The Political Parties and Factions in Star Wars

Where there are politics there are political
parties, factions, and sub-factions which shape the world, or in this case, the galaxy
through movements, legislation, and reformations. These political parties and factions also
give us a better understanding of what the common people of the galaxy believe and what
they want from their public servants, as well as what issues they agree and disagree on. In Star Wars there are over 100 political
parties, factions and sub factions recorded. Because most of them are pretty vague in their
descriptions and only appear once or twice in isolated events, we’ll instead go over
only the major ones from the galactic senate within each era. First we have the main political factions
during the Republic prior to the separatist crisis and eventual clone wars. The two major factions of this time were the
Core Faction and the Rim Faction. The Core Faction composed of senators who
were from the wealthy, Human dominated planets and systems of the Core worlds sector of the
galaxy. Most of its members were Humans, and the faction
worked towards increasing the Galactic Republic’s central government as a means for it to have
greater control over the outskirts of the galaxy, especially the Outer rim. A lot of its policies involved taxing and
exploiting poor worlds of their resources and bringing all the wealth to the center
of the galaxy, while also implementing and expanding strict regulations and laws on free
trade in these same outer regions. Notable members of this faction were Finis
Valorum and Bail Antilles. The Rim Faction was its biggest opposition. The Rim Faction composed mainly of non-Human
senators who represented the worlds and systems from the Mid Rim and Outer Rim. Once mega corporations were allowed to be
represented as their own separate entities within the senate, most of them joined the
Rim Faction, including the Trade Federation and Techno Union. The Rim Faction was against the Republic’s
central government from gaining more power and they fought for less regulations and taxation. They were also for open and free trade markets
among their respective outlying systems. Major members of this faction were Orn Free
Taa and Nute Gunray. Actually Palpatine was nominated by the Rim
Faction during his run for Supreme Chancellorship. Although he wasn’t apart of their faction,
Palpatine did side with them on many policies due to Naboo being in the Mid Rim. They picked him because he was independent
and had the best chance of winning when compared to most of the other senators within the faction
itself. But Palpatine only used the Rim Faction as
a means to gain power, as after he became Supreme Chancellor he began to side more with
the Core Faction and their policies. When the Separatist Crisis started, many of
the Rim Faction’s leaders and senators left the Republic and joined the forming Confederacy
of Independent Systems. In response to the Rim Faction’s members
leaving the Republic, a new faction was created called the Loyalists Committee. It included Senators who were completely devoted
in preserving the Republic and wished to keep the galaxy united. Palpatine actually found this faction, promoting
its creation as a means to combat corruption and forming peace talks with disgruntled senators
who had left the Republic. However he of course manipulated it to instead
increase tensions between both sides which helped accelerate the start of the clone wars. Bail Organa and Padme Amidala were notable
members of this faction. We also have the smaller Militarist faction
within the senate around this time. They were senators who supported the idea
of the Republic rebuilding its army and navy and for it to become a military power once
again. Although originally they didn’t have much
support, they began to grow in size once more and more conflicts began to arise in the outer
rim that the Jedi couldn’t solve, as well as when they began to embrace Humanist superiority
ideals. They were one of the biggest supporters of
the Military creation act which created the Grand Army of the Republic and authorized
the use of the Clone Army. A notable member of the Militarist faction
was Ranulph Tarkin. During the Clone Wars many new factions were
formed as a response to the ongoing galactic war. One of the major factions was the Council
of Neutral Systems. They were senators and representatives who
wished to have their worlds and systems be neutral in the conflict between the Republic
and the Separatists during the Clone Wars. Over 1,500 star systems were apart of this
organization, and it was led by Queen Satine Kryze of Mandalore. The other major faction to arise during the
clone wars was the delegation of 2000. It was made up of senators and representatives
who opposed Palpatine’s increase in power and abuse of emergency powers. They feared that he was trying to undermine
the Senate’s authority while in turn giving himself as much power as possible. They wished to protect the democratic elements
of the Republic and to return its state back to how it was before Palpatine took office. Notable members of this faction were Bail
Organa, Mon Mothma, Jar Jar Binks and Padme Amidala. Once the Empire formed, 63 members of the
Delegation of 2000 were arrested for suspected treasonous actions, which resulted in half
of its members to leave the faction out of fear. During the Empire’s reign, members of this
faction were the biggest opponents of Emperor Palpatine, with some of them eventually forming
the Rebel Alliance. In contrast to the Delegation of 2000, there
was the New Order Party within the Imperial senate which consisted of senators that supported
Emperor Palpatine and all of his actions. However it was eventually disbanded, along
with every other political faction and party, after the Imperial Senate was dissolved around
19 years after the Empire was created. In the New Star Wars Trilogy, the New Republic
is created after the fall of the Galactic Empire. With the New Republic came with a new galactic
senate which had two major political factions: the Centrists and the Populists. The Centrists advocated for the expansion
of the New Republic’s central government and for a more connected galaxy. Many senators of this faction came from the
wealthier worlds of the galaxy. They supported more funding for the New Republic
military and even defended the old Galactic Empire to some extent. Actually there was a whole sub faction of
Centrists that even admired the old empire and wished to reimplement, in their words,
the policies that actually worked from the old empire. They even fought for the New Republic’s
military to look more like the Imperial military from the past, as a means to give it a greater
image of power and unity. Despite their call for a more unified and
connected galaxy, some Centrists believed that individual planets should take more responsibility
on fixing their own problems and to not greatly depend on the New Republic’s assistance
for every little issue they may have. They also supported free trade among worlds. The Populists on the other hand were opposed
of strengthening the New Republic’s central government and its military. They believed in each planet being allowed
more independence and given more freedom on its decisions on how their people should live. There was actually two extreme sub factions
within the populists. One sub faction wanted to essentially make
the entire Republic into a direct democracy by allowing the general public to directly
vote on major decisions within the senate, which would mean tens of trillions of citizens
would be allowed to vote on major senate bills. The other sub faction instead wanted to completely
dissolve the senate and give full sovereignty to all the planets, giving them full independence
and freedom to do as they pleased. Leia Organa was a major member of the Populist
faction, though she was not a member of either extreme sub factions. However her political career in the senate
was destroyed after it became public knowledge that she was related to Darth Vader. And those are the major political factions
and parties of the Star Wars galaxy across the 3 main eras. Based on the summaries we gave of each faction,
which one would you guys most likely support? Let us know in the comments below!

