The MA in American Government at Georgetown

– The Master of Arts
in American Government at Georgetown University
is really a unique program. First of all it takes
advantage of the academic excellence of Georgetown University as well as the university’s
location in Washington D.C. The other thing that we
think is special about the program is that
you can get a practical and theoretical experience in one year. – I think it’s hugely important, any time you’re talking
about a career change of the magnitude of, for me anyways, coming from the military into politics, to have the credentials
that I felt like I needed to get where I wanna be faster. This program really helped
me make that happen. – It’s definitely a challenging program, you learn a lot in a small amount of time. But it’s all valuable. – I love politics, I love policy, I love the idea that I can get a masters from a great university, a
great program in one year. – [Bradley] It’s something
that I would definitely recommend to anyone who’s interested in a career in American government. – The core courses in the
American government program include a class on
statistics as well as a class that provides an overview
of American government. We also offer electives in things from executive branch,
congressional policy making, political parties and elections. – Being able to cross-register
into other departments, I took advantage of that. Registered for a math
course, so I was able to take that programming
for mathematics knowledge and apply it in my practicum. – The practicum is the
program’s way of creating opportunity for real world experience, so that practical element. It’s also a way to
personalize the program. – In the spring and summer, the students continue to take course work
in the government department and at the same time they work in a practicum in Washington D.C. Students have been placed in a variety of offices in Washington D.C. including government agencies and
congressional offices. Students also are placed
in interest groups across the political spectrum. – Being placed in a division
of the executive branch I was able to really see how some of those things that I had learned a semester before really
come alive in the real world. – [Bradley] One of the benefits
of doing a small program like this is that you have
one on ones with the faculty whenever you need them. – Faculty are extremely accessible, they do everything they can to make sure you’re getting a great education. – [Bradley] The fact
that you are right here where the change is happening
is extremely beneficial. – If you are studying politics,
this is the place to be. – I think one of Georgetown’s
biggest strengths is their proximity to D.C. They’re in D.C. but they’re proximity to power at the federal level. I form relationships with federal judges that I would have never
had the opportunity to walk down the same street as. – This program I feel like has enriched me in so many ways for
someone who has a passion for American government,
this is exactly the program that I think they should look for. – Expect to be challenged. – I mean I feel a confidence in myself, in my intellectual capacity and
my problem solving abilities that I just didn’t have
prior to coming here. – I think this program
is for people who want to make a difference
in American government. – Someone who asks big questions and wants to answer those big questions are the kind of people that
Georgetown is looking for.

Maurice Vega

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