‘The Next Revolution’ panel talks the latest on 2020 race

Maurice Vega

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  1. A large field of aspirants and lack of clarity are part of the normal, messy political process. In 8 months there will be a nominee around whom voters can rally. Only then will we have any sense of the contest.
    Whoever the Democratic opponent, I wouldn't be happy running as a failed, impeached President hated by half the country and facing future criminal prosecution.

  2. Clinton wouldn’t have the stamina to take on an energized and experienced wronged President Trump. Tulsi was very honest about Hillary. She’s the embodiment of corruption and rot in the democrat party.

  3. CNN published today that Beavis is going to run for the presidency , Since butt-head (Beto) is now out , he's gonna ..huh…huhuh….score !

  4. These liberal scum are idiots! They think they can make us think the world isn't flat with their "fake" logic and pseudo science? Stupid scientist stealing grant money to push this fake climate change narrative for the Dems benefit! We know the "Deep State" is the reason Trump had to file for bankruptcies and lose billions from the 80's through the '00's, because his bigly brain always had perfect deals! He is a very stable genius, figuring out how to dodge drafts 5 times after being in a military school and how not to pay taxes, and my hero because of it! Hillary had Benghazi and emails, so the ordeals in Yemen and Niger, and Ivanka and Jared's emails aren't jack, and she should go to jail, and they should get more private business deals while in government office! Trump was co-opted into saying he had been friends with Epstein for 15 years back in '02! Trump Tower Moscow was the bestest deal he could try to make while running for president! I wish all the countries would dig up dirt on the crooked dems and release them publicly, while praising Trump and republicans! Trump supporting the CLinton's was just a guise so he could get dirt on the "Deep State"! All of those 200 women who have claimed sexual harassment from Mr Trump are lying whores who begged for it! Pornstars weren't paid by campaign finance, and the Trump fixer lawyer was just paying them to keep them from lying about Trump! We should be pulling out of Syria, except for protecting the oil fields from ISIS, whom we defeated!

  5. Anybody Else would be a Third Party Candidate, & they better "Get It!" QUICK!

  6. They can't produce candidates who can navigate their minefield of pandering, and also keep their leadership qualities intact. So it's retread canadidates who have always pandered and will say literally anything for power, or new ones with no record and a fresh slate to pander away on. Obama was a mystery man along these lines, and perfect to alleviate these troubles, but he lulled them into ignoring this primary problem and allowed it fester. He wrecked them basically.

  7. The ONLY chance Dems have is Bernie-Tulsi but the Party is steered by the Deep State which prefers Trump to breaking up the Empire with socialism and non intervention.

    TRUMP / PENCE IN 2020 !

  9. Fox doesn't seem to be covering Trump getting booed and the crowd chanting 'Lock him up' at the world series. He was devastated, then had to put on a fake smile and listen to it. Seems he can give it but not take it.

  10. "they have no platform" except Medicare for all, taxing the rich, regulating the banking industry, breaking up the large tech companies, campaign finance reform…. I could go on…

  11. Elizabeth Warren only chance of becoming Commander in Chief is finding some lost tribe in the Amazon and telling them she is Pocahontas!

  12. Why are Biden, Sanders and Warren beating Trump by 10 points in the most recent Faux News (State TV) poll? 😂 😂 😂 😂

  13. Wayne broadbent,
    Keep trying one of this days you will succeed and cnn,mnsbc are the worst fake news in the country.

  14. Eric Holder?  They should try asking 100 people on the street to identify him.  99 will be unable to do so.  The other 1 will mention "Fast & Furious."  He's their savior?  The flop sweat in the Democrat Party is going to drown them.

  15. Is it true that President Trump is only building the wall repairing patches along a 30 mile area? President Trump, please save our freedom before it is too late.

  16. What a sad list of candidates the Democrats have to run for President and all any of then have for a campaign is "I hate Trump more than the other guy". Lol.

  17. I'm literally watching Trump speak at the IACP right now on Fox and no other news channel is covering it. I flipped threw channels and all they are saying is how Trump shouldn't have spoke ill of the ISIS leader. Pathetic.

  18. My continued vote for Trump in the 2020 election against the lying, corrupt Democunts… speaks for itself.👍🏼
    Trump 5 more years!🇺🇸

  19. We wish Pre.Trump will be the US President forever or until China, Russia, VN, Iran molder and moulder !!!

    President Trump wants to MAGA, but Democratic Party want to make China, Iran, Russia etc…great again !

  20. Is there anyone else?
    HRC – Hold my chardonnay!
    DNC – No HRC!
    HRC – Hold my money?
    DNC – Crap……….Okay
    Electorate – No!!!!
    HRC – Russians and racist white women! Where's my chardonnay!
    I continually relish, when trying to see the world through their eyes, the untenable situation the DNC is in. The absolute futility in everything they do for the next 5 years or more. Must suck waking up everyday knowing defeat is eminent and wondering how many more digits you can stick in the cracking dam of your own party's corruption.

  21. Next Revolution meaning my puke spinning in the toilet after I get done listening to Socialist Snowflakes.

  22. They (The leftists Socialist) had about 3500 people on stage from initial debates. The Leftists even said they had to impeach Trump in order to beat him. They have nobody.

