The Law You Won’t Be Told

On a Jury you know your options: guilty, or
not. But there’s another choice that neither the judge nor the lawyers will tell you — often
because they’re not allowed to and also it might better if you don’t know. This video will tell you that third choice,
but be warned: simply watching may prevent you from ever serving on a jury — so this
is your last chance to hit the pause button before you learn about… Jury nullification: when the defendant is
100% beyond-a-reasonable-doubt guilty but the jurors also think he shouldn’t be punished.
The jury can nullify the law and let him go free. But before your on your next jury and yell
‘Null! Booya!’ at the judge you should know that just talking about jury nullification
in the wrong circumstances can get you arrested. Though a video such as this one, simply acknowledging
the existence of jury nullification and in no way advocating it is totally OK.
And, while we’re at it: (CGP Grey is not a lawyer, this is not legal advice,
it is meant for entertainment purposes only. Seriously, guy, don’t do anything in a court of law
based on what an Internet Video told you. No joke.) So why can’t you do this? It’s because nullification
isn’t in the law , but exists as a logical consequence of two other laws: First: that juries can’t be punished for a
wrong decision — no matter the witnesses, DNA evidence or video proof show.
That’s the point of a jury: to be the decider. and, Second: when a defendant is found not-guilty,
that defendant can’t be tried again for the same crime. So there are only two stated options: guilty
or not, it’s just that jury nullification is when the words of the jurors don’t match
their thoughts — for which they can’t be punished and their not-guilty decision can’t
be changed. These laws are necessary for juries to exist
within a fair system, but the logical consequence is… contentious — lawyers and judges argue
about jury nullification like physicists argue about quantum mechanics. Both are difficult
to observe and the interpretation of both has a huge philosophical ramification for
the subject as a whole. Is nullification the righteous will of the
people or an anarchy of twelve or just how citizens judge their laws? The go-to example in favor of nullification
is the fugitive slave law: when Northern juries refused to convict escaped slaves and set
them free. Can’t argue with that. But the anarchy side is Southern juries refusing
to convict lynch mobs. Not humanity at its best. But both of these are juries nullifying the law. Also juries have two options where their
thoughts may differ from their words. Jury nullification usually refers to the non-guilty
version but juries can convict without evidence just as easily as they can acquit in spite
of it. This is jury nullification too and the jurors
are protected by the first rule, though the second doesn’t apply and judges have the power
to overrule a guilty verdict if they think the jurors are… nt the best. And, of course,
a guilty defendant can appeal, at least for a little while. Which makes the guilty form
of jury nullification weaker than the not-guilty kind. Cold comfort, though. Given the possibility of jurors who might
ignore the law as written, it’s not surprising when picking jurors for a trial, lawyers — whose
existence is dependent on an orderly society — will ask about nullification, usually in
the slightly roundabout way: “Do you have any beliefs that might prevent
you from making a decision based strictly on the law?” If after learning about jury nullification
you think it’s a good idea: answer ‘yes’ and you’ll be rejected, but answer ‘no’ with the
intent to get on the jury to nullify and you’ve just committed perjury — technically a federal
crime — which makes the optimal strategy once on a jury to zip it. But This introduces a problem for jurors who
intend to nullify: telling the other 11 angry men about your position is risky, which makes
nullification as a tool for fixing unjust laws nation wide problematic. (Not to mention about 95% of criminal charges
in the United States never make it to trial and rather end in a plea bargain, but that’s
a story for another time.) The only question about jury nullification
that may matter is if jurors should be told about it and the courts are near universal
in their decision: ‘no way’. Which, again, might seem self-interested —
courts depend on the law — but there’s evidence that telling jurors about nullification changes
the way they vote by making evidence less relevant — which isn’t surprising: that’s
what nullification is. But mock trials also show sympathetic defendants get more non-guilty
verdicts and unsympathetic defendants get more guilty verdicts in front of jurors
who were explicitly told about nullification compared to those who weren’t. Which sounds bad, but it also isn’t difficult
to imagine situations where jurors blindly following the law would be terribly unjust
— which is the heart of nullification: juries judge the law, not solely evidence. In the end righteous will of the people, or
anarchy, or citizen lawmaking — the system leaves you to decide — but as long as courts
are fair they require these rules, so jury nullification will always be with us.

Maurice Vega

100 Responses

  1. Sounds like a good idea to get out of jury duty if you have better things to do than pay more for parking and commissary or vending machine food drinks,not to mention getting felt up by rent a cop security guards.

  2. ”Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed” -Preamble of the Declaration of Independence

  3. The not tried again for same crime is called double jeopardy and doesn't exist in every country for those that were wondering.

