The One Ring Explained. (Lord of the Rings Mythology Part 2)

These books are all about this ring. How it’s
found and [spoiler alert] how it’s destroyed. While Tolkien built the largest and most consistent
fictional universe he sure didn’t mind being vague at times — so if you finished the story
and then thought: wait, what can this ring do and where did it come from? This is your
video. First thing first: The One Ring is not the
only ring — it’s Lord of the Ring*s*, after all — and that lord is Sauron. Long before this story starts, Sauron disguised
himself and came to the elves to work with their master craftsman Celebrimbor to forge
the rings of power. Together they made 16 — called the lesser rings, then Celebrimbor
took Sauron’s formula and made three on his own that turned out more powerful than the
original 16. Why make rings based on the suggestion of
a stranger whose resume has a millennia-long gap? Because he promised the rings would fix
the Elves biggest problem: this world is winding down. The amount of big and awesome and magic
decreases as a function of time here. For elves, magic *immortal* creatures, this
is bad news. Sauron said the rings would preserve what their wearers cared about most. That’s
why the Elven kingdoms are so fantastical compared to the rest of the world — their
rings have preserved them Unlike the famous poem implies, the elves
made all the rings for themselves intending exactly 0 to get into the hands of men or
dwarves, whom the elves think are stinky — so obviously something went wrong. Which brings
us back to The One Ring to rule them all. Sauron’s chief ability’s is to dominate the
minds of others — that’s partly why he’s able to control such large armies — and he
secretly made the The One Ring as a kind of lens to focus this power — his formula for
ring construction, unknown to Celebrimbor, also made the wearers of the nineteen rings
more vulnerable. Basically: The One Ring buffs his psy attack
and the other rings debuf psy defense. Plan A was to control a bunch of high-level
elves. But when he put The One ring on, the elves’ base-level stats allowed them to resist
and take off their rings just in time. Sauron captured Celebrimbor and tortured him
until he gave up the 16 lesser rings — but he died before revealing who was protecting
the three most powerful ones. So Sauron now had 16 mind-controlling rings
and had to turn to plan B: dwarves. Sauron manipulated sevens rings into the hands
of the dwarven kings but that didn’t work well either — Dwarves are a kind of clockwork
creature Sauron found impossible to control. But the rings weren’t super helpful for dwarves
either who loved treasure above all else so the rings grew their hordes large enough to
attract dragons who ate the dwarves and their precious rings. Finally, in the hands of men, ever the corruptible
species, the rings worked as expected: Sauron controlled their minds. And, as mortals, they
valued their lives the most, which the rings stretched for 1,000s of years. Stretched so
thin the men turn into invisible wraiths. Anyway, these domination plans don’t go unnoticed,
there�s a big war — Sauron is defeated and fades and The One Ring is lost. But the One ring is tricksy. It has a mind
of its own and wants to get back to Sauron, which brings us back to its powers: First: the ring tempts everyone (Well, almost
everyone) with promises that, yes this little ring can be a mighty weapon or a tool to reshape
the world, and gosh, don’t you just look like the best guy to use it? Let’s go vanquish
the powerful-demigod who lives over there to get started, shall we. Hmmm? This is why the Hobbits made great ring bearers:
because they’re pretty happy with the way things are and don’t aspire to greatness.
Of course, there’s Gollum who started out as a hobbit, but all things considered he
held out pretty well for a couple hundred years. Set the ring on the desk of most men
and they wouldn’t be able to finish their coffee before heading to Mordor to rule the
world and do it right this time. It’s worth considering that The One Ring’s
promises are just lies — that no one could *really* overthrow Sauron with it — The Ring
only wants to trick its wearer to get found which brings us to… Invisibility. Which outside the minds of characters, is
the only, tangible power the ring displays for everyone else — Invisibility seems great
— but while you’re hiding from that troll you shine like a beacon in the unseen world.
Where the, also invisible ring wraiths, can easily spot you. In summary: The One Ring
a) Turns you invisible in the most unhelpful manner
b) Is probably filled with lies, because c) It’s part of Sauron and works for him. He’s so connected to it, that its destruction
ends him for good. But the formula also intertwines The One Ring with all the rest. And so when
it fails, so do they. This is why the elves are *so somber*. Victory
over Sauron also means that the rings won’t preserve their kingdoms anymore — and all
will diminish. These books are the end of the age of magic and the beginning of the
age of men. (Link to LoTR wallpapers at the end)
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Maurice Vega

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  1. If I remember correctly, when mortal Arwen goes to die, she heads over to Lothlorien to pass away, which sadly has turned to ruins since Galadriel and her ring of power was what was sustaining it.

