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Male announcer:
From Comedy Central’s World News Headquarters
in New York, “The Daily Show with
Trevor Noah” presents… [exciting fanfare] ♪ ♪ – Ever since the shooting in
Parkland, Florida, young people have been
leading the charge for sensible gun reform. And today, on the one month
anniversary of that shooting, they kicked things up a notch with a nationwide
school walkout. – Tonight, nationwide protests. A sea of students from
Parkland to Columbine marching out of their schools demanding action
to combat gun violence. – More than 185,000 students walking out of
classrooms today. – At the Capitol,
thousands of shoes make up a memorial to children
killed by gun violence. [students chanting] – As a 12-year-old,
do you really think that you have the power
to make change? – By myself, I don’t think
I have the power, but together,
with all these people here, I think we can make a change. – My man, yeah. [cheers and applause] Look at that. Somebody putting his
multiplication to good use, yeah. We can’t let politics
divide us! Carry the three. I love this. It’s interesting how people
keep asking these kids if they’re not too young
to protest. You do realize some of
the biggest political movements were led by young people,
right? Kids fought for civil rights. Kids fought against apartheid
in South Africa and to stop the Vietnam War. And never forget–
never forget the inspiring young woman who used
a can of soda to end racism forever. Don’t ever forget that. [laid-back rock music] While most mass shootings
in America seem to be a moment of shock followed by a moment
of grieving and then people move on, the students of Parkland have made sure that this time,
the story’s different. – The students from
Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School have become
the faces of America’s war on
gun violence… – Fight for your lives before it’s someone else’s job. – Becoming a political
and cultural force marching on Washington,
lobbying lawmakers, racking up awards,
magazine covers, quickly gaining influence
among celebrities and politicians. Since the Parkland massacre, 26 state legislatures
plus Washington, D.C. have passed 69 different
gun control measures, more than any year since
the 2012 Sandy Hook shooting. – Wow. That’s amazing. That is really amazing. Do you understand
how powerful that is? Thanks to these kids,
states have passed 69 new gun control laws. 69! Nice. Because, you see, I mean,
they’re heroes, but they’re still
high school kids, yeah. They know what they were doing. They were probably gonna reach
70 laws, and they’re like,
whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Let’s keep at that number.
69. Perfect. Maybe next year we could do 420
’cause of weed, yeah. [heavy rock music] ♪ ♪ My guests tonight are helping lead a movement
to end gun violence following a mass shooting
at their high school in Parkland, Florida. Please welcome
March For Our Lives activists Emma Gonzáles and Matt Deitsch. [cheers and applause] Welcome to the show.
– Hello. – So good to have you here. Is that the first thing
you’re gonna do, go straight to my water? You’re just gonna
check if it’s–what are you– – No, it’s the mug. – What if it was just, like,
a fake mug, and now you would’ve
exposed the fact that I don’t have any real
things in my cups? Welcome to the show. Thank you
so much for being here. Young people in particular
haven’t been, uh, good at turning up when it
comes to the midterms. In this election,
it feels different. We’re seeing research that says
more and more people are registering,
more and more people who are young are
inclined to vote. Do you feel like gun violence
and mass shootings are a big driving factor
in this? – Well, young people are more
educated now than they’ve ever been before. And young people turn out
at a rate about one in five. If young people turn out
at a rate of two out of five, they can swing any election
that they turn out in. And so that’s what
it’s really about, is about showing that
young people– if you can just convince one
person in your proximity to vote that wasn’t planning
on voting, you can swing this election…
– Right. – And actually obtain
morally just leaders, because right now Congress
has not reflected wants and needs of the American
people. [cheers and applause] – Let’s talk about the shirts
that you’re wearing. All right, clearly you didn’t
talk about it before you left the house;
you’re wearing the same thing. Um… you’re not just talking,
you’re doing. You’re not just doing,
you’re helping others do. Getting people out to vote
always seems tedious. Your shirts have a purpose.
Tell me about them. – The QR code, if you scan it
with your camera– very simple,
don’t even need an app– it will get you registered
to vote in under two minutes. – So if we–can we zoom in
on that right now? [cheers and applause] So if you’re watching this
at home– yeah, if you’re watching this
at home right now, and you zoom in, like, you can take a picture of this
right now on your phone, and you can join this movement. You can register to vote,
you can get out there, you can have your voice heard. – You don’t even have to
agree with us in policy. – Just vote.
