The political journey of Pete Buttigieg

Maurice Vega

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  1. Pete didn't win a second term without the Black vote. No one can please everybody, and some people are never pleased.

  2. Just abandon your delusional presidential ambition, Mr. Butiegeg so that you may have ample time to devote your energy to your despicable, homosexual perversion of being a "wife". Creep.

  3. Biden has his son as a problem Bernie and Warren are to left. Pete is the one trump fears the most. Pete will retake the heartland of the country.

  4. Buttigieg taking bribes from his wealthy donors. Can we get him wear a jacket like a nascar driver with all of the donors and corporations on it so we know who he is working for? I hope this shill loses, the sooner the better!

  5. Way to end it on a negative note. How about showing clips of how he’s tried to connect with the black community and how well he has been received. People just don’t know him yet.

  6. Too young. Andrew Yang has many more policies, well thought out ones (over 150 on his web site) and he's considerably older, with executive experience. Maybe Pete in another 8 years but for now he needs to prove himself on the local side; I'm tired of people who seek public office only to run for an upgrade a few years later, but who keep their 'day jobs' that they are neglecting to campaign, in case they're not successful. Not a good look. How can you do justice to a mayorship or a Senate seat and campaign for over a year full time?

  7. I am left, and love Warren. But I will support Buttigieg. Here's why.
    46% of democrats are liberal, 54% are moderate. If we can get all the democratic votes, and the moderate conservatives too, we will not only win the White House, but the Senate too. Warren would win the presidency, but with a republican senate, her laws will never pass.

  8. This is a rather incomplete discussion of the race issue. No one is allowed to listen to the tapes (Pete included) because of the possibility of Federal wiretapping law violations– and the reason he "fired" the chief (although later just demoted) was because he learned about this from the FBI, not the chief himself. There is a whole discussion of this in his book. He inherited a big mess in South Bend, and he's been doing a pretty impressive job of cleaning it up. I'd say this video is pretty poor work and an attempt to create a narrative around Pete that simply isn't true.

  9. Facts! There is only one person who is taking more money from the Pharmaceutical companies and the elite billionaires than Pete. And his name is Donald Trump.
    Pete’s trying so hard to trick us with his
    “ medicare for all who want it“
    (Public option which leaves pharmaceutical and Health insurance companies profiting on the backs of working and dying people)

  10. buttigeig is a manufactured democrat yes-man, a corporate establishment tool, clinton devotee, intell spook, smug little privileged punk who has 23 billionaires funding his campaign and met with high-level dnc politicos to discuss how to stop sanders before he announced his candidacy. he was bought a long time ago. he's as corrupt as they come. the dnc's manchurian candidate for sure.

  11. Can someone tell me the reason you are voting for mayor Peter instead of Andrew Yang? Nothing Pete says sounds original and is basically a paraphrase of Andrew Yang.

  12. I’m a college educated black male in Florida and I’m for Senator Warren. If Pete wins nomination, I’m likely to vote Republican.

  13. Why is this homosexual given a pass on his sexual history? Does anybody believe that if you looked back 30 years that you wouldn't find any sexual misconduct? WTF? He wants to bring his "husband" to be the first lady? Or as the homosexual wife would he be both the president and the first lady? Why is this homosexual given a pass on sexual misconduct when everyone else has to run the gontlet?

  14. Pete Buttigieg laughed at Andrew Yang , Now Buttigieg is using most of Yang`s material . Pete Buttigieg is copying Andrew Yang , Andrew Yang has won !

