The Politics of Gay Body Hair & My Manscaping Routine ✂️🏳️‍🌈

hello beautiful people welcome to the
politics of gay body hair I want to talk today about manscaping my own routine
and my tips I want to talk about gay stereotypes around body hair and what
body hair tends to represent in the community and wider world but first I
think we need to start at the very beginning which is the history of body
hair and shaving also how do you like my new background I’m quite proud of this I hope you like
it let me know in the comments down below
people have been shaving their body hair since literally the stone ages back
then people generally shaved their hair due to avoiding having it used
against them in combat and things like avoiding frostbite and stuff like that
so their decisions were less centered around like fashion and beauty and more
around survival however people have shaved their hair to varying degrees
throughout the history of the world women specifically have been shaving
their hair from much of history they shaved their body hair during Roman times
during Victorian times and of course very prevalently in the modern day
however the varying degrees of pressure that have been placed on people to shave
their body has evolved quite a lot over time for instance during Roman times
women shaving their body hair tended to be a sign of class and wealth wear areas
during Victorian times due to certain rulers like Elizabeth the first women
often had less pressure to shave their bodies and only rarely were pressured
into shaving their faces or having certain sort of shaped eyebrows in that
sort of thing this has kind of gone back and forth throughout the ages so there’s
been some periods where women have almost no pressure to shave whatsoever
and then more prevalently lots of periods where they have lots of pressure
to shave however the biggest moment in the turnaround for women being pressured
to shave their body hair was actually due to ad campaigns for razors the new
safe razor was introduced in the nineteen hundreds which pressured women
into shaving their armpits as a sign of beauty and aesthetics then due to the
changing fashion norms women were tending to wear less clothes than the
Victorian era they were more likely to wear skirts and have their legs on show
whereas previously dancers tended to be that almost the only groups of people
who had shaved their legs when women started to wear clothes that had shorter
shorts or short skirts they tended to be more obligated to then shave their legs
and that’s when the culture we know today of women’s pressures shave legs
actually started it was throughout the 1900s
now despite this however the obligation to shave pubes and trim pubes did not
actually coming too much later most of that culture actually started in the
late 20th century when women were starting to wear bikini suits and more
skimpy clothing and then all of a sudden the obligation to shaver on the pubic
region became much more normalized this was especially popularized by certain
pop singers and models and the fashion industry which made women want to look a
certain way to be beautiful and to be fashionable then we get to the present
day where women generally these days are reclaiming more control over their
bodies and generally kind of living their lives how they want to a lot of
women these days do not shave their armpits a lot of them don’t shave their
body hair at all as a protest and I think that’s a beautiful thing people
should never have to shave their bodies to capitulate to beauty norms or feel
ugly just because they don’t want to shave their armpits hair is just hair
and you should let it grow or shave it however you want to however all of this
stuff around women’s body hair doesn’t actually really relate to men’s journey
with body hair whatsoever men throughout almost all of history have had almost no
obligation to shave their bodies whatsoever now this is largely due to
the patriarchy men have been in control of society for quite a long time and so
they’ve generally had less obligation from beauty standards and that sort of
thing to really change their body in any way to fit into any norms the beauty and
fashion industry didn’t really start capitulating towards men and starting to
change the way men feel about body hair until also quite recently so in the
1900s we saw figures like David Beckham in the fashion industry and a lot of
sports personalities and male models start to shave their body hair
Mississippi this modern day man who has abs and no body hair that really came
about in the 1900s because of these sports figures and the fashion industry
and these male models specifically Cristiano Ronaldo is a very prominent
sports person who was seen modeling with his shirt off and being completely
clean-shaven in his body hair these days it’s still really perceived in a lot of
ways to be more beautiful to be a shaved man this has become even more prevalent
with the rise of something coined the metrosexual and something even were
recently labelled the Spore no sexual the metrosexual is the idea of the
modern man who moves to the city and is well trimmed and well groomed the sport
of sexual hover is people who model themselves after sports figures and feel
to capitulate to this modern Male Athlete figure who is also incidentally
often clean-shaven researched by retail analyst Mentos recently revealed that
60% of 16 to 24 year-old man removed their body hair regularly 13 percent
said they had removed their chest hair in the last year and 12 percent shaved
their armpits a remarkable one in third also shaved their pubic region I wonder
if that’s an accurate figure I feel like quite a lot of men shave around that
area these days however that is the statistic of this particular survey so
that’s the history of body hair in shaving but I want to talk a little bit
