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Alright welcome to MYSIDE something to Say revamped video version for for those who give a shit yeah so yeah this is the Something to Say podcast like Quinn said we’re doing it a little bit different obviously we’re implementing the video format now but don’t worry we’re still going to leave the traditional audio formats to iTunes and Google Plus and spo no no soundcloud we don’t have enough money for that you can you can find it there but yeah we’re going to be we’re going to be doing this video format from here on out it’s going to be on YouTube MYSIDE Media go ahead and subscribe to the channel if you aren’t already ah yeah we’re going to be your mainstay house from here on out I’m course Michael Mantoura I’m Quinn Santone We got our fucking blue light here and purple lights here little accents well of course if you having like the other MYSIDE members on but I only has like guests maybe like Ries will come on as like another guest maybe Nick Brandon all right and we’re also going to branch outside of MYSIDE as well we’re going to work on getting newer and different guests every week and it’s if we can’t then this is going to be your your good old pals Quinn and Mike and yeah so to start off the episodes we’re going to do a little segment that we like to call MYSIDE spotlight and it’s actually where we interact with the MYSIDE community which is you guys to be a part of this segment all you have to do is submit questions or topics or anything that you guys want to see us talk about to Reddit we’re doing all the social media yeah anywhere anywhere reddit Twitter Facebook Instagram Google+ all at MYSIDE Media so go ahead and give us topics you know funny stories anything that you want to see us give a discussion about yeah pretty much anything you guys want they can be like we don’t give a fuck because we’re not yeah we’re not going to be PC about it so go for it obviously so let’s jump right into it was something called my head spotlight MYSIDE spotlight um so right now I’m going to go over things that have been occurring on reddit for the past couple weeks so so the first thing is actually give you a little shout out to Robbie rotten who’s a Reddit user he made our subreddit for us and he made mean an administrator very thing for your very thankful for that subreddit creation so I’m going to share right now Is a it’s it’s just a picture of me during homecoming really awkward and my David when was a sophomore I think this is yeah you’re a sophomore year homecoming and the picture of me sophomore your homecoming a shared by both full caviar let’s make that available everywhere yeah the second we got guys all my text an art here damn that’s the first my side fan art yeah by Ryan Ryan Ryan Ryan shout out the homie wait that’s you right the beard night I had a soon sir who’s the hat that Brandon I don’t know but there’s two people that look like the blind people yeah i think the glasses are you and Reese okay i think the hat is brandon not just nick weird because brandon has classes yeah and yeah that’s one name one crime okay we appreciate it we’re here shaded for the effort yeah we uh it’s not good but we still we appreciate it and this little meme if someone soon so it was a little jab at us it’s a picture it’s just a picture of the seats of super pals from spongebob sitting around the table and both faux caviar said the my son media team hard at work making new videos yeah yeah so school boastful k 0 gr is and we get a good friend of ours you different norms if you can find it out to shout out to the homie and lastly from from Ryan rotten some more fanart the reasons puff Reese’s puffs yeah yeah classic cloudy uneven see his face with it yeah he showed me that so many times that I just stop looking at it and then like now yeah now you get it after you I now you get here as good Reese’s puffs boy and then I and then I went out into the wall reddit community and I asked people to share some weed stories it was fun those are very fun and I had we had some good responses so the first one first one reads this I never released smoked before I was probably about 14 to 15 and I was visiting my cousin and asked if I wanted to go for a spife let’s split split a spliff is so you could buy their mccall cigarillos or they might vary from whatever wherever you guys for watching but it’s basically like a mini cigar and what a split is is normally a joint I know a blunt excuse me is when you split that in half empty out all the tobacco and then fill it with weed that’s a point but with a spliff it’s actually weed and tobacco mixed so fun fact for you well my tech media tutorial a little tutorial we have no we have no knowledge of this yeah yeah yeah honestly we have a prompt so good yeah so some interns are giving information with marathon uh so I did ended up popping on a metro meaning it is made called Jam Jam the Weed Man champion believe man i’m such a great name honestly yeah if you’re the one who submitted that quality quality plug name i really look at so we smoked about four to five blunts between us between the four of us and i was just smoking to look good at that point I was fucked in it walking around people like the bones of my legs for ages till we got some chips and I stand before eating them I fell asleep and on the journey home I puked on the metro and then in the wii station and threw up like hold chips not a bad memory hole chips yeah i mean like chicks isn’t like my brightest yes i like french fries yeah damn bro are you smoking thanks gringe rob yeah I appreciate the story yeah yeah yeah hi I hope it’s real champion I’m the weed man jam generally man he wouldn’t make some like that up no