Maurice Vega

100 Responses

  1. Sorry for the audio hiccups and poor quality in some parts of the video, I plan to look into new programs and possibly get new equipment so that doesn't happen again.

  2. Centrist, a galaxy in chaos must be united under a strong government and military capable of opposing the first order.

  3. i would suppert the separatists because i like their ships, their symbol is cool and the C.I.S is my favorite faction in star wars

  4. I would make my own faction in this case

    First: we will have military focus aspects to have budget dedicated to creating clones and making a navel fleet to combat the criminals in the republic and to keep peace with Jedi being special forces that follow there own line of a mission with little troops behind them

    Then I would make a democratic system where worlds can leave the republic is they please with our resources focused more on large scale problems then solving every little problem they have

    And lastly, all troops and Jedi are not inclined to listen or even consider the republic high command, they serve to protect the ideals of the republic and if they see fit and arrest and charge anyone in the republic if they have both proof and a motive to do so, as long as they inform at least 5 other republic military command or senators of this to stop any further damage

  5. The parties before the clone wars are a great homage to the ideas of the parties in the real-life Civil War of American History.

  6. Anakin quotes George Bush. Newt Gunray is named after Gingrich And Reagan. Palpatine is, according to GL himself, based on Nixon.

    There is no doubt the CIS and Empire are supposed to be a stand-ins for the Republican party. There is also no doubt that George Lucas meant to portray them as assholes.

    He did make his case convinsingly, if these forums are any indication.

  7. The republic needs a strong military but I also believe each planets should be independent enough to fix their own problems without getting the rest of the republic involved

  8. The populist faction of the New Republic had the right idea but we’re mistaken in trying to turn it into a democracy. Any governing body of that size requires a republic but they were correct in their desire to create more independence among worlds. That was the political party of Star Wars with the best intentions.