– You can just get registered to vote and get out there
and vote, and… – I like that. So,
how do you go back to your normal lives? Like, you guys know you have
the right to be kids as well, right? Like, what do you go back to
after this? – There’s no normality
in this country right now. And so, having
to understand that, uh, we need to continue
building these coalitions of people and continue
educating people what’s going on day-to-day, because not a day has passed on this tour where we haven’t
heard a new name, a new story. We haven’t seen a day go by
where a new– a new news story of someone
else shot and killed, another young person shot
and killed in this country happens. This doesn’t happen anywhere
else except America. – Right.
– And it is up to us as Americans to actually stand
up and fight for each other. And so, there is no normality
until we can continue to come together and actually
change this. So I know you want us
to be kids, but we have more important
things to do. – [laughing] ♪ ♪ – It’s been said that
children are the future. Well, turns out
they want the present too. – Meet this 14-year-old boy. He is running for
governor of Vermont. High school freshman
Ethan Sonneborn is running as a Democrat. He is allowed to run, folks. He’s taking advantage
of a state law that does not set
a minimum age to run for governor. You just need permission
from your parents. – Current events propelled him
into the race. – I had a culmination
of frustration with politics as usual. – Politics as usual? You mean since you learned
how to read seven years ago? I mean, look,
little man’s not wrong, but most of his life,
he’s had a black president. You realize that, right? And by the way, this is
the future of politics. Like, everyone will have
to run when they’re 14 before they get caught up
in any scandals. I mean… like, what dirt are you gonna
dig up on this kid, that he once dated
a 13-year-old? Yeah, that was last year.
That was last year. And personally, I don’t think
there’s a problem in having a child
as governor. I mean, we already have one
in the White House. [air horn blares] Yes! [cheers and applause] [percussive beat] ♪ ♪ Some news from the world
of politics. Senator Dianne Feinstein. At 85, the California Democrat is the oldest person now
serving in the U.S. Senate, but she’s not too old
to mix it up with some much younger
opponents. – Lawmakers are no stranger
to heated debate. But California senator
Dianne Feinstein is raising eyebrows after
getting into it with a group of children
over climate change. – We are trying to ask you to
vote yes on the Green New Deal. – Okay, I’ll tell you what. We have our own
Green New Deal. – The government is supposed
to be for the people, by the people,
and all for the people. – You know what’s interesting
about this group is, I’ve been doing this
for 30 years. I know what I’m doing. You come in here, and you say it has to be
my way or the highway. I don’t respond to that. I was elected by almost
a million-vote plurality. And I know what I’m doing. – You’re supposed
to listen to us. That’s your–your job.
– How old are you? How old are you?
– I’m 16. I can’t vote. – Well, you didn’t vote for me.
– Well, she– – Well, you know better
than I do, so I think one day,
you should run for the Senate. – Great, I will.
– And then you do it your way. – Well, maybe you should
run for the Senate. How are you
the most childish person in a debate
with actual children? [laughter] I’m surprised, like,
Feinstein didn’t just copy everything they said. “I’m 16.”
“I’m shixteen.” “Stop copying me.