more specifically about the gay community’s perception of body hair and
how we specifically in the community handle and deal with this whole
phenomenon and the stereotypes connected to being clean-shaven or being hairy hey there oh no no this this is a make
America gay again no it’s it’s not it’s not what you think yeah but since you’re
here let’s chat about gay stereotypes and shit cuz we love talking about that
on this channel okay I don’t want to dwell on this too much because I think a
lot of this is pretty obvious we know that generally speaking twinks are
clean-shaven little like baby boys that have no hair no hair allowed bears are
like super hairy often they’re a little bit plus-sized they live their best
hairy life their best hairy fantasy you have a big thick beard otters are kind
of like twins but they’re like hairy so they’re like hairy twinks and then
that’s yeah that’s that’s pretty much it I think I pretty much have kind of
covered that like the hair base of gay men for me it’s always been really
confusing because my bottom half is basically bare and my top half is
basically twink so I’ve always been like am i an otter am I a twink am I a
bear am I like a a tear am i a bwink like how does that work exactly
people are always surprised to find out that I’m actually extremely hairy and I
don’t just mean my legs a lot of guys have hairy legs and a hairless chest
that’s not what I’m talking about I mean from the bellybutton down I am like one
of the hairiest people you’ve ever met and that’s okay I love my lower half
but it’s always been a little bit confusing growing up because I’m so
hairy on one end and so hairless on the other end I am 22 years old I’ve only
just started getting chest hair for the first time my beard is only just
starting to fill out a little bit more so hair on the upper half of my body is
a little bit new to me it’s something that I’m kind of getting used to and
adjusting to and something that I find rather intriguing it’s kind of like a
novelty for me I’m like finally going through puberty at 22 it’s quite exciting
but I’ve always felt a lot of pressure to look a certain way and kind of
capitulate into being one thing or the other like okay since I’m half hair in
half hairless I need to either shave my lower half and be a full twink
or I need to somehow become really hairy on the upper half to become a full otter
so there were stages where I would grow my beard out as much as I could to try
to be more otter like and there was moments where I did actually shave my
entire body to become a tween and really it wasn’t entirely happy with either of
those and I’ve come to a place where I’m like you know what my body’s okay
exactly how it is I’m happy with my weird
of hairiness and I actually really like body hair so I’m keeping what I’ve
gotten enjoying it even when society tells me that because I’m young and
skinny I should be shaving ultimately because I don’t want to show you I’m not
going to shave and I have a right to my own body and I want to look a certain
way it does affect my desirability in the gay community however and that’s one
of the things that I want to talk about here desirability in the gay community
is often centered around hairlessness hairlessness is often seen as more
attractive more desirable in the gay community gay men are like the queens of
manscaping they tend to do it a lot more a lot of gay men shave their
armpits a lot of gay men shave their legs it’s quite common in the gay
community one of the stereotypes of this is femininity shaving is generally
associated being more feminine in gay men that tend to shave more parts of
their bodies like their legs or their armpits it’s generally seen as being a
feminine theme this obviously carries on from society putting that on women in
the first place Society said women you got to shave your armpits and her legs
to be beautiful because we need to sell razors and women were like okay this is
now a feminine thing and then that just got passed on to gay men because gay men
are already seen as being more feminine this straight man and then of course
within the gay community some gay men are more feminine than other gay men and
there’s nothing wrong with that either some gay men are very feminine and
that’s a beautiful thing some gay men want to be more feminine and that’s why
they shaved some gay men are drag queens like myself I used to shave for drag
because that just made sense at the time to try to be more womanly when I was
performing and then of course some gay men will actually grow out as much hair
as they possibly can because they want to separate themselves from femininity
and they want to be perceived as more masculine now there’s nothing wrong with
wanting to be perceived as more feminine or more masculine but I do think that
there’s something wrong was associating those things with body hair at the end
of the day you can be the most feminine person imaginable and have a full beard
look at Jonathan from queer eye he’s a relatively at least perceived as being a
little bit of a more effeminate individual I think that he still uses
he/him pronouns but he is somebody who’s generally perceived as a little bit more
feminine he’s very very camp and that’s a beautiful wonderful thing but he’s
hairy as hell so his beard his hair has nothing to do with his femininity or his
expression I think it’s important to separate expression from body hair
because really how you dress how you express yourself in your body hair has
nothing to do with femininity or masculinity I personally quite like
having body hair and I like having a little bit of scruff these days and I
enjoy it I don’t think it makes me more masculine or more feminine I do
think that there’s a little bit of me that just want to not conform I do feel