  2. Who is the person that is not tempted by the ring? I see someone sitting by a stream and gnarled tree, wearing a hat.

  3. 00:38 I saw this video four years ago before I learned calc. Now I know it these equations are a parametric representation of a torus, and you can use a surface integral to calculate the area.

  4. But now people love the machine made of wires, cables,
    their brains' a mess.
    it's not invisible
    just because it's wireless.
    The stable is the one
    that tells the fables.
    You really think your jewelry is valuable?
    Then why do… only people wear it
    when they're near near a table? People can'treally sing. Your turn for sink…
    They give you warnings
    But the heavy metal wont let you hear the ring…?

  5. I see you have little understanding. The ring is of course King Solomon's ring (which comes back at the time of the end in Islam), and the Castle on a hill which gets destroyed (city on hill, destroyed by fire, with dragons) of course is Rome. Islam destroy's Rome at the time of the end (Islamic prophecy) but many wars along the way follow.

  6. This is gold – I love learning about the universe! I loved the films and read the hobbit and fellowship of the rings vue never got round to finishing the two towers as it’s not the easiest to read!
    Hopefully I’ll get there someday
    I love reading the comments – thank you to all sharing their knowledge !

  7. Fascinating commentary on LOTR, but I can't get over the mistakes in the spherical – cartesian coordinate transformation you keep showing. The correct version is
    x = r sin(theta) cos (phi)
    y = r sin (theta) sin (phi)
    z = r cos (theta)

  8. Excellent. I was never quite happy with Bilbo Baggin's ring having this dual nature, turning you invisible but also making you somehow some sort of great war leader. Did it have an either/or effect depending on whether you looked the part of a mighty warlord? I'd rather it was just part of Bilbo's toolkit with the sword and the chain-mail.

  9. Elrond had a ring, Galadriel had a ring and so had Gandalf. However the Mirkwood elves seemed to get along alright without their king having a ring. So the elves did not actually have to leave Middle Earth if they did not want to.

  10. Wait, I thought Gollum wasn't a hobbit? Also Hobbits make great ring bearers because of their incredible mental strength, further explained in the books.

  11. celebrimbor got so pissed he used talion and fucked up sauron for the longest ass time (yes i know not canon but in my heart shadow of mordor and war is canon to many degrees)

  12. Don't you just love how everybody has a patreon now and even the most invaluable things are put on there just as a trick to get people to pay the money.

  13. This is the only visual medium where Tom Bombadil will ever appear and you don't even mention him by name. Stop shafting my man Tom

  14. Someone tell me if I'm wrong but… Doesn't the ring only turn hobbits invisible because they're a 'lesser' race? And that's why gandalf doesn't take the ring? I always thought that if gandalf put the ring on, he would get like mad powerful

  15. Sorry but, Tolkien doesn't have the largest nor the most consistent fictional universe. Many others have surpassed him since.
    His title is of "first" or "first big and consistent"

  16. is the effects of the ring based on how powerful the wearer is? Could someone powerful like Galadriel or Gandalf actually use the ring to amplify/focus their own power and use it to take Sauron out?

  17. I've never been able to get through the LOTR books, but these videos have motivated me to give them another real go.

  18. Some shitty magic if you ask me. Imagine playing an open world rpg where if one npc dies your level 80 wizzard is basically a dude with a staff.

  19. 0:28
    x = (23 + 2cos(θ))cos(ϕ)
    y = (23 + 2cos(θ))sin(ϕ)
    z = 5sin(θ)},+y+%3D+(23+%2B+2cos(%CE%B8))sin(%CF%95),+z+%3D+5sin(%CE%B8)%7D

  20. Fun fanfiction idea: A group of elves trying to stop the fellowship from beating Sauron to preserve their magic (at the expense of everyone else). Might be good in the hands of someone who knows more about the universe than me

  21. Sauron was still alive after the destruction of The One Ring. He's one of the immortal species and all of the wizards are. He just wasn't able to get a real body and he wasn't able to influence anybody couse of the lack of The One Ring. I think. Im not sure.

  22. 0:03 says "spoiler alert"

    Doesn't give us a second to pause the video

    Thanks I was about to start watching lotr today

  23. It's been so long, please, please, please make more and go into more depth! This is the best LOTR video I've ever seen.

  24. I wonder, when the One was destroyed, did all of the essay and prototype rings lose their powers as well?
    Lesser magic rings were mentioned, as studies and essays before the grand work of making the Rings of Power was truly undertaken.

