The Most Important Aspect of Leadership: Passing It On | Dr. Myles Munroe

thank you for joining us for another power-packed message from dr. Myles Munroe provided by Monroe global incorporated and Monroe global comm we transform followers into leaders and leaders into agents of change we hope that this message is a blessing to you as you advance your life and discover your purpose now let's go into the message on what I call the most neglected aspect of leadership and it's mentoring and succession very few leaders even think about these concepts but I want you to be a different kind of leader I want you to be a rare leader I want you to be the kind of leader that the world will never forget and you can actually make that possible if you capture these two important components the power of mentoring and succession I call it passing it on it took me most of my life to appreciate the value of this process of mentoring and succession and there's a reason why we don't mentor and I would explain some of those reasons I have come to also appreciate that the greatest part of leadership is mentoring it's not building a building it's not establishing a program it's not building an institution it's not even wielding power the greatest act of leadership is mentoring someone or mentoring a few people to take your place I want to begin first of all by asking a question what is leadership we see people with titles and people with positions people who be claimed to be influential and we in in some strange way conclude that they must be leaders whether it's a politician or a pastor or priests or a corporate business leader we always assume that these people are leaders but when you begin to study leadership it's kind of an elusive thing because leadership is really defined by your culture so it may not be true leadership and we talked about that in our session this morning that there is leadership and then there is true leadership I want to give you a definition that took me 32 years to write one sentence that took me 32 years to write it he has a sentence leadership is the capacity to influence others through inspiration generated by a passion motivated by a vision by a conviction produced by a purpose I want to repeat this it's a long definition but it's important because based on my research and my experience and my interviewing thousands of leaders and also doing research in the most important book in the world which is the Bible my conclusion is that every word in this sentence is necessary to define leadership leadership is again the capacity to influence others through inspiration the inspiration is generated by a passion that the person has that passion is motivated by a vision that the person sees that vision comes from a deep conviction that the person cultivates that conviction comes from a sense of purpose all of these are necessary for leadership to be genuine if you want to become a strong leader in your lifetime to influence the world before you die which you can you have to turn the sentence upside down and start from the bottom because leadership is never sought after true leadership is a byproduct of a process in essence leaders never seek to be leaders every true leader in history was a reluctant person they didn't want to be a leader so here's the process turn upside down you begin at the bottom first you must discover a sense of purpose you must somehow have an encounter with yourself and with your Creator which helps you to understand that you are not a mistake that you were born to do something important I call it original intent once you find that sense of purpose it develops a deep conviction a conviction is a belief in your significance conviction is critical in the process of becoming a leader it is conviction that makes the leader see a vision because the belief that is in that person begins to show up in pictures they begin to see a better future so all true leaders walk around with a picture in their mind of a future that is far better and greater and more noble than the present that vision then causes them to develop a passion now passion is the leaders fuel because it is passion which is a desire is stronger than the threat of death all true leaders are individuals who are willing to die for their conviction and I'm not just talking about physical death because that may be possible and necessary but also depth to things like popularity death to being approved by everybody even debt to being liked by your friends or your families you got to die to that if your conviction is strong enough and this is why many great leaders actually lose their friends because the conviction becomes more important than their company that makes them a leader the passion therefore is what inspires people now when people see your passion for something you inspire them inspiring person means that you generate in them meaning for their lives you make them believe that they also have something important to do in life and they can join you in making a difference inspiration is critical in leadership because inspiration is the opposite of manipulation most of the leaders that you call leaders in my definition could be professional manipulators they manipulate your fears your need for approval your need for recognition and they play with your feelings and they emote you these are not leaders these are tricksters slick people they they are almost psychic controllers some of them are in politics and some are in the pulpit they are manipulators they are not needed true leaders Mel manipulate they inspire once you inspire people they surrender their authority to you willfully and that is when they call you a leader so a true leader never sought leadership it happened and this is why they are usually reluctant people they don't want to be upfront really they recline many times to to go back in the in the shadow they you almost got to push them out front matter of fact most true leaders in history were forced out of the shadows by circumstances they had to respond and this is why when you find people who are seeking power and position and leadership influence these people should be suspicious of be suspect if people are seeking power they are not leaders leaders don't seek power matter of fact they are normally given power they never asked for because it is their pursuit of a passion that drives them into a position of leadership here's a man you know well I'm going to show you how important it is to understand the process of leadership leaders are people who haven't found something to live for these are people who have found something to die for the problem with our generation is we don't want to die we want to live we want to live in a big house with a nice car – we want a lot of money we want a lot of notoriety we want to be in the limelight we we want the lights on us we we know we don't want to die for nothing dying is a part of leadership let's read a statement made by a Nelson Mandela that reveals the kind of man he was it says I have said nothing but what I am willing to live by and if it so be the pleasure of the Almighty God to die by Abram Lincoln said that watch what Nelson Mandela says decades later it is an ideal for which I hope to live for and to achieve but if needs be an ideal