that’s that you can attach it has to be like a hundred percent but uh I’m do for me jam Jam no because it sounds like a goof but it also sounds like could be real I think it’s real hi it’s ruined mine I choose to believe it’s really a syringe vodka Shane a beautiful story by Janet out maybe min second on the same thread darren mcfadden 69 when I was about 14 I’d smoke maybe three times prior but this fourth time he fully broke through to the high I was seeing the world through fisheye lenses couldn’t feel my legs as i walked around leading me to believe i was a balloon what felt like 12 hours ended up being only a couple i ended up getting home ate two bowls of Captain Crunch then the rest of the box dry passed out woke up and cereal pieces and crumbs strube creature in across my bed sheets that’s good that’s a great it’s a great he added to that saying similar to that a couple weeks later I had helped my buddy break through to that dimension and we walked back to my house sitting on the couch smacking smacking and watching spongebob next thing I know my friend is breathing very hard and it sounds like he’s forcibly causing himself as LT breaking oh man basically my friend convinced himself he couldn’t breathe when it was clear he was doing it to himself anyway he perceived to tell me he can’t breathe I tell him he’s tripping and he tells me not racist to the bathroom where he throws up and appears to be nothing but a sh all over the toilet and passes out then enters my mom seeing my friend laying down to sleep on the bathroom floor wow what are these people smoking that’s not good shit bro she threw up ash yeah whoops what she was eating the fucking blunt like like they are that’s nice yeah they’re mixing it with something you guys are crazy yeah that’s about good you shouldn’t be fucking through enough after essentially how well anyway darren mcfadden and grins mom I need you here the internet of the week appreciate you Greg sharing your weed starts to public next we’ve got to go to some YouTube comments this one’s from Hank Hill himself hello and kill big also boastful caviar big fan of hang too um we’re good friends with Hank em busca value are ya so you got us you tell it to that I appreciate the lack of that Quinn guy in this vid nice job honestly that movie make looks pretty awesome well back to waiting another month for new content oh this was commented on our it review if you guys didn’t watch that go check out links in the description but uh yeah I love it so much and then another comment which is just it wasn’t a wasn’t a job or anything a nice suggestion to preview this we’re actually in the production of making a movie review series here on the channel to partner are kind of trailer kind of reaction review type of stuff Solomon sarathkumar I hope I’m pronouncing that right he requested I watched a movie called baahubali the beginning of the beginning and baahubali to the conclusion that equality would come hairly if he considers it or it is considered and gets biggest motion picture wow I actually looked at the pictures if you look at the promotion pictures they’re like it looks pretty good no lunches I’m down the watch area I think lastly we’re going to Google+ if you guys remember it stu-dog made a music video in which he shot Donald Trump in the head the end but it wasn’t really like he issued him it was like before it was more of a metaphorical shooting and so he got a bunch of shit for it and so the my side media team took the Google+ and all the social media sites asking what people thought of this and the only response we got back was Gabe Mondragon a response saying poop dog looks like a gay prostitute that likes to get peed on keeps it down yeah okay so that’s how do you how do you feel about the this new dog I think video I think it’s just honestly like I feel like it’s kind of our fault yeah like the representation live emotion i like i like i like this yeah I liked it a lot I feel like it’s different than a lot of rap that’s out nowadays like you know like wraps all about like like the sex and that drug did you like this is actually kinda giving that kind of a statement in some way especially when you watched music that you would get it more where it’s like a whole police brutality time kind of statement dusting dogs making I also thought it was really dope that uh that Jesse Owens yeah fellow youtuber youtube creator like he he produced that for Snoop Dogg whales pretty dope I thought it’s great the music is very well done the production design is fantastic cam works great yeah so I think that I think that’s the end for the social media segment social media segment is done so I think we’re going to go on to the world early they are going to transition into some world news so this segment it’ll be me kind of just talking about what’s happening in the world apparently and it obviously change from week to week so just a quick one a very unfortunate comedic legend and icon Don Rickles actually passed away due to kidney failure so I just want to say you know my condolences to anyone who was touched by that Don Rickles he actually did influence me just because I did I watched his work especially he was very famous I know you’re not too familiar yeah but then but he put be roasting thing live on blast like he made that really famous ok he’s actually the voice of mr. Potato Head and really enjoy sorry yet so rest in peace to a legend you will be missed moving on so this is actually very current news Senate has went nuclear during a filibuster and what a nuclear option is is when when there’s a filibuster and Senate the required amount of votes to end a filibuster is 60 votes and what a nuclear option is is it actually lowers the