  9. Only one(s) i see interesting to me is the Delegation of 2000 & The Direct Democracy Populists of the New Republic tho there seem to be obvious big issues with those as well

  10. I want Medicare for all for Rebel Soldiers, 15 Republic credit minimum wage, and definitely legalizing recreational death sticks

  11. It doesn’t quite make sense to call them Centrists, but instead Centralists. Also Centrists and Populists were also main parties during the Clone Wars and Palpatine era Republic.

  12. For the Old Republic: I would Support The Rim Faction and the Loyalists

    For the Empire: I would Support The Delegation of 2000

    For the New Republic: I would Support the Centrists

  13. Leia's reputation was destroyed when it was discovered she was related to Vader? Typical. Forget about the fact that she was one of the leaders of the Rebellion; forget all the effort and sacrifices she made to overthrow the Empire. Let's remove her from politics because she was the daughter of an enemy. As if that was her fault!

  14. Core world faction: pre empire empire
    Mid rim faction: separatists
    Loyalists: palpatine social club
    Militarist: as militarist.

    So sounds like it was already a shit hole and then paliptine United everyone. The 2 who were directly in opposition he sided with the winner. Even without paliteen how long before it collapsed by itself

  15. I would probably support the Populist Party, but would not be in the extreme subparties. The planets should be given independence to a certain amount as to have obvious rules as America does I suppose. But given the centrists lead to the empire and want to re create a better empire that is with democracy. It doesn’t seem to connect though.

  16. I would be part of the populist party. Not because Leia was in the same party, but because i would rather work alongside aliens to stabilise the galaxy and to make sure even more could defend the galaxy against threats like the Yushong Vong or how you pronounce that.

  17. Political Party 1: "Yah can't take my blasters or my thermal detonators! You're gonna have a civil war on your hands! We need to build a blockade! God bless the Republic WOOOO!!!"

    Political Party 2: "Did you just assume my species?"

  18. It’s really interesting how (with the exception of the delegation of 2000), none of these parties are completely “bad” or “good” and support policies that are split between the 2 real world parties in the US. I’m honestly really impresssed.

  19. populists because more power should be given to the citizens but it should also have a balance between the central and populace.

  20. I'd probably be a radical populist, leaning toward planets having sovereignty, though preferably with the establishment of direct democracy first. After all, how free are you if the people of your planet are free to be enslaved by Hutts without any outside powers legally interfering? And how free is your planet if you're in the outer rim and a bunch of centrists can vote to suck your planet dry of resources? So there's got to be direct democracy established, and planetary sovereignty. One without the other would leave you high and dry.

  21. I would not favour the Centrists nor the Populists. Albeit I support a federal state, the Centrists are correct that the New Republic requires a powerful military and to be more connected. An unitary governance is unfeasible in such a vast nation. The Centrists desire an unitary state, whilst the Populists wish a decentralized mess. If I were to, as a Senator of the New Republic, be forced to join a faction, I would instead create the "Moderate" faction, supporting an improved New Republic military to combat the Imperial remnants and the lethal cartels, a federal government that gives some actual authority to the New Republic government whilst retaining a vast amount of autonomy for worlds, and free trade for the Galaxy. The New Republic needs to be assertive of its superiority over the Galaxy, or it flounders and vanishes quickly as what happened with the Hosnian Cataclysm.

  22. I would support the Outer Rim Faction, Council of Neutral Nations, and the Populists (Far Left faction).

  23. Damn centrist party, takin all our blasters. What do a bunch of corusant hacks know about the common man(and/or other sentient species)?!

    This ad has been brought to you by the populists

  24. If I was a character in star wars I would most likely have sided with the rim faction and the delegation of 2000 and the populist, but not the subfactions.

  25. It's impossible to have political parties in a multicultural system. What passes for parties are simply "ethnic advocacy groups," not truly ideological political organizations. In multicultural systems there is ZERO social trust, so members of each group have to bind together — they set aside whatever political differences they have for the sake of self-preservation.

  26. Leia fought for the galaxy, opposed vader, lost her home planet to him…and her career was ruined simply because she was related to the man she hated? That didn't happen in the EU, even though it was public knowledge.

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