The Lie We Live

At this moment you could be anywhere
doing anything Instead you sit alone before a screen. So what’s stopping us from doing what we
want, being where we want to be. Each day we wake up in the same
room and follow the same path to live the same day as yesterday. Yet at one time each day was a new adventure. Along the way something changed.
Before our days were timeless now our days are scheduled. Is this what it means to be grown up? To be free? But are we really free? Food. Water. Land. The very elements we need to survive are owned by corporations. There’s no food for us on trees, no freshwater in streams No land to build a home. If you try and
take what the earth provides you’ll be locked away. So we obey their rules. We discover the world through a textbook. For years we sit and regurgitate what we’re told. Tested and graded like subjects in a lab. Raised not to make a difference in this world. Raised to be no different. Smart enough to do our job but not to question why we do it. So we work and work left with no time to live the life we work for. Until a day comes when we are too old to do our job It is here we’re left to die Our children take our place in the game. To us our path is unique but together we are nothing more than
fuel. The fuel that powers the elite The elite who hide behind the logos of corporations This is their world. And their most valuable resource is not in the ground It is us. We build their cities. We run their machines. We fight their wars. After all, money isn’t what drives them. It’s power. Money is simply the tool they use to control us. Worthless pieces of paper we depend on to feed us, move us, entertain us. They gave us money, and in return we gave them the world. Where there were trees that cleaned our air, are now factories that poison it. Where there was water to drink, is toxic waste that stinks. Where animals ran free are factory farms where they are born and slaughtered endlessly for our satisfaction. Over a billion people are starving despite us having enough food for everybody. Where does it all go? 70% of the grain we grow is fed to the animals you eat for dinner Why help the starving? You can’t profit off them. We are like a plague sweeping the earth. Tearing apart the very environment that allows us to live We see everything as something to be sold. As an object to be owned. But what happens when we have polluted the last river? Poisoned the last breath of air? Have no oil for the trucks that bring us our food? When will we realize money can’t be eaten, that is has no value? We aren’t destroying the planet. We’re destroying all life on it. Every year thousands of species go extinct. And time is running out before we’re next. If you live in America there’s a 41% chance you’ll get cancer. Heart disease will kill one out of three Americans. We take prescription drugs to deal with these problems. But medical care is the third leading cause of death behind cancer and heart disease. We’re told everything can be solved by throwing money at scientists so they can discover a pill to make our problems go away. But the drug companies and cancer societies rely on our suffering to make a profit. We think we’re running for a cure but really we’re running away from the cause. Our body is a product of what we consume. and the food we eat is designed purely for profit. We fill ourselves with toxic chemicals. The bodies of animals infested with drugs and diseases. But we don’t see this. The small group corporations that own the media don’t want us to Surrounding us with a fantasy we’re told is reality. It’s funny to think humans once thought the earth was the center of the universe but then again now we see ourselves as
the center of the planet. We point to our technology and say we’re the smartest. But do our computers, cars, and factories really illustrate how intelligent we are? Or do they show how lazy we’ve become. We put this civilized mask on. But when you strip that away, what are we? How quickly we forget only within the past 100 years did we allow women to vote. Allow blacks to live as equals. We act as if we’re all knowing beings yet there’s much we fail to see. We walk down the street ignoring the little things. The eyes who stare, the stories they share. Seeing everything as a background to “me”. Perhaps we fear we’re not alone. That we’re a part of a much bigger picture. But we fail to make the connection We’re okay killing pigs, cows, chickens, strangers from foreign lands. But not our neighbours. Not our dogs, our cats, those we have come to love and understand. We call other creatures stupid Yet we point to them to justify our actions. But does killing simply because we can, because we always have make it right? Or does it show how little we’ve learned. That we continue to act out of primal aggression, rather than thought and compassion. One day this sensation we call life will leave us. Our bodies will rot, our valuables recollected. Yesterday’s actions all the remain. Death constantly surrounds us. Still it seems so distant from our everyday reality. We live in a world on the verge of collapse. The wars of tomorrow will have no winners. For violence will never be the answer, it will destroy every possible solution. If we all look at our innermost desire, we will see our dreams are not so different. We share a common goal. Happiness. We tear the world apart looking for joy, without ever looking within ourselves. Many of the happiest people are those who own the least. But we we really so happy with our iPhones, our big houses, our fancy cars? We’ve become disconnected. Idolizing people we’ve never met. We witness the extraordinary on screens, but ordinary everywhere else. We wait for someone to bring change, without ever thinking of changing ourselves. Presidential elections might as well be a coin toss. It’s two sides of the same coin. We choose which face we want and the illusion of choice, of change is created. But the world remains the same. We fail to realize the politicians don’t serve us. They serve those who fund them into power. We need leaders, not politicians. But in this world of followers we have forgotten to lead ourselves. Stop waiting for change and be the change you want to see. We didn’t get to this point by sitting on our asses. The human race survived not because we are the fastest or the strongest but because we worked together. We have mastered the act of killing. Now let’s master the joy of living. This isn’t about saving the planet. The planet will be here whether we are or not. Earth has been around for billions of years. Each of us will be lucky to last eighty. We are a flash in time, but our impact is forever. I often wish I lived in an age before computers. When we didn’t have screens to distract us. But I realize there’s one reason why this is the only time I want to be alive because here today we have an opportunity we never had before. The internet gives us the power to share a message and unite millions around the world. While we still can we must use our screens to bring us closer together rather than farther apart. For better or worse our generation will
determine the future life on this planet We can either continue to serve this system of destruction until no memory of our existence remains. Or we can wake up. Realize we aren’t evolving upwards but rather falling down. We just have screens in our faces so we don’t see where we’re heading. This present moment is what every step, every breath and every death has led to. We are the faces of all who came before us And now it is our turn. You can choose to carve your own path, or follow the road countless others have already taken. Life is not a movie. The script isn’t already written. We are the writers. This is your story. Their story. Our story. Created by Spencer Cathcart

Maurice Vega

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  1. the world is a lie – space time continuum, before christi

  2. 9.6k people are yet to open their eyes and see how truly messed up this world is and the people who lead it and live on it

  3. 9 year old kid back then:happy living gracefully, curious, lovable,energetic,sweet

    9 year old kid now in today's modern world:lonely plays with imaginary friends sad depressed cold at such a young age starts cutting,stubborn,dealing with a tough time…

  4. Despite any change anyone wants to make… nothing is going to get better… ever… kinda wish i was never concieved.
    and hello to whoever sees, i hope things are going well for you.