like I’m pressured by society into conforming and just being a hairless
twink and to being more attractive I have had romantic partners want me to
shave I’ve had people that are not romantic partners but that are attracted
to me want me to shave I got a comment just the other day telling me I needed
to shave my armpits from somebody who didn’t know me at all and I was like why
should I shave my armpits for you I don’t want to shave my armpits why would
I do that that’s just not something that I’m willing to do I’m not willing to
sacrifice my self expression just to capitulate show potential romantic
partner or society at large do whatever you want to with your body hair and your
body you have complete rights over how you want to express yourself and whether
you want to shave or not so bear that in mind and make America gay again so the
final part of this video I wanted to talk about my own manscaping routine my
tips for manscaping and my overall relationship with body hair throughout my
life I don’t know how acoustics are gonna
work I am obviously filming in my bathroom right now so I’m hoping that
the audio and footage for this turns out ok fingers crossed I have had a complicated
relationship with body hair in general throughout my life and a complicated
relationship with hair I actually used to have hair that went down to about my
shoulders he’s got very very long hair I will put a picture up if I can find one
you’re welcome for that that was different period in my life most of my
life I had relatively medium to long hair
I generally wasn’t very fond good you might haircut and I have pretty much no
desire throughout my teens to capitulate to look a certain way or to appeal to
being attractive or having other people like the way that I look I just didn’t
care about that at all throughout my teens I was pretty reclusive throughout
my teens which is something that I want to talk about
the future now when I came out of the closet things changed quite drastically
because as a young gay man I felt a lot more pressure to look a certain way and
then I also wanted to be desirable for the first time my entire life I wanted
to be desirable and I was like what does desirability look like for gay men for
me at the time desirability looked like being clean-shaven having much shorter
hair and generally trying to keep things in certain places a little bit more
tripped now something else happened similar to this point in time which is
that I started doing drag at the time it was a much bigger part of my life and
when drag did become a big part of my life I felt even more obligation to
shame so I begin to shave my armpits completely I would shave down below
completely in fact actually I was pretty much a hundred percent clean cut my face
and everything below it was completely 100% shaved I even shaved my legs
I used razors for my legs and other parts my body and then I also had a hair
removal cream which I reviewed and there was a very very brief window in my life
where this was a big thing for me I would shave everything all of the time
and I hated it and I came to a realization that I was only doing it to
a look prettier as a woman when I was performing as a woman and be to
capitulate to be standards and seem more desirable now the modern day I feel zero
obligations to capitulate whatsoever I’ve grown my armpit hair out again look
at these beautiful armpit hairs so these days I shaved very little I do however
stotram quite a lot so talking about my current manscaping routine I shave my
nipples still because I do not like nipple hair I think it’s gross and I
started to shave a little bit of my chest hair because I’m still getting new
Chester is coming in so they’re coming in on evenly and kind of patchy so I
have started trimming around my chest hair to keep things more evenly I also
show you something like the odd runs up hair look like it I have a lot of moles
so I get like bizarre those like big ugly gross mole hairs all over the place
I get some on my back which I do shave I’ll like use mirrors to shave my back a
little bit we want some way I don’t it’s like not a
super big deal but I’ll get those odd body hairs the one thing like live your
best life have whatever body here you want and never feel an obligation to
shave for anybody however those one odd like super long gross hairs just pluck
them get rid of them it’s gross sorry that’s just my opinion down below
I do trim everyone to my trim I love trail sometimes I don’t at all I don’t
really care a whole lot about that but I do trip down below I don’t want to ever
be clean-shaven down there anymore I don’t really care a lot about that but I
do like having things a little bit more need a little bit more presentable and
then obviously I do usually have facial hair it’s usually very small I kind of
keep a little bit of scruff I like being scruffy and I trim it I have my little
like body hair trimmer which I’ve use on my face and that just helps me keep
everything at one pretty even length which I quite enjoy so I do use that on
my face and I almost always have facial hair now I like it I generally like to
keep it and then I do trim with my other razor a little bit closely so that it’s
like a little bit more contour a little bit cleaner I also cut my own hair this
is not necessary body camera lady but I always cut my own hair now so I have a
razor which I do the sides with and then I actually cut the top of my hair as
well here is to know what you guys think about body hair down look do you like it
do you hate it – you prefer clean-cut do you prefer body hair or what are your
thoughts very curious to know hope you guys are doing this video I hope that
you found it informative and interesting remember the world is a very noisy place
so make your words count tip thanks so much for watching and I’ll see you in
the next video bye