  15. If democrate make that mistake to choose Pete Bu… then it will be a Big win for Trump because of his Life style that many Christians do not agree with. That will turn many Christians off in the general. That will be a big risk to take in a country that is still divided in values, religious believes and ethical issues

  16. Mayor Pete sells out The People every time he opens his Corporate taught Corporate funded mouth! M4A is for the people Mayor Pete!
    Pete you are a McKinsey & Company (look these people up) Buffon who will say whatever his Corporate masters/Donors tell him to.
    Before you run for President you should answer the questions from your constituents in South Bend

  17. Buttigieg is not legally allowed to hear the tapes or release the tapes. As simple as that. The decision to release the tapes that are evidence falls on the judiciary. Same goes for the cop – there is a judicial procedure that has to happen. Also, there is the Police Union that plays a part…

    I don't see anybody protesting the Union or the judges of the cases. Much easier to sell this story if you can blame the guy who is running for president.

  18. I DO NOT WANT 2 MARRIED MEN LIVING IN THE WHITE HOUSE representing America, meeting men ftom other nations, hosting . THINK DEEPER BIMBOS. YOU ARE SO STUPID!!!!

  19. Completely sell out and take every corporate donation offered to while still pretending to represent the people. That's Mayor Pete in a nutshell.

  20. Mayor Pete is well educated, articulate, caring and honest. He was my choice even though he would face an ugly soul crushing battle ahead. I noticed the name Andrew Yang in the comment section of several videos. I thought he was a joke until I listen to his interview with Joe Rogan. Now I'm Yang 2020 all the way. I wish Pete the best.

  21. Stop Copying YANGS Ideas and Incorporating them into your Speech. He is a Fake and we already have one of those in the WH. WE will need a Strong Leader with Skills to get us back on the right track. Not a undercover Phonie. Go back to INDIANA. YANG 20/20.

  22. Republicans are scared of this man's electoral chances. Scared to death.
    The Trumpistan /pol/ trolls are in panic mode, showing up in huge numbers to convince you he's got no chance, that he's corporate, that you should vote Yang, etc. etc.
    You couldn't ask for a better endorsement.

  23. Pete Buttigieg is not running for President. He is bought and paid for by big corporations to stop progressive candidates like Bernie by stealing votes. Pete Buttigieg's campaign is paid for by Alphabet, Amazon, Disney, Comcast and more. He does not have the interest of America at heart. Mark Zuckerberg recommended campaign workers to Pete's campaign.

    Everything I just said is public information. Don't believe me, check.

  24. America will be a better, more just nation if Pete Buttigieg is elected to do the opportunity to do what he has done for South Bend, on a national level. He is the epitome of compassion and he would make a wonderful President.

  25. Where are your fact checkers? Who will call out Mayor Pete for his copying Andrew Yang. He should withdraw from the race if he plagiarizes (copies without acknowledgement or credit for the original that he once mocked on the debate stage.

  26. I stand with Pete, I am not from South Bend but I am a black American that believes in him. I know it took a lot for him to stand there and be yelled at but he was there and he listened. The mistrust between communities of color and law enforcement is a National crisis; not a Pete Buttigieg crisis. I do believe that him being in the thick of what happened in South Bend and facing his constituents garners him a certain level of respect that the other candidates will never get. He's the real deal and he will go the distance!

  27. Don't get sucked in by Republican trolls pretending to be progressives
    bashing some Democrat. This is a funded GOP effort designed to divide
    Democrats to get us not to vote unless our pet candidate is the nominee.
    ANY Democrat is better than ANY Republican. Keep that in mind and VOTE!

  28. Don't get sucked in by Republican trolls pretending to be progressives
    bashing some Democrat. This is a funded GOP effort designed to divide
    Democrats to get us not to vote unless our pet candidate is the nominee.
    ANY Democrat is better than ANY Republican. Keep that in mind and VOTE!

  29. ……A clean, proud, and dignified White House ….back again in 2020…….the best ingredients needed for that are:
    A President with outstanding and impressive intelligence….effective communication skills…integrity, decency, respect, overseas military experience, able to solve complicated problems in a very practical way, courage, a strong vision for the country's future, etc…..with no disrespect intended but I do not see any presidential candidate other than Pete Buttigieg for President …..after following each and everyone of their speeches, conferences, rallies, town halls, and debates…..Lucky Americans ….
    From Canada with all our support Mayor Pete !