  5. thanks for video maybe ill use it on my project to send aliens with a SIGNAL…
    maybe they will know us 😛

  6. So much wrong with this video, where to begin…. maybe with the fact that the Earth is only around 6-8,000 years old…. or that we were NEVER cave men…. the "art" of killing is wrong and evil….

  7. me before he started to spout some serious facts


    me after he spouted all of those facts


  8. We need to change this, together. None of this will ever just magically fix itself, we can't wait for someone. We need to do it ourselves, we need to make a change, a big one. We're all brainwashed. Technology is generally new compared to other things on a scale of our time. We don't understand its dangers and we need to change it. Like it or not, its the truth. We need leaders, true leaders not governors or politicians. We need to act, together. Or are we all just going to be characters in their game.

  9. Such a silly video , always demonizing everything … always the fault of the bad corporations and the evil elite …

  10. This world will never change because people is too addicted to entertainment. If we are not even capable to turn off our TV's, our phones, stop watching Hollywood rubbish and start enjoying the music of silence and nature instead of our "tunes" we will never see a change. The FIRST STEP is to free ourselves from our addiction to entertainment.

  11. The government ccontrols us, the law owns us, no one can see this, if we rebel we get locked up, fcking dickheads, we need to fcking rebel ,

  12. Such a great video and message! Everybody should watch this at least twice and share it with everybody that you know!

  13. Living in Australia you get Arse bleeds daily from Lieing Child Raping Maggots in Political circles, Clergy , Banks .. Where will it all end?

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  15. Let's start over. Get rid of guns. Go back to scrap. Go back to nature. Free he animals? Tribe up, and start over an make not the mistakes we made and make still. This rat race money cycle is my the meaning of life. Traveling seeing the world with our loved ones, on foot, pilgrimages, boats, like I said hire ndcsrriage let us started over!!! Politicians fund themselves both sides. Amazin video. This is about saving humanity.

  16. So you want streak everywhere and eat from trees only. Yeah sure. I'm honestly not on board 100% with this.
    Every job in this world is interconnected. Money is not a piece of paper that's meant to blind you from being controlled. Money is a representation of your services to the society. And you use the money to benefit services yourself. Of course this is coming from America. The most corporate and shady country in the world. This video screams "manipulating" to me. The dramatic music, the pretencious quotes, the black and white filter. Not to mention. You have a video against corporations and you have ads enabled.

  17. This is one eye opening video and I have been working and living the lie for fifty eight years now and it all starts with the government education system , where all suckers except for some hey !

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  19. I love the dramatic music and the way your tone of voice projects urgency at times and yet reflective also. I think you would work well on a project I'm doung. It requires employment of all the evils you mention in your video but in return you can put food in your stomach and take care of your boo-boos. You can't be an idealist forever. You have the aptitude. What do you do? Make a video that questions us, not yourself.

  20. 9709 people watched this video who would rather have answers that cannot be questioned, than questions cannot be answered.

  21. The story you tell is only a brief highlight of the past and the present history, stating the obvious, which most ignore for their own amusement and the continuous smorgasbord of dinners ready to eat when we want them, if we live and work in an affluent nation.

    This is the state of Mankind, circling with their neighbor for the resources of life and entertainment, while ignoring the falsehood of the type of unreal life here in this brief timeframe before we are cast in a moment back to the stone age in an overpopulated world of weak technology that requires that which the Sun can take away in an instant, or a brief bombardment of an asteroid field, or other calamity that can strike in a day and we are without our conveniences in a blink of the eye.

    No place in your video did you reveal the true Masters, the Owners and Makers of the system that keeps mankind on the merry-go-round. We are literal slaves of unseen Masters, following an orchestrated and limited life cycle that feeds their needs and desires, yet we do not know them.

    In my up coming book, Revealed by M.B. Bear, all of this is explained from the moment mankind was established here on this planet, until the day we are finally freed or extinct in our misery on a dying planet.

  22. Aliens kills the planet without war. They use this plan to destroy all the living plannets in the universe so they have the control and power. Maybe this the truth.

  23. Still love this so so much…..
    However the original one you made was soo much more powerful. It would give me chills, this one doesnt have that effect
    Can you please repost the original also?

  24. The Earth is 4.5 billion years old. We get an average of 71 years on it and we spend 25% of that time working for the illusion that is money. Money is pieces of, a number on a screen. When it comes down to it, it has no value. We get such a short time on this Earth why should we spend it working for companies that have had their time on this planet. Give the younger generations a chance to see the earth as it is. You’re only here for 70 years why ruin the planet for the next 1000+ years by destroying all life on it. I’m not a devote religious person but every single person was put on this Earth for a reason, let them do their part don’t put them behind the tills of massive companies and not let them live.

  25. People already know the truth but sometimes they need someone else to tell the truth for them to fully believe

  26. The irony is that 10M people who saw this felt motivational by this video yet no one will actually make that change we want to see

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