The Language of Governance and Master Data | Hub & Spoken Ep. 30

Jason: People often go into this, sort of, more technical explanation of why data governance is needed, and- why do you think people get so, either confused, or turned off, or disinterested in it? Scott: If you're in the tech side, and you're trying to explain it to a business person, and you require them to learn your language, then you're not doing a good job communicating it. The eyes glaze over immediately – data is, already, is to a lot of business folks, somewhat dull and boring. Certainly the management of it, data's more exciting now than it's ever been. You know, a really good example, a really good way to think about it is, there's not a CEO out there, or a board out there, that cares or wants to talk a whole lot about data quality, and data governance, or master data, but they sure all care about Customer. They sure all care about Product. They sure all care about their business relationships – that's what the tech people should be focusing on, in my opinion.

Maurice Vega

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