Climate change is a problem.” [mockingly] “Climate change
is a problem.” [laughter] Senator Feinstein,
what are you doing? Don’t lecture the children. Just lie to them. Doesn’t she know how easy it is
to lie to children? She should have just been like, “You want the Green New Deal? “Okay, well, I’ll talk
to Santa about it. “Now get the [bleep]
out of here. “I don’t negotiate
with terrorists.” [laid-back rock music] ♪ ♪ – Speaker Nancy Pelosi
is throwing some shade at it, telling Politico, quote, “It will be one of several
or maybe many suggestions “that we receive. “The green dream or whatever
they call it, “nobody knows what it is, but they’re for it, right?” – Whoo-oo! “The green dream,
or whatever they call it”? That’s so cold. She dismissed the
Green New Deal like it was– like that weird kind of
YouTube challenge, you know? It’s like,
“All the kids these days “are trying to snort cinnamon
up their butts “or save the planet
for the human race or something like that.” But look. Not everyone is so lukewarm
on the Green New Deal. In fact, polls show young
people are extremely supportive of strong action
against climate change, which is probably why many
of the Democrats running for president have also said
that they support it. Because if you want to connect
with the youth and the energy
of the Democratic Party, right now you want to be
on board with Ocasio-Cortez. She’s basically the Cardi B
of politics. Yeah. It doesn’t matter what
she’s rapping. You want to feature
on her tracks. Yeah, AOC’s basically like, ♪ I like high-speed trains ♪ ♪ Carbon tax and no planes ♪ ♪ That’s what I’m doing now ♪ ♪ And the people gather round ♪ That’s her thing. [cheers and applause] So, old people, not big fans. Young people love it. There’s clearly a generational
divide on this deal. So for more on this,
we’re joined by our senior youth correspondent, Jaboukie Young-White,
everybody. [cheers and applause] How can young people convince
the rest of the country to get serious
on climate change? – Trevor, why do young people
have to fix everything, you know? I’ve got enough problems. I’ve got student loans. I’m trying to break up
with my therapist. And I need to get unverified
on Twitter. If Wolf Blitzer’s got
a blue check, that’s just not cool anymore. Plus, like, why do we have
to fix climate change if we didn’t create it? Old people got us into
this mess; they should be able
to get us out of it. – You know, I understand
where you’re coming from, but it may be too late
for only old people to solve climate change
by themselves. – Okay, well then, the least
they can do is pay us. You know, young people
deserve compensation for the wrongs that
the previous generation has inflicted on us. – You mean like reparations? – No, reparations are for
things that happened in the past. Y’all are [bleep] us over
in the future. [laughter] [cheers and applause] So like, technically, this is like
pre-reparations, you know? Like, preparations. Wow, I just made up a word. [laughter] – Preparations is a word. – Yeah, because I
just made it up. Here’s how it will work,
you know? You pay young people
in proportion to how much you contributed
to climate change. If you drove a Hummer,
you owe like 1000 bucks. But if you ran a coal mine,
that’s 10 million. And if you drove a Hummer
to the coal mine you own, give us all your passwords;
we’re taking all your shit. Just everything.
– Okay, okay. So the old people pay you, but
then what do the young people use the money for? – Well, we do all the things
that we won’t be able to do once climate change
ruins everything. You know, like visit a glacier or pet an elephant or like, buy Beyoncé tickets. – Well, I feel like now you’re
just using climate change to scam Beyoncé tickets. – No, everything is gonna be
under water, Trevor. That includes Beyoncé. – Okay, all right,
you know what? Grifting aside, the idea
of pre-reparations makes sense. I actually think
I can get behind this. – For real? [scoffs]
Wow, okay. I didn’t think that old people
would get on board so quick, but… [laughter] – Dude, I–like,
I’ve talked to you about– stop calling–I’m not old. You don’t call me old
on the show. Didn’t you get my
voicemail about this? [laughter] – I don’t know what’s–
what’s a voicemail? – It’s a recording of my voice that I send to your phone,
and then you listen to it. – Oh, so it’s like
a mini-podcast for one. That’s so cute.
– Goddamn it. Jaboukie Young-White,
everyone. ♪ ♪ – From Parkland to Congress, young people across the country
are getting political. The 2018 midterm elections
had the highest youth turnout since 1982. That was the year they voted
to legalize open carry– for boom-boxes. College and teenage activism
is on the rise, but how young is too young? – When you say teenage,
how old are we talking? – No! No! Get out of here, R. Kelly! I meant too young politically. – Hey guys, I want to make
a video about why we still need communism. – Meet Sceneable, AKA Dylan. His video “We Need Communism” has over 2 million views, and that’s just the tip
of the iceberg. – Well, on my channel,
actually, I have 4,500,000 views total. – You get better ratings
than “The Daily Show.” – Yeah, um, a lot of people
don’t watch TV anymore. – Excuse me.
Excuse me a second. Hey, Trevor Noah. Hey, what’s up, man?
It’s Roy. I quit. But Sceneable’s
communist agenda has attracted criticism
from one hard-hitting political scholar. – The one line–
“we need communism.” No, no, no. – Meet the Conservative
Capitalist, AKA Tate. – Communism assumes
infallibility in everyone. The chances of that happening
are almost nonexistent. – And he’s got a whole
Christmas list of conservative views. – I’m anti-gun control.
I’m lower taxes. Uh, I’m smaller government. – Smaller government,
like kids? Kid government? – No, not–not quite like that. – Okay, but how many views does this kid pushing
communism have? 4 or 5 million,
something like that? – Around that number. – Okay, now how many views
do you have pushing a conservative agenda? – Definitely… a lot less. – Free market has spoken. Is this really what kids today
are into? – The wage gap is influenced by
things like career choices. – That’s why we still need
Black History Month, racists. – No, no kid cares
about this stuff. It’s got to be the parents
feeding ’em these ideas. Right?