for which I am prepared to die don't they sound the same no wonder why we can't forget both of them I remember reading and listening to the speeches and the the the the great sermon given by dr. Martin Luther King jr. I bought all of his sermons when I was here a couple of years ago I listened to all of them and I remember the moment when I believed he became a leader remember I told you that there's a moment where it happens I think it happened when he was in in that little church when they threatened his life and they actually told him that if you were to come out tonight you probably won't see the Sun Rise and he mounted a pulpit and I'm sure that mr. young was there at that meeting and he made the statement he said they they took him to kill me they threatened to take my life and then he says but it doesn't matter anymore now that statement is a leadership statement you are never a leader until it doesn't matter anymore because at that point you died as long as it matters you will never change the world jesus said it this way he said if you seek your life you will lose it but if you're willing to lose your life for my sake you will what find it that means they can never get rid of you out of history we need to ask the question am i doing something right now that I am willing to die for if you are not there yet and you are a supervisor perhaps even a glorified manager but not a leader yet because leaders are people who have an affair with death they have found something more important than life what's the keys to true leadership write this down first conviction and passion willing to sacrifice again those quotes they embody that spirit of conviction and passion willingness to sacrifice this is the heart of the philosophy of a true leader they constantly have an affair with death they think about their purpose more important than their personal safety I have a story to tell and my story is not over but I've been threatened I looked at this picture of this man on the picture on the PowerPoint here this man changed the world it was only four feet five inches high he weighed 90 pounds that's him when he decided I'm not gonna eat and tell my people are free he was starving himself to death he was fighting the entire British Empire for all of their armies and their ships with weapons this little Indian guy destroyed them without a bullet he fought them with conviction conviction this is lacking in leaders today they have very little conviction conviction means my belief is so strong I prefer to die than to surrender it they try to force-feed him and he refused to eat and the great British Empire collapsed under the weight of this little man's conviction that's why we can never forget Mahatma Gandhi I wondered we remember you you are not remembered for what you achieved you are remember for which you survived leadership when I first met this gentleman he changed my life you know mr. Nelson Mandela it was a private dinner and I would tell this story because it changed me so deeply when I first shook his hand see me there shaking his hands when I shook his hands it felt like rock hard I was intrigued this was 30 days after he was released from Robben Island prison he flew to the Bahamas to meet with our prime minister who happened to be one of his friends when they were in college in London they all became lawyers when he went back home to his country my Prime Minister came to my country and they were both fighting the same monsters oppression by European people and in my country we had the same problem he had a path ID there was a war built down the middle of my island where we couldn't cross it with our permission we had no passports we were not allowed to eat at certain restaurants and drink at certain water fountains the same thing I was born and that was still there there were schools that was ruled out for us we couldn't attend it was only for the white people so my Prime Minister came woman that's what he came home to fight mr. Mandela went to fight his in South Africa they were both fighting against oppression my Prime Minister who happened to be Celinda Gnostic opinion at the time a young lawyer they fought against the regime of oppression and what was amazing is four percent of the white people controlled ninety five percent of the land and the economy we owned nothing four percent of population controlled the country and I remember when we had the election when they came back they began to rally in the streets and they shut taxicabs down and try to force the hand of an election they drew the boundaries in such a way that they always warned how can four percent win an election corruption to the core eventually they shut the country down those few leaders that came back from college they shut the country down they told the people don't go to work don't drive buses don't use taxis we shut the country down and they were forced to make a change and when they finally decided to have of course fair elections it was obvious and so our new prime minister became the leader of the party became leader the first premier and then eventually became the first prime minister and his friend was still in jail in South Africa and it was he who stood up in the United Nations and demanded that that man be set free he began to agitate and others jumped on and so when he left prison his first trip was to the Bahamas to come and tell his friend thanks they invited seventeen people to the dinner I was one of them can you imagine that that was about 17 years ago I remember walking into the Roman we were all lined up to meet mr. Mandela fresh out of prison I mean it was history on two legs I shook his hands and I remember feeling that rock-hard hand and I said my god this man's hard hand is hard like steel like like named cement he looked at me and he smiled because he saw my face my reaction and and he just he bowed my Vout and says yeah excellency mr. president we went in sat down and after the meal was almost over he leaned over to the table I was sitting three chairs down he said young man are you okay I said yes sir he said are you sure you okay I said yes sir he said no you're not okay he's a nice guy he said I guess you wonder why my hand is hard and I was so embarrassed he said let me tell you why my hand is hard because for 25 years in prison they gave me an axe and a rock and they said your job is to crack rocks break them up into small rocks and so my hand became so callous after all we did for 25 years breaking rocks because of my conviction they offered me deals to leave prison many times he told him no I can't sell my conviction give me the hatchet again and he told me this story I began to weep because I was listening to a man who was president of a country but we forget the rocks he said that's why my hand is hard my whole hand is a callus I left there dinner that night but a thought in my mind I still carry with me and that thought is Oh God made my hand hard you want to be a leader he had to pay a price if you want to be liked don't try to be a leader you want to be famous don't try to be a leader if you want popularity don't try to be a leader here's what he said to me that night this statement he said true leaders do not seek followers followers are attracted to true leaders