  4. Our current legal system is illegal to begin with. It's admiralty law. Which hijacked common law.
    So by definition, unless you steal or kill someone, you are not subject to any of today's "legal" statutes.
    God created man, man created government, government created laws.
    Man is above government, and therefore needs only to answer to God (common law – stealing, hurting or killing from another human).
    Traffic tickets, noise violations, public drinking, etc.. are all illegal laws designed to take your money (for profit).
    If you get charged with a crime, you can immediately counter this charge and become the defendant. Fill out the form and indicate that you wish to have the courts prove "they have jurisdiction".
    The courts don't have jurisdiction over you and the case stops dead in its tracks.
    Show up to court with a lawyer, and the judge sees you know nothing about the law (lawyers are proof that you need a babysitter and are ignorant of the law).
    In reality, you don't even need a driver's license to drive. These are all man made, for profit scams created by "the system".
    Which is why you need a citizen-ship. Because in admiralty lawz you are born on a ship. A citizen of that ship.
    When people get their citizenship, they are in fact officially becoming a slave lol
    Ignorance is no excuse. People need to do their homework.

  5. Do to my beliefs I can not serve on a jury. I believe in right and wrong. The court does not care about right or wrong but what is LEGAL.
    I have zero background in law and simply fall back onto my own personal morality…right and wrong. Due to this fact I can not and will not serve on a jury.
    Plus I'm a convicted criminal arrested for littering. You can get anything you want at Alice's restaurant.

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  7. I have had to attend jury selection one time. I was interested in the process, but was quite sure I didn't want to have to sit through a trial, the case was a guy walked out with some if his girlfriends property after a fight they got into, lame. the last questions the pracacuter asks every potential jurer, can you make" time for this court" "are you physically fit to surve as a jury" most these questions are easy yes. I call this strategy rolling with the yes'es to get people to answer yes to the very last question, which is – "can you follow the law even if you don't agree with it. Everyone in front of me said yes to this,, but when I was asked I said wouldn't follow the law if I didn't agree with it. Then a women who was already selected stood up and said " well since we are being honest, I have a work thing to attend" We had all been under oath since the very begining of the selection process about 30 mins at this point

  8. A few of things ppl don't know:
    1.When taking the BAR and passing the oath is to the British Crown, in U.S.
    2. Judges are not judges, they're 'administrators'
    3. When you enter the court, you are entering MARITIME laws.

  9. Jury nullification is just you being tried by your peers. Its simple instead this douche bag talks A lot of stupid shit. There is this thing, you might heard of it. Its called the constitution.

  10. Looks like the idiot who made this video doesn't have a clue what the real justice system is like …
    That's his imaginary court system…where you actually attend a trial …
    The real/reality justice system…

    You get accused, arrested, tried, declared guilty and punished all without even being notified…..
    And the jury are always the lynching mobs…they never ever change, they may switch color or shapes but still same corrupt lynching mobs….

    You should be tried for misleading the public about the reality of the so called justice system… welcome to the Dark ages (digital edition ) or Dark ages 2.0 …

  11. Ha jokes on you! I don't have to do jury duty cos I got 30 convictions. Admittedly thats the only positive thing crime has ever done for me, but that's not the point

  12. If you can't be punished for a wrong decision you can just vote Mr. Obviously A Murderer not guilty. No nullification required. Am I missing something here?

  13. One suggestion CGP Grey, if you can speak a little faster you might make what you are saying a little easier to understand.

  14. Never serving on a jury? Oh no! Now who will try to pointlessly soak up my days and fine me for having better things to do?

  15. So if im lazy and dont want to have to go to the court to be a juror, i just have to say yes to that absurdly long question i don’t remember. Got it, always say yes.

  16. your jury system is whats so screwed up… i knew of nullification, heard it before… know people that have pulled it off…

    but this idea that jurors are preselected and crap… wtf?

    we just get randomly picked to rock up at some court house. we may get in a court room. we may not. we might get selected to be one of the 12 from the twenty or so (random!) people that are asked to enter a court room.

    end of the day… youre either sent home, or your selected.

    none of this john grisham style crap with paying jurors off and having their entire background history known before the case even starts.
    simply… if you enrolled to vote, one day youre going to get jury duty… or not. ive been called up three times, but never made it onto a case… thankfully. some people never get called. entirely random.

    actually, to be called up three times is rather unusual…

  17. Listening to super-fast talking "under-forty-year olds" is crazy frustrating. No WINDER kids today can't remember what they "learned". Counter-productive to Effective Teaching.
    Using the example of "lynch mobs" shows Propaganda efforts! Folks need to forget what the Nw0 (indoctrination centers) schools teach, and hit the books on your own….. or be subtly propagandized👌, which is the way the World Controllers "roll".

  18. jury systems are just weird. I am actually happy to be from a country without real jury system. the judges are professionals who speak fair verdicts on quite a high rate. of course there are errors, too, but appealing and other possibilities help to minimize them.

    question: in the US system, can the prosecutor appeal, too?

  19. You're spreading some misinformation. A judge can only overrule a jury trial, but never a trial by jury.

    It's okay most people are highly ignorant when it comes to a legal trial vs a lawful trial.

  20. I remember a case this would be useful.
    A group of teenagers did a hit and run and killed someone. Somehow those kids were found none guilty, and the father of the one that died broke in to their home and killed those teenagers.