required vote count to end a filibuster now the reason this is so important is because minority now has no power whatsoever in Senate so the majority party will always have the final say and send it from here on out they you know they own the Senate right now so they’re going to live in a railroad everything from policies to candidates to everything and anything that they want and that’s dope and that’s not that that was a real good thing and right it’s not even like like you siding with like the liberal agenda living in server agenda is right it’s just like I mean this was coming from an independent person alee I’m not a democrat or republican I just I think it’s very backwards that you know especially a party that withheld Obama’s nominee because it was his last year in office that was their reasoning behind it I think it’s very backwards for them to then cut the villip filibuster recommended vote because they want their guy in office that’s that’s my take on it I know it’s a very controversial thing depending on which side of the pendulum you swing odd what do you feel about that I just I feel like I feel like like a lot of like conservative Republicans that can’t say this is by the rules because we’re let it do it right but I think noticing me look ads like morally and like ethically should they be allowed or should they do it because like not allowing people to filibuster and like spread their opinion on like on this new judges coming in its kind of scary like them not being allowed to filibuster and like colic in a form like in a way protest or share their opinion on the new judge coming in like even if he is a lot of in at least like let them to speak about it right but like just like disabling the filibuster all out together and giving the nuclear option why is that an option first of all is on I don’t know man it’s it’s scary it really is scary because madam it’s not so much scary because like oh now the conservative kind of push a lot of agendas and policies are going to get through it’s more so scary that the minority will never have a voice and send it right depending on the party and that goes both ways like you know damn well that the Democrats are going to abuse that shit too once they take ya take back the Senate so it’s it’s going to be a very interesting couple of years and and yeah I don’t know it’s strange it’s a very strange political state that we’re living in right now I think I think we’re in kind of like a new era where like politics stops being a way of compromise and more way if you accept it or you don’t right which is kind of weird it’s like it’s kind of kind of weird how a party that appreciates competition in the market doesn’t appreciate competition and politics right and they’re just kind of censoring the whole side of the entire party and i just i don’t i don’t personally agree with that and in that way right yes i agree honey more weeks do you give him before he cracks who I honestly I given to the the end of the year before he starts grinding other countries yeah that’s my god that’s honestly what I see him doing just because he’s very loose lipped and he doesn’t know i like how to keep shit to himself so yeah you see that on twitter if you go on Twitter right now there’s probably like a million tweets that he’s treated during the podcast just calling out someone like yet I will be astonished if there isn’t a war in his presidency I would actually be astonished or some sort of skirmish something yet yeah we’re bloodshed when I would be fucking that be phenomenal because that there’s no way he I just don’t like how how he just takes he just can’t he can’t not be like the center of attention all the time right Trump and the Trump administration were actually you know forcing through through the US Department of Homeland Security they were forcing a Twitter to reveal the identity of a man who is behind a trump parody like critic account right when he just kind of like takes apart Trump and the Trump administration and twitter is actually suing the US Department of Homeland Security because that’s obviously a violation of you know privacy and and the Bill of Rights the freedom of speech like that’s a big deal so I think Twitter is going to win that easily yeah because I don’t I don’t know what his deal is with people just saying what they feel like about him and he not being able to deal with it I think he’s used to not being president and being able to sue people ever you want he’s been in numerous like dozens of court cases and you even see Bill Maher I think all don’t mark holden orangutang he told them he fell them the product of an orangutang so I just yet it’s just rich kid syndrome it’s yeah he’s so used to having the money to shut like shutting people to fuck up and not being in a in a position of political power but now that the roles are reversed and his money really doesn’t mean shit and it’s and it’s all about the policies that he implements him like he’s such a political figure now that he signed up for this shit like he can’t he can’t bitch about people making fun of him when he’s the most prominent figure in America right now well yeah it’s redic I think I would respect him a lot more if he didn’t say anything if he does if he just left his personal opinions out of politics and was a fucking president and not a child then I would have so much respect for him like even if I didn’t agree with the policies as a man I’d be like okay like I at least at least he’s there in that man but he’s just easily he’s a little kid remember anyway yeah don’t you Mike ah FEMA not a lot I mean I’m workin on a we’re going on a lot of shit actually now that I think about it we’re going on music we’re going to music I’m