they are attracted to your passion he also reminded me the leadership is not a right of the leader it is a privilege given by the followers therefore leadership is a trust that people give you because they are inspired by your willingness to die for your conviction they embrace you because they believe that you are willing to sacrifice for what you believe this is the heart of leadership so yes the greatest challenge of leadership then you are now a leader you in a position of influence you have revealed your passion people respect you and now what you're going to do well as I said it's time for you to think about the future the greatest act of leadership is mentoring because if what you learn and achieve and accumulate and accomplish dies with you then you are a generation of failure so the goal of leadership is not for you to achieve greatness but to successfully pass it on so mentoring is the manifestation of the highest level of maturity because it means you are actually giving away everything you worked for to someone else when you come from a background like most of us we don't want to surrender what we've achieved to anybody because our history says yep keep everything because you never had nothing so we'll mentor people we kill them and they try to compete with us we need to remember that this sense of low self-esteem that came from our history and our poor self-concept is what actually caused us to protect ourselves from people rather than train them to take our place well we have what we call this concept of entitlement entitlement means I suffered for the last 400 years it's our time now I have a right to this and no one's gonna take it from me that includes my cousin that's spirit of entitlement you know why mr. Mandela in my estimation is the greatest leader of our century let me tell you why he was in jail for 25 years became president of the country and only stayed one term this is unheard of for an African Mr Mugabe who happens to be also an acquaintance of mine he's been in power for how long I forgot of course there are other surrounding issues in the process but if he was smart he would have trained younger men and women the last 20 years but the same philosophy to take his place so he could go play golf but he hasn't made it over that threshold where you can give a power know the average age they say of third world leaders is 69 70 it's time to go average age in other words these are people who are hanging on because they they identified their worth with their position right is now please it's a very important point true leaders understand that leadership is never given to one generation leadership that serves its own generation is destined to failure and this why I am so pleased when I see people like ambassador Andrew Young capturing the history for the unborn children to remember you have to pass on that information to give them a sense of value for what's been achieved do you know why your kids spray the walls with graffiti they have no idea what the cost of that wall is and that's usually because you didn't tell them the story does your high schools in the low-income areas teach your history to the kids if they don't that's why they spray the walls because they have no value for the the wall the wall means nothing to them they forget that there was blood that bought the wall but you don't tell the story you don't mentor them mentoring is an understanding that leadership is generational I like this statement God is a generational God you know I when I read the Bible through the years I finally figured out God when God speaks to you he's not talking to you he's talking to your loins you gotta study God he's a generational thinker whenever God tells you something it's not for you it's for your children God would say things like this and I will bless you and I will bless your children and your children's children shall be blessed in other ways I'm talking to you right now so you better keep what I'm giving you cuz the name for you generation one of the most important things I discovered is that success without a successor is failure success is the only word in a dictionary with success in it can I say it again succession is the only word in the dictionary with the word success in it that means the only true success is succession leadership therefore is only preserve if you can mentor people to preserve what you built if your vision dies with you you are a failure as you pursue becoming a great leader and maximising your life you need to keep thinking I gotta start passing this on one of the things I try to do is constantly mentor people because buildings dive and I went to Haiti I went to visit Haiti and you know we flew there to visit with the president we went to see the president and when we walked into the compound with the president the building was broken down there was rubble everywhere I mean the president's palace was rubble and as we drove there I asked the driver I said how old is it he said over a hundred and twenty five years old these buildings are he said it took a hundred and twenty-five seconds for them to be destroyed right quick you know in Haiti destroyed them and I walked into that palace we suffered the president we had tea together we talked about issues and then we left and said goodbye and prayed with him and on my way out I was crawling over rocks coming from the president's palace over rocks and I heard a voice say to me do you see why you mentor don't build your future in buildings it only takes one or it quick build limit people I saw the people climbing on top of the rocks and I discovered that the buildings were destroyed but the people still survived Jesus Christ never built a building he built people he left us 11 guys who changed history who are you leaving not what are you leaving because they want to be destroyed by a hurricane or tornado what about who are you leaving we need leaders who think more of the next generation than the next position in other words we need leaders who feel they owe a debt to the future not just to the past we need leaders who are more dedicated to history than they are to money oh my god you are a pastor some of your passes in here who are you training to take the pulpit right now I discovered something if you don't mentor you can't go on vacation it's that simple you are so selfish so self-possessed so insecure you can't even go on vacation what you don't trust no one to be in your poopit pasture you're sick great leaders love to give a power they love to watch their protegees exceed them we need history more than money ladies and gentlemen we need leaders who are more interested in people than in private ambition this is my ministry this is my position this is my company this is my anointing this is my my my these are sick people these are not leaders these are parasites they are sucking the blood out of the people's trust to build their own personal ambition leadership is not about your ambition it's about the people receiving what is rightfully theirs this is why you mentor ladies and gentlemen remember this the greatest weakness of leadership is not mentoring I want you to be wise people I want you to go out of here in your department and look for three people to mentor for the