  21. Everyone acts like anarchy is evil. It is a Greek word which means "without masters." This is otherwise known as freedom. The only alternative to anarchy is some form of slavery. Yes, we are all slaves in the U.S.

  22. I still have to ask. Why in hell you have juries in the first place? Around the globe courts don't use them for the same reasons you mentioned above. What is the point of a group of commoners who have not studied law and are easy pray for the demagogue lawyers? Why do you need a mob in court that can vote against the laws of their country on the whim of their feelings and not even be hold accountable for their actions?

  23. I don't waste my time with jury duty.i throw the notice in the trash.they no longer bother to send me anymore.i honestly have no right to pass judgement on anyone.i don't ask and I don't tell no the end we all get judged .

  24. Swear no swear take no oath. Answer no questions. Your only response to the judge and lawyers…… “Am I being detained and am I free to go?”

  25. PERJURY is RARELY prosecuted. IF it was all CPS workers would be in Prison. KIDNAPPING plain and simple. Time to INDICT the Government OFFICIAL
    KIDNAPPERS – – –
    Should we INDICT all C.P.S. workers? and put them in jail without
    BOND pending trial.

  26. When they bring you in for questioning about serving jury duty all you have to say is "Everyone is innocent until proven guilty, and there's always nullification". They will escort you out the door and never bother you again.

  27. I stopped the video at 1:30-minutes when I realized the video is total horse-shit because the courts weed-out the people who will create a jury that would nullify. This is a moot point. This guy posts videos to generate money with full-knowledge that they are a waste of time for the viewer.

  28. Except the majority of times people go to court there is no jury. U receive a bench trial, meaning it's just the judge. If it's not a crime of magnitude, you don't get a trial by jury.

  29. I’ve been on 2 juries and nullification NEVER came up. We just sat and weighed the case out with facts versus opinions on a white board. Weighed out the facts, had a vote, talked to the judge after, and went on. One case the defendant had some mental problems and explained to the judge our decisions, but also wanted the guy to get actual help, rather than toss him in GP at the state prison.

  30. love your animation, especially for the jurors at 2:24. The one on the left (apparently the foreman, given he's the one delivering the verdict? that does not bode well for the rest of the jury) looks like some sort of Internet troll, while the one on the right looks like he either drank himself to sleep or had a really long night (what he was doing is not my place to judge… O the puns!)
    This brings me to my main question here: who did your animation? Is it drawn by you (addressing the narrator of the video, if different from the uploader) or did one of the people linked in the description do it?
    my other question (and this is mostly hypothetical; I don't expect a legally-sound response. I know you're not a lawyer): what if, during my turn at jury selection (supposing I was ever served with a jury duty notice), I acknowledge that I know about jury nullification but state that I will uphold the "spirit of the law", even when it defers from the letter of the law? Do you think I would still get a chance to serve on that jury? Because, although I understand the general sentiment that jury duty is an inconvenience, I'm fairly politically active and, currently at least, have a lot of free time on my hands, so… yeah I'd like that chance to affect the system

  31. Getting out of jury duty is easy. When they ask if you could make an un biased judgement just look em in the eye and say. "well of course I can. I can tell if he's guilty just by lookin at him"…

  32. Gods ;law is simple. Allow Gods Spirit to come into you. That Spirit will not work ill to people. Satan is the Autor of confusion. Legal system is confusing. How is God in the legal system? How then is this a Christian country? People are taking Gods name in vain. Legal, and illegal come from the mind of the fallen Lucifer. Gods mind is mercy, forgiveness. God is easily intreated.  God wants to see that character in others. God does not want us to condemn or give guilt. The other is a substitute, that does not save the soul, of the individual. Satan wants us to bow before his colorful gold and gem covered body,  worshiping that being. The legal system is the same way wanting  people to bow before them, in fear too. That is Satan through a person. People who don't have money are made to tremble too. They that love money will hate, ask and receive. Muslims are bowing to that being.  The legal system is Satan throne. 24 seats in the Jury. 24 seats around Gods throne, revaluation 4:4: KJV.

  33. What a right wing fuckhole we live in. I said Jury Nullification during selection and am banned for life from jury duty. I win but damn what a shit country I live in.

  34. When did we the people ever vote to have a BAR member to "represent" us? Where is the popular vote to allow BAR members to change our constitutions? Sincce when do our laws allow for a judiciary to overrule our judicial branch of government?

  35. Well since it's the law I wouldn't call it a secret exactly, you can't go for it as you are supposed to act on evidence and not because you have all power (well you and your mates)

  36. leagle esse ,I language invented by government and lawyers ,sowe cant know whats up in open court or on the paper work we sigh.

  37. I will never convict anyone on ANY DRUG LAW
    I’ve also never served as a juror
    And after watching this video may never be able to…

  38. Video is incorrect regarding Double Jeopardy – if found ' not guilty ' . a person may not be charged with the very same violation statute, but may be tried on a similar, but different charge..i.e. Manslaughter instead of Murder… and being acquired of a state charge is no bar to Federal prosecution for the same event / incident / etc. Just ask the cops in the Rodney King case.

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