‘The Matrix’ Government Lobby Scene | Rotten Tomatoes’ 21 Most Memorable Moments

so I was hired to be generating stubble on this thing called the matrix the sci-fi actually would come through and pretty surreal visuals I called said hey run go TT on reason the sci-fi movie I'm like man no my boss said once you audition you'll be done here soon okay so I get hit by a car and cut my head open look a couple band-aids on it for sure if I'm still bleeding from my head and he threw a chalice keys in the background I see Keanu Reeves in this big warehouse before the first matrix he had neck surgery so he's in a neck brace got a big beard dripping in sweat doing kung fu for everything and it's surreal I need Keanu and he's like hey what's up I'm like your neck okay oh yeah no problem just that neck surgery jumps right back into comes ooh I get done with this auditions dripping in sweat I just remember I can't look it up just gives me a little nod like pretty good that was like that's the high point of my career I can't oh he's give me a nod it's probably that you know I see piano every day now because we did John wick so I came on right after they started principal photography it was literally walking in off the plane and going right into the government Lobby choreography but the time there are no digital squibs so everything was practical first time when Karen runs down the hallway and the guns are going off and everybody's shooting at him that was a week of prep just for the special effects guys delaying all the squib so every time you do it take to get one go at it and if you miss they send another day every setting to blow it up again the Chomsky said there's about 4,000 scripts in the wall so only yell action you're probably not gonna be able to see anything so she and I both had a pretty much try to do the choreographies with your eyes closed and I remember looking at them one okay this could be a little tricky like yeah okay and you know you nailed it first take the matrix is kind of a game changer for all some work and cinema and to this day I think it's one of the best directed films I've ever seen what they were doing was a ramping effects the slow motion and how they would go with bullet time and how they would intercut between normal speed and then slow motion and back it had a vibe it had a slickness to it that we hadn't really seen in any kind of action song a lot of guys can try and copy the matrix but it's not the same just put all those little pieces together and then with Chelsey's wanted to immerse it into a world that was both real and extreme and when you sit and watch that matrix you are wrapped up in that movie we're talking about the matrix today I'm going to wash it again I mean how cool is it that you know I get to watch The Matrix with Daenerys and we still laugh when we still cheer and defeat the actual neo sitting in a chair both having a scotch watching the majors and to see canneries jump up and go yeah that's awesome no your lighting is pretty cool

Maurice Vega

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  1. Rotten Tomatoes won’t mention this because it would be an affront to their score system. But, Keanu Reeves and Chad Stahelski have both been vocal about their love for the Matrix sequels. I guess they have no need for them to show 2 guys praising Revolutions, while showing it’s awful “39%” rotten score under it lol

  2. One of the best action scenes I have ever seen. When I saw this as a kid all I wanted to do was run on walls.

  3. This was the very first DVD I ever bought, after watching The Matrix at the cinema three times beforehand. I even didn’t have a DVD-player at that moment. ?

  4. That mustve been a dream come true, watching a movie with the big star you helped create it with and youre both playing the same kick ass character, now thats a dream come true….

  5. I don't think I've heard anyone who's met him utter a bad word about Keanu Reeves…. other than perhaps being to hard on himself at times.

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