The gun used against journalists will be used against politicians – Anas Aremeyaw Anas

if media freedom does not resonate with you add African colleagues or your other people in the world then it's a wild goose chase then it means that all of us are going to face similar problems wherever we go so it doesn't matter if it's in Venezuela and there is no freedom it affects all of us in recent times there's been development in Ghana that are quite worried I recall the death of a metrology one of the energetic reporters that ever joined the stable of tigereye I also acknowledge the fact that sometimes media people have been irresponsible we know that but hey we are mushrooming democracy just as our judiciary has its problems the police has him the media has problems too and I'd SI and would say it every day when the politicians mounted the states their podium and said they will hang journalists and said that they would beat journalists if government had spoken and had been firm about it I'm actually would not have died so when it comes to media responsibility as for all of us who stand up say it as a race because truth is that the gun or the torture that was meted out to America surely the gun that was used to shoot em actually stir lives and the same gun who be use against the politician if we don't stand up and fight for media freedom

Maurice Vega

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  1. I understand you perfectly but is there no freedom for Ghanaian journalise or those who have accepted Democracy. No matter what there will be one or two issues and that doesn't mean there is no freedom. So that was the reason why you showed just have of the galemsey video to disgrace the government or make him in popular because of the killing. Because am still waiting for the next part and is still not out. Those you are talking to on international stage doe even worse things to journalists. My advice is the world is not now safe so journalists who are into under cover should protect themselves first. They should thread couciously and be very vigilant in their dealings. People are wicked in this era and killing fellow human is nothing to them.

  2. Exactly!!
    Politicians are killing people secretly and those guns will be used against them oneday.

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