next four years number four is very important the greatest fear of leadership is the success of your followers you know some people are so afraid when their followers outdo them that they kill their followers you know I've actually seen pastors who you know go on a break and they leave the church in the hands of the another pastor a young past or something and then they come back the whole church is talking about the young pastor hope as he should have been here he was awesome he sold more CDs than you pass I'm so glad you ran away we finally got a chance to hear a word from God I mean but a John was honored pastor thank you for letting him preach pastor that was awesome and the pastor now got some issues as the last time John will preach you pull his CDs from the departments they don't run no more because you are a sick leader your response should have been like Jesus let me give you the mind of Jesus as a leader here's the way he thought his philosophy he said it is better for you that I go away because if I don't go away he says you won't do greater works that I've done this is a crazy man he's actually telling them I am in your way how about telling your youth pastor that it's better for you that I go away zzz's because if I don't go away you will not do greater works my absence is important for you what a leadership mind so what he did he send them out two by two remember that and they did something they begin to cast out demons heal the sick raise the dead you know he gave him authority to exercise all that power and when they came back they began to report they said master the demons were afraid of us the dead was raised the blind could see he tell him you know if that was a preacher from Atlanta last time I'm sending you out do you know the Bible says Jesus did it says it says in that moment Jesus rejoiced the word rejoice remains – – again and choice means to jump that means he jumped around leader give him a hand he ain't like you don't be afraid of the success of your followers be proud of it and if you're smart do what I do take the credit don't get jealous take the credit you know if we do be hold people down you ain't you ain't you know you give me no opportunity hope here's the problem if you're hold people down you gotta stay with them to keep them down so you can't go any further clap one more time you gotta get out of this thinking the greatest obligation of true leadership is the transfer of your deposit to the next generation remember that that's your greatest obligation in other words leadership success is measured by the success of your successful I am hardly ever home now because I I ordained my replacement in our local ministry in the Bahamas 15 years ago that's why I can affect nations and travel all over the world even be here leaders know that every position is temporary write this down leadership success is measured by what happens in your absence I repeat leadership success is measured not by what happens in your presence but what happens in your absence if everything stops when you leave you are a failure if people read newspapers and talk around the water machine when you go away for a few days you are a losing failing leader if they don't miss you when you're gone you're doing good if things grow in your absence you're doing great you gotta remind them you are back like I always do it means you're doing a great job as a matter of fact the greatest act of leadership success is leaving and Jesus proved that he was the greatest leader in history because he left what's amazing about this awesome leader is his company grew in his absence he left 12 it became 121 week 3000 today 2.4 billion and he even in present anymore he's sitting here why he done a good job he transferred anybody worked for that company I worked for the company I went to the co give the hand for our boss he did a good job see now I know this is very sad for all of you Americans but I'll say it I'm sure you saw the Olympics three black boys from the Bahamas stood there they're beautiful aqua blue uniforms next to the American Giants it was a relay race it's a relay race okay I want you to remember this as long as you live all right leadership is a relay race write that down get it in your mind it's not a sprint it's a relay there was someone here before you you got your leg to run that's all and now there comes a point where you got to pass it on leadership is not a sprint it's a marathon relay now I'm sure you would have noticed during the race that we beat you I'm just rubbing think of that feel so good about it all right that's just all right all right you know so you would remember if you watch the race there were when they were running there came a place where there was a line and a track and another line on the track but like this was the space where the runners were waiting and they were on the back of this last line and they had their hands like this now between that line and that line they had to pass it that was the most important part of the race Monda running and we missed it it was that space is called the passing space they're handing off space and that's where most leaders lose it that's why the church is messed up today because most pastors when they reach this line they run right past the plate [Laughter] [Applause] we keep running past the runners that space that area is the key to leadership because no matter see it no matter how fast you ran your leg if you dropped the baton it doesn't matter when he was in the front it's over so it's not the speed it's the passing know what I've done I built this hallelujah all this great program is mine this is my TV show this is my buses I bought this is my great work this is my anointing this is one of my and then when you die there's a fight in the boardroom the Deacons kill each other the elders are boning and fussing and cussing at each other why leadership it's not about how fast you run it's about how he how safe you pass you know that like about about the relays one person never wins the whole team wins write this down the key to the relay race is not winning your leg but passing the baton I am more concerned about what happens after I die than while I am living because you can lose everything you built all your life if a dumb person got it after you a stupid person somebody will sell your your entire life cheap on the altar of convenience I don't time to get into a lot of details about succession but this is very critical it's very crucial i've drived pass buildings that are now dilapidated grass growing out the window because the person who built that empire didn't build people to take it it's a little statement here the death of leadership in my book on the table passing it on I wrote about a vision I had I'm gonna close what this is very important I wrote about this vision I had I had this vision I had just finished speaking to about 2,000 leaders and I rented a hotel to rest and I lay across the bed and I had I don't know whether I was sleeping or awake I had a vision and suddenly I woke up in a funeral and in this funeral the place was packed with people and there was a casket in the front and in that casket was a dead body there was a big picture right next to the path the casket of the person who had passed