculous right and it seems the if you just took away those tax breaks the enormous amount of money that would come from those corporations having to pay their fair share would take care of a lot of the Expenses of all these things that you’re proposing exactly

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