The Governance of Time: Phyllis Tickle

now the other four disciplines are shrewder are more subtle they have to do with the governance of time long before we realize that time was the fourth dimension God revealed to the Hebrews that that was indeed the fact and that is the governance of time that will allow us most completely to give rhythm to our lives for time is the dimension in which we're caught we understand space and if you know all of those spatial things we can live with those we can even move around in them we cannot move around in time time has us captured and it is the one thing that keeps us from knowing completely our God it is the one thing that keeps us from it is the end of time toward which we move and the redemption of creation within time now so that what comes down from heaven to what we have built here is indeed a beautiful thing before our God so time must itself be governed and in the governing of it we give rhythm over and over again constantly to our lives so that we live them differently from our fellow citizens in the polity who are not also citizens of the kingdom of God who are only citizens of the polity

Maurice Vega

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