he was dressed in in track clothes beautiful picture he was obviously an athlete and in his hand he had a baton beautiful picture and people were passing filing past the casket they were weeping and crying and everything else and they came my time to come and I walked around and came past the casket and I looked into casket there this tall you know beautifully made up powerful athlete there in the casket dead and cold eyes shut cold the only problem was in his hand he had a baton and then I woke up and I was sweating and I asked God what does that mean he said that is a picture of most of my leaders cold hands like a vise grip around the baton they rather die with it and the young people have to go to a grave and pry it because they wouldn't pass it I have a prayer for you tonight die with your hands empty let someone come to your funeral with a baton in their hands and stand over your casket and smile and say thank you I'll keep it going yeah do you know what I believe is that it's the greatest and saddest experience with the civil right movement we're still looking for who got the baton that's why I'm glad you here that's why I love you so much Peter's willing to talk to you see doesn't matter how great your achievements were you gotta pass it on leadership is dying with your hands empty what young woman are you working with right now to teach her everything you know including your mistakes what a young man are you spending time with and say son I'm gonna give you everything a gap for the next two years just stay with me come home to my house with me I want you to see how I handle my kids and how I study I want you to go up do some trips and let you meet the people like me I'm gonna show you how to make this work who have you embraced and Jesus said Peter come follow me I will make you to become in other ways I'm gonna make you better than me today we caught fish I'm going to teach you how to catch man stay with me and they stayed with it you know let me just close with the secret to choosing his successor this is this is this is vintage miles here okay because I didn't get this from no book my greatest struggle I struggle for 30 years asking God how do you choose a successor and god destroyed every concept I had he blew me away he destroyed me he said the goal of leadership is not to maintain follow his son is to produce leaders he said true leadership is measured by the success of your diminishing dependency of your followers in other words the less they depend on you son the more successful you are if they need to see you all the time you are a failure if the same long line in your church every Sunday got the same people on it you need to resign he said to me my question to you is how long must I be with you remember that question they couldn't cast a demon out he didn't cast a demon at first he attacked them how long must I be with you it was a question of leadership he was telling them whether you please learn in this clique I want to get out of here stop depending on me he said the measure of your leadership is your ability to leave Sun and that's what motivates me he said true leadership makes itself increasingly unnecessary can you write that down truly the ship does what makes itself increasingly unnecessary in other words a leader who's a true leader wakes himself out of a job because he produces leaders better than himself it's a sign of your success and that's what Jesus did he left some of these big ministries in this country I'm praying because when the leader dies there's gonna be a scramble for the spoils they should have been in this session I heard a pastor recently he was proud he says I have no assistant pastor I feel like shooting him and telling God he died he was proud foolishness if you die in the morning from a heart attack man does the church continue if you die tomorrow morning does the business continue who picks up mentoring succession that's too deep I want you to read this verse very important verse because the first act of leadership is to identify your replacement and begin training them right away here's the words of Jesus you never saw before this of which he never saw before he together he's talking now about training go a student is not above his teacher nor a servant above his master okay now watch this it is enough he says for the student to be just like the teacher and for the servant to be just like the master in other words a true leader makes the follower just like him most leaders today keep people away from them so they could keep their knowledge to themselves because they use knowledge as discrimination oh man passes an awesome minister he got a revelation Wow boy he's a man of God you him last night boy he taught all worried it was also everything I have I give away Paul says everything I have I learned from someone so I pass it on the teacher should make the student just like him Jesus says so he could leave the master should make the servant just like him so he could leave you know people asked many times why why are third world leaders corrupt and why this I mean every country in Africa has leadership problems every country the karabiner leadership from every country develop you know why why are there so many lack of great leaders in your country among black African people or even Mexicans the ancient people why is there such lack of leadership in these formerly oppressed countries here's why because the oppressor he did not do what Jesus said he made sure you never knew what he knew not these are very interesting people you know they're interesting here's what they do they say okay we're gonna teach you nothing that we know so all we're gonna teach you is how to grow cane and cotton pick cotton that's all you have to do go get water that's it you don't need to know anything else they say and so for 294 years you become an expert cotton picker an excellent cane cutter but the problem is he doesn't teach you how to make the cane into sugar he doesn't teach you how to turn the cotton into cloth he keeps that to himself after a while you become unruly because you multiply and so you tell him it's more of us than you we gonna kill you if you don't let us go so he does something very simple every single situation is the same he's okay I don't want to fight you I want to fight you tell you what you could have the cotton field and you could have the cane because I don't want to fight you I'm gone and he leaves so here you are you call yourself free now because you got a cotton field and again the problem is he trained you to wear clothes and to drink tea with sugar you know what I just said that's too deep his clothes and to drink tea with sugar and he leaves you with it a field and a lot of coffee shop guy they smart after a few years he began to realize I can't wear cotton and I can't put cane and tea so he comes back and he says what's your problem he said look I can't turn cotton into cloth he's ok tell you what I'm gonna do I'm gonna buy the cotton from you at my price cuz you can't use it so you can't set the price because you can't use it I'll tell you how much I'm gonna buy it from you for I'll buy the I'll buy the key you put it at my price let me take it away and they turn in the clock and sugar then it comes back to