– Uh, no. – Not at all. I had no idea about
the communism video until it went viral. – He didn’t get anything about
politics from me. Football.
– We’re football people. Football over politics
every day of the week. – Wow, really not coming
from the parents. Well, then that leaves
just one question: Why? Why are you into this? – I just find it interesting. I mean, why are you
a newscaster? Well, you get paid, but… – I just had an interest
in politics because these old men in power, if they made one bad decision, North Korea could be nuking us. – Damn, these two were
growing up way too fast. And I know where spouting
your political views on camera gets you: cable news. – Come on, wake up, son. – Stop, stop.
Guys, guys, guys. [overlapping chatter] The same way my dad made me
smoke a whole pack of cigarettes,
I’m gonna teach these kids the dangers of being a pundit. You sure this what you want? ‘Cause if this what you want,
that’s what I’ma give to you. This is what all those
YouTube hours is for. All that editing/ All that porn you decided
to not watch ’cause you into politics. [laughter] – I actually think that we
should just give people a test to see if they can own a gun. – That was a well-thought-out
opinion about gun control. Now yell it into
the camera. – If you support gun control, you’re in favor
of restricting– – Wait a minute,
wait a minute. No, I’m yelling.
I’m yelling! No, keep looking forward.
Don’t look at me! Look at the camera!
Look at America! – We should stop yelling
at each other– – Why should we stop yelling?!
– Because! – Yelling is effective! – If we let
illegal immigrants in, they’re going to destroy
our country! They are breaking the laws!
– Uh-oh, uh-oh! We just found a tweet of yours
from 2001. – I wasn’t even born in 2001. – Just play along with it. Oh, man, this shit was real. – Because you like…
– America! – The way it is right now!
– No! No! – And you don’t want
to change it! – No!
– You want to just stay in– – America!
– Stop. You feel how lost
you feel right now? – I feel like my blood pressure
is rising. – I definitely do feel like I just took ten years
off my life from stress. – I got through to ’em
just in time. Now, to give these kids
an experience they’ll never forget. So make way for Mr. Roy’s
Kiddie Fun Van! [horn blaring] Where the kids at? And I’ve got everything
kids can’t resist. Ah! – Oh, my God.
– Yeah. Huh? Huh? – You got to be kidding me. – Xbox, bean bags, guitars… – Boy, there’s candy.
– Yeah, there’s candy. Doesn’t this feel better than
arguing about gun control? – You know,
to a certain extent, yes. And there you have it. Nowadays, Dylan doesn’t talk
about communism anymore. He makes videos about
electrons and shit. Meanwhile, Tate’s gone back
to his old ways, but at least he put on a coat. And as for little old me, you can catch me riding around
your neighborhood, changing childhoods
one by one. – This feels kind of odd. I mean, the fact that
a grown man has just all of this
in the back of a van is just kind of suspicious
to me. [laughter] – Ohhh. [distant siren] [laughter] I was never here! ♪ ♪ – High school senior
Ethan Lindenberger says his parents’ misguided
beliefs about his health and the health of his
younger siblings put them at risk. He recently defied his mother
and got vaccinated. – Lindenberger thought it was
normal for most kids not to get immunized, but about two years ago, he began to see how
the posts about vaccines his own mother was sharing
on social media were dangerous. In November, Lindenberger
asked strangers on Reddit where he could go to get up
to date with his shots. “My parents are
kind of stupid,” he wrote. “God knows how
I’m still alive.” [laughter] – He had to vaccinate himself?! Imagine you’re in a bedroom
with a syringe. Then your mom walks in
and screams, “Is that a vaccine?!” “No, Mom, it’s heroin,
I swear!” Look, vaccines are
a public good, and I’m willing to do my part
to end this epidemic of stupid. So for any kids or teens
out there whose parents won’t let them
get their shots, here’s my offer. I will adopt you. Will I be a good father? No! I’ll gamble your college fund, I’ll hit on all
your girlfriends and boyfriends. Did I mention I drink vodka
from a Purell bottle? [laughter] But I’d still be better
than anti-vaxxer parents. My adopted kids
would need therapy, but at least they’d be alive. Trevor? – Lewis Black, everyone!

Maurice Vega

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