Maurice Vega

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  1. My first time being naked on camera! Haha how do y'all feel about body hair?!

    I couldn't of made this video without the help of my Patrons – so if you want to help me make more content like this, please consider supporting me:

    Also I can't believe I made this entire video about body hair without talking about the fetishes! Especially in the gay community, a lot of glamorisation of hairlessness comes as part of the kink/fetish communities, where hairlessness is a sign of submission to a dom. I think that adds a really interesting element to this conversation, but to be clear, I don't think there's anything wrong with those fetishes, and glorifying hairlessness as part of a fetish with the consent of a partner, so long as they're happy with it, is not really harmful in the way that perpetuating stereotypes is.

  2. OMG!!! Your body is so beautiful! The topic is very important, i have a particular interest in study body dissafaction among gay, bi and trans guys.

  3. This should've been a topic that I should have had ZERO interest in…but I actually enjoyed it a lot. "Why?", you ask? Well because I have virtually no body hair except for my legs…and even my legs are weird 'cause my dad had NO hair on his legs. LOL. Most of us Asians have very little, to no, hair on our bodies…and we don't have a scent. Yes, I haven't worse deodorant since high school, and I only wore it because everyone else was…but then later realized I don't have a smell. It sounds like a good thing, but it also means that scents don't stay on me…like cologne.

    I'm REALLY happy that you're comfortable with your body! It took me sooooooo long to me happy with my body. I've told you before, but it's always worth mentioning…I think you look great, Bradley…and I hope that you continue to be an example for other twinks 'cause EVERYONE should be proud of how they look! I've always been intrigued by the gay body groups…and I've always only heard them from a white standpoint, so I've never really known what group I fit into. I've had people call me a twink, but I don't think I look like most twinks…and I don't feel like I'm an otter 'cause I have very little body hair. Anyways, I'm straying. LOL. For the record, I love body hair on guys…and I love no body hair on guys…I’m really not picky…what’s more important is how they own their bodies, confidence is SEXY to me!

    Please continue to make great videos and starting next month Imma be upping my Patreon donation 'cause I'm really enjoying your videos and you've shown me that you're uploading consistently, every week. So thank you for the, always entertaining, videos and please keep up the good work.

    PS – my favourite videos of yours have been your world news ones. Tied to that, I love your background ‘cause it looks reflective of your news reports…particularly with the globe. (I’m glad you’re not a flat earther!!!) I know you catch flack from people but like I've told them in the comments section…"if you don't fuckin' like it…go make your own YouTube channel and make news reports!!!" 😜

  4. A good video topic! I personally do not like excess body hair. I have never been really hairy. I have leg hair, and hair "where it counts" but even though I am over 50 I have very very little armpit hair and no chest hair. Additionally, I can not grow a beard, though I could grow a moustache and a goatee (and then look like the Devil). I like twinkish guys, and prefer them to be smooth chested. But I do like pubes and armpit hair (so long as neither is a forest). I think young guys look hot with pit hair. I prefer my guys to have pubes, and not heavily trimmed ones. A nice bush is a great thing. I also like some hair in the ass crack, though a smooth ass is a must.

  5. I can relate to the unequal distribution of body hair. I have beard like Santa but everything below is pretty much hairless. In my youth the lack of body hair actually made me subconscious but also helped me to build my self-esteem and not depend on how other people see me.

  6. Enjoyed the video so much! Personally, I like the clean cut look on my face…and believe it or not have never had any hair on my legs.