you and they sell you the sugar at the rice and the cloth at that price and here you are now instead of being directly oppress you are economically oppressed they didn't train you to be producers and now you thought you were free so the kind of seminars I have is the seminars that help you learn how to make sugar the kind of what I do is to teach you how to turn cotton into so you become free to get your farms back and know how to convert into cloth and instead of just paying consumers you become producers this is leadership they don't teach you how to lead they don't teach you how to operate anything and then when they leave you they say take charge so here's the African guy in Ghana then the British is gone and they never teach him and he got he got all this country he got this free got no trade and so we have a slave wearing a crown whoa to the land when a slave becomes king we're just so low now what I think is unfair is that they come back later and say see you can't rule I told you you ain't born to rule look how you're messed of your country corruption abuse you know and this stuff and what they don't know is that they are the blame they never trained me you don't understand I'm talking about how can you set me up to fail and then tell me I failed oh come on clap you get what I'm talking about [Applause] you never trained me to be a leader it is enough for the teacher to make the student just like you I guess you could say my conclusion is and I said it to all the governments I work with the failure of third world countries is evidence of the failure of the colonial powers they must take the blame and that's why I am traveling every week to a third world country sitting with Parliament's and Congress and heads of state and I lob them up for three days why I gotta correct what those leaders never did I have to somehow solve 200 years of history in two days that's a lot of hard work but we have to your problem is you don't believe you could turn cotton into cloth and I've come to tell you you can so let me close now then with this statement about how I want you to think as a leader right down number one read out loud go plan your departure the day you begin that's how you take up leadership the minute you get promoted plan your departure as soon as they add a new pastor start planning your departure number two read finishing well is the most important measure in leadership success finishing well not how you start number three three mentoring is a non-negotiable function of successful leader listen you you have to do it otherwise you're not a successful leader you have to mentor the people in this room are part of a mentoring program I decided to do that that's hard work but listen everything you have doesn't belong to you pass it on everything you've learned it's not for you and we work and those who were being mentored by me remember you are obligated to do the same to someone else right now leadership is about passing it on number four re leaders must know when it's time to leave a position but this is a deep one you know that matter of fact let's read number five along with it read it is more dangerous more damage is done when a leaders stay too long in a position then those who don't stay long enough wow it's better than leave before they want you to go don't get people to privilege to get rid of you plan your departure planet by mentoring people to take your place leave so they wish you stayed there are people you won't believe it who will be glad you left because they been tired of you long time pastor didn't like you know how much they've been praying you to leave when you say the Lord to believe literally praise the Lord the Lord finally he finally heard God we heard got a long time ago know when it's time to leave a position Jesus was thirty three and a half years old thirty three and a half years old I need knew it was time to leave at 33 why he had another face we face he is seated now interceding that was the next position see that's why some of you passing broken on past good passes got a problem listen man don't plan to be there and die there life is bigger than pastoring your manager plan to leave so you can become a CEO you teacher trying to lead so you could build your own school you a sales clerk climb to lead so you can start your own business stop sucking up to these positions hanging on for dear life believe me folks want you to live you think they're being nice they're being polite number six read your greatest contribution to the future is your successor that's what you give the future I produce this person I give in to the future and that's what Jesus did with his disciples he gave us people never built a building never built a monument never built an organization he simply built people that's what I want to leave on the earth I want to leave people who say dr. mundo changed my life a new generation and make a difference that's how you live you live on through people its leadership is this good stuff okay oh now quote go everybody say it success without a success or is failure say it again success our success or is failure alright I'm so glad you were here tonight we have a patriarch in our presence a social patriarch I honor them I wish they would never die because they carry history in their bodies you don't know how fortunate you are to be here tonight pass the mouse how do you choose a successor you want to know okay by the book okay I'm gonna give you a hint all right just as a hint listen carefully and this is probably why most leaders have problems finding a successor you know I think about dr. Martin Luther King jr. this is my work I studied leadership so you know I look at leaders I think and I studied the men that were around him we have one of them here tonight I love this one because he feels an obligation to preserve that's important others used him to promote themselves these are my genuine leaders true successes preserve what you built they don't try to change it they preserve it I can give you the greatest example and then we're gonna hear from our patriarch Jesus Christ was the greatest leader on earth so I did a lot of research on him how he transitioned I really did I mean I meticulously it took me two years to study his mentoring and succession program I'll just give you capsule of it get the book and make sure read the book okay Jesus had 12 men 12 he chose them okay by the way if you're gonna be a leader choose your own team I'm sound so simple I'm talking to you some of you pass this and some of you managers you know when you take over a position don't let anybody give you a team let me say it again over here if you want to be an effective leader don't inherit a team some of you pastors here may have been given a church that was already functioning and there was a board at the church and the board hired you you are in trouble you can never leave that church you take over and they give you the ministry team this is the you are in trouble you'll never inherit a team you matter of fact if someone was to say to me dr. Monroe I want you to take over my church and be the pastor I would say no problem but I got one criteria fire everybody first release everybody from positions first if you want me to take over the church why I