The political journey of Kamala Harris

Maurice Vega

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  1. Kamala Harris killed her own political career by failing to have any real political beliefs. If she had stuck to even just her original belief on Medicare For All during the CNN town hall, she would be president. Instead, she danced around a hundred different positions, so no one trusts her.

  2. Kamala Wore Out More Knee Pads Than You Can Count. Sperm Burping Corrupt California Politician. Lying Fake Pretending Politician. TRUMP 🇺🇸 KAG 2020

  3. There is something evil about her… i don't know what, but it gives me a very bad feeling. Not to mention her disastrous policies.

  4. Well since she knows that these type arguments will surface by opponents flip it and focus on what she did for communities on reforms to reverse some of the biases as Attorney General and DA

  5. Kamala harris spreads her legs for preferential treatment and jobs! Willie Brown her mentor is proud of screwing Kamala for a job! kamala knew Willie was married! kamala a great democratic screw just ask Willie!

  6. Watching her on TV just now, she's either been smoking weed or she's popped a xanax, giggling like a 14 year old school girl..Not to be trusted. TRUMP for 2020. TULSI GABARD for 2024..

  7. Her political backers “infanticide R us” aka planned parenthood, apparently persuaded her to abuse her position as AG to raid a journalists home and confiscate material he had collected showing plannned parenthood sell the body parts of the babies they butcher.
    In a nutshell not only is she corrupt and a complete fraud. But she is genuinely evil.

  8. If it wasn’t for them being together in the same room, one could be forgiven for thinking Kamala Harris is actually Corrie Booker in a wig in drag.

  9. "Kamala Harris made a name for herself as a no-nonsense prosecutor in Oakland" I guess for the Washington Post, fighting for innocent people to be executed is "no-nonsense?"

  10. oh my gosh, what a puff piece ,Of course they don't with the full truth about this anti America traitor..
    Let's not ever forget harris slept her way into her political career by sleeping with a married man pat brown who is the traitosrs jerry brown's father..
    Let's not forget what she did the Kavanaugh, she tried to destroy this good man's name and she did it without remorse, she did it with hatred and lies.. This is a very racial ,bought-and-paid-for democratic traitor,
    She's sold out California, she's sold out America, and she sold out the American people. As a senator ( what a joke that is to even say,) she has done a thing for anyone in our Nation .
    What she has done, is made lots of money from the bribes and pay off she receives to continue with the destruction of California and in her position as a so-called senator, She continues with her antI Constitution and anti American why of life agenda. Remember this is who said the first thing she would do if she became president was writing an executive order to take all of our guns away ..
    harris like all of todays democrats is very very bad corrupt, evil human .. Beware of her,
    If she gets any power, it will be game over for the good people In America ..

  11. Barr is quite possibly the slime-yest things to ever put a suit on. When Ms Harris is on point I think it would be very hard to see someone more focused and competent. Time will tell and I hope the DNC isn't going to choose their candidate for us.

  12. Despite the number of gushing puff pieces put out by the national press – there were 100's of puff pieces – Kamala Harris is running 5th and will almost certainly be dropping out after Iowa. Harris has no path to the nomination now, she is not even running well with African Americans – they don't like her, and many don't even believe she's African American. I also would agree with this other blogger, Harris is a truely rotten bad news person. Who can forget the smear campaign she ran on this distinquished federal Judge Brett Kavanagh? Or how about her involvement in the ousting of Al Franken from the Senate?

  13. Harris, since you were asking questions it’s only fair that I ask a question too. Why did you laugh and say “well said” when someone described trump as “mentally r-word”?? Why didn’t you tell the guy to apologize for what he said? Why did you laugh at that? That’s well said?

  14. Thank the good Lord she is basically out of the race!!
    Do you think Harris sits for hours and watches herself on YouTube, and is so proud of herself acting like a rude, disrespectful, arrogant narcissist. I can’t wait until the day when she sits there as a witness to a congressional body and she gets it back 10 fold. Most likely over her “From Prostitute to Prosecutor” career. She loved hiding evidence to keep innocent black men on death row, to protect her record, or sending tons of dimebag dealers to prison for 15-20 years.

  15. WHORE ! She withold information that could free innocent people form jail ! She imprisoned hundred of thousands of people for marijuana and she laughed about it

  16. The Wash Post is as fake as she is…so they obviously like her. US mainstream media is such a joke. I'm a vet and travel quite a lot around the world. I meet many journalists. American media, W Post, NYTimes, NBC, etc. are incredibly weak. This is an example. They are trying so hard to prop her up. Tulsi Gabbard ended her campaign by asking her two or three questions. And WP is trying to make her into this tough prosecutor. If journalism was even a small part of what WP did, they would be covering Tulsi Gabbard instead of Harris.

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