  25. Great video; very well produced – but I disagree that the ring has no real power in and of itself. That would be a hell of a macguffin if the ultimate evil artifact is just a big lie. Galadriel was not fooled into believing it would make her into a dark queen. The ring bestowed massive power but only in direct relation to 1) a ring-bearers existing power and 2) their will to dominate. This is why the dwarf lords were able to gather so much gold. If you are wearing the ring and your will is aligned with Sauron, things just fall into place for you with terrible effect.

  26. What if lord of the rings was a true story and this is why we no longer have all the other species on this earth the rings where destroyed and all the other races lost their power due to it and that is why man prevailed.

  27. He made a number of mistakes

    1) The three, the seven and the nine are GREAT rings, not lesser. There are many lesser rings, possibly hundreds as it is not stated.
    Saruman was wearing a lesser ring in FOTR as he never learned how to make a greater.

    2) A person CAN overthrow Sauron using the one. The problem is they become the new Dark Lord. Gandalf and Galadriel at the very least could do it. It is suggested anyone could do it, even Frodo if they turned their minds to domination and tried long and hard enough.

    3) The Three Rings are a snare themselves for the elves. They don't really belong on Middle Earth anymore and almost all the big war trace back to them. The War over the SImerals, the War of the Last Alliance and the War of the Ring all wouldn't happen if the elves remained in Valinor as they were supposed to.

    The elves are only in Middle Earth because they are power-hungry and narcissistic despite their rep. Galadriel came to Middle Earth for power as she wanted to start her own kingdom. In Valinor, they are on the bottom as the angelic beings their rank over there. In Middle Earth they are towards the top as they are the most magical beings left on it. Valinor is superior to Middle Earth except for one thing. The elves are on the bottom not the top there and they don't like that.

  28. Okay so you defeat the dark lord and watch a human idiot walk away with his ring.
    Do you a) Call it a day and go home. Or b) Raze Mordor and establish a permanent base there to stop him from creeping back.

  29. i thought the ring also would give power to you based on your racial affinity, like for hobbits they blend in to the point of invisibility and for humans it gives them a tactical mind beyond most

  30. And we are living within the end of the age of man.

    It is a spectacular book, and one I have never managed to finish.

    Although I have sat through the films that were… far easier to digest
    as they don’t explain an entire world and all mechanism within it….
    right down to the shapes of the handles on the doors.

    Kind regards

  31. there is actual a big misconcept in this video.

    the elfs are not directly connected to magic, like the valar or wizards.
    the elfs get their power by the 2 trees (their only surviving fruits/sun and moon) and were actual guided to the west by this omnipotent god, who created the valars and the lower "angles". the guild to west was possible by stars and these trees (later the sun and moon, who are both moving to west) the differences between elfs is basicly age and if they saw the western paradies and for how long and what actual bloodline they came from.

    the legolas, woodelfs never visited the west and will remain in the east, except some honoured guests.
    the elrond-elfs are actual high elfs from the west, but a blood line that mixed with humans or did a bit shady stuff some millenias => Noldor.
    Lorien has the purest elfs in middleearth, because they were basicly allways in the west and just came over to defeat sauron, like in the past many similar interventions to defeat melkor.

    the light of the valar is actual getting weaker, because the sun adn the moon loose its godlike power. the nature is loosing its connection to the gods, who live on a different continent and thereby elfs have to leave or die in that foreign land unconnected to their gods. thats the reason for the grim speech of aragon at the end, about the day when darkness will triumph and the courage of men will fade is the actual future for middle-earth. sauron and melkor are basicly dead or powerless, but their ideals, the meaningless will win against the humans millenias after the story of the LotR.

    in some sense the ring is an actual concept of monotheism /christianity and the valar were the old britanic gods, who had "interventions" of blond people /vikings from the land of the gods to defeat the corrupting and ultimative winning enemy. the elfs, dwarfs and humans are connected to trees like nordic god-culture, while the corrupted people of melkor are slaves under the ONE eye in equal servitute.
    saruman is in this concept someone, who tried to use the power of the ring/monotheism to defeat sauron/foreign monotheism, thereby creating slaves my mixing orcs with humans and just creating the same evil stuff like sauron with some hidden hate between each other. in the second film these 2 orc groups were sarumans uruks and saurons orcs and shortly before they get attacked by rohirim they fight each other and the uruks kill some orcs and eat them to show the clear rivally between saruman and sauron.

    the film makes saruman a weaker person to highlight his errors, but he is actual quite competent. he actual destroyed saurons base in dol guldur with "strange creatures", later revealed as evil humans, who became later the human stuff in uruks.

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  33. dwarfsd are real, theya re called midgets like in american pie movie, i wish i had midgets so i could make mining business, thety fit in cave. im drunk

  34. If Gandalf or Aragorn used the One Ring, they very well could have defeated Sauron. Yet they would become another dark lord under the rIng's influence.

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