  23. The term of office for both the vice president and the president is four years. … Additionally, neither the Constitution's eligibility provisions nor the Twenty-second Amendment's presidential term limit explicitly disqualify a twice-elected president from serving as vice president. The Twenty-Second Amendment says a person can only be elected to be president two times for a total of eight years. It does make it possible for a person to serve up to ten years as president. This can happen if a person (most likely the Vice-President) takes over for a president who can no longer serve their term. TRUMP PRESIDENT FOREVER !!!!!

  24. Trump is the most 'moderate' President in recent US history. This is apparent from the millions of Democrats and independents that swung over to elect Trump, despite disliking the GOP. It is also apparent from the establishment GOP leaders that generally opposed Trump, not just in the primaries, but also thru the 2016 election. Some extreme GOP establishment icons such as Romney, and GOP establishment loyalists continue to oppose Trump going in to the 2020 election. Thinking, Middle America, voters liked Trump in 2016, simply because he was the best person in the room to do the job, when compared to the much despised establishment GOP and democrat honcho's. Trump voters love him in 2020, because he is actually getting stuff done despite the tsunami of obstruction from the hated establishment swamp and fake news media. The only thing that middle america voters hate more than the corrupt swamp establishment left and right oligarchs is the corrupt News Media. Fox News and YouTube is like a crap sandwich in a universe of crap soup. At least with the YouTube or Fox Crap Sandwich, there is a small bit of crust that is not coated with crap. The other news outlets such as CNN, MSN, MSNBC, CBS, ABC, PBS, Yahoo, Google, etc .. don't offer even the smallest crumb of news that is not soaked in crap. If a 'real' News Outlet came along, that presented fair, truthful, reasoned, intelligent, researched journalism…. US voters and viewers would flock to them and abandon the fake crap news US media outlets in a heartbeat.

  25. There is a woman that would take the Presidency on the Dems side in a second. Let's pray they are to dumb to get her to run and she has no interest…

  26. Clowns will be clowns. Socialist socialist socialist. Here goes your freedom, private life, your money, tax tax tax tax tax they can’t wait to get in your wallet. They will take your private insurance and replace it with THEIR CHOICE….that’s not freedom. They won’t even ask you if it’s OK.
    They are full of audacity and 💩💩💩💩

  27. the dems have NOBODY worth voting for,,,,,they have an agenda and Policies that this country and it's people do not want or need,,,,,Trump has 2020 won already….I know, I was a democrat but I will never vote democrat again,,,,,Trump has my vote in 2020…

  28. Climate change will create favorable conditions for wildfires in California, including: high temperatures, strong winds, Dry vegetation, Parched soils (including a two-thirds reduction in snowpack by 2100) These conditions increase the frequency and intensity of California wildfires. As suburban areas continue to encroach on wild lands, additional communities in California are at risk from wildfires.

  29. Tulsi Gabbard, perhaps? Why Not Win?
    Eat the Dog Food! Wash it down with the Special Koolaid! "Hate Trump Platform" has Zero Leverage, even less Traction.
    ☆☆☆☆HILLARY/HOLDER 2020☆☆☆☆

  30. Is Obama holding out to endorse Hiliary in hopes that the DEMs will gain ground with their Alinsky attacks of Trump?

  31. Is there anyone left in the United States who doesn't feel that Pocahontas is a bald-faced liar? If so, they must have been focused on a rabbit-warren rather than Pocahontas Warren! She should hide her head in shame.

  32. Be prepared Americans because the democratic left has only one option left to perform and that will be Voter fraud, on a scale never seen before, you can bet they already have a plan for this.

  33. REPUBLICANS, Disrupt the Democratic party and register as a democrat for the primary. Make sure that Warren or Sanders will not have a chance to be the DNC nominee. Throw the DNC in to chaos vote for Andrew Yang who is an outsider, worst case you would end up with 1K extra a month instead of a 42% sales tax for medicare for all….

  34. Problem is with "Going Left" is you end up "Going in Circles" and Never Progressing.
    (despite calling yourselves "Progressives")

  35. Warren is nuts… who is she gonna be next? Pochontas to Mulan next lol. Maybe she has some Chinese in her too. The woman is a joke.

  36. Hildabeast…
    can't wait for her to run….
    All the great past material of 16, and the future gaffes, falling, stumbling, fumbling, stammering, ambulances chasing or following her, coughing fits, collapsing from heatstroke.  Cadaver dogs follow her, The city morgue bus also follows her. As does the bottled water people follow her to keep her hydrated, the blue colored glasses supply people follow her… The medical van and dog grooming van follows her..  the cough drop people follow her… The veterinarian and her 32 fans
    Oh what a caravan of support people needed to make it look like the Hildabeast is alive… She's a real job creator, sucking up all the medical care available. 

    This is gonna be fun!! Hahaha
    She's trying to get the band back together…. Carvell on banjo, Billy on sax, MONICA on Billy, Podesta on kids, all the fun of the past, good times under the WH roof… Like is Bill playing hide the cigar with MONICA again? Is hildabeast throwing things at Bill? Man…
    This is gonna be great!

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