want to choose my own team Jesus did that God made Moses to it Jill seventies if I know choose him you Joseph he chose his twelve and he said to them he said many are following me but you ought to be with me as a mentorship relationship his words are very unique he says many are following me but I chose you to be with me he begins to train them yet 12 out of the 12 he had three different groups and you need to break up your groups – not everyone who are with you our for you I'm talking to leaders now while folks are all around you alright while the guys are on can it be careful you got almost defined who's around you you gotta interpret them cuz they they're for different reasons you know he had 12 so he break it up into the 12 then the 9 and then the 3 and he treated them differently there's some things he told the 3 he didn't tell the 9 he doesn't face he showed the three they never show he never showed come into every circle in your life you got when your mentor you gotta decide who's gonna come into the inner circle because the motives will be exposed by the different circles you put him in and he he chose three to come close James John Peter okay he's trying to decide who is going to be the successor one day they were going through a town and they saw some people who were not worshipping like they worshipped and so James and John said master calm down fire burned about these guys were terrorists they wanted to kill people and they wanted Jesus to kill them for them and watch this jesus said where did you get this spirit from I didn't come to destroy men's lives but to save them now watch him now he's gonna define who's gonna choose in the process he said I'm gonna change your names he changed their names he said I might call you all sons of thunder what that means is you guys are looking for power so I can trust you to take over so he put his eyes on Peter he's testing for something else Judas wanted money James and John wanted power do you remember when they sent their mother to him sea mentality they said ask him fast to sit on the right and the left forget the others man just make sure we get positions of power Christ was taking notes all along these two guys are dangerous never trust people who want power but then this guy Peter interesting guy he wasn't too intelligent you know but he wishes he was really passionate and every time Peter said something it was because he wanted to protect Jesus one time Christ was talking about you know he's going to be killed and and everything else and Peter says not over my dead body ain't nobody gonna touch my pastor nope and Jesus said Peter Satan will test that the will crow three times he went to the garden they sought a plan Peter Peter said Peter Peter pray and you know and they fell asleep everything the soul just came I'm getting at something here the soldiers came and they with swords and spears and they're getting ready now to you know arrest Jesus the Bible says the disciples fled and only once they speeder not only did he stay but he had a little knife I'm here comes the soldiers to arrest his master his boss his pastor his leader and Peter jumped in the middle of the soldiers and Jesus forgot his sword and he didn't threaten the guys he swang now ladies and gentlemen the word guard guard in the Roman language is between 60 and 600 so I said there was a guard there Peter slang at least 60 guys which means Peter was dead he laid his life down for Jesus Jesus gonna stopped it remember he could have stopped it he could have stopped the whole thing no he was watching the guy he's watching him he let him take the sword out let him swing let him cut the air off that you know you went for the neck but he got the air okay the air fell on the ground and when the air from the ground then Jesus says Peter stop put the sword up now he pick up the air dust it off put it back on the guy and says they arrest me now why the whole point was to test something in Peter he read another note then they led him away the other eleven no one knows where they are and then the Bible says and Peter followed Jesus now wait a minute you just tried to kill a soldier a police you don't want police to see you cuz I don't care I'm gonna go to the courtroom with my master ain't nobody gonna touch him and wrote me being there he took a risk he went by the fire on the inside watching the trial why he wanted Jesus to know I'm here if you need me this guy loved him you call it denial I call it love when he cursed he didn't curse because he hated he cursed because he loved he didn't want to leave would you curse to stay with your boss it was love kept him there Jesus looked at him oh there he is fine he goes to the cross Peter goes on whipped now he's leaving watch me now he's leaving he comes back and he meets with them in a private meeting and he said by the way make sure Peter comes he's about to establish who's gonna take over succession he said make sure Peter is present I believe Peter was the most quiet guy in that room because everybody knew what he did by then the news had gotten around man Peter you know denied he ever knew the guy because he wanted to stay in the courtroom so here's my conclusion who do you choose to be a successor number one never choose a person who loves your vision I better show this to you because you and I believe this anyhow what did I say never choose a person who loves your vision number two never choose a person who loves your gift and they want your gift I know you're shocked but he shocked me too number three never choose a person who wants what you have and what your anointing I want your position I want your influence teach me how to be information like you wrong person never choose a person who wants your power Oh give me power lay your hands on me please I want your power unlike me be so much a power wrong person never choose a person who wants your positions of authority I want to be respected like you who do you choose a successor never choose a person who believes they are wiser than you there's some people around you who want to advise you in other words they like to correct you all the time dangerous people okay now what I just did is cancel all of the people you are on your list am i right that's why that is why we have no successes because we choose people with that list this includes your children as well your children as well your children can be disqualified what was the criteria and the only one that Jesus used for succession the only criteria was one he never used any of those so you don't choose people love your vision and your power your authority your influence your gift you're 19 wrong people let me tell you why another reason why if I if I want your vision I can pray for you today if I want your position I can hope you leave soon and I can help you leave that's why you got churches with war in them wars in churches from the bad because they want this I love your vision really so what's the criteria for choosing a mentor I mean a successor Jesus is in the meeting just like this right 12 guys and Jesus says I'm getting ready to leave you guys and I got this whole world to take care of I done the work everything is set the world is about to be changed and I want to choose we're gonna take over let's