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  1. If you would not use these inappropriate behaviors on someone of the same sex (or other sex if homosexual) , then the actions are clearly wrong. That is why it is harrassment. A heterosexual man would not stroke another man’s hair, touch his thigh, feel his breast, kiss him and then apologize and attempt to kiss him again, show his erect penis and ask for a look. It is not rocket science. If you would not do this to a casual aquaintance of your non-sexual gender preference, then STOP!!!!

  2. I keep seeing the super shortened version of this on Pluto TV and it's edited so the dialogue goes "You're very smooth," "You're very smooth yourself," "You have no idea," then the commercial ends with "#thatsharassment". That confused the hell out of me, I'm like, is he trying to boast how well he shaves his pubes?

  3. I love that these women actually display what it’s like to be in this situation. For those who don’t know, that awkward giggle, or slight annoyance really is the first reflex. Especially when you’ve never been in a situation like this before, ur first instinct isn’t to be hostile.

  4. This seems to be very bigoted the "Men are Pigs" rabbit hole, just another form of division in our society by the movie industry.

  5. Who’s the creep filming these terrible accounts in windows,bars, and closets without helping the victim?

  6. Why does the camera turn away from the male completely at the peak of the harassment. I feel they missed a crucial opportunity to show men who seem like 'nice, every day guys' doing something like this, and having that moment where a normal guy because a harasser, the 'bad guy'. Its as important to see their face, eyes, facial expressions in these instances, than it is that of the women.

  7. Emmy roseum always been good actress I spelled her name wrong I bet..very powerful video so sad it does happen often anywhere these days.

  8. Also, Cosmo, show that women can do it to men, and its hit males not just older ones who commit these offenses!
    You are sending the wrong message!
    Its women, who are a certain type being harassed and its just not the case!This is too commercial

  9. Maintain a Professional Environment at all times, no personal spaces violated for reason nor personal business discussed!
    Its in the contracts! A code of ethics is there for a reason and safety

  10. After the SEXUAL ASSAULT they forgot the lines where the action gets reversed on you: "Sorry, you are putting it out there." "Why are you so fridged, something happen to you in your life?" "Relax. I'm not hitting on you. Your not my typical type. " Etc etc etc…


  12. These videos are powerful and all too familiar. (Some of the scripts caused me to have chills remembering when almost exactly the same words were used with me). I am passing them along to my older friends (who all remember their own tales of such harassment) and to my young friends. I read recently that some of them think such scenarios will never happen to them in this age of "higher consciousness" and equality. I wish that were true. I am hoping they don't have to feel the shame and humiliation and often downright fear shown on the faces of the women in these videos. Since I am raising a 6-year-old girl, I want to make sure to pass these videos around for all our daughters. Suggestion to the videographers/writers: Remake the same videos, same cast, same scenes and, this time, have the writers show how the women could (now) handle their harassers. What could they say and do to stop these men from going any further.? I think it would be useful to show young women what they could do and say–to give them tools for when they find themselves paralyzed or shocked or sickened. I am not yet convinced the women would not (still) lose their job or be disbelieved or ill-treated, but, having spoken up and taken action, they can at least leave with their head held high and avoid the corrosive shame and guilt too many of them feel after such harassment has been foisted upon them. Give them the words and I'm hoping many fewer of them will ever need to use them..

  13. Please show these videos during Super Bowl!!!! So many young men and women will be educated on what’s considered sexual harassment!!! 30/40 seconds PSA!!! #superbowlcommercial

  14. This is really strong…we need to educate men. Boys…I ve been harassed laterally all my life …I had to fight against that kind of misconduct all the time…and assumed it because I'm attractive…well… I had to deal with it.Now I see… It's shocking…and sad… well… speechless ?

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