The Politics of Branding, Meeting Obama & Trump’s First Year: The Daily Show

– This is a little something we decided to put together
to wrap up the year. The year is not over but uh, we’re all gonna die
so we figured why not just do this? It was a crazy year, 2017. Sexual harassment. Russians. Russians sexually
harassing the election something like that. (laughing) Now the Republicans
they gotta work hard. They gotta get rid
of Obamacare, right? Because they named it Obamacare. (laughing) That’s probably the most fun
thing about American politics for me is that half
of it is branding. That’s all it is. (laughing) The Republicans can’t
fix Obamacare because they named it Obamacare because if they fix it
then Obamacare works and they can’t
have Obamacare work but it’s not really Obamacare it’s the Affordable Care Act but they named it Obamacare ’cause they knew
when they said it their voters would
hear black medicine and they wouldn’t want that. (laughing) What they didn’t realize
is that black medicine can fix white
cancer and so now… (laughing) They’re in a sticky situation. (clapping) And all it is is branding. Obamacare is a genius,
genius name to give it because it doesn’t sound like
a national healthcare plan. Obamacare sounds like
you’re gonna hurt your knee and Barack’s gonna walk in
the room and kiss it better. That’s all it sounds like. Like you gonna be like, “Oh I think it’s broken.” He’s gonna come in like
“All right. Bring it in, uh bring it in.
Come on. Come on. Bring it in. (kissing noise) There you go. All right go on. Get outta here. Go on now.” That’s what it sounds like. Obamacare. It’s all branding. That’s really all it is. Political branding
and say what you want about the Republicans. They are brilliant at
political branding. Democrats. Nice people. Have no clue how to brand. (laughing) None whatsoever. Like they just throw
things against the wall. See what sticks. Resist. (laughing) What are we resisting? Everything. (laughing) Republicans know, you know? Every single issue they brand connects with you emotionally. You know, like gun control. Huh? They gonna
control your guns. I don’t even have a
gun and I’m like no. (laughing) Every issue. Pro-life or pro-choice.
That’s another one. That’s a powerful one. I remember the first time
someone asked me that. They were like Trevor are
you pro-life or pro-choice? I was like uh, both? (laughing) ‘Cause like that’s
a trick question. How do you say
you’re not pro-life? You’re an asshole.
That’s what you are. Are you pro-life? No I’m
not. No. I don’t like life. No, no life for me. I’ll have life on
the side thank you. No life. No. It’s a trick question. You’re an asshole. ‘Cause I am. I’m both. I believe that human beings
have the right to exist and I also believe that women
have the right to decide what happens on the
inside of their bodies. That’s what I believe. (cheering) All right? But it’s a slick move. It’s political branding. Yeah. Pro-life. You answered in the negative. You look like an asshole.
That’s what it is. It’s simple brand. Look I’ll give an example now. We can do it in this room. All the men in this
room raise your hand. If you identify as a
man, get your hand up. All the way up. All the way up. Hold it up there. Now only drop your hand if
you have stopped masturbating. (laughing) You see? You’re
like, uh, oh wait. Uhhhh. Uh I don’t want my wife
to think I’m a quitter. Uhhhh. That’s all it is. And ladies, the hand they
had up that’s the hand so, (laughing) branding is what got Republicans
in the sticky situation. That’s all it is. That’s how they got here. Yeah. But Obama did his thing, man. Barack Obama did his thing. He was smarter than people
gave him credit for. We got to interview the
President on the Daily Show which was really exciting. And obviously this was the
last year that America had its first and last
black president. You know? I remember when we got
a call, I got a call at the Daily Show
and they were like “Trevor would you
like to interview the President of the United States?” And I was like uh, do
you ask stupid questions? It’s like of course I want
to interview the President and we got to go
to the White House to interview Barack Obama. You know and we set everything
up in this special room. It’s literally opposite
the Oval Office. And we sit there and everything,
everything is steeped in history. Every piece is owned
by a former President and we’re all sitting there
waiting for the President to walk in and they don’t
give us an exact time, right? For his safety. They just gave us a window. Sorta like a cable guy. (laughing) We’re all watching the door
waiting for Barack to walk in and then he popped in behind us, scared the (bleep)
out of everybody. He was like uh hello. And we were like (screaming) ‘Cause there was another door. No one told us. Again. He just pops in and
he was really nice. He greeted everyone. He was like “Hello.
Everybody good? You guys good? How you doin’? Everybody good?
Camera guy? Sound guy? How you doin’? How you doin’?” And he turned, he looked at me he’s like “Uh Trevor, you good?” And I was like he knows my name. (laughing) I wanted to melt. Oh man. You should have seem it. He like floated over. (laughing) Yeah ’cause he didn’t walk. I don’t know. You don’t walk. You move
differently when you’ve got nuclear weapons. You know, you’ve
just got this thing. And he came over
and he sat down. He looked over at
me, he was like “Uh Trevor. You good?” I said I don’t know if
I’m good Mr. President. I’m a little bit
nervous right now. And he was like, “Uh come on. Why
are you nervous? Why are you nervous?” I said well ’cause I
don’t wanna mess up and bring a brother
down with me, you know? (laughing) He was like “Uh I don’t
mean know this Trevor, you can’t bring me down. I’m on my way out.’ (laughing) And he said it so cool as well. He was just like
“I’m on my way out.” And he was. He was
on his way out. Yeah. Next time we saw him was
the last time anyone saw him as President when he was
giving that final speech in Chicago. Gave that powerful speech. Stood up there at the lectern. Felt like his inauguration
all over again. He was like, “As Americans we gotta remember. That not every issue
was red or blue. That at times we
still gotta fight. We gotta fight for freedom. We gotta fight for liberty. We gotta fight for
the American dream. We gotta fight.” And the next time we saw
him we was kite surfing with Richard Branson. (laughing) I thought you said
we gonna fight? “I’m fighting these waves. You do you.”

