The Importance of Decentralization of Federal Governance in Saskatchewan

so we just had an awesome get-together a meet-and-greet for all the candidates in Saskatoon here and I met a lot of people show up so that was awesome was that original Jose there on eighth Street and a reoccurring theme at that place was just how frustrated we all are with our political system and how I mean in Saskatchewan here we have 14 ridings and we talked about how in the United States for example they have the Electoral College to stop New York and LA essentially from dominating all the entire rural areas of the you know of the United States who knows if that were to happen to be you know all these farmers are being ghoul eggs and the Soviet Russia all over again so in in Canada though with Western alienation you know we don't have that we have 14 ridings in Saskatchewan how many ridings look on look in Toronto and look at how many ridings are just in the City of Toronto alone and it's like it feels like sometimes our voice doesn't matter but you know we need to change that that's what you know the People's Party of Canada we want to decentralize governance right you know we have all these talks about you know Western alienation and how the West needs to separate and all this stuff I don't share that view you know I don't want Canada separate you know I want a pan can I want to pan Canadian you know future for Canada where are entire countries United as one country and we live in the best country on earth but we need to you know decentralized governance to so that provinces each province is responsible for areas of jurisdiction that are outlined as provincial jurisdiction in the Constitution so it's a scowl and for example yeah okay we have 14 ridings in Saskatchewan when there's more than that even in just in Toronto alone and you know we're left out of we've been left out of federal politics that's Confederation you know but we have a liberal and conservative government that's been disrespecting our Constitution so like as far as not respecting what's provincial jurisdiction so that being said you know our forefathers in Canada they weren't they weren't stupid they and the men and women back in in that day back in the 1800s you know they did they draft our Constitution so that provinces would be responsible for you know their own province whether it's health care education you know we can now hold on all the different things that are a provincial jurisdiction that the federal government intervenes and interferes with but that's what our party really stands for that's what I loved about one thing I love about our party because we're the only party in Canada between the liberals and conservatives and NDP and the bloc that's really standing up for a provincial jurisdiction and decentralizing governance so that we don't have the seesaw going back and forth between liberals conservatives who get into power start to build their Kingdom in the kingdom of Ottawa and then what happens is you know they just kick the can down the road because they know that they can window dress and they can make everything look sunny ways and they can make everything look good because they know that they can just pass the buck and they can just pass things on to the next government that comes along after them so that they can make things appear that they're good and then just make the next government's problem and then that keeps happening and happening that's a big problem and that's something that let's face it Saskatchewan can't do much about so how do we do that I say we elect the People's Party of Canada I say we get involved in our communities we really you know make a push here to start raising more support for the PPC because at the end of the day if we had all 14 ridings in Saskatchewan PPC purple I think we would start to see all across Canada you know all it takes is you know the PPC to form government then we can start decentralized in governance and that changes the game that changes everything that changes you know how our country is run and and what I mean by that is that provinces would start running the country more so than whatever flavor of the month conservative or liberal government in in Ottawa is doing in terms of Kingdom building everything centralized so thanks for watching guys we really let's get involved in our communities for the PPC let's make this happen I look forward to meeting more people and it's awesome every day's every day is great when we're making are trying to make our country a better place guys so thanks again

Maurice Vega

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