    I've never shaved my pubic hair. I still remember being in like 8th grade or so and in the gym changing room one of the guys already had a full bush , and I was so excited when my bush came along as I thought it was a great enhancer for the beauty of a cock. I was just reading on the internet the other day about pubic hair on men and why we have it, and then your video came out! Great job.

  7. I really cant understand that Guy keep their "love trail". To each their own. But it's so weird for me, most men like to have their torso clean so why some keep this ? 😅 For me I Do pretty Much exalty like you without the trail…

  8. Small Beard🧔 scruff, clean torso, shave Balls🎱 , pubes🍆 Cut between 3-6mm, no butt🍑 hair, living my best life 💯

  9. Of course, it is true that there are some men who are naturally more hairless and have smooth chests and legs, while there are others who are very hairy all over. I have always found lack of body hair more appealing, particularly if it is naturally that way, but I’m well aware that there are people who feel exactly the opposite. To me it comes down to personal preference and not to whether someone fits a stereotype. I don’t even think in terms like “twink,“ “bear,“ etc.; I just think that a person looks good the way they are or doesn’t. But it’s not a value judgment, and it has nothing to do with how well I like the person as a person. It’s simply about physical attraction, which is only one part of what makes a person attractive as a whole. As for myself, I don’t really do much of any body trimming, but it’s not like anybody sees my body most of the time these days anyway. 😕

    P.S. Now I know why you were looking for the picture of Connor Franta with a Twinkie! 😆

  10. Bradley, I like one of your videos about the politics of gay body hair and your Manscaping routine, so I'm proud of you for being my idol and a great role model to me of the LGBTQ community!!!

  11. Notwithstanding the title, I appreciated the more overarching message of DO YOU. So many pressures to conform. Argh. Great video. Think we saw more of your sense of humor than in any past video, at least among the videos I have seen. Proud of you, Bradley! (PS I'm clearly out of step; I still think of it as a "treasure trail." LOL)

  12. Armpits hair it's normal to me, pubic hair is a yes to me, i don't like who shaves the private parts, arms and legs i got no problems if you have or not, but back hair, hair on the butt line or on the ass cheeks, or a lot chest hair is a no to me

  13. Nice looking outfits. I think it was interesting what you shared and what you learned. it was informative. You were detailed. People do have nerve to tell you what they do with your body. They are not doing anything for you. It is interesting you had long hair too. You really opened up a lot in this video. You really did.

  14. Could you do a video showing how you cut your own hair (on your head)? I've tried but have trouble. The sides are easy with a trimmer, but the top is difficult.

  15. I love body hair. Period. Bare chested but love a hairy chest on another. But basically, hair has no place in what I find attractive in another man. I can appreciate it hair or no hair. But hate completely shaved pubic hair. Baldness in the lower regions has always seemed unnatural to me. So, no, completely shaved in that area is a turn off for me.

  16. I used to use that type of razor with the straight shaver on the back of it. Does yours have 2 separate power buttons for the front & back? If not, try disconnecting the front blades to reduce power consumption & charging frequency. I found that each full charge lasted WAY longer that way.

  17. as an afab nonbinary person i get told to shave a lot, but it doesnt feel authentic to me. thank you for this video – i feel much more secure in my choices

  18. Love your opinions on these topics. I will admit I haven't heard of someone not liking nipple hair, but I get why, haha. I'm probably just out of the loop.

  19. I watched this with interest. I think to some extent body hair is influenced by fashion more than ideas about masculinity. If you think back to the sixties, body hair was more acceptable for both male and female (have a look at the illustrations in the original “The Joy of Sex”). In the UK I’d probably think of the footballer, George Best, and Sean Connery as icons of the time – both hairy. In terms of gay culture the clone era showed a definite preference for hair and I guess part of the idea behind clones was an attempt to reject camp stereotypes. However, it’s interesting that so-called masculine sports like bodybuilding, boxing and wrestling seem to have always featured shaved bodies.

    From my own experience as an older gay man, it’s been common throughout my adulthood for gay men to shave their chests, but it wasn’t really until 20 years ago that I started to encounter men who would shave or even trim their pubic hair. Such trimming seemed to concentrate on the balls before becoming more widespread.

  20. Don't shave! What!? Do what you want bro! Your natural hair is beautiful! Manscaping is cool and.little.teim to keep things neat, but to be told to shave….um no. Bye boy! Bye! I think you're beautiful

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