see we got Matthew he's an accountant John power-hungry James looking for position Judas well he wanted money he got his but all of you he think he's smarter than me they got this whole thing worked out and he comes he's talking to them and then he stops in the middle of the meeting and he says Peter watch the question now do you love me how's the question yes Lord I love you he says then you got the company so he's talking he stops again he says Peter you love me don't you Peter says Lord you know everything by the ways he was telling Peter I've been watching you today I meant you everything we went through you're the only one that stayed the only one that's risks your life you never asked me for power he goes on he talks again and he stops and he says Peter yes Lord do you love me yes you know everything Lord he said then you got the company and the bowser's and they went out and he left let me tell you who qualifies to be a successor the person who loves you not the one who loves your vision your power your anointing you experience the authority your gifts you had to find those just those couple of people who love you now it took me a while to figure this out okay here's why number one you choose the one who loves you and not your vision you choose two one who loves you and not your gift you choose the one who loves you more than your power you choose the one who loves you and will protect you at their own expense you choose the one who is willing to die for you you choose to want who would not take who would actually take a risk to benefit you I'm sure that our Father here is thinking you look at that listen you think of all the men who were there you can almost no the ones who didn't love him they just love the notoriety they love the glamour of the lights they just love to be in the papers they just love the associate with this present they don't know the person and when the person died they used his name for personal ambition they didn't love the person let me drop something on you is very heavy Jesus said do you love me more than these yes Lord you know I love you I don't know if your vision I don't love the kingdom I don't love your power your miracles I know the youth crisis you qualify to take the company and Jesus said feed my lambs and then he asked him do you truly love me yes Lord Jesus says you got the company brother you got the whole church you got the whole ministry you got the whole business you got the whole teacher I trust you because you love me do you know why that's important here's why write this down whoever loves you will love who you love you know this is why when people take over the church that they fire your wife they give it up your children why there's a new administration in place now Alleluia your wife is no longer in charge praise the Lord I'm the pastor now no more insurance for her health insurance cancelled children Cathy old organ we wanted a new organist and they start destroying the people the person loved they never loved you this is heavy stuff when you love a person you love their wife and their children you take care of their grandchildren show me some leaders today succession is a dangerous thing I've seen so many churches that after going and help when the pastor died it's a wreck and they bring me in and I weep with them this man who built the ministry for 20 years some young fool come in there and move his wife take away her pension man she sacrifice on a life this husband to build this thing and they take from her these are not leaders these are parasites secondly if they love you they will love what you love that means they won't destroy all you built and try to replace it in what they want to build they'll build on top of it well now I'll take the picture down hallelujah you know the last 30 years you're not a surgeon there we gonna district forget all of that we can start over it's a new minister this is a demon talking who's gonna take your place why do you choose the person who loves you write this down whoever loves you will protect what you love they'll protect the people and the projects that you loved successes and before whoever loves you will value which you loved they will preserve it they will always refer to you you know if you think about God God is cool every time God talks about people he'd say things like I am the God of Abraham Isaac Jacob motorways I always remember history when I talk about the future some of you would sit with mr. Andrew and you would say to him we tie it here and about this you are dangerous you don't deserve to go forward it is your history that gives your future value a success or preserves what you love thank you once again for listening to this message as we hope that it has been a blessing to you our goal is to show you new paths and opportunities so that you can discover your purpose it is your love support and partnership that makes Monroe global possible please visit us online at

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  1. One thing i can add is that those colonial powers destroyed great leadership of Afrikans, cut off hands of those who used to make tools used in their daily life and then forced them to use theirs( colonial's) but never put them on how to produce them cus they want them to depend onto them so the oppression can last forever, so the day Afrikans will go back to their ancestors's spirits of selfsufficiency forsure the economic oppression will end.

    So they destroyed the young generations who were born during the colonial power,so we should not forget that Afrikans used to produce every thing they consummed,infact just recently in the 13th century the Mali empire was ruling the world,that's where those colonizers ancestors went to get education,so Afrikans educated the others races amd later those races( pale races "caucasian &arab") went back to Afrika to destroy the Afrikans civilizations they learned from.

    Also the colonizers did not leave Afrika really so don't make it sound as if they left Afrika and Afrikans called them back cus they couldn't produce the products despite having raw materials,no it was never like that,infact if the colonizers had really completely left Afrika foresure Afrika will be the most economically stable continent which those colonizers feared thus stayed rooting the countries.

  2. He is right, many parents in black community, did not teach the children the value of things. Please , do not comment on racism as I am far from it. I used to live in Malaysia, I have never heard of teenagers, using BB guns to shoot at people's car or vandalized other people's property. The teenagers there know, that if their parents find out, there will not be any hide left in them. I had teenagers, literally destroyed my cars for sale, in Dallas.. One morning 20 cars along my street , had their windshields and windows broken. I cried, how destructive, lousy and lazy parenting had become. I cringe to think about the future of this nation.

  3. Dear Dr. Myles Munroe!, I love how you are as a man and how you teach? I wish that all of us find our self like you. Jesus love you…

  4. This video is proof that Dr. Myles Munroe was successful in choosing a successor. Thank you!

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