Maurice Vega

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  1. Please hope next yt will be better this yr was personal hell for me. Im now chronic ill. but ive got tickets to see trevor in holland in may 2018. Please hope i will be able to make it and see him live.
    I dont like big crowds but i really like trevor. And cant wait to see him live.

  2. Trevor started shaky, but 2017 saw him finally find his voice and come into his own as host of The Daily Show. He is every bit the equal of John Oliver, Stephen Colbert and Samantha Bee.

  3. He really tells it like it is. @TrevorNoah is a gift to the world from @SouthAfrica , Thank you for keeping it real Trevor!

  4. the first president was a man of color an indigenous Aborigine, and their were 6 presidents before GW. Absolute Fact! but most don't want the truth.

  5. Think crime is bad now? Wait until the debt goes nuclear & Medicare/Social Security/Medicaid r cut. Put bars on all nursing home windows now. They're already prisons, they'll need 2 b jails too.

  6. You can tell the integrity of a person by whether they hate Obama or not because Obama was a damn good president and he did so much for this country. Only the morally inept could hate the man.

  7. Republicans are like edgy teenagers. Most of what they're about centers around going against whatever they perceive is 'mainstream' — it's all about fighting for the things that everybody says they shouldn't, nevermind what those things are. It's a victim fantasy.

    So what happens when they get all the power? When they run the corporations, the White House, & the congress, how do they play the edgy outsider, victimized by 'the man'? The answer appears to be "Badly, but unrelentingly."

  8. OOOOOOBBBBBBAAAAAAMMMMMAAAAAA sniff, sniff YOU'RE SO FINE, YOU'RE sniff, sob SO FINE YOU BLOW MY MIND, choke HEY OBAMA!!!! breaks into tears

  9. Excuse me for interrupting, American earthlings. But FYI – Obama is one of the top 3 of your nation's presidents to date, he is. (the lying, orange one is the worst – in case you wanted to ask)

  10. I'm from Indonesia and a big fan of Trevor Noah mainly because of his best selling book and lately been enjoying his "Daily Show" youtube cuts very much. Not only that I admire his talents as a comedian, but also feel that he shares similar moral standards and views which makes his humour very easy to relate upon. It's really a great bonus feature a fan can hope from his/her comic icon.

    This is a person who rose from rags to riches, yet fame and fortune doesn't seem to weigh his act down ( which i also believe is true about his personal character ). Just look how he's always spot on and wittiful. Trevor Noah ma bro !


    Russion deputat took children and force them sing about that the will return Alaska home))

  12. I love your show Trevor! Wish you guys were back on Hulu. The Comedy Central app is horrible!! I hate it. Come back to Hulu so we can watch your full episodes again ?

  13. ACA was based on a Heritage Foundation outline. The Heritage Foundation is extremely conservative. So republicans had to rename it ObamaCare so their base could hate it.

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  15. Literally all they have to do is rename Obamacare "Ryancare" and boom, they've successfully repealed and replaced Obamacare. Because it's not Obamacare anymore, it's been rebranded. Now they get to take credit for what he did, THEY can put back in all the stuff they took out to gimp it, and then they can say "Hey look we did what Obama couldn't do! Told ya we're pro-life!" And that way they can trick–I mean entice more people to vote republican.

    I mean sure the name will make everyone vomit…but Ryancare will cover that anyway so it's all good.

  16. Trevaahhh, you are the BEST, resist the urge to over work in 2018!! Branding !!!!!! GREED = gun running everywhere eAch day????????????

  17. I remember when Obama was joking about how they called it Obamacare…and that the GOP would suddenly stop calling it that when it worked, because they couldn't stand to give it a name that gave him credit for something good.

  18. It's a good thing we have Trevor to tell us how to think. Free thinkers are the worst kind of humans out there!

  19. I was going to make history if that orange monster just stick to the one thing he good at, and that grabbing things he shouldn't be grabbing.

  20. Love Trevor ??????????????????♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  21. This is what I was expecting to see on the daily show when Trevor started this is something he should have done all year an act like this

  22. before today I didn't know who you were…but you are awesome! The accent is wonderful…and you're gorgeous…

  23. So proud of you Trevor….flying that flag high my brother!!! We will support your ever move!!!! Happy new year brav!

  24. Michelle says, Barack is a wonderful man…

    Barack Hussein Obama ended the policy banning people with HIV from entering the U.S. in 2009, and now the administration is eliminating the entry ban for another three sexually transmitted diseases, according to the Center for Immigration Studies. / 22 Feb 2016

    Zika virus joins list of diseases brought by illegals

  25. Here Is A List Of Every Single Time Obama Committed An Impeachable Offense That Dems & Media Covered Up!
    January 18, 2018

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  27. Obama was the man I don't care what nobody say he did that job better than anybody I'm aware of that ever exist in that White House

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