  30. This is one of the worst pieces of journalism i have seen of late except from Fox News. Over and over again, the legal reasons for Pete not being able to fully discuss this matter have been stated and easy to find via the internet. I am stunned at how slanted this was to make Pete seem to be a racist due to him not legally being able to discuss it. I don't know who these journalists were but they need to be fired. This is shameful and biased piece of reporting.

  31. ? how would others react/deal/solve these very important question with race? it is a national shame! national solutions are needed/support – not division/not isolation – hope

  32. Why didnt he show to the vigil?… You see the hate in the black community taking everything out on him? That could be a good reason why. I see the pain and frustration in his eyes and voice. Not of the hate thogh but of the feelings toward what is going on. I see no racism in Pete at all. These people need to stop thier hate and see the real picture that Pete needs help to make a change as he is only one person and nobody , not even the citizens are standing up to help him. Everyones too busy hating on him and not taking the measures to figure out ways to help. Thats what he needs and truly wants. Is help. Is that too much to ask for? Apparently . To the citizens of South Bend, stop being ignorant and come up with ways to help the man. Obviously the police force is an ignorant gang and Pete CANT FIGHT THEM ALONE.

  33. Propaganda at its finest! The Washington Post is owned by Jeff Bezos (the owner of Amazon). And the wealthy corrupt elites are funding Buttigieg's campaign, hence the Washington Post's support.

  34. I liked Pete until he laughed at Andrew Yang's UBI during the 2nd debate. I expected that out of Kamala Harris, but not him. And I was very disappointed because Pete mentioned the option of UBI during a talk forum that I saw months ago, but that must be him just taking someone else's policy when it got attention. Now I think he's disingenuous.

  35. Message to Mayor Pete. I think you are a really good candidate and a good person. Today I heard a Black Man on one of the major channels say the Black community would have a hard time supporting your candidacy. Now I call that Racist. But that will never be picked up by anyone because a Black person said that. Never, ever was I as polarized about what the Black Community says as I am now at eighty years old. I cannot watch an all white show, they are all integrated. Good Plot Good acting, OK. But I can watch , if I wish a good amount of Black, all Black shows and no one says a word. The Black community has made great strides in the past twenty years, and deservedly so, but the emphasis is always on what can you do for US. Every major city has a Black Crime implosion and I do not see Black Lives Matter or any Major Black Person trying to solve their problems. If the perpetrator is Black and the victim is White, no big outcry. BUT if the person is White and the Victim is Black, all hell breaks lose even before the facts are presented. The schools are the problem? No jobs are the problem? Not enough Recreation is the problem? The problem is with their attitude.

  36. I thought this was a solid publication. Supporters like myself can gripe about how the entirety of its critical coverage regarded the single issue of race, while I‘m sure detractors had their own complaints.

    That’s a good sign, not a bad one: journalism isn’t supposed to please everybody who reads or watches it.

  37. Vote Buttigieg… a man who can be bought… a man who will compromise with the corporate sector. Nobody (in health care or on Wall Street) wants Warren or Sanders. And Bezos and his kind certainly don't want to be taxed at their fair share to support medicaid for all or the green new deal! So you can be sure that the Washington Post is going to run favorable ads on Pete. "He's our man!"

  38. No politician has ever been a douchebag like this guy. Getting votes from gullible ericans and exposure from established media. HE IS A SMOOTH TALKER WITH NO ACTUAL SOLUTIONS TO HELP YOU. America is hopeless.

  39. This guy got no solutions, just smooth talking gullible people. America needs Andrew Yang. Heck, the WORLD needs Andrew Yang!

  40. He also pushed out poor black and brown people to bring in new housing for Notre Dame that’s why he is litteraly polling at 0% with black people

  41. Certainly not the most accurate description of all events, but stories must be told and this appears to be the one given to him.
    let us see what he can do with it

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