dabbling and rap right working on some stand-up comedy I’m polishing the routine right now yeah should be cool have a have a script for a short film that I’m polishing up to yeah if you dope and this whole myocyte thing you know we’re grinding it out and I’m excited about you want like maybe like dive until I simply like tell appears about some future projects we have going on yeah yeah yeah so we’re working on a do you want to tell them about yet the animated series yeah I think we’re we’re currently in the works in the writing room a little concept of maybe animated series this animated series is going to be kind of like god this is still this is still blue print shit yeah Quinn and I have been concept in it but we were going to get a lot more people involved in it we’re thinking about a it’s gonna be like kind of if um you seen alka teen hunger force or anything like adult swim kind of related it has a very adult swim kind of late night five right well we don’t have to get into specifics Rancho just know that there’s an animated series it’s going to be funny shit Quinn and I are probably gonna be head writing that writers on it we’re gonna be voicing at a we’re going to be voicing they’re going to be a whole bunch of the my side team members on a new people it’ll be it’ll be a good time we’re also going to get this series started called music Mondays and it’s where we saw that every Monday it’ll be a different team member on my side and we talk about an album that a lot of those good okay I don’t that is so yeah so we get an album and we talked about it and pretty much it’s an album that is that we are sentimentally attached to and that we could you know we we have a personal experience with and that’s what we’re going to use the platform to do is just share our experiences and why the album is important to us yeah Reese and I have a web series coming out called geo caching that’s going to be put in production early May probably yeah we’re going to go already written it we’ve all like we have all accessories we’ve all like the role of skeleton fucking bitches out hi dude yeah oh fuck yeah if you guys hear them let us know let us know let’s know the common sense of comedy those bitches pit stop talking I think actually to hurt me anyway yeah we work out we’ve worked out a framework all the skeleton kind of scripting of the geocaching series right be great it’s going to be really funny recent ir are you know we’re really good at improvising so us teaming up is kind of just like natural what else do you have going on where the movie series already i really nice obviously we alluded to in the beginning of the same we have a lot of mob we have a new vlog come out hopefully soon I’m working on it alright another another vlog I know you guys like those either call Dan to blogs all right I don’t fuck I might change the name again ok same every time well with an eagle eye out for blogs and then is this a vlog series I don’t know I’m gonna call them milk it’s good i don’t agree before yeah of course I got these podcasts hopefully yet but if new format tell us in the comments you’d like to format yeah if there’s anything you guys want to see your you want to change something give us a let us know in the comments will read it again consideration also be sure to follow us on our social media counts as well right you want start closing that maybe you won’t close up I think we should close up shop here down all right are you have an overlay like reason i’m just gonna just going to go over all like the social media follow us and I subreddit shouts Ryan rotten again it’s it’s our / my side underscore media and then be sure to follow us on Instagram Twitter and Facebook all under real my side media you’ll find us Facebook not for in the United salsa Facebook fuck Facebook actually fuck Facebook bitch mika paul’s as well yeah if you want you really want to do you don’t have to learn or actually most excited about our new merch store right rebel calm / my side media yeah redbubble has been great all sorts of new shirt we’re often designed all the time if you guys don’t like a design that we have currently up there were constantly uploading a new one personally designed by Brandon I’m no it’s all types of merchandise you know shirts sweatshirts pants Baker’s mugs clocks like in all there so i definitely recommend giving our merch store a look you might find me I know you want to see link in the description and that’s what you want yeah there’s a random is random weekends will have they’ll have like twenty percent off sales so keep an eye out for that will probably you know post on our social media is whenever there is so you guys could take advantage of you guys want to keep on the sales definitely follow us and it’s next days and if you guys happen to buy something send us a picture or or post a picture on your on twitter and use the hashtag my side media or something that would be really helpful yeah and will you know retweet you shout you out because this is this is an us thing bank nice we’re not we’re not only here to take from you guys and you know last a lot at least if you guys enjoy the content and you want to see more of it please give this video a like and subscribe to our YouTube channel enjoy yours share it every friend did tell everyone about it all right even if you hate us mmm just bring it up in class later just be like hey Louise fucking dumbasses mhm I signed them on YouTube they are trash maybe one of your friends likes us all right you have to be the big head that fucking in ruins it for everybody else so just show the video time all right